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Contacting Rolex Customer Service Center

Rolex is a German watch company with a name that’s become synonymous with luxury, power and money. There is very little information in terms of customer service listed on the Rolex website. We’re not sure why Rolex lists no contact information, but we believe there could be a dedicated customer service site or phone system for customers who purchase Rolex watches and jewelry.

Contact Info:

All contact information for Rolex customer service is based in Germany. The company does not operate a regional office in the United States, as far as we can tell. If you want to contact a local store that may be able to provide Rolex customer service, check out the US Authorized Dealers page.

Phone Contact Numbers

Both the phone and fax number listed to contact Rolex customer service direct the customer to Germany. Call your telephone, landline or cell, before making this call. International calling rates are higher than domestic calls and tend not to be covered under unlimited calling plans. There are no Rolex customer service offices in the United States.

  • Customer Service: +49 221 16 500
  • Corporate Headquarters: +41 22 302 22 00
  • Fax: +49 221 1650 580

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Rolex directs your letter to Germany. This is the only address listed on the website and the only one we could find for the company. Before sending your letter to Rolex customer service, contact the US postal service, if mailing from the US. It may cost more to send the letter outside the US.

ROLEX Deutschland GmbHDompropst Ketzer Str 1-950667 KolnPostfach 10 30 41

Official Website

Check out the official Rolex website at This version of the site is in US English, but there are sites in various languages. Visit to choose a different language. You can learn about all the latest pieces in the Rolex collection.

Customer Service Email

The home website for Rolex is located at That is also where the email address directs customer service emails. There is a chance the customer service agent may not speak perfect English or English at all, but that chance is slim at best.

Our Experience

Unless customers live in Germany, they will not have the ability to contact the customer service department. Instead, they can contact an authorized dealer in there local area. We wanted to communicate with the customer service department, so we are relying on email communication. We sent a message asking if our warranty would be voided if a non-authorized dealer repaired a Rolex.

If you have contacted the customer service department at Rolex, we would love to hear your story. Share it below.

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21 Comments on “Contact Rolex Customer Service
  1. Hi Rolex,
    Actually I prefer very much Rolex watch. A simple question is that “Is it possible to get a free leather belt Rolex wristwatch?”. I know the answer of this question is either “yes” or “No”. But I never fixed up the answer.

  2. You charged me $675 for a new clasp for my submariner but did not return my old clasp,you stole my property,this violates ohio’s cspa,I want my old clasp back,or rebate on my new,a violation of the Ohio cspa is triple damages plus attorney fees please respond regarding your intentions

    • I have the exact same problem. Did you get any resolution? If so, how?
      It’s so frustrating when a $15.00 fashion watch keeps more accurate time. I’ve taken it to several authorized Rolex repair sites & sent it back several times. No improvement.

  3. I purchased my Rolex several years ago and at first was very happy. I subsequently purchased the diamond face as a replacement. Needless to say the watch is beautiful but is very inaccurate, in fact useless as a timepiece. When I first noticed it was running fast, I sent it to New York the authorized repair center. I waited several months for it to be returned. Shortly thereafter it began running fast again so I sent it back to New York and again, waited months for its’ return. It is still running very fast (gained 40 minutes in the last 5 months). I paid a lot of money for the watch and diamond face. Is there any resolution to this problem? Thank you.

  4. I would like to work for rolex one day I really think making watches would be cool.
    But right now I’m not old enough to go to any college
    I am only 12 years old but I think it would be a good job to work for.

  5. I have an older Rolex from the 80s that has worked fine for many years. Recently it just stopped working .
    Do these precision watches have lifetime warranties??? Is there an email I can send a picture of it and ask this same question? Thanks. Bruce

  6. I purchased a Rolex submariner watch in St. Maarten last February and it cost me more than $12,000. It has only been 10 months and the watch is not keeping time correctly. I brought the watch to an authorized dealer, Long’s Jewelers in Boston, and they informed me that the watch is in need of repair and that I will need to send it away for repair. This is absolutely unacceptable. I believe that Rolex is overrated and I would not recommend Rolex to anybody.

    • Just a thought. About this smash and grab on Rolex watches. Can a location chip be put inside of the Rolex Watches? With all of today’s technology that should be no problem. This way you can apprehend the thieves. Please respond to this email. Thanks!

  7. I got a rolex watch yesterday and I want to change it by a more expensive one ,the dealer refuses on the baseis that he has already wrote warranty ,and he ignores customer satisfaction and that I tried to change it on the same day of purchase and that I shall pay the difference. I need support from the main office of Rolex .Thanks

  8. To whom it may concern,

    I am very interested in becoming a Rolex dealer. My family have owned and operated a small Watch Service Center in New York City for over 50 years. I have joined the family business but would like to expand into retail. It would be an honor to be able to sell Rolex Timepieces at our location. Please inform me as to how I may be able to begin the process and whom I should contact.

    Thank you greatly,

    Leonid Pikman

  9. I had my Rolex/ladies day/date serviced. They said that there was a crack on the glass and that the winder is broken. They replaced these. Total amount spent PHP20,000 or approximately USD$500 for parts and overhaul/cleaning.
    Why doesn’t Rolex Philippines return the changed parts. They claim that since 2011, they do not return the parts.
    Please advise.

  10. Hi, their is someone posting photos of a fake Rolex and trying to tell people it’s real!
    How do I get into contact with Rolex to notify them about this?

  11. Just recently I lost my beloved brother from cancer. While going through his things I discovered his Rolex. After further inspection I had noticed that the watch had indeed been through the well know Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. The hurricane completely wiped out Biloxi Mississippi, USA along with my brothers home. My Dad had said that my brother did not find his watch for months later. The watch was found with a metal detector behind his home in salty silt. He cleaned it up as best he could and put it away in a drawer thinking it was junk now. I found the watch, gave it a few shakes and the Rolex worked!!!! At this time the blue bezel will not turn, stuck from the saltwater and the housing is very pitted. The crystal is still intact!

    It amazes me the watch still works to this day! Rolex watches are truly amazing time pieces. With that said, I would be honored to have Rolex restore this watch in my brother’s memory. My brother went through 5 years fighting cancer before succumbing to its grips. He fought a wonderful battle and this watch too has seen a fight over the years. I would love to see this watch continue to LIVE!

    If you would like to see a picture of this amazing timepiece and would be interested in restoration, please do drop me a line.

    Colette Schumacher

  12. I had services my Rolex watch from Cooke & Kelvey, New Delhiand paid service charges Rs28000/-in Jan 2011, and within 6 months watch stared giving problems and start getting slow. It slows down 1 hour in 24 Hours. When I visited Delhi in Jan 13 I took watch to show Cooke & Kelvey. They said they will charge me Rs 35000/-
    It is outrages to charge so must when service was done in 2011, It is said such a brand can provide such pathetic service and charge such a huge amount. you are requested to take remedial measure and get the watch repaired.

  13. I have got a problem with my brand new Daytona watch so I would like to send an email to Rolex customer service in Switzerland, so which email address I can send it? please advise!

  14. Rolex is Timeless. If Serena Williams wins the Australian tournament, you should give her a contract. You gave it to Azaranka and where is she now? Is it because she’s Black? She is one of the best tennis players in the world and Rolex won’t sign her. Can we say racist Germans? Tsk tsk. Timeless (a 33 year old seeking 19th title). YOUR LOSS.

  15. I was watching CNN and seen a commercial of yours Telling History, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time when I seen Tiger Woods ! Yes That tells history When he cheated on his wife with a prostitute. Lol,Lol Lol

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