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Contacting Ruby Tuesday Customer Service Center

Ruby Tuesday is a casual dining establishment founded in the early 1970’s. As the years passed, the company began to grow at a rapid pace. The company currently has more than 800 locations across the globe. Service millions of customers means a commitment to customer service.

Contact Info:

Customers can contact the customer support team during regular business hours. We noticed if you attempt to contact the customer service team by phone or by mail, you will contact the corporate offices. When contacting Ruby Tuesday by email or through social media, you are more than likely contacting a customer service agent.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-865-379-5700
  • Fax: 1-865-379-6817

Mailing Address

Ruby Tuesday, Inc.150 W. Church Avenue Maryville, TN 37801

Official Website

When you visit the official Ruby Tuesday website, you have the ability to search for a location near you, view the menu and review the beverage menu. If your local Ruby Tuesday participates, you can place an order online and pick up at the particular restaurant. You also have the ability to order gift cards. We like how the company provided information regarding community giving projects.

Social Media

Ruby Tuesday is not a very social company. We only found the pages for Twitter and Facebook. On a positive note, we did see where the customer service team interacted with customer who had concerns and questions. Seeing feedback was refreshing.

Customer Service Email

The customer service feedback form was easy to fill out and didn’t require personal information; simply your name and contact information. We sent a message asking if there was information regarding allergens in food and preparation areas. This is a concern for customers with life-threatening food allergies. The automated response states customer satisfaction is number one, so we will see how long the response takes.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer support team was a great experience. We called and didn’t have to worry about a lingering automated system. We simply bypassed the options by pressing 0. This allowed us to connect with the operator and subsequently the customer service department. We spent a few minutes explaining our concerns and the agent never once interrupted. They allowed us to voice our concerns and when we finished, addressed and resolved each issue. We thought this would confuse the agent, but in fact, the agent embraced the challenge. Calling Ruby Tuesday was a delight. Were you delighted when you contacted the customer service department? Comment below with your customer service experience.

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37 Comments on “Contact Ruby Tuesday Customer Service
  1. My fridend and I ate @ Ruby Tuesday today…yuk! we had not been to one in 2yrs, we should not have gone in today. We both had Ruby slidders with fries and salad bar. $9,80 each with one ice tea for $2.25 way tooo much $. Our food tasted like fish not appealing at all, overcooked,bad presentation We will not go back. The wait staff was nice.

  2. Me and my family went to 8680 Bartram Ave location in Philadelphia for dinner. When our waitress arrived she started us off with drinks and gave us time to go over the menu. 2 minutes later the waitress comes and asked for our order. I felt rushed even though we assured her that we were not ready. I ordered jalapeno pretzel burger, which I stated that I wanted it well done.When she returned with our food, I cut my burger in half and it was still red in the inside. So I signaled for the waitress and let her know. She told me I to wait so she can take another tables order. after she puts the other orders in she comes to take the burger back. Well by the time the manager brought my food back. I ensured her that I didn’t want it, because my family were almost done their meal and we were going to go. She told me that I had to take food or throw it out and she will not be taking it off my bill. This will be my last time dinning here. She ruined my family dinner and I don’t think I should have to pay for somebody else mistakes.

  3. Today when I came out of bob Evans in Athens Ohio I noticed that there were these pieces of paper on every windshield. I looked closer to realize it was a ruby Tuesday menu. These menus had been placed on each car in another establishments parking lot. “What poor taste,” I thought.
    I’m not sure if this is a corporate decision or a local one but I will say I will NOT eat at ruby Tuesday anymore. This was a very poor marketing decision.

  4. Very disappointed with the food at Ruby Tuesday in north LasVegas, Nv. On Saturday November 23,2013 we had the Mini sirloin with lobster tail & seafood trio! The sirloin was really tough, the spaghetti squash had “no” taste! The mash potatoes were were just “warm.” The onion rings looked like they were frozen and not scratch made from the resturant. The biscuits were “dry” very “dry”..the recipe needs to be tast better!!
    Disappointed that you had taken the navy bean soup of the menu, tried the chicken tortilla soup, it was too salty and spicy! Even with the discounted purchase on the second meal came to $41.00.
    It will be awhile before I think dine at Ruby Tuesday again.

  5. I was so upset with Ruby Tuesday after getting one of the worst take out orders ever. My steak was totally undercooked, and bad smelling, my sides were not hot at all, also my business associates ribs were overcooked and dried out. This establishment is very convient because I live directly behind the Chantry rd. location but I will never give my money to a place that does not take pride in the food it serves. I believed that I would get quality food at Ruby Tuesday but I did not, next time I hate to adnit it but I will be going to APPLEBEES

  6. Is it the norm for staff to work with menus money credit cards cash registers and then w no gloves handling customers food and drinks? This happened on more than one ocassion and when addressed the staff member then waited on us with an attitude. I really enjoyed my first few visits but the last two left a bad impression.

  7. Went to Ruby Tuesday today with a couple of friends. We ordered our drinks, I asked the server if I could have cherries to go in my drink. I watched as she dug them out with her hands and brought them to me. I then asked her if I could have different ones because, “you are touching your face, your clothes and I don’t like that”. Wel. She said, “no problem”, with an attitude. She put on gloves and gave me cheeries. When I ordered my second drink instead of using a toothpick or put on gloves, she opted to give me no garnishes at all. I guess being clean is is an convenience to her.

  8. I took my family to the Trumbull Rubys today for a Pre college lunch. The waitress was very nice. We ordered drinks, my girls had lemonade the was $3.00 and tasted so sour and awful they never finished them. For lunch I has one of the new flat breads. It is terrible. I think it is made with white velvetta. Also it was not filled to the edge of the crust so you had to cut off all the extra dried crust.
    The worst was my order of chicken strips for my older daughter. They were so over cooked and so over batter dipped you could not eat them.
    They did make a new order as we were leaving and we took them home and we ended up putting them in the trash, not worth the calories. Don’t go, horrible food.

  9. Your GM at ruby tuesday in rockwall. Is rude and has no hospitaliy at all. I worked there and he was very inconsiderate of his employees, and was very rude to them. And customers would even complain to me about him. I called him to get my address changed on my w2 form and he was completley rude and hung up on me.

  10. Very disappointed with the salad bar at your FarmVille va location . The salad bar was filthy and I asked the waitress for a substitution or extra charge for a cup of your Cajun gumbo and was refused With a purchase of fried shrimp entree . Not a very pleasant experience. The waitstaff not attentive when asked to bring out your signature pasta salad to restock the salad bar we were told that’s all they had . When asked for the manager, they were unavailable to assist

  11. I just visited the concord mills store and was very disappointed in the guest recovery aspect of the service. It’s my son’s birthday nine years old, he woke up early and says he wants to go to Ruby TUESDAY S SO all day he was excited to go. He loves the chicken Alfredo pasta. Well we didn’t know it changed. The manager says they were a test store,and he loves it…. the problem is that three of the people who got it sent it back. Took off the bill for other people in our party but charged the birthday boy. My wife’s good was cold, wings we’re under done. The server was fine. Just feel bad for my son

  12. your Ruby Tuesdays at Sanford N c WAS OUR DINNER STOP for today Menu was very tempting . I chose the Seaafood trio as it looked more than plenty enough for me. Was I ever disa ppointed!! servings were very skimpy . The lobster tail was overcooked and very dry.. I was not happy. At $249 a glass for sweet iced tea which looked like lightly colored water & not much taste at all. I did not complain to the very nice waitress. I did not want to hurt her feelings.but the ad in the menu was very misleading & should notr be allowed to mis represent the food. I will no doubt not go there ever again M<y meal cost me $24.05 & lost your chain a customer

  13. When will corporate listen to the customers?? Your restaurant is going under. The salad bar used to be really good. Now you have taken them out of some restaurants. The ones you have left is no good. They have nothing on them. You’ve taken pudding onions olives and a lot of other things off of it.we only go when we have a coupon. It isn’t worth going to. You need to put the salad bar back in the airport and serve employees lunch before. 10:30am.

  14. Me and my wife ate at ruby Tuesdays tonight for the first time in Athens al and I was surprised what restaurant on a Friday night is out if dr. Pepper, spite, coke? Then 47 minute wait on food 9 minutes to get drink filled and burnt fries wow I don’t think I will be returning we usually eat Logans but tried ruby Tuesdays tonight

  15. I live in Owensboro Ky & we miss our Ruby Tuesday. My friends & I grew up with Rubys for more than 30 years. Please bring Rubys back to Owensboro. The highway 54 corridor is exploding with commercial growth. The Tumbleweed on Frederica St. Closed it could go there. Please please please!!!

  16. I’m a regular at the Ruby Tuesday (RT) in Niceville, Florida. Recently I have personally observed their cooks make the most vile, obnoxious, and unwanted sexual comments directly at the female servers there. I observed one server try to ask the manager on duty to speak to their cooks but she just laughed it off and seemed to not be concerned about the things these guys were saying. Although the server was obviously uncomfortable about the things they were calling her she tried to remain professional but I could see that she was upset. I personally see the managers cross the line with the employees all the time. They allow some employees to speak back at them disrespectfully and once I saw a female bar tender make head stands for other men at the bar, she was demonstrating some yoga moves she learned and the managers didn’t even correct her obvious immature behavior despite the look of shock on the faces of other customers. I’m a manager for over 450 people in the Air Force and I know the significance of a zero policy on sexual harassment. If RT higher EXO’s don’t look into this soon I fear that things will explode and heads will roll!! The things I heard those cooks say and the way they were poorly handled is a serious unacceptable approach. Do something soon RT, call your managers and retrain them because what I witnessed is no place I would want any of my fellow Air Force members patronizing!! FIX IT!!! FIX IT NOW!!!!!

  17. I had gone to the Ruby Tues in Atlantic city. In the middle of our meal one of the employees started to mop near us with lemon bleach. I couldn’t believe they were doing this while we were eating. The fumes were overpowering and nauseating. I asked to see the manager. He apologized and walked away. Needless to say something is very wrong with this picture.

  18. I am sitting at the Ruby Tuesdays in Schenectady, NY. This is by far the worst dining experience of my life! I will social media the heck out of this. The staff obviously hates their minimum wage daily grind and they are acting annoyed that there are customers that actually want service.

  19. I’ve traveled to VA Ruby Tuesday many times and was able to make a change to the Shrimp Po’Boy flatbread because I do not eat pork! The Greenville, NC location stated they could not remove the andouille sausage. How can one state make the adjustment and another will not!

  20. Was amazed at what they call jumbo shrimp on their jumbo skewer dinner for $15.99. Nine pieces of shrimp each the size of a quarter. Not my item of jumbo shrimp. Very pricey for the quantity

  21. Saturday may 3 rd we visited ruby Tuesday for dinner in pompano beach fl we arrived at 6:15 pm we were seated right away the waitress first came too our table at 6:34 pm she asked if we wanted any drinks I asked her if it was still happy hour she said no it ends at 6:30 I told her we have been sitting here for at least 20 minuts she said she couldn’t give it too us so we orderd our food my wife had sirloin and lobster tail she enjoyed it . I had rib eye steak I asked for horse radish and aujus sauce I was told they don’t carry that so in so many words the steak wasn’t what I expected sincerely Raymond Delisle

  22. On the 12th of April, we dined at one of your stores in Lacanto, Fl. I ordered the buffalo chicken strip dinner. When my entree came to the table, there were four round pieces(abt. the size of a silver dollar) of chicken on my plate. The waitress never checked back on the order and hurridly dropped the check on our table and left. When we exited the place, the hostess was not at her station. On the 15th, I called and spoke to a mgr. I believe named Reggie, who aplogized and said that the chefs had been told not to serve those pieces (they were a mistake in shipping.) He promised to remit, via snail mail, his card to me for another entree of choice. He “would put it in the mail right away.” Two weeks passed, I called again, talked with another mgr. who promised to “leave a posted reminder for Reggie.” Well, it never came and now I am back in Maine -as I had explained I would be by May 7th. I am so very disappointed in your chain and will no longer patronize. My husband and I have been customers for years and this is the first time we have ever complained about anything.

  23. I just wanted to let you know that our experience today in the Battle Creek, MI. site was the WORSE service we have every had.
    1. waitress was slow and did not bring the drinks for at least 15 min after giving her the order.
    2.waitress asked if our childs meal could come out first. it not only came out with our meal but was overly cooked. meal was lukewarm at best.
    4.When asking for biscuits we were told”when they come out of the oven” we had been there 45 min.
    5. steak sauce requested cam to table after the meal was over.
    6.Requesting additional drinks. the waitress asked the hostess to get them. she passed by our table and couldn’t find where they went so took them up front. we decided to leave at that point and my son told the hostess we tried to flag her down but we now needed to leave.
    7.hostess literally asked if we wanted to “gulp them down fast” while we were standing in the front at the hostess area, when we told her we had to leave.
    8. The waitress never had the bill ready, and we had to wait for her.
    We have had some bad experiences but this was the WORSE. Shame on allowing your service to get so bad. the meal was a lunch meal and was over 58.00 for 3 adults and 1 child. which would have not been bad had we had better service and the food good. Sorry to report, this was not the case today.

  24. 6/8/14- my friend and I were disappointed the new menu had
    eliminated baked potato. what is steak without potato/sour cream
    or butter? the food we ordered was good. the server was pleasant.
    us 9, old bridge,nj.

  25. We went to y’all’s orangeburg location and we were there 3 hours when the business was not even busy I am very upset about the service we had it was NO good. Then finding a hair in my food. We are never coming that was the worst service I have ever had.

  26. Yesterday my friend and I decided to give the Ruby Tuesdays restaurant in Inverness, Florida one more chance. The food has been awful and we had not been back in a year at least.

    Well we will not be back at all after yesterday. I can say your hamburgers were always good, the rest not so. This time you all managed to add the hamburgers to the list.

    It was as dry and hard as a Hockey Puck. The fries looked and tasted like they either sat around or were put back into the deep fryer which made it worse. I’ve learned not to say anything because last time I paid for it by burning myself on the side dish the cook brought to the table. I understand why this restaurant won’t get any gold stars.

    Thank You

  27. Ruby Tuesday has always been one of our very favorite restaurants.
    When we are at home, we eat there once or twice a week. When travelling we always look for a Ruby Tuesday…..So, we know our
    Ruby Tuesdays!

    There is one, where Brian E. Hausman is the manager. We were there Sunday and for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER my fish was not cooked as I had requested (not spicy). Mr. Hausman came out, apologized and made sure I had the best of care and not only that, he went out of his way to see that we were pleased, which we were, even before they redid my fish. When we went to check out he had taken my fish dinner off the check. I certainly did not expect that, but I can tell you this, if more managers would come out of the “office or kitchen” and greet and meet their customers, we would not be seeing so many Ruby Tuesdays closing as we are finding as we travel.

    I have been in business most of my life and I just thought you might like a compliment for a change instead of a complaint.

    We still will eat at Ruby Tuesdays, but most especially at Brian’s restaurant.

    By the way Mr. Hausman is the manager at Ruby Tuesdays in Vienna West Virginia. I hope he will be recognized. I’m sure he does not expect me to write and tell you this.

  28. Took my son out to Ruby’s in Champlin for his 21st birthday July 17th, 2014. I have a deep concern of the food I received, I ordered grilled salmon, I had eaten about a third of the salmon when i noticed it was raw, like it hadn’t been cooked at all, yuk! The waitress took it back to the kitchen and the cook or manager came out to apologize (she was embarassed) and said she’d discount the bill, which she did. My concern is that I ate raw salmon, that can’t be good! I’m now a bit concerned for my health:

  29. my sister works at the concord mall in Wilmington Del and when she had a break that was 30 min we were just going to the bar and get quick drink and appetizers she had a short break so I knew she probably wouldn’t have time to finish her meal which is understandable we sat down no one greeted us nor did they ask us did we need help OK than the server helped someone who came after us and than I was pissed because I had to ask for help or we were going to sit there all day she finally made my sisters drink I still wasn’t ready and she never came back to help me and the sad part was the restaurant wasn’t very busy I finally had the hostess get a manager thinking that he would resolve the problem wow to my dismay he was even worst he was nasty and had the same personality as Lurk on the Adam’s family what a bad experience horrible customer service all the way around I can get better service in McDonald’s smh

  30. My husband and I had dinner at your restaurant in Traverse City Mi today. The waiter’s name was George…he’s the best waiter we’ve had in a very long time. Kudos to George for a job well done. It’s not often we come across someone who really knows how to treat a restaurant customer. Dinner was good, the service was excellent! We live in Sturgis MI and wish we had a Ruby Tuesday’s closer to home. Thanks again George!!!

  31. I have a good friend who just had a birthday last month. I enrolled this person in so connected and was told by the computer at the end of enrollment that the address was recognized. What the hell does that even mean? Anyway, their free burger coupon NEVER came! So last week I called customer service and was told the person HAD to have their own email address. I had tried to enroll them thru my email. So Friday I set up an email address for them at yahoo. But then when I tried to reenroll them in so connected, your system would not even accept the email address. you need to work on your system!

  32. My friends and i ate thr for first time….The vents were blowing cold air on us the whole time. I am now sick with a cold from it. For the price, the food wasn’t that good or hearty. We had to fill up on the salad bar to be satified, the plates at saladbar were nasty n dirty. Service was bad. We will definately will not go back!!

  33. Ruby Tuesday’s needs to train their managers better on how to detect intoxication. My husband and I visited a restaurant last evening and because I have a cast on my leg that was put on two days previously and have a hard time walking around therefore I stumble and my husband tries to help me walk the manager assumed that I was drunk and escorted my husband and I out of the restaurant. Neither my husband or I were anywhere near being drunk we had one drink were cut off and asked to leave the restaurant way to go to Ruby Tuesday’s on your training. I feel that I was profiled in discriminated against because I have a slight handicap of being in a cast right now. Up until this visit I love going to Ruby Tuesday’s but from now on I will choose another restaurant to go to.

  34. my husband and i were at ruby tuesday last night for dinner on lincoln highway in langhornei called before we went .my husband likes the beef tips with mashead the said yes we do so we went.what a dissapointment they said they didnt have them he wanted to leave i said no we were here so he got the asiago sirloin it was awful some king of sauce on he didnt ask for all he wanted was a steak potatoes veg that was15.99 could hardlet see the steak then we orded the4way sampler that was 12.99 for 6 piesces i had a vodka martini that was half full for 6.00 dollars our bill came to70.31 we are seniors we dont go out tha much but this dinner was terrible i dont usaliy complain .thank you for liseing bea harrington

  35. I told one of my friends that I was going to Ruby Tuesday for my free hamburger on Dec, 17. I will be 87 years old – Before IO knew it 28 of my friends decided to come along. FOUR of them also have December birthdays. I have been trying to find out if I can get coupons for them also for a free hamburger – Its too late to sign up for the newsletter et. Luckily I did this when our RUBY Tuesday opened and am a frequent visitor. I recently brought a 90 year old handicapped friend with me and called the main office to tell them of our exceptional service! Can you help me this time? Swanny Seirup

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