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Contacting Safeway Customer Service Center

When M.B. Skaggs open his first store in the early parts of the 20thcentury, he had a vision. This vision was to provide value to the customer with little profit margin. Within a decade, Skaggs merged his business with Safeway. And the rest is history. Now the company is the parent company for grocery retailers Vons, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Genuardiā€™s and Carrs.

Although the size of the company has grown by leaps and bounds, the message to the customer remains the same. The company wants to enhance the shopping experiences of every customer by providing the best possible customer service.

Contact Info:

Customers have the ability to contact the customer service department by email, traditional mail, by phone and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-877-723-3929
  • Customer Service (Canada): 1-800-723-3929
  • Specialty department (Canada): 1-888-391-9759
  • TTY: 1-877-723-3929
  • Grocery deliveries: 1-877-505-4040
  • Public Affairs: 1-925-467-3000

Mailing Address

SafewayP.O. Box 29093Phoenix, AZ 85038-9093

Safeway Public Affairs5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd.Pleasanton, CA 94588

Official Website

The official Safeway website features information to better enhance the customer experience. Customers can locate the nearest store, review meal solutions and recipes, learn how to improve overall health and wellbeing through healthy living and visit the corporate blog. Customers can also sign up for the rewards program and shop for groceries online.

Customer Service Email

Customers can contact the customer service department by visiting the customer contact page The company recommends not sending personal information such as your social security number in the message. We sent an email to the customer service department asking for the hours, considering this information was not available for customers on the website.

Additional ways to contact the customer service department include:

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we encountered the standard automated system. We endured several minutes of options unrelated to our quest to speak with a customer service representative. After waiting for more than 5 minutes on hold, an agent answered our call. We asked the customer service representative if the customer service department had a dedicated email address and not the standard customer contact form. The answer provided was Safeway does not have a dedicated email address for customer questions and concern. The only dedicated email address was for investor relations.

The overall experience did not meet our expectations. We were not pleased with the level of customer service. If you were pleased, we want to hear your story.

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3 Comments on “Contact Safeway Customer Service
  1. I always shop at safeway i like sales that i get most of all i enjoy $10.00 coupon that i got in the mail were can i get another.
    it really help out with monthly food bill.

  2. I had the worst experience with a store leader at Safeway in Fremont CA and being completely embarrassed. I am a working mother that commutes in over an hour into work and on my way I stop at the store in Fremont on Argonaut Way. As usual I spent almost an hour loading my cart and getting to check out with a huge cart my regular purchase of around $200.00 I was told by a woman named Nicole they could not except my check as there was no address on it. I am beyond confused as I right checks here weekly, monthly for years….same check. She says our policy…. I said I understand that BUT this is the first ever I have heard of this policy and this is the way I have always paid. After waiting for 15 mins for a manager to arrive the lady named Nicole come back out to tell me she had no idea when she would be here traffic wasn’t moving and that the manager would not accept my check also….Now I am really upset and I ask her for her name she says “Nicole” I said whats your last name? She says “that’s all the information you need from me” with complete attitude… now I am beyond upset. Not only was my time wasted, my shopping trip was null and void, I have to shop again and waste more time I don’t have not to mention I was completely embarrassed and treated beyond rude from Nicole. Being I don’t have her last name she is in her mid 20’s-mid 30’s dirty blonde hair in a ponytail and was the person on duty at 7am 9-25-14. The part that upsets me the most is this is the way I as the consumer have paid forever you can see my history on the club card and I was having a policy enforced on me by someone who would not even look at my history of doing business with Safeway and how I have paid. I would appreciate hearing back from someone about this issue as I love Safeway BUT had such a horrible experience I don’t want to step foot in one again.

    club card 41009435148

  3. I just recently moved to Vallejo, CA, and today I decided to visit Safeway on Redwood. I decided to buy two 1.5 quarts of ice cream because the display showed 2/$6. When the cashier added up my total she asked me for my safeway card, and I told her I didn’t have one. Normally when I they ask I never present a safeway card, but I pay the price that’s advertised on all of their items. When I got home and looked at my receipt I noticed she charged me $5.99 for each ice cream and the $3 for a bag of lettuce! I tried to call the store but no one answered. If the store is going to put labels on their products with a reduced price please tell the customer that a safeway card is required to get that price. I do have a safeway card, but I never present it or use it. I think it’s false advertisement and I would like my $8 back for the extra expense of not presenting a safeway card. Customers shouldn’t be bullied into having a safeway card to recieve the benefits of the sale at the store.

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