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Contacting Ryanair Customer Service Center

Ryanair is one of the flagship passenger airlines based in Ireland. The company has been in operation since the mid 1980’s has grown its business around providing low-cost travel and exceptional customer service. The company now services millions of customers a year, flying to more than 166 destinations across Europe.

Contact Info:

Customers wanting to contact the customer support team con do so by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media. The customer support division is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Ireland: 1520 444 004
  • Ireland (mobile): 1550 92 70 30
  • UK: 0871 246 0000
  • UK (mobile): 0905 566 0000
  • Germany: 0900 116 0500
  • Germany (mobile): 0900 116 0600
  • Austria: 0900 210 240
  • Austria (mobile): 0900 420 211
  • Belgium: 0902 33 600
  • Belgium (mobile): 0903 88 600
  • Netherlands: 0900 04 00 860
  • Netherlands (mobile): 0900 04 00 856
  • Hungary: 0690 982 213
  • Hungary (mobile): 0690 900 753
  • Italy: 899 55 25 89
  • Italy (mobile): 899 48 24 82
  • Spain: 00 44 871 2460011
  • Sweden: 0900 100 0550
  • Sweden (mobile): 0900 100 0750
  • Norway: 820 040 02
  • Norway (mobile): 820 750 04
  • Finland: 0600 301 334
  • Finland (mobile): 0600 301 335
  • Poland: 0703 303033
  • Poland (mobile): 0703 703007
  • International: +44 871 246 0002

Customers needing special assistance can check their list of countries on the customer support page.

Mailing Address

Customer Service DepartmentP.O. Box 11451SwordsCo DublinIreland

Ryanair Corporate Head OfficeDublin AirportCo. DublinIreland

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Ryanair website http://www.ryanair.com/en can do more than merely book flights and check on the status of a flight. You will have the ability to rent cars, book hotel accommodations and plan an entire vacation or business trip. Considering the company does not make many long distance flights, the company can offer deep discounts on one-way flights and round-trips.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to contact the customer support team by email will need to use the customer feedback form. We sent a message asking about canceling a reservation. We wanted to know when is the last time we could cancel a reservation and still receive a refund. The automated response stated a representative would answer our concern as soon as possible.

Our Experience

We wanted to contact the customer support team to ask questions, but unfortunately, the company did not have a number for United States customers. The company didn’t have a toll free number either. We contacted the customer service department on the Twitter page and asked if Ryanair did in fact have a number for U.S. customers. We hope to receive a message in order to share our experiences.

Did you have better luck contacting an agent? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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6 Comments on “Contact Ryanair Customer Service
  1. Dear Sir/ Madame,

    Next week I will have a final exam in the univeritsy
    Thanks, God, I check my flight because otherwise i’m not discover that i took a seat in a not able airplane.
    I paid 7,48 euro. That was a good kind of action… this is why I chose this one.

    Vásárlás kártyával= means buying by card.
    I cannot reach a costumer service in this time, and there is no fligth in this time (11th December) from Brussel to Budapest with this flight code.

    I think I cannot made a mistake because almost a year commute between Brussel and Budapest.

    Please answer to me, what happend.
    If I made a mistake somewhere, sorry for this letter…

    I’m waiting for your answer,

  2. When our flight from Brussels South to Tenerife was cancelled, we received an e-mail where we could chose to rebook or have the ticket refunded. We filled in the the form. Now, 2 months later nothing has happened. If I want to call Ryanair it will cost me 1EURO/minute, while I am solving a problem that they created.

    An unhappy customer.

  3. This number does not work I’m after trying everything to amend a booking… Very disappointed I missed a funeral because of this

  4. My name is Astrid, I’m a 31-year old Belgian woman, living in Sweden.
    For work I travelled the world which gave me the benefit of a Senator card with Miles-and-more, my regular travel partner.
    As I started studying again last year, our travel budget significantly decreased, so cheaper solutions like Ryanair are very welcome at this point.

    Today, 11th of July is my nephews first birthday in Belgium, on Saturday my grandmother will become 84.
    Very happy circumstances where every regular family member would love to be part of.
    Living in Sweden to finish my studies doesn’t allow me to see my family that often, but I wouldn’t want to miss these moments for anything.

    So a few weeks ago my boyfriend and I booked tickets with Ryanair to visit my family during these wonderful days.
    Leaving the 10th of July 2013, coming back the 14th, same month, same year.
    5 days of reunited happiness.

    Unfortunately Ryanair decided for a different scenario;
    After packing not more than 10 kg, having the smallest cabin size luggage possible, printing our boarding passes, a 2 hour buss ride from Stockholm city to Skavsta and making sure everything is done according to the Ryanair rules, we are asked our ID’s just before entering the plane.
    I show my ‘identitetskort’ which was handed over to me by Swedens authorities and it seems that Ryanair can not accept this ID as a proof of my identity. (????) Being a EU citizen travelling within the EU, I actually usually don’t even show my ID, but as I was not sure about the Ryanair procedures, I even asked a friend who studied law and is specialised in proof of identities if this ID was valid for travelling. ‘Sure’ she said.
    But not according to Ryanair.
    I called SAS and Brussles Airlines, and both confirmed to me that I can travel with this ID within Europe.

    No discussion possible with Ryanair. No, you don’t get on this plane. No, we don’t pay you back your flight ticket. No, we don’t pay back your bus tickets, No, you won’t be visiting your family this weekend. No, you won’t celebrate your nephews first birthday. No you won’t celebrate your grandmothers 84th birthday.

    Yes, this hurts in the deepest feelings of a human being.

    No, I’ll never travel with Ryanair again.

  5. This will be my first trip with this airline and finding it very worrying that I can’t complete the online booking. it has taken just over 2hours to log on and I am still not booked in , If this is an indication to customer services to come, this airline should not be in business . Unless something changes pretty quick this will be my last with this horrible company,

  6. your company is very confusing. I booked myself and had it confirm and then the next day you send me an email that it has been cancelled. Now I’m asking for a refund your online agent told me that you do not offer refund. I don’t think its right since it was your company’s fault after sending me a vague cancellation email. I asked the online agent if the reservation number and the cancellation number is the same and she see “no” so theres no way that it wasn’t the booking that I did.
    It was my first time to try your company and it will be the last. You have a very poor customer service you don’t care about your customer you just care about money.

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