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Contacting Sea World Customer Service Center

Sea World is a huge water park adventureland with three locations in the US – San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando. Travelers can visit the official website for each of these locations to find out more about the park, purchase tickets and contact customer service.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Sea World phone number information here is based on the three parks. Each park offers different contact information.

  • Sea World San Diego: 1-800-257-4268
  • Sea World San Antonio: 1-800-700-7786
  • Sea World Orlando: 1-800-700-7786
  • Sea World Orlando Dining: 1-888-800-5447
  • Sea World Orlando Groups: 1-866-781-1333

Mailing Address

You can address your letter to the customer service department for the park you need to contact. If you’d like to contact more than one park, email or phone contact may be a better idea. Sending a letter to customer service may not spark contact from Sea World.

SeaWorld San Diego500 SeaWorld DriveSan Diego, CA 92109


SeaWorld San Antonio10500 SeaWorld DriveSan Antonio, TX 78251


SeaWorld Orlando 7007 SeaWorld DriveOrlando, FL 32821

Official Website

Sea World’s official website leaves much to be desired because there is nothing about the company as a whole. You have to choose one of the three parks to find out anything about Sea World. The main location is the Orlando Sea World because it is located near Walt Disney World. You can find the starting page for Sea World at From there you’ll need to choose San Diego, San Antonio or Orlando.

Customer Service Email

Email addresses are listed for each of the Sea World parks. Choose the email address for our park and use your personal or business email to contact Sea World customer service. Don’t send financial or private information via email for security reasons.

You can also email the Lost and Found department SWC-LostandFound@seaworld.comif you’ve lost something at the park.

Our Experience

Calling the customer service department was difficult at first, but ended on a positive note. We listed to the typical automated system attempting to decipher the choices. One after another, the choices didn’t connect with the customer service department. Finally we pressed 0 twice and the call went directly to a live agent.

Our inquiries surrounded around receiving discounts for booking large parties. To our delight, the agent explained the company in fact offers discounts for parties of 25 our more. The agent was even prepared to take our reservation, no need to transfer to another department. Sea World has one of the best customer service teams in the industry. Were you pleased with the outcome of your customer service experience? We want to hear from customers just like you.

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10 Comments on “Contact Sea World Customer Service
  1. Terrible service horrible service. Went to sea sea world before and they had a water area . Went online ordered sea world tickets to find out there is no longer a water area unless you want to pay 30.00 more. I did not realize this till after I ordered tickets . So I called and got horrible service woman offered to cancel my order and place a new one and I would get my money back in 3-5 days well I will be there in 2 days . So they want to double charge my checking account. When you think of sea world you think of water well no water unless you pay 100.00 a ticket . Outrageous and crazy prices and customer service is worthless !!!

  2. Just an interesting fact about seaworld. They steal the baby whales from their mother in the wild. The mother typically follows the boat as far as she can while crying in a manner different than whales usually communicate. She typically spends the rest of her life crying in his manner and often dies sooner than normal, apparently the stress of having a calf taken from her, as she seems to act like she is searching for the calf for the rest of her days.

  3. Only hope someone will send me the # for lost & found as I am unable to call about prescription glasses left in locker#6 at San Antonio & I filed a claim, with no answer!!

  4. I understand what you do for animals. I know you rescue all over the world and bring awareness to millions. But is keeping these animals outside their natural habitats and away from their natural born families in some cases so that world citizens can make your corporation Billions of dollars the only way. I don’t think so. Blackfish was one sided. I see the difference between CNN and Fox News so I know the story off all the good you do was not shown in the film. That being said, doing good does not give you the right to do bad. Those animals are majestic and should be enjoyed in their natural habitats with their families. I don’t feel training them is their purpose for the planet. They are creatures that should not be held in tanks. Man cannot build a large enough tank to make them happy. Planet Earth has already made the only fish tank we would ever need. I am strongly against you holding those beautiful mammals in captivity. I am not an animal rights activist but after seeing what you do to animals put me on the fast track to becoming one. Please see that making money is not as important as keeping theses animals free from humans. We are land creatures. They are ocean going creatures and should be kept there. I strongly support all you do to save injured and hunted species and hope you continue to do good things for all creatures. Sea World needs to come to grips with the fact that it is not our right to take animals out of the wild for profit but only for rehabilitation. Thank you.

  5. I have a RIGHT to put comments on here FREEDOM OF SPEACH!! If you don’t likeys tuff truth hurts doesn’t it?? FREE TILLY FREE tilly every time you remove a comment of mine I shall just write another till you learn a lesson and keep it there OK!!

  6. As a future parent to be. I just want to say that I will never take my daughter to SeaWorld. Your commercials might have brought people to visit the parks back in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s but were a whole new generation and the way SeaWorld has the orcas in captivity is wrong and we all know it. It sadness me to see how you guys are making your money off other peoples back and the exploitation of wild life. I rather take my little one on a boat and whale watch the animals in there natural habitat.

  7. I see yet again you have removed one of my pos after I explained to you BRAIN dead idiots the LAWS on FREEDOM of speech?? I guess its just english your RAIST towards then? I will express my thoughts to you people how ever I like I’m not being racist towards anyone there for leave them up or I’m going to kick up the biggest storm over here about you guys,you know what your doing with them orcas is totally WRONG and SICK!! Why do you use what is classed has animal ABUSE in england to extract semen from tilly?? NOT normal!! And why do you think these beautiful mammals are called killer whales even though they have never killed a human in the wild what does that tell you do have any brain cells also how can no one at sea world have known after the first ACCident NOT murder at sea world that the two females were pregnant???? Derrrrrrrr shouldn’t you have known that and obviously the whales will get pissed off doing stupid tricks all day and not being rewarded for making them look dumb when will you all learn when another trainer or dumb wit visitor decides they want to stay behind to try play with the whales ends up dead again use that thing in your heads called a BRAIN and release TILLY your the only murderers!! They wasn’t put on earth to live in tanks were they and your not helping them in any way shape or form stop being CRUEL!! And leave my comment where it is because if not ill continue leaving them till you finely do!! You guys really disgust me!! Money money money that’s all you care about NOT the whales well fair!!

  8. So when you people going to do the RIGHT thing and let tilly go then hopefully the rest including the dolphins?? Make money another way or are you going to wait for another trainer to be killed by ACCIDENT??!!

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