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Contacting Sara Lee Customer Service Center

The name Sara Lee may bring thoughts of baked goods to mind, but there are more than baked goods on those corporate shelves. Sara Lee is responsible for Jimmy Dean, Ball Park, Java Coast and Senseo, to name just a few of the many brand names that carry the Sara Lee logo. Contacting Sara Lee could mean contacting the corporate office for any one of these brands, but check the official website for the brand in question first as there could be dedicated customer service information.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We didn’t find an openly listed phone number for Sara Lee customer service, but we were able to find a couple corporate numbers on various Sara Lee websites.

  • Business Contacts: 1-800-285-7964
  • Business Contacts (toll): 1-312-345-5715
  • Corporate: 1-630-598-6000
  • Corporate 2: 1-630-598-8100
  • Director of Global Communications: 1-630-598-8661
  • Director of Corporate Communications: 1-630-598-8412
  • Director of Media Communications: 1-630-598-8722
  • Consumer Customer Service
  • Bakery Department: 1-800-323-7117
  • Foodservice Department: 1-800-261-4754
  • Meats Department: 1-800-925-3326
  • Senseo US Department: 1-866-473-6736

Mailing Address

The mailing address for customer support letters to Sara Lee customer service should be mailed to:

Sara Lee Corporate3500 Lacey RdDowners Grove, IL 60515

Official Website

The official site for the Sara Lee corporation is available at The site supplies a great deal of information about the company, brands and nutrition to the consumer, but basic customer service information is lacking.

We also found links to two major social media pages, Facebook and Twitter, but neither link worked. It appears the Sara Lee customer service department has pulled social media pages or changed the address without updating the official website.

Customer Service Email

All emails to Sara Lee customer service require you fill out a form on the corporate website. The form works for customer service and to add new email addresses to the company list. Your name and address are required to send the form, but you do not have to add your phone number. We sent a message to the Sara Lee customer service department to ask about recipes in print.

Customer Service Form:

Our Experience

We called the consumer bakery department of Sara Lee customer service. You can press 0 as soon as the call is answered to skip the first list of options. Press 0 again to transfer your call to the next agent. We asked the agent why Sara Lee chose to use bleached flour instead of unbleached flour for the pound cake. The agent said she was unable to talk about the proprietary recipe for Sara Lee pound cake.

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22 Comments on “Contact Sara Lee Customer Service
  1. Do you still manufacture “Wood Preen”? If so, please tell me where I can purchase it in the King of Prussia or Wayne Pennsylvania area? Many thanks

  2. Hello! My wife gave me a Devil’s Crème Cake. I ate the cake and it tasted just fine. So I found the box of Sara Lee “Devil’s Food Cream Cakes” and took another cake, I could smell a strong chemical odor coming from the box.
    Began too read the side of the box and read that these cakes are made in Mexico. What! I live in Maine so you are using chemicals to keep the cakes fresh in shipment?
    Sara Lee and I have broken-up for ever.

  3. I recently purchased a Sara Lee pound cake expecting the same great tasting cake I grew up eating as a child, only to discover some idiot sitting at Sara Lee corporate has made an executive decision to change the receipe. The new receipe touts a more moist, buttery softer cake but in truth it’s awful. I nearly threw up after I took the first bite. It has a horrible almost tart after taste and is full of grease. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck. Please bring back the old receipe or at least give us a choice to select either the old or new cake. I beg you!!! Sara Lee pound cakes were once synonmous with many fond moments from my childhood and now I’ve been robbed of those nostalgic moments. The old cake receipe was not broken why was it fixed.

  4. Upon reviewing my remarks above, AFTER hitting send, I realize I kind of didn’t make sense when using the term Twinkies. I only purchased the Golden Creme Cakes because I couldn’t find Hostess Twinkies. I figured a sponge cake is a sponge cake. Apparently I was VERY wrong. I cannot wait to buy a box of actual Twinkies now though! Try to erase the nightmare that was the Sara Lee Golden Creme Spongcakes out of my mind!!!!!

  5. Bought Sara Lee Premium Meats Roast Beef for the 1st time. Sooooo disappointed. I made a sandwich and the meat was so gristly that I had to throw it out.
    Under the impression I was paying for premium roast beef not scraps.
    Not worth the money I wasted buying this product.

  6. Deli worker at bi-lo said that you was going to stop selling the sara lee low sodium turkey.

    Just would like to let you know that have always tried to buy that cause it more healthier. Especially since my mom has congestive heart failure and need’s to eat low sodium product’s.


  7. Have no idea what prompted removing the raisins from the Cinnamon Raison Mini-Bagels…now I have to put my own raisins in the cream cheese. Not a good move from my taste buds’ point of view.

  8. My husband and I were vacationing in Kentucky and we picked up 2 packages of Sara Lee bagels to have in our hotel suite for a quick breakfast. We purchased the bagels at Walmart on April 11, 2014 in Dry Ridge Kentucky. We’ve purchased the blueberry bagels in the past as its been one of our favorites. This time they were AWFUL!!!! They were very dry and tasteless. It was almost as though they had been previously frozen. I checked the tab for the expiration date and its sell by date is April 18th. Still good. I don’t know if you’ve changed the recipe, froze them or what, but we will not be buying these bagels again!!!

  9. I have bought SARA LEE Soft & Smooth whole wheat bread for quite a while. But recently I’ve begun to notice air holes in the bread and the loaf tapers off at each end. My conclusion is you are doing what other companies do to fool customers! Using less dough in the loaf! Some of the air holes were very large. I will choose another brand next time.

  10. I recently tried the Limited Edition Pumpkin Cheesecake. I can say your company got a rating of 10 from me and my husband. The Sara Lee cheesecake is “nothing to sneeze at”. If you don’t have the real thing, you have Sara Lee. The pumpkin cheesecake has more of a creamy pumpkin pie texture and flavor than cheesecake. I hope the limited edition will be an annual addition to Sara Lee product line.

  11. I was brought up on Sara Lee cakes..they were always very tasty. I just bought your new small coffee cakes and devil ffod creme filled cupcakes…both were awful….I was really surprised at that.
    Did you do a Taste test on these? It doesn’t seem like it to me.
    The coffeecakes were doughy and tasteless, no cinnamon and no crumbles qnd no tastse. The devil food creme filled cupcakes with icing were no better. The hard icing has no taste, the cake is dry and the center has kind of a marshmallow taste and texture, not a nice creme filling at all. Who thought these products would be tasty enough for people raised on Sara Lee products. There is no comparison to the original cakes and their flavor. Regarding these 2 new products, Drakes and Hostess made much better tasting versions. Very Disappointed in Sara Lee over these two new products. You need to come up with new recipes for these.

  12. Hi! I have loved Sara Lee products for years.

    I am writing, however, about a NEW Product that I think could use some improvement.
    I bought them at Target in Watertown, MA: Chocolate Creme Cupcakes and Brownie Choc. Chip Cakes.
    Both products do not taste very good to me. I thought they tasted like presevatives, and I could barely taste Chocolate. I thought it might be my taste buds, but then I tried some chocolate and other cookies (Famous Amos) and they tasted fine.

    – I suppose some may like them, but I will not be buying them again. I will only buy your Frozen desserts now. Thank you
    Mary T. Koumjian

  13. What have you done to your Honey Wheat bread? I had one loaf that seemed to not have been cooked long enough,and the split down the center of the loaf is getting so deep your only getting about a half slice on bread. I had one piece of bread that was so mushy that it crumpled in the toaster and made quite a mess.

  14. I purchased a loaf of Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat bread that was a waste of money!!! EVERY SINGLE SLICE HAD A HUGE HOLE IN IT!!!! We could not use the bread for tuna or egg salad sandwiches which we eat a lot of because it fell through the holes in the slices. I ended up throwing out over half of the loaf. I would have been better off purchasing Stop and Shop’s brand and saved money. I would not purchase this brand again.

  15. need to purchase approx 200 to 300 loafs of sandwich bread every month for wildlife, and looking for reduced or Not for Human Consumption deals as i spend way too much on this feeding animals at no profit to me as they are penniless ! Please advise if you could help me. Live in Schaumburg, Il area and very interested in anything you may offer…

    Thank You,


  16. Just bought your Sara Lee Choc. cream cupcakes, they were real choclaty good, better than the Drakes cupcakes!!

    • We always purchase the 45 calorie breads,wheat or multi-grain.It never ceases to amaze me,every time we buy the 100% whole wheat, each slice in the loaf has a hole in it, approximately the circumference of a fifty cent size coin. So actually we are purchasing a loaf of half slices.
      This problem has existed for years,not just sporadically.
      Very interested in your answer,why it happens, and your solution.
      Thank You,
      A Loyal Sara Lee Customer

  17. We always purchase the 45 calorie breads,wheat or multi-grain.It never ceases to amaze me,every time we buy the 100% whole wheat, each slice in the loaf has a hole in it, approximately the circumference of a fifty cent size coin. So actually we are purchasing a loaf of half slices.
    This problem has existed for years,not just sporadically.
    Very interested in your answer,why it happens, and your solution.
    Thank You,
    A Loyal Sara Lee Customer

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