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Contacting Roxio Customer Service Center

Roxio is a software and digital media company providing software to businesses who want to make an impression in the digital world. Products like Toast and Creator are available for personal and business use. Roxio is a Corel family product. Corel is a huge name in creativity and creative design.

Contact Info:

The contact page on the Roxio customer service page leaves much to be desired. There is very little tangible contact information, but there are a ton of links pushing the consumer to various other pages in search of information.

Phone Contact Numbers

The phone number listed for Roxio customer service is not a toll free number, but the sales number is toll free.

  • Sales: 1-877-582-6735
  • Customer Service: 1-952-646-5132

Technical Support: You must create an account to view this information.

Mailing Address

Roxio is a Corel Corporation project, so you can write to Corel with all customer service issues.

Corel CorporationAttn: Roxio Customer Service1600 Carling AveOttawa, Ontario K1Z 8R7


Corel IncAttn: Roxio Customer Service385 Ravendale DrMountain View, CA 94043

Official Website

You can find detailed information on the Roxio suite of programs at The site is dedicated to selling Roxio to customers, not providing customer service so there is much more focus on sales. The customer service page is located at, but as we mentioned, there are more links to other pages than customer service information.

You can also contact Roxio customer service on:

When we looked through the Roxio Facebook page, we noticed there is another Facebook community that provides support for Roxio products. This page could be extremely helpful for some Roxio users.

Customer Service Email

We could not find an email address for form for Roxio customer service, so we sent a message to the team via Facebook. Facebook customer service should be the same customer service team that answers emails, but you’ll likely receive a response quicker via Facebook or other social media. We contacted Roxio customer service about compatibility with the new Windows 8. Our contact happened on the weekend, so the response may be delayed.

Our Experience

We expected a lengthy wait for the customer support team, but were pleased to say we were able to speak with the customer service department in less than 2 minutes. There were only two options, technical support and sales support. We selected sales support and connected with the agent. We asked the agent if the product allows integration with social media so customers can share their favorite programs across social platforms. The agent explained, completed products can be shared across social media, including, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and Flickr.

We learned something new from a professional customer care agent. Do you have a positive success story relating to Roxio customer service? Take a minute to comment below.

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10 Comments on “Contact Roxio Customer Service
  1. hi, I have a hp a6140a pavilion pc. bought a few years ago. problem recently needed op/system upgrade. result programmes not working . one roxio creator v 9 basic not fully installed. ( no disc provide from hp on purchase}

    I would like to reinstall this programme fully. do not have any installation code numbers … error shows cannot find RCP_core_HPC34\ file. Could i install this from another roxio disc. or can you advise how i can correct this problem. As usual i am a user who has not yet registered this product. I can register with what is already installed on my pc… many thanks charles lowe

  2. I bought your products balmost a month ago and have never received your goods. This appears to be a scam. Cqancel my order and return my money

  3. Need help. I recently purchase Creator NXT. I have installed the program on my computer, but I can’t get the CD Burner to work. It may be that I don’t understand how to use it. Previously I had Roxio Creator 2010. Can someone help lto understan how to use Creator NXT to burn compliation CD’s?

  4. Had service on my PC, he wiped the hard-drive clean and reloaded many of the programs but did not include the Roxio Creator 2011 and I no longer have it on my PC, I purchased it, downloaded it, and registered it, how can I get the program back??? Can you help me please. Thank you.

  5. I purchased a Roxio Easy VHS to DVD and registered it with Roxio. I received a confirmation, but it omitted a code I would need for installation support. There were a few glitches in the set up, but in spite of emails to Roxio and calls to its the numbers on its website (which is really just an online store) I never was contacted by Roxio. When the product caused my computer to crash I decided to throw in the towel and return it. Roxio seems to have no interest in customer service.

  6. Hello,

    On the way to renew my subscription to Roxio on January 10th, 2013 (that I had to stop last year), first I would like to know if it is possible – or too late, to recover the previous photoshows ?
    And how much now is the subscription, especially for a Premium service, in Dollars/Euros ?

    Thank you very much !
    Yours sincerely

    Murielle Tramblay

  7. As you can see I was with Roxio for a long time, but
    some of The components are crashing, slowing down & locking up my
    Desktop. I like the program but I can’t keep it if it’s NOT preforming
    the way it should. The Components that are failing is DVD COPY&
    CONVERTING AND PICTURE VIDEO IMPORT. I AM running Windows 8.1Pro, 64Bit
    Quad Core I7X(Intel)with 12GB DDRS3 1.5 TB if that help. I need help with this
    or I will be forced to ask for a full refund :( hope someone could do
    something for me ASAP. I have gone from Maze to Maze and with NO HELP I AM THING ABOUT JUST GETTING A FULL REFUND!!

  8. I’m trying to call them and the customer service number is some retail store she couldn’t even transfer my call. Really shitty service.

  9. I need your mailing address so I can mail back a burning disk
    back to you all office max will not take back a opening disk

  10. I can not use my Greator NXT Pro 3 key it tells me it has been used to many times. I paid for this so how can you tell me how many times I can use the key? When I am not going to use it for a while I some times delete it to save space.

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