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Contacting Ross Customer Service Center

Ross is a clothing store that offers brand name pieces at reduced prices. The company falls into the same category with TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Company’s produce too many pairs of jeans or last season’s style just didn’t go over the way the company expected. Ross takes those off styles and overstocked items and sells them for a fraction of the original suggested price. When the styles don’t sell at Ross they are marked down again for amazingly low clearance deals. Ross also sells home, baby and kids items.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is just one phone number listed on the Ross customer service website. This number is for locating a nearby store. Clearly if a customer needs to contact Ross customer service, they’ve already located a store. We called the Store Locator number to see if it also provided customer service, but the number only asks for your five digit zip code.

  • Locate a Store: 1-800-945-7677

Customers are supposed to locate the nearest store and call that store for customer service, but if there is a problem with that store there needs to be another number to call to advance the issue further; so we’ve included the corporate phone number.

  • Ross Corporate: 1-305-623-3056

Mailing Address

Contacting Ross customer service by mail is not as simple as it may seem. There are tons of addresses listed for various divisions of the Ross business. If you have a general complaint or compliment for the company, you can send your letter to the corporate office at:

Ross Stores Corporate Office 4440 Rosewood Dr Pleasanton, CA 94588

Official Website

You may want to check and double check the address you use for the Ross website. takes you to Abbott Labs, not Ross Stores. You have to visit to find contact information for Ross, including emails and other customer service options.

Customer Service Email

We were happy to find a couple email addresses for Ross customer service, but none were for the average customer wanting answers or a chance to report a problem. There is a contact form listed on the contact page, however.

Our Experience

The only number listed on the customer service page for Ross is a Store Locator. We don’t feel it is right for customers to be expected to limit customer service contact to the local store, especially if the problem is with that store. We called the corporate office and the phone was answered directly by an operator. When we asked for customer service and the operator stumbled and said we’d have to call the store. We also called on the weekend and the number lead straight to the accounting office answering machine.

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4 Comments on “Contact Ross Customer Service
  1. I would love to work with ross stores but when I try to submit my application it keeps dumping my info and coming back with a blank page. It may be a technical issue with your website. I tried several times but I guess I will have to try again later.

  2. Ross offended by the use of “Christmas”.

    I asked the manager about this and she said that the term “Christmas” was “offensive” so they do not display it.

    Can you image – after hundreds of years of celebrating Christmas in this country it’s now “offensive”.

    I left all my items in the store- as nice as they were I could not support such hypocrisy. That’s what it is when you have Christmas items prominently to purchase but you are to offended to label the display as such. you want the income from Christmas shoppers but are ashamed of their holiday-how awful on your part!

    PS the store is on east commercial in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  3. I would absolutely love to work with Ross but when I sign into my account to apply it goes to a screen with a bunch of some sort of code. I guess I will have to try back later.

  4. ROSS IN SUMMERVILLE, SC AND I’M VERY UNHAPPY! I’VE BEEN SHOPPING AT ROSS SINCE THEY OPEN, the Ross store really has changed, and yes maybe ppl are happy with the bargains they get, BUT I’M NOT GOING TO SPEND MY MONEY WHEN THE MANAGER ( DON ) acted like this one, CAUSE I HELP HIM TO HAVE A JOB, CAUSE IF U DONT GET BUSINESS THE STORE WANT STAY OPEN! I went to Ross in summerville, about 7:45 pm on Friday evening, and shopped tried on jeans, and other clothes, also I had other thing in cart! Well it was about 9:30 pm I asked the clerk at dress rooming, if they could hold my things until tomorrow that I got off work and be there about 12:30 pm and I would come get the stuff, cause I was waiting on my bank debit card to come to my post office box, the clerk said they would but the stuff back on shelves at the end of the night! WELL I NEVER KNEW THAT! CAUSE NEVER HAD THAT HAPPEN BEFORE, EVER SINCE THE ROSS STORE HAS BEEN IN OUR AREA, there policy you could shopp and they would hold your order until next day! So I explain to the dressing room clerk and she’ said I could speak to the manager, well! The lady had smart attitude! I asked her I if she was manager, she walked off and sent back a young man (don) well I explain to him about my debit card! And told that if he could hold my stuff that I had shopped two hours for that I would go to my bank and get some cash and pick my stuff up the next day also dd’s in North Charleston, sc wish is both owned by same companies as Ross in Summerville sc, a couple week ago they held my purchases over night and I went Bach the same next night! And Ross in Summerville has always let u hold my purchases over night! BUT MR.DON GOT AN ATTITUDE WITH ME AND I TRIED TO EXPLAIN TO MR DON THE SO CALLED MANAGER! THAT THIS WAS THE POLICY EVER SINCE THE ROSS OPENED IN SUMMERVILLE AND IF OPLICY HAS CHANGED IT SUCH BE POSTED. SO I WOULNT HAVE SPEND ALL MY TIME SHOPPING, I tried to mr. Don to understand why my debit card was getting changed but he didn’t CARE, and I told MR. DON I WANT BE BACK, AND I WOULD LET CORPORATE OFFICE KNOW ABOUT MY COMPLAINT, wish your company the BEST, BUT ONE CUSTOMER DONT MATTER, it easy for the big man to lost there business !

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