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Contacting Sanyo Customer Service Center

Sanyo is an electronics company specializing in consumer and commercial electronics. Sanyo is part of the Panasonic family, but the headquarters for Sanyo is on the opposite coast of the US from the Panasonic headquarters. The Sanyo website describes new products, provides troubleshooting tools and connects owners with the customer service department.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is one phone number listed on the Sanyo customer service page. Customers can call this number to find a local service center or reach a customer service representative. When we looked a little deeper we found other customer service phone numbers listed in answers to commonly asked FAQs.

  • Locate a Service Center: 1-800-421-5013
  • Sanyo TV Customer Service: 1-800-877-5032
  • Eneloop Customer Service: 1-800-421-6382

Eneloop customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM CST only.

You can also find contact information about older Sanyo products and commercial products on the Contact Us page.

Mailing Address

Two mailing addresses are listed for customers; one on the Sanyo website and the other on the Panasonic website. Customers should be clear and concise when writing a letter to customer service on a corporate level. The company receives thousands of pieces of mail a day, so set yours apart with details, when applicable. Always include multiple forms of contact information so corporate customer service can reach you if needed.

Sanyo North America CorporationHeadquarters2055 Sanyo AveSan Diego, CA 92154


Panasonic Corporation of North AmericaOne Panasonic WaySeacaucus, NJ 07094

Official Website

Sanyo’s official website is located at The customer service options are limited, but customers can learn about Sanyo products, find a local retailer or search the FAQs section for troubleshooting advice.

For customers who prefer to contact Sanyo customer service via social media, a Facebook and Twitter page are listed. Both are for the Panasonic company. There are no pages for Sanyo.

Customer Service Email

When we looked through the FAQs section of Sanyo customer service we found that some products have dedicated customer service information. We’ve listed various email addresses for specific Sanyo products.

Our Experience

The Sanyo customer service line is provided by Panasonic. Your call will immediately be answered by an automated system listing options. The options are based on the Sanyo product you are calling about. You can listen to the list and choose your product, press 6 for other or press 0 to skip the list. Our agent was friendly and knowledgeable. She explained exactly how to find the model number on our Sanyo product.

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6 Comments on “Contact Sanyo Customer Service
  1. Help! I only have one telephone & that a Sanyo Incognito and people keep telling me that they can not hear me or that i’m to muffled to understand. When i turn the speaker on they hear a bit better but still “muffled” I’ve taken the battery out for a minute (60 seconds)and I’ve done the update data profile. Things are getting worse as the battery rundown quickly. is something wrong with my speaker? Is some thing wrong with my battery? I brought the phone new & the place no longer deals with boost. No where to go.

  2. I bought a Sanyo TV some time ago and it was very good and lasted over 10 years… So I decided when it was bad to buy another Sanyo but thin screen….yet 2 1/2 years later I turn it on and have only half screen… I paid someone $65. to look at it only to tell me the screen is bad and I should buy a new one…. I called Sanyo and they just said ‘well, the warrantly is for 2 years so you have to buy another one’… Well, I don’t think I will ever buy another Sanyo product with this kind of response..

  3. SCAM. Speaker blew TWICE. Sanyo rep gave disconnected number for repair. Have to contact Walmart now as last resort to return for second time. NO customer service help from Sanyo (barely understand them anyway and they say they cant hear you). Same really rude guy answered phone both times I called too. NEVER buying Sanyo brand products again. WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME.

  4. Got one of your phones but no user manual was included. I don’t want to have to spend the time playing with it in order to figure the functions and where they are located at. And to download a simple manual is another time consuming issue.

  5. Purchased a 42″ for our bedroom about a year ago. We have hardly used it cause the sound is distorted. Would not recommed this product to anyone.

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