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Contacting Roku Customer Service Center

Roku in a consumer electronics company featuring compact streaming devices, allowing customers to view movies, stream Internet radio, watch live television broadcasts and play video games. Similar to other technical devices, there is the potential for technical problems. In the event problems occur, the customer support team is available to assist customers 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm PST.

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Contact Info:

The available ways to contact the customer support team include phone, email (customer contact form), traditional mail and through social media site such as Facebook and Twitter.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer support: 1-888-600-7658

Mailing Address

Roku12980 Saratoga Ave.Saratoga, CA 95070

Official Website

Visit the official Roku website, in order to view the available products, locate the various channels, contact the customer service department and read reviews and testimonials. Customers needing immediate answers can review the FAQs on the customer support page.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to contact the customer service department will need to utilize the customer feedback form of a traditional email address. You will need to select specific scenarios in order for the team to better answer your concern. We sent a message asking about canceling the service. After sending a message, we received an automated response stating a customer service agent would answer our concern within 48 hours.

Customers wanting to provide feedback relating to their experience visiting the website can contact the customer advocacy team here Additional ways to contact the customer service department includes:

Customers needing to contact another department can utilize the following email addresses:

Our Experience

We contacted the customer support team and were pleased we didn’t have to listen to a long list of options. Customers have two choices, Roku customer support and technical support. After selecting 1 for the Roku support, we were connected to the customer support team. The agent was eager to assist and we asked the return policy as it relates to devices outside of the traditional warranty. The agent explained the typical return window is 30 days. If customers purchased an extended warranty, they have up to one year to return the product, if it is defective. Other than that, customers will not have the ability to return the device.

The call was simple and to the point. We want to hear from customers just like you with your thoughts, stories and experiences. We ask if you could leave your experiences with the customer support team below.

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88 Comments on “Contact Roku Customer Service
  1. I have a retail store in Fort Worth, Texas…..There is no place on your home page to easily contact your organization for resale information…..I don’t appreciate being forwarded to India and asked a lot of questions and still get no answer about distributors in Texas or who to speak with about reselling the great ROKU product…Thanks, Allen Selby….682-554-6136

  2. I own a ROKU XD-S. I’ve had it for a few years. Can I stream music with this unit? Also, if it is possible, can I stream the music to a different room from where the unit is located?
    Thank you for your reply. I tried to call but I could only get your travel company. I’m not interested in any cruises!
    Bernard Boroson

  3. I had very good service I did not get anyone out of the county, I don’t think, but she spoke good english and I could understand her, I would not be happy if I got anyone I could not understand! The first girl I call about a week ago told me she would have someone call me back the next morning, they call me back on Sunday four days later. I do not no why she couldn’t continue helping me she didn’t say!

  4. Thank you for your help with my Roku. My Case ID was #2438446. I did what you suggested and it worked. I had been without my favorite program for over a week. I had e-mailed before but evidently had not gotten the right place since I didn’t really get any help except some suggestions. This time it was prompt and it worked. Betty Simone

  5. Brand new Roku 3 about 6 weeks ago. Everything was fine I was even considering replacing the my direct tv with another Roku 3 until VERY recently everything now shows up with a purple screen that says (HDCP unauthorized content disabled in a purple screen). It doesn’t matter what I choose. NOTHING IN MY SETUP HAS CHANGED. Brand new all connected with top quality HDMI cables. Now I can’t watch anything without getting this HDCP screen. I’ve tried rebooting the Roku, the TV, the receiver, forcing a Roku software update. It has to be the Roku 3 it CAN NOT be denied Help! My brand new Roku 3 won’t let me watch anything. It doesn’t matter what I choose. NOTHING IN MY CHANNELS WORK. MANY OTHERS ARE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM.

    • I called you customer service line and after 30 minutes the agent hung up on me. Although he was given all call back number, he never called back and I had to wait over an hour for another agent to answer. I’m very unhappy with the service.

      The purpose of my complaint is that every app on roku appears to be working except for Netflix. Netflix constantly freezes. I’ve deleted and uploaded it and still no fix. It isn’t my internet because the Netflix app on the same tv works just fine. It’s the roku.

  6. I could not set up an account because I don’t own a credit card because of identity thief. I hate having to take the unit back to the store.

  7. Had same issues as LOPEZ. Called customer services several times. Their only interest was to go through this battery of “processes” to try and repair or identify issue. THey insisted even though I told them I did all those things alread. They sold a defective unit and did everything not to receive a return. DO NOT BUY A ROKU3 IT IS AN INFERIOR PRODUCT. That was my second Roku and my last!

  8. I just bought Roku 1 (one); I want to know how to connect to my TV. It is one that you stick at at the back of the TV and connect is to the adopter and into the wall. I have done all that and Roku has appeared on my TV. But I done know what to do. Please help!

  9. I called you customer service line and after 30 minutes the agent hung up on me. Although he was given all call back number, he never called back and I had to wait over an hour for another agent to answer. I’m very unhappy with the service.

    The purpose of my complaint is that every app on roku appears to be working except for Netflix. Netflix constantly freezes. I’ve deleted and uploaded it and still no fix. It isn’t my internet because the Netflix app on the same tv works just fine. It’s the roku.

  10. this is the 2nd roku I have owned. the ist one was great. but this oone has problems.I am watching a movie on Netflix and then
    the movie stops running and I have to wait for it to come back on. Then I get amessage that I don’t have an internet connection but I do because my computer is working. this happens very aften during the movie.I have removed the cconnection and its fine for about 3 mminutes and the the movie stop runningagain. HOPE U CAN HELP. Elaine Barmer

  11. on line chat does not work. how can you wait for 20 minutes for on line chat. not realistic. poor service. issue not resolved. Product back to store.

  12. im 80 years old my blood pressure is about going to the roof. I have spent over 5 hours trying roku sites that will let you type in the tv code. is worthless. that is why so many people are frusted. most sites that say you can enter your code is a scam. they want money. this is plain wrong. im already a customer and had to reset the roku. im at a loss and I purchased your product at sams club. sure going to let them know about your service

  13. i have a roku 3. When i use netflix on my hdtv then my list on netflix is not showing.But i have a list on my laptop which weeks ago would show also on my tv. What gives here?



  15. I had problems because I went into the wrong site (I thought it was roku/link, but wasn’t) Robert M. helped me out. He went over and above helping me to establish the right connection and make sure everything is working correctly. I would definitely give him “5 Stars!” Next time I need assistance I hope to talk to him. Good Job Robert!!

  16. I was given a Roku two years ago as a gift from my husband and LOVED it! Last week it wouldn’t turn on. Today I called Customer Support for help. To no avail the problem wasn’t fixed. I asked the customer service rep if I could return it for them to trouble shoot it at the factory. He said NO. I asked if they would just replace it? He said NO. I at this point am VERY upset. I made the rep know how dis-please I was by making reference to a pair of Magnavox ear buds I bought three years ago that stop working. I simply called customer service to let them know they weren’t working they told me to mail them back and they would replace them free of charge! I ask them why? They simply said “We stand behind our products!” A 10.00 pair of Ear buds! I have bragged on Roku to everyone; even given them away as gifts for work give aways and personal friends and family. I WAS a Roku “fan” a big Roku “cheerleader”! It’s sad that Roku won’t stand behind a 99.99 two year old product! I am very disappointed!

    Really Disappointed,

  17. Soy Jose Como es ke el rokus tràbaja yo lo compare pero me pedian credit card cuanto tengo que pagar pense me era free FTA y no

  18. Hola ablan espanol
    Megustaria saber. Cuanto se paga
    En el roku stick porke yo lo compare
    Y no sabia ke se pagaba diganme

  19. hi I’m Guirlene Massillon I said do not go to my account to take money and if I have subscription close that subscription now the subscription please

  20. Recomment, Brand new RoKu, All 3 connections checked out green and then (erroe code 011) someone please help !!! Thank you, Tom

  21. after purchasing the roku and having hassle setting it up contacted ROKU customer service in another country i then purchased a extended service plan and then decided not to keep the roku but when asking to get refund of service plan i was refused and then asked to speak to supervisor who also told me we dont give refunds i then asked to get the company name to file a formal complaint and the supervisor would not give who he worked for. this all seems very shady after i gave these people my credit card information this is the company roku has decided to partner with which makes me question their commitment to their customers all in all my experience has been terrible and dont recommend roku to anyone

  22. I have had my ROKU for a couple of years now. Thankfully it has worked pretty much without incident. While under warranty the support was fine. They tried to sell me a plan which I refused. When I had a simple problem connecting to MLB I called support BIG mistake. He took over my computer and wanted to go in and change my network settings. Telling me it was not the ROKU but my computer. I’m no computer guru but know enough to know if all the other icons work my network is fine. I knew there would be charges and that is all they wanted. Not falling for their SCAM I stopped the session. I re-entered my username and password everything worked fine. Apparently I entered it wrong the first time and MLB told me to re-activate. Moral of the story their product is OK but there are a lot of these players out there. If you have a problem after the warranty runs out DON’T use there support it is a SCAM and a RIP OFF better to just buy a new device.

    • Had similar experience at what I believe was either a scam website disguised as ROKU support or a ROKU subcontracted support svs. The rep was middle eastern and I could not understand his broken English, but when I asked to speak to someone who spoke better English he said No. He was granted access to my computer and proceeded to show me errors on my computer that he said were causing my ROKU issue and which could only be fixed with a $150 computer security purchase from him (And nobody else at any other time) which he would install on my computer. Definitely a scam with the high pressure sales tactics and the facts that I had to make my purchase immediately and only from the rep I was speaking to whom said his name was “Andrew” (No customer rep # or other designation). Needless to say I ended the call without purchase much to the angst of Andrew, and was later able to go to the genuine ROKU website for assistance on the Chat svs where my problem was solved easily and without making any purchase. Still not convinced I didn’t allow for a scammer to compromise my personal computer though…

  23. We had wonderful assistance from Roku SM Jefferson S with several issues. The service was right on point. I appreciate good customer service and we received it! Way to go Support!

  24. I just purchased a roku today. I tried to set up my account and it wanted a credit card number. I did not see any reason to put my credit card number in to register. And I do not have any credit cards. But I will not put in my debit card either. I called customer service number and told them the problem I was having and they told me that they could help me for a fee of 430 dollars. or I could Google it myself. They are a huge waste of time, no help what so ever. I’m not sure why I need to put In private account info when I have no plan on purchasing anything , it was just to watch hulu or Netflix on. I’m very dissatisfied with this and the service I received. I will be returning the roku and buying a second Wii to use to watch these services with.

  25. My Roku Streaming Stick has not worked since day one. I received on line a case number 3915961 and was told I would be able to return it for a replacement. To date I have not received instructions on where to send it or a replacement.

  26. Hello,

    Recently my remote control fell and stopped working. I tried to re-sync it to the streaming stick, however it did not work. I tried it several times and then I reset the streaming stick, now the Roku is set on the language screen and I can’t continue because remote is not working. I need help.
    Could someone email me with instructions on what I should do.

    Thank you

  27. I have had Roku wireless for a number of years, enjoying daily. I have now subscribed to Hallmark’s “Feeln” and they have an option to ‘activate Roku’ on my television. I will contact them if possible about this by telephone, but can you e-mail directions for accomplishing this.

    Thank you

  28. I could not get thru. will not go to program. Pink screen disabled content. Called before followed same procedures no luck new and this problem is constsnt. Help.

  29. I just bought a Ruku # 2 about 2 months ago. it is happen that the remote is accidentally break apart. but the device itself is perfectly fine. I cannot find the remote in stores. I think the stores should also carry the remotes in case of a situation like that customer can easily find it and make the devices work again.

  30. I received an email from ROKU. I tried to call them at the number they provided. I was connected to a man in the Philippines that could not understand anything I was saying….nor could I understand him. I asked him for a number in the U.S.A. or Canada. He refused to give me one. Frustration beyond belief. He kept repeating..”take me off speaker.” He wasn’t on speaker. Another example of U.S.A. companies looking for cheap labor.

  31. I called you see about a Hallmark channel and all I could hear was a lot of laugh in the back ground. I didn’t even get my question answered. He was to busy laughing!!

  32. I sent an e-mail and received a reply that someone be in contact with me in 48 hours about my problem my message was when i watch a netflix movie or anyother ” home ” app all of a sudden on the screen pops up HDCP unauthorized content disabled why? I received a responce that my reference number is 4349125 case ID Thank you

  33. I ordered A Roku3 on Dec. 16, 2015 (Order Number #101311074) I never got my order and ROKU will NOT refund my money! Roku sucks, their customer support sucks, their automated phone system sucks, their email sucks (no one ever answers your email).

  34. I am being charged monthly (to my credit card) $4.99.

    PLEASE CANCEL my subscription and confirm this by return e-mail asap.

    Warren Parker

  35. My T.V had been stolen and I was hoping you can track on-line serial number of my,Shard Roku T.V 43″ that my brother and sister bought for me Christmas Activated 12.25.2015 Burglarized 1.30.1016 I notice on my account somebody had got Fox network on 2.08.2016 the on-line serial number is 2N00AX396238, If anybody resets the T.V and activate it then that should be the serial number that comes up with it? I hope I can be reached at above e-mail .

  36. Any one thinks they got smart T.V or Roku T.V. you can forget about get any kind support from Roku!!!! when its stolen or burglarized

  37. I just bought a Roku3
    That being good,
    I just thought that a Roku stick with the ear phone
    jack would the real way to go.
    my older Roku required a clumsy way to control volume

  38. i have roku 3 and 4 no. 3 works fine , however i am very unhappy with 4, its having audio problems and I must unplugging it to reset it all the time ,it a real drag,its to a point that i don’t use it because it requires a lot of attention. also,
    it has problems with PLEX t showing videos etc

    if i could i would return it



  39. Last October I had you reinstate my account with Roku. I did not use it. Now I really need to be able to get the SBN NOW app working. My computer no longer takes the program they are now using. I can not even get the bouncing ROKU on my TV screen. There is a light on the Roku box. A tech on e-mail gave up on me when it took too long to plug from a power box to a regular outlet, which I did not appreciate. There has to be an answer to this problem. I have my serial number. Also the 10/2/16 ref. #6042149

  40. I can’t even reach these people!!!! It rings once then it’s busy and it’s within their business hours. Regretting buying this thing. Will go back.

  41. Hello!
    My Roku channels are not functioning since yesterday 2017/08/05
    I paid every months,i need help because I don’t know what is the problem.
    Abdoulie Fatty

  42. I have been having my Roku streaming stick for over 2 years now I have the purple stick two days ago my TV started displaying a purple screen with a message saying content disabled hdcp not available or something like that I have called every customer service number that the Roku website offers which they don’t offer so let me take that back I have called every customer service number that Google offers for Roku and I have yet to find a resolution to my problem I have talked to multiple customer service representatives and no one can seem to help me they continuously ask for my card information they continuously ask for my desktop or laptop information I don’t understand why this is being allowed to happen none of the representatives that I have spoke with have even offered to assist me these people are not asking for account info they are not asking for first and last names they are strictly asking for my debit or credit card information and computer information I don’t know what kind of scam you people have going on but I definitely do not like it. The sad thing about this is when I called the first Representatives about this issue he started calling me out of my name and telling me that he was not a magician and he can’t fix the problem if I don’t provide card or computer information. I used to be a very go hard Roku fan but at this point I am beyond upset at the fact that Roku is not taking initiative to even find out what’s going on in their call centers. I have sent emails I have sent complaints no one has yet to respond to why the constant of representatives are rude unprofessional and have no knowledge of what they are doing this is truly sad. I would really love to talk with someone that could actually help me understand what is going on with my streaming stick and also someone who can explain to me what the Hell is going on in these call centers..


  43. Hi I Jaime a new costumer and I have a problem with a lot the channel then say is temporarily unavailable like vos sport of bien sport and other more this problem as temporarily or don’t have it wath? I can do?


  44. So far I cannot go low enough to give a review. I can’t even get hold of anybody to talk to. It has now been 45 minutes that I have listened to that horrible horrible music and no one has bothered to come on the line! Maybe I need to go to somebody else. I hope somebody starts a class action lawsuit against these crooks. Got hold of one number that wanted to charge me for a subscription and that is wrong.

  45. I did fill out this field! I said there is not a review low enough for me to tell you how I feel! I can’t reach a LIVE HUMAN AND WHEN i GO TO HIT SUBMIT THAT BOX ISN’T EVEN POPULATED! What’s up with this company? Somebody needs to start a class action lawsuit!

  46. Haven’t purchased a TV set in over 10 years. Got a new 49″ TCL 4K HDR smart TV with Roku. Setup of the TCL was a breeze. Getting into Roku operation has been hell on wheels. Been trying for 10 days, multiple attempts, searching online Roku advice, and have never been more frustrated, disappointed and ticked off.

  47. I have a Roku unit and right now I am very displeased with it because it went out two days ago, so I had my cable provider to come out and fix the cable which he did and the cable came right back on, but the Roku box played for about ten minutes before he left but as soon as he cleared the corner the box went back to what it was doing again, no internet connection; this is the second time this has happened but the first time the signal was rebooted and it came back on so I went through the same steps as before but it didn’t come back on this time. Another thing that is deeply annoying is the lack of a phone number to Roku and the wait time is totally unrealistic!!!! I was on hold for over an hour last night and then forty-five minutes just a few minutes ago! I find this reprehensible and smacks of a totally unconscionable lack of business discipline as no one should have to be put on hold listening to that little stupid jingle for over and hour with no human voice to respond to! If I can’t get a human voice to contact me before tonight is over or at least by tomorrow, Roku can just send me the return box and I’ll send it back as I have no use for a small piece of junk!

  48. Horrible customer service. I’m trying to update my billing information and it’s impossible to reach anyone. I received a notice to update, and I’m not able to. I need a living person to contact me.

  49. Roku does NOT advise customers certain devices WILL NOT CONNECT DIRECTLY TO A ROUTER via ETHERNET CABLE. They don’t make it clear to new customers who, as we did, bought 5 devices for 2 homes, and our city home’s Verizon WiFi services is horrible and does not have enough of a signal for these expensive Roku devices to work. We have NO TV right now, as we like so many other people, don’t watch Cable via cable boxes. If ROKU would have made it CLEAR in their abundant adverts & videos, IF YOU BUY A ROKU STREAMING STICK without an ETHERNET PORT, YOU WILL HAVE NO TV AT ALL.

  50. Only get a fast busy signal with the number provided. I consider this very poor customer service. They want us to take care of all the problems with their products ourself online.

  51. Number one – the only representative I got hung up on me. I am trying to call customer service without any connection. I tried to add Hulu to my service and I was told I had to pay $99. Fee. Something is not right and I may take my Ruko back since I cannot get any help.

  52. Slow service. Every time you try to log in. It rejects password. You are also kept from changing it. Also is slow on your email.

  53. I purchased a Roku stick yesterday and I was told since it was a new device, I would have to pay a activation fee. The strange thing is I talked to many different people and they all gave me a different price. It started out at 50$, then 69$ and the last person I talked to said 99$. Also it was very hard to understand what they were saying except the price part, they seem to be able to speak clearly then. I already have roku service, why are they wanting to charge me now? With the different prices and one guy said he would except partial payments, something just sounded fishy. Needless to say, I don’t trust roku anymore.

  54. This without a doubt the most difficult method of customer service/ I need to speak with someone rather than try to explain to some idiot who want to change me for assistance.


  56. My SERVICER has been DISCONTINUED??????
    You support does not answer???????????

  57. The set up process froze loading the credit card info for an hour on my computer so the activation did not completely occur. I eventually had to shut down my computer to change screens; now I can’t create a new account to finish activation because it says I have an account already that I can’t access because the password I chose doesn’t seem to work and this device has no online support. Have I been defrauded???

  58. What happened to ROKU? Have they been sold? Haven’t found a phone number that doesn’t ring busy! Cannot speak to a live person. Agree.. SOMEONE NEEDS TO START A TRANS ACTION LAWSUIT!

  59. I just received my roku stick in the mail and made several attempts to install same to my TV but it’s not working. What am I doing wrong?

  60. I am trying to cancel my subscription for Roku, I am unable to speak with anyone to express my concern over paying for a service that I am not receiving. I believe that, after reading the above complaints, a class action lawsuit is warranted.

  61. Roku is not a good company ive already paid money for Roku 100 dollars and paid tech 40dollars but Roku still gives hdcp unauthorized I think company is rip off

  62. it’s very bad I wrote last week about the fact that I cannot watch the second seasons of all programs and they said they would get back to me. Never id. It’s disgusting, I am going to cancel if I cannot see but the first season what is the point?

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