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Contacting Singer Customer Service Center

Singer is a sewing company with a long history and a strong, dedicated fan base. No matter how many new companies come out with fancy sewing equipment, Singer always stands tall and outlasts the competition.

Contact Info:

We find that older, more established companies are more willing to openly share customer service information and that is the case with Singer. Customers are given phone, mail and email contact details.

Phone Contact Numbers

Call Singer customer service from 8 AM to 4 PM CST Monday to Friday. You can also fax documents or letters to the customer service team.

  • Singer Customer Service: 1-800-474-6437

Fax: 1-615-213-0994

  • Customer Service Canada: 1-800-363-1958

Canadian representatives are available from 8:30 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday.

Mailing Address

We were surprised to find a dedicated mailing address for Singer customer service. Many companies choose to list the corporate address as a contact address, which leaves most consumers worried about the letter being delivered, read, and most importantly, acted upon. Providing a dedicated post office box for customer service mail means Singer is not afraid to hear from you. Singer also lists the physical address for customers who prefer not to use a post office box.

Singer Sewing CompanyPO Box 7017LaVergne, TN 37086


Singer Sewing Company1224 Heil Quaker BlvdLaVergne, TN 37086

Official Website

Check out for the official Singerwebsite. The site includes information on current models, customer service contact details and designs customers can use for free. At the bottom of each page are links to social media sites where customers can connect with Singer and even talk with a customer service representative via Facebook or Twitter.

Choosing to contact Singer customer service by social media is becoming increasingly popular. The message you send via Twitter or Facebook is not listed publicly unless the company so chooses to list it.

Customer Service Email

Email customer service from the main contact us page here The form gives you the option of entering a purchase date and detailed product information, but you don’t have to include all that information if you’re using the form to ask a product question.

Our Experience

Considering the the company is an international business, we expected a long wait and unruly customer service team. What we encountered was a friendly team of employees willing to assist us with our questions and concerns. We first encountered the standard automated system which directed us to the customer service department. We connected with the customer service team in less than 30 seconds.

We asked the agent for information regarding maintenance locations for customers with products out of warranty. We received a complete list of service centers across the U.S. Great detail and friendly customer service is what wins over customers. Care to share your store and experiences? Take a minute to comment below.

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9 Comments on “Contact Singer Customer Service
  1. I purchased a Singer Confidence machine about 2 years ago.Right out of the box I tried to use it and the stitched were a mess. The tension and bobbin adjustment was way off. I tried for several days to adjust and get a good stitch and finally gave up. It went into the box for a year. I have tried to sew with it and still can not get a good stitch. The thread wraps around the spool and spindle, pulling the thread tight. It comes unthreaded constantly. I am so frustrated trying to use this machine. It is a piece of junk. I can not enjoy sewing. I am an experienced seamstress, learning to sew on older machines. I know how to thread a machine and adjust tension. I have never seen such a mess of a machine. I will never buy a Singer again, and I will advise my friends to buy a better brand.

  2. I purchased a Singer sewing maching #125270 in 1968 Have been a happy camper since, made lots of stuff, I have a little problem now, The presser foot was difficult to go up an down, I oiled it and it moves great, now I start sewing, the stitches will not hold, I changed the needle, I refill the bobbin, I adjust the tension, it just not stitching, the needle brings up the thread properly from the bobbin, when I start to sew the thread is loose, stitches won’t take, Would you please help me?

  3. Not happy with my new 4423. Second time I used it the needle and the shaft fell off. The screw that holds on the needle broke off. I was not a happy camper. I don’t want replacement parts… I want a different machine>

  4. it has taken me 15 mins. so far to get nowhere. i am looking for info. on my sewing machine the only number i have found on the machine is v1702300 so far all i have learned is that if i pay $32.0 i may get some info. its not worth my time or effort, your system of satisfying customers is lacking

  5. I have been trying to get information on my model #348. I need to know what bobbin to use. I have tried several and none work. Please let me know what bobbin # I should use.

    Thanks Barb

  6. I have tried many times to call into your service center but usually the wait is too long.Today I got my coffee and sat down for the wait.I wa told there were 9 people ahead of me. Then after a wait of over 30 minutes I was told there were 0 people ahead of me.I got so excited I thought I was finally going to get help.I was told there were 0 people ahead of me 4 times.No one came on the line. This has been a very long and frustrating ordeal.I live in Hawaii and get up very early to do this but still no help.

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