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Contacting SafeLink Customer Service Center

SafeLink is cellular phone service provided to income eligible customers throughout the United States. Aside from income eligibility, customers must also receive some form of Federal public assistance such as Medicaid or food assistance. Prior to applying for service, customer must ensure they are at or below the Federal poverty level.

The service is provided by TracFone, one of the largest prepaid wireless companies in the world. Customers do not need to worry about a bill, a contract, credit checks or hidden fees. But if the customer has a concern with the phone or service, they are free to contact customer service.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service is available Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 10pm EST. On Sunday, the customer care line is available 8 am to 7pm EST. In the event a problem arises after the designated times, customers can either mail the company or send an email. Existing customers are recommended to provide details of the phone and service for optimal care.

Plan changes and enrollment: 1-800- 723-35465

Technical: 1-800-378-1684

Mailing Address

Customers send mailed correspondence here:

SafeLink Wireless
Attention: Executive Resolution Department
9700 NW 112th Ave.
Miami, FL 33178

Official Website

The official Safelink website provides a hub of information for the customer in order to apply for service or check on the status of the account. Customers can also purchase additional minutes due to the program only providing 250 free minutes. In the event there is a change to your eligibility, the website allows customers to change existing plans.

An important part of the process is to verify an annual eligibility in order to not disrupt service.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to contact the customer service department after hours can email here The email service is available for new and existing customers. We sent an email asking about the income eligibility. We received an automated response stating a customer service representative will answer our concern within 24 hours.

Our Experience

Upon calling SafeLink, customers are required to select 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. The automated system continues for approximately 3 minutes prior to directing the caller to a representative. The wait to speak to a customer service representative is approximately 10 minutes. The company did not appear to be prompt in handling customer issues. We finally spoke to customer service representative and asked questions regarding the service and eligibility requirements. Although the representative was knowledgeable about the services, they were unpleasant and borderline rude.

Our experience was not optimal. Did you have a different experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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116 Comments on “Contact SafeLink Customer Service
    • My name is david clouser. My safelink phone number is 330 245-7163. I live at 2930 Albrecht ave. Akron, Oh 44312. My safelink cell phone is broken and I need a replacement as soon as possible. If you need to verify or contact me I can be reached at 3307331977.


  1. Oct 12,2012 rec’d a message on my cell phone that I would no longer have service at the end of the month What is the problem? I tried to call but could not get a human to answer. please Help me as I am courious to the reason I will no longer have service

  2. Im a safelink member but I had lost my phone can I get another one or I have to pay some money

  3. You keep sending me notice that I need to call in for my minutes. Ireceived my minutes yet this is the third time I have heard from you. It is imposswible to reach you by phone. This service needs to be looked at.

    • attention chief exucitive of resolution dept,of safe link wireless.
      i iam aprooved on 4th.march ,2014 and did not reieved phone but customer service escalated the matter and told me to wait one month.i request reolution dept,expedite matter and resolve their technical difficulty and inform me.

  4. I applied online on Oct.12,2012 and called to check 2 wks later/recording said enrollment was noted and I would receive further paperwork in mail in 5 days but I didn’t. I repeated the process and was told the same thing. Finally, spoke with a rep and was told to go to and follow a string of instructions to complete the process. My problem is that I cannot get past the CONGRATULATIONS! tutorial and subsequent prize data in order to complete the registration process. Can someone please help me, I’m stuck.

  5. I applied and checked the wrong boxes for my egibility about what programs i am in. How can i change this. I checked the wrong boxes.

  6. I’ve had a Safelink phone since early 2009. I’ve rarely had issues, and when I did, generally had outstanding service. A couple times had difficulty but if you are quick to spot incompetence and move on to a superviser your safelink experience should be a happy one.

  7. I’ve had the enrollment ID. #
    since December 1 st 2012 an haven’t heard
    anything nor got anything in the mail. No paper workk, application, nothing.
    Its impossible to talk to customer service, especially a human being.

    Hope everyone else has better luck.

  8. I have had my phone since Jan. of lest year with no issues till now.Came time for reenrollment,which I did.Received a letter stating I never returned it.Now they say I have to enroll again.The prob. is the site will NOT let me. It keeps saying I am already a customer.So therefore when I enter my I.D.# it says deactivated…..Hello!!!!What do you do?I even called customer service yesterday,spoke with an actual human after 45min. or longer.They instruct me to RE-ENROLL!Someone PLEASE tell me what to do.They say this address is alredy in use of the services as well.CATCH 22 ever way I go with this now. Thanks for the 1yr.I did receive though that was quite pleasant for me.

  9. I applied for a safelink phn but when it was delivered
    i was no longer living at the address i provided so the phn got sent back, what can i do to get my phn.

  10. I’m trying to find out if an when my safelink phone will be delivered it has been about teo weeks now! can you tell me if it has come to the listed address yet? thank-you look forward to hearing from you soon.

  11. I think the Trac Fone customer service is the most ignorant group of anything i can possiblly think of. I had to update my phone a month ago and they have changed my number 3 times in the days since. Very very unsettling to never know what your phone number is going to be. My average time waiting for them to do something with me holding is 44 minutes. Nice HUH!!!!

  12. Horrible customer service. I have had the issue of my minutes not rolling over since November 2011. Every time I’ve called the call last hours. On some occasions I was accused of lying and maybe 3 times the situation was corrected at the time then reverted back to the problem. I signed up for 125 rollover minutes and after November 2011 there must have been a glitch in the system because I was given 250 minutes as if I had applied for that program. I have all the notes from all the calls I’ve made with names and numbers of people I’ve talked to yet the problem persists. I had 1024 minutes the last time because of 1 representative who found the problem (again) Now it’s back again and it’s been going on for one and a half years now. How do I rectify this once and for all. Every time it was fixed I was promised it wouldn’t happen again.

  13. I have been trying to get my brother’s cell phone reactivated. He has not been able to do his monthly check-in due to being in and out of the hospital (ICU). He lives in another state. PLEASE get a real PERSON TO TALK WITH. My brother gets a bit confused with all the instructions to add minutes, etc. He really needs his phone due to his heart being so bad. He does not have a land-line. I need to know how he can re-activate his phone quickly. Thank you.

  14. My minutes are not rolling over I called customer service and it rings busy or says the phone number is off.. I really need my minutes im tried off calling every month to get them and the problem still hasn’t been fixed… Please help

  15. I’ve been out of service for a couple of months now. I recieved a replacement phone 6 to 8 weeks ago and i quickly connected it. Then called customer service to have my minutes and number tranfered but before we can finish we got disconected. Come to find out.The replacement phone is no good. A couple hours ago i attempted to complete process but i ran out of minutes on a friends phone. On several occations i tried to transfer number and minutes to another phone but was unsuccesful.

  16. every month my min, suppose to come on the 1st. I usually get them about the 15-20 cause I can never get a hold of a person or the operator for the codes . I am medically ill and a victim of hurricane sandy. I really need this source of communication right now since my house was ruined and now have no land line to keep making these calls that r getting me no where.i know there r regulations and this is not hate mail. I just hope this reach someone who has . a heart and can try to help out…. did my recert. I need my min. I am suppose to move into my new apartment today since sandy I really need them on asap u can email me back w a #to call that’s cool but not 18003781684 I have called it . that is thethe # that is giving the problem. IF THERE IS ANY THING PLEASE. HELP.
    Thank You So Much,
    Shenia Washington


  18. I had a safe link phone and it broke, so I applied for another one.they sent it but because I could not remember my phone number they would not look it up for me and activate my number, they also told me that I had two phones witch i didn’t so this went on for a while so I told them to forget it.In about March of this year they sent me an e-mail saying that my phone was mailed out and the address, city or state was not mine but it was my name.I have called them several times because some one is using my name to get a phone and I cant get them to check into it.

  19. This is a nightmare service, I have tried every phone number to report that my cell phone isn’t working and no one would be available, even to email them is a hassle. I want to cancel service to go to another one…nothing or anyone can help me. If the is my emergency phone good luck. I would be dead by now. Will not recommend to anyone not even an enemy

  20. I would like to see why that it take the supoort service so long to answer a fone call anad then want do what u ask of them at all

    • I applied and recieved a safelink phone but it was a used and broken one. I sent the phone back but never get a replacement enven though it has been over a year.

  21. I would like to know if safe link & assurance wireless is one in the same. Let me know.thank you Ruby

  22. I have sent a copy of my ssi paper work; which has all the needed info several times. I still have not reiceded my minutes.

  23. About a week ago I set you an email but didn’t get a answer. I ask what ever happen to my free minutes that I’m supposed to be getting each month. If I can’t get this matter resolved then I will close my account after I use up the few minutes that I have left. Then if you want the phone back I will need a prepaid mailer to send it back in. (Please Advise)

  24. Don’t like the very small phone, don’t want the service.
    Would greatly appreciate talking to a human, but that seems impossible. REQUESTING as of 06/19/2013 that service be disconnected, phone can be returned as I have all original packaging and enclosures. Would appreciate feedback, instructions, or just a way to talk to a human.
    Very bad customer service, recordings are no help.

  25. my monthly minites have not been coming to me on or by the 3rd of evry month or even coming in evry month but my phone just tells me that I am not eligible for my minuites why is this. ?

  26. I have been trying to get through to you for a week by phone…My cell phone keeps saying unregistered sim..I have had this phone several months and all of a sudden this message pops up…please help

  27. I would like to know why I have been overlooked on my LG cell phone. I have called and e-mailed. If I did not take the personal survey, I got kicked out when I wanted to end my request. I have been waiting on my monthly minutes almost two months. I have only .48 seconds left on my phone with messages telling me to add minutes.

  28. I mailed in my Safelink Application and did one
    over phone. How long ia it suppose to take to
    get a phone?

  29. This is the sorriest customer service I have ever in my life encountered. Someone should be horsewhipped. They have no number to reach a human. Can’t get to them unless you have a serial number by e-mail either. Recordings run you in circles too. I’ve lost my phone. Does anybody read these reviews? Please get ahold of me at my e=mail address if so!!

    • I must agree that coustomer service is the sorriest I,ve ever had to deal phone quit working and I,ve no way to ask for help. If I had access to land line phone I would,nt need this one.Tried the internet way and sent in circles there too.Write a letter? you kidding?! I could be dead before they even ignore it.Since the government is subsidizing it you would think there would be a better way to help those who need it.

  30. Certainly looks like the negatives outweigh the positives in this comment section. I have been trying to cut off my service
    and nobody seems to know how to do that. 3 different phones an
    no improvement, like you talk to a brick wall, if you can get ahold of anybody at all. Good luck everyone, I`m going somewhere else for my phone.

  31. I’ve had a few cell phones over the years and this is by far the worst phone I have ever had.I’am returningit for my refund.Att has been the best,but I’am going to get a verizon until the att bill is paid

  32. I have called at less 6 times within the pass to months.To speak to someone….I could never talk to anyone therefore I havent had mins added to my phone in 4 months… as I speak I am tring to call.

  33. I have never had any problems before, it has been the best service I have ever had. I felt safe and connected. But you really do need to be able to talk to a human.Please.

  34. I ordered a replacement phone with technical support after being transferred and hung up on for over two hours! I was told my phone would arrive in 4 to 7 days.. The very next day I recieved an email stating my service had been cancelled for non use!!! Here it is three weeks later.. No phone, no customer service, and no way to reach a human! This is customer service is the worst I have ever seen . Resorting to email! Maybe if I scream liud enough something will get taken care of!

  35. I have been trying to get a replacement phone for my brother, who is disable.for two weeks all I get is recordings over and over again, they need a better way for the coustermers to cummunicate with their reps.

  36. Hello, I have been locked out of my phone and my phone asks for an 8 digit password. It seems as I have not changed any settings for a password, therefore it should not apply to me. I can not seem to reach customer service. please email me . Thank you in advance for your help

  37. I agree with these callers, this customer service sucks. I have been trying to get ahold of someone for a replacement charger. I can’t reach a human EVER. If I knew where I could buy another charger I would, just because of the hassels. This charger is a bit longer than a normal one and therefore I cannot use just any of the chargers available.
    Its great they offer the free phone, but PLEASE give us somebody to speak to.

    IM RE


  40. On February 06, 2014 I directed a letter to SafeLink at this address: SafeLink Wireless,
    Attention: Executive Resolution Department, 9700 N.W. 112th Avenue, Miami, FL 33178. I explained to them what was wrong with my phone. To date I have not received an answer. Thus, I went to SafeLink’s website and acquired a phone number for Customer Service

    I called this number and was connected to a Computer. I followed the Computer’s instruction. It requested that I enter my SafeLink phone number. The computer informed me that they did not have this phone number on record. Well, that was sort of a shock considering I have been using this phone for several years until it went screwy on me. Thus, I finally found a SafeLink site that allowed me to send them an E-Mail.

    I sent SafeLink an E-Mail explaining what was wrong with my phone. Soon thereafter, I received and E-Mail from SafeLink stating: “Your issue will require further troubleshooting which cannot be handled through email. Please contact one of our customer care representatives at 1-800-867-7183”. When I seen this same phone number that I had already called, with no results. I though, okay I will give it another try. When I did, the same thing happens. “They did not have my phone number on record”. I asked myself. “How can they not have my SafeLink phone number, when it states on my phone screen that I have (203.20) minutes and (323) service days left sent by SafeLink? It stands to reason if they don’t have my phone number; how in the hell are they sending me phone minutes and service days.

    From what I have read on some of SafeLink’s reviews by irate customers, it goes beyond incompetence, it’s a FUBAR or better yet SNAFU. Well, here is what I am going to do. SafeLink Wireless is a Government Subsidized program for helping those who are living on a fixed income and when SafeLink makes it virtually, impossible; for answering/helping customers who have legitimate complaints; something has to be done. This kind of service is not only irresponsible but abhorrent. Thus, I am going to try one more E-Mail to SafeLink and if they cannot resolve my phone problem; then I am going to file a 1983 Section 42 Civil Suit against the Government who subsidizes SafeLink.

  41. El sevisio es muy malo en la señal y al ponel los minuto de cada mes ya que yebo mas de cuatro mese que tengo que yamal para mi minuto sienpre medisen ya esta resuerto el probrema y sige lo mismo de sienpre yo no lo recomiendo a nadie aqui en moultrie Ga ya que cuando mas lo nesesita noay señal y de un telefono local en el aria de moultrie no se puede yamal a uno de esto telefono de safelink epero que mejore el selvisio y una repuesta clara y confiabre ( espero no faltal el repeto a nadie yo solo kiero mejol sevisio)


  43. I lost my phone on march the 7th. I’ve been trying to contact safe link for three days. the recording has given me three different numbers. every time I call the numbers they all says the same thing could I get somebody from safe link to call me please so I can get another phone before my time runs out PLEASE

  44. Safelinks customer service stinks. You have people who can’t or won’t speak English, and are hard to understand, you treat people like we are trying to scam you or something. I have been having trouble with my phone for several months but yet you keep telling me there is nothing wrong with my phone and all but call me a liar. When a person tells you they are having a difficult time with their phone you need to listen instead of treating them like a common criminal that’s out to get something for nothing. I have had this phone for several years. They do get old and do start acting up. You want people to use your services so you can get the big bucks you are paid, but you don’t want to help your customers when they are having problems and need a replacement phone. After reading some of the comments on here, I see I am not the only one who thinks Safelink wireless customers not only stinks, but smells to high heaven. POOR,POOR,POOR,POOR,POOR,POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. ALSO, GET PEOPLE WORKING THERE WHO CAN SPEAK ENGLISH BECAUSE THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND GIBBERISH FROM OTHER COUNTRIES

  45. My phone is broken. It was off for two days (weekend)and now that it is on, when I dial a phone number, I get a restricted notice and my call does not go through. I unplugged it and the lights came on. I called and I got a restricted message. Nothing else works. When I use a landline, my call does not go through. Email is the only way i can reach you. Please help and please send me another phone. I am looking for work and I need a phone to schedule appointments. Thank you.

  46. I have been trying to get a lost safelink phone DEactivated for several months now and it seems to be virtually impossible. I have been hung up on by reps. on the phone and yes even online! Average time spent with customer service is 45minutes to an hour.They are the rudest incompetent company I have ever encountered.People say hey,it’s free! News flash,it is costing me. My phone carrier can give me a discount but not until I have this service with safelink deactivated.I don’t recommend anyone to deal with this company.

  47. I went to ups store today to send proof of all you need for me to get my phone paid them to fax information to you it never went through and they tried to e-mail you whats up?

  48. I have been trying for two days on how to retrieve my minutes for the month of May! I haven’t been able to make a call since April.I checked on my enrollment status and everything.I have 270 days left on my phone. Please I need to talk to someone! Heeeeeeeeeeelp!!!

  49. I have called and cant seem to get threw to a live person. I had maintenance here and my phone seemed to disappear. No one knows anything but I was just on the damn phone and layed it on the table before showing them around. I am trying to find out online is their away to track down the numbers made from my phone so I can report to my housing who has my phone?

  50. Hi I applied to get a cell phone. I was accepted and I got an email. I should have gotten it already. My ex sister in-law have been getting in my mail. illegally. They have created an account online with my old cell number and use my minutes up even. How can I prevent them from abusing my cell? Also they have been stalking me and abusing me for the past 8 years and I have overheard that they can tract me using my cell. Can you help me with this problem of my ex in-laws in my life and shouldn’t be? I need them out of my life. thanks and God Bless

  51. I was approved for service @ the end of May and was told that my phone was shipped out June 2. When I hadn’t gotten it after 2 weeks, I tracked it on and it said that it was returned to sender because of an address mistake. I called to tell them and they didn’t have a clue what was going on. I keep checking my mail, keep trying to track it and 4 times already my account was marked for pending de-enrollment. I have called them EVERYDAY and still haven’t gotten my phone and today is July 7!!! I guess I should have went through Assurance wireless because this is beyond ridiculous!

  52. phone keeps dropping bars when talking or trying to make calls, customer service told me I have great reception shouldn’t be doing it (but it still does), told me told me to take out battery that should solve it. IT DID NOT. need new phone as I have bad heart and copd

  53. phone keeps dropping bars when talking or trying to make calls. customer service told me I have great reception, shouldn’t nr doing it (but it still does). told me to take battery out that should solve it. IT DID NOT. need new phone I have bad heart and COPD.

  54. I would like to know what happend with my application it has been several months since I sent the required docs food stams card copy od social and copy of drivers license and have not receved ansewer my application, thank you

  55. i have been trying to get ahold of someone to let them know that i lost my phone,they need to cancel service,please can someone help’?

  56. I paid 6 months of e911 service with that last check please check it was 10.50 that is 6 months. The phone is free but 911 isn’t next thing you know you’ll be charging for the phone.

  57. I am in a safehouse for women and children and because of safety issues for everyone in this house I cannot give out the physical address all I can give is a po box and safelink will not help me with a phone because theu=y need a physical address they can’t make an exception just this once its like they r punishing me for being here in this place its not my fault that I can’t give out the physical address its there rules

  58. I HAD TO WAIT 5 WKS. FOR APPLICATION FOR THEIR PHONE. I CALLED TO COMPLAIN AND WAS TOLD TO DO APPLICATION ON-LINE., as it would only take 5 to 7 days to receive phone. after 2weeks, I CHECKED AGAIN ,USING MY ENROLLMENT NO. I was told my paper application would arrive in 5 t0 8 days.This is the application that I was told to ignore, because it was quicker on line! It has been 3 more weeks and it still isn’t here. I called to complain, and was given completely contradictory info. on how to apply! 3 months now, and still no phone,even though I was given an apparently worthless enrollment confirmation no. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED!

  59. need a new phone mine does not work…can someone please contact me about sending a new phone.Can not reach anyone by phone

  60. I lost my phone, I called the numbers available on website, was
    told I need my code number—I cannot remember my code. So what now?? Please advise as I want a replacement.
    Thank you.

  61. This has got to be the worst system ever made. I have been trying to contact you people regarding my phone every time I get a message that say I can talk to a rep then I can’t. Good grief Get this stuff together. I have Moved. I can’t report my move to you. Plus to top it all off Some where in the move I have lost my phone. Do you think I could get a hold of any kind of a person for that again NO. Now I need information. can someone PLEASE help me.

  62. This is the sorriest service I do not have a phone number in my state I have 3 bars and still have no service I thought it was so if I had an emergency I could call someone wrong

  63. Good day, while i was waiting for an assuranse wireless rep that was helping people with servises to a phone at the same time a assurance wireless rep was also there. So she asked me, and i told her that i have tried once to apply, i qualify, and never received anything, everytime i have tried to call, they said its on its way, that was for about 2 months so i gave up. now shes telling me now that safelink is different now and you will receive a letter or something within 3 days. she reasured me and i told her it will never happen like that and once again i was right, the rep took all my information , on her pad, my last 4 digits of social and my qualifying doucuments, still no word back, and she so reassured me and reassured me again. wow. what eles can be done. can you please help. need a phone to find a job, i qualify, what could be the possible problem.

  64. i cannot get my messages from my safe link phone, they keep asking for my password, i never had a password. can you please help me to get my messages. thank you. Douglas E. Blair

  65. Have sent copies of everything I needed to prove where I lived and who I am, Have sent again on Nov 8 2014..still no phone or no response to phone calls or emails..Tempted to go to Assurance, maybe there system works???

  66. During this summer I needed a phone replacement. Many times I held on for a very long time. Only a couple of tines did I get someone, they finally sent me a replacement and it doesn’t work. I have repeadly called back without/any help, finally several weeks ago I was able to contact someone and they promised to send a replacement. I never receieved it and after repeatedly trying again and finally got to talk to two different people Who very rude especially the second individual. They said it had been sent to the wrong address and would receive another one which I have not yet receieved and it has not came, I refuse to keep calling as I can not understand them or they do not understand me.

  67. I do not have a active phone I have no phone and im 56 years old and have no way to to get in touch with my dr, or any one elese you say I have a a active safelink I don’t pleases help me get this straightened out I need a phoe work force and dhhr tried to help me I haven’t had a phoe for almost 2 years please help me I live a lone and all I have ia a phone to help me please tell me what to do

  68. I have been a customer for 5 years but in jan I tried to activate a new phone as I didn’t think my old was was working right.I’s been a month and I still haven’t had any luck. supposed to get a 2nd S I M card tomorrow I sure hope it works.

  69. when I try to listen to voice mail to get my message it don’t speak English how do I get my phone to give me my message in english

  70. Absolute worst ‘service’ and non existant customer service. I lost my phone around 1/31 and have been trying to get someone for 3 weeks. No option/selection for a lost phone or to talk to a human. “Contact us” requires a serial #. if I lost the phone, do you really think I have the serial # after 3 years? Gotta be a beter way. ZERO STARS.

  71. my phone hasn’t worked for 6 months,they can’t fix it,and won’t bother to give me another phone.I haven’t had a working phone since 12/16/13,so my advice is don’t bother they do nothing,except charge the gov. on your name.

  72. Applied and sent all the info. Rec’d letter that a phone was being sent. Never rec’d the phone. Called, and they said they did not receive the info. I gave the address provided for the mail, and was told it was not correct. WOW, got it from you. I tried 4 times to mail and upload docs. Now, I can not get an answer anywhere. Oh, it has been 8 mths through this whole process. NOWHERE SAFELINK, GREAT JOB

  73. I would like to update my new address, have called several different numbers, & have had no help. What do I do?

  74. i have this service and have not been able to use it. can’t make calls or even text. have cslled customer service many times on hold for ever and still can’t use my phone.what good is it if you can’t use it. you are suppose to make one call a month to keep srevice active,how can you do that? this service needs to be better.something needs to be done.

  75. I have been trying to reapply or verify service. Have received a Safelink Recertifcation letter telling me to recertify I have sent that in. Than I received another application which I filled out and sent it in. Today I received another Recertigication to sign, to send it in!! Why I am I having so much trouble getting this taking care of. This has gone on for 3 Months. I do qualfity through Food Stamps also I receive SSI. Please let me know what is taking so long?

  76. i recieved my replacement safelink phone and the papers said to activate it on well its been 10 hours since i activated it and its still not working i cant call or text i cant even use the internet

  77. I really need safelink wireless cellphone as I have many medical problems which I need to contact Doctors and transportation. I think it’s NOT right that when you have to call Safelink you use minutes up, OR even for 1-800 #’s. Trying to talk to a human is almost impossible unless you want to wait a long time. I know of someone else that has a Safelink phone and she received 400 minutes at the beginning of the month when I ONLY got 250. Things need to change. I have been trying to change my address, but last month I used the rest of my time trying to talk to Safelink. I do not remember my enrollment number, so I have tried to get it on-line, and by phone with NO luck. If you need to update information I think they (Safelink) should offer security questions so you are able to get into your account.


  78. tracfone/safelink customer service are overall pure re-tards. three weeks three tickets aaaaannnndddd hav not got my replacemnt fone???
    i feel so sorry for their customers ,to start with ,calling their customer service you need to plan ahead ?yes a whole day off to get your question never-answered indeed,(hours needed to lower blood pressure after a call) ,if you get lucky.
    assuming these “rascals” don’t hang up on you ..
    their services to be fair gets a purely ,squarely an F- grade .
    they have no other contender in stu-pidity,some times i wonder if there is a law to sue just for stupidity .
    my main question is :what to do with re-tards running a customer service-less of this scale ..their should be some kind of uncorrupted law or accountability..for now all i can say is shame on all………………………………………………..

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