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Contacting Rogers Customer Service Center

Rogers Communications is a wireless, Internet, home phone, television and security company in Canada. The company offers individual services, but you can also bundle your services together to reduce overall cost. Rogers is not available in all areas, but you can search your postal code on the official website to see if your area is covered.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service hours for all general inquiries are between 6 AM and 2 AM EST. Technical support is available 24 hours a day. Choose the Rogers phone number that best suits your customer service needs.

  • General Inquiries: 1-888-764-3771
  • Business Solutions: 1-800-850-4217
  • Wireless US: 1-888-764-3772
  • Wireless International: 1-416-935-5555
  • Rogers Publishing/Media: 1-416-764-2000
  • PDA/Blackberry/Smartphone Support: 1-866-931-3282
  • Pay As You Go Customer Service: 1-800-575-9090
  • Pay As You Go Activation: 1-866-594-9456
  • TTY: 1-800-668-9286

Mailing Address

Mailing addresses are available for the corporate office and each of the larger Rogers divisions.

Rogers Corporate333 Bloor St E 7th FloorToronto, ON M4W 1G9


Rogers Wireless100 Westmorland St Moncton, NB E1C 0G1


Rogers Wireless6315 Cote de Liesse St-Laurent Montreal, QC H4T 1E5


Rogers Cable, Internet and Phone855 York Mills RdDon Mills, ON M3B 1Z1


Rogers Cable, Internet and PhonePO Box 8596St. John’s, NL A1B 3P2


Rogers Business333 Bloor Street E 7th FlToronto, ON M4W 1G9

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Rogers website, they have the ability to locate some of the lowest communication prices in the country. The available services include wireless phone, home phone, television, Internet and home monitoring services.

Customer Service Email

Email contact is available for each of the Rogers customer service departments, but you’ll need to start with the main customer service page located at Scroll down to the Email tab and click. Choose the category for your contact. You are given two choices, corporate or media. Neither really fits the customer service profile. We then looked around and found the CHAT function. It appears that Rogers offers CHAT as a replacement for email support. The Live Chat is available at Other means of reaching Rogers customer service include:

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19 Comments on “Contact Rogers Customer Service
  1. trying to get a customer service rep.or manager to solve my ongoing issue with rogers is extremely difficult. I had a an issue which needs to be resolved since feb 14th. I have spoken with 4CSRs. On each occasion I was promised that I would receive a call from a manager but to date I still have not received a call. The issue should have a simple resolution.The problem as I see it is a matter of either laziness or incompetence by management

  2. your right rogers sucks, I don’t know how they can call themselves a service provider because they don.t provide service. thier cable , internet and cell service is nothing but poor, and then they have the nerve to charge customers a $2.00 fee for the stupid way they bill. I complained to the CRTC about the billing fee and guess what ??? the CRTC sent rogers a copy of my complaint and rogers decided to wave the fee . bottom line is Im fed up with this company and the poor service there must be another alternative. YES there is BY BY rogers

  3. Is there anybody out there that is happy with ROGERS service ???
    If there is I haven’t found one. Wake up Rogers. The shit service you provide is going to catch up to you. You a holes think you have a corner in the market but guess what, other service providers are offering better service at better prices.
    I have nothing good to say about Rogers and if you are reading this all I can say is don’t use Rogers as a service provider for anythig.. If you do mark my words>>>> you’ll be sorry

  4. What an organization. Have a problem with thier shitty service,, you’ll wait on hold and then get to talk to someone that will even give you more shitty service. They must think that they can hold the public hostage because of the few choices available..
    Well sooner or later and I hope sooner, that the CRTC will have a serious look at Rogers and either force them to provide service or pull thier charter and or let other providers into the market so as to give consumers access to companies that can and are willing to provde service,, ROGERS as a service sucks

  5. I just called because my tv came on saw all the lights that I was suppose see, but no picture. The person I was talking with was not very nice and very impatient. Guess what my contract is up beginning of next year,I will not sign up with you again. I have lost count how long I have been using you’re service. All the time I have called for support which was not very much, I have never ran across someone so rude.

  6. Hello,.
    I just received a call from a Rogers call center in Noth Bay via a US area code in Utah (855). To me this is completely stupid but that’s not why I’m writing. They were calling me to review my account. I am very happy with my Rogers services as they are. If I need to make changes I will do it of my own accord, not from any call center whatsoever. I asked them to take me off their list. I hope they
    respect my wishes. Thank you.

  7. Called regarding tv freezing. Tried rebooting to no avail. The automated sequence stated a 2.5 to 3 hour wait time to speak with a representative. TOTALLY unacceptable!! Tried contacting Billing; same result All reps are busy. No matter what division I tried to contact; same response.
    Time to investigate other carriers!

  8. Ii just want to acknowledge one of your customer service rep for his excellent
    customer service.pleasant personality with a sincere manner when dealing with me,with such a high quality.He was so friendly and provide me with all the right information.What an awesome person. customer service rep ( GATLIN ) I 941-904-204.Thank you.

  9. I have had an ongoing issue with the cable. After 2 months, it appeared to be repaired, however, I am having the same issue again. I tried to contact customer service and there was and 1 hour 27 minute wait for the next available agent. I waste so much time trying to get a hold of someone for assistance. How do I get this resolved permanently, Rogers?? I would also appreciate compensation for the lack of service I have been paying for. I can be contacted in the evening or by email. But no one seems to contact me for updates. I see by these posts, this is a common issue. You have my contact information on file.

  10. Desperately need help. none of my service with Rogers well, made a claim about
    12 days ago, they were to come to my home to dig in front of the house to fix wires that is causing the problem. Noting done.. I am desperate for help, I am
    located at 51 Poinsetta Dr. of you will contact the Office there are many calls and complains that are not met. Kindly help tis situation, as we are thinking of other
    alternative to solve this situation, do not loose a GOOD CUSOMER..

  11. Hi,I contacted the customer service on July 27th. Regarding my cable t.v. Service and the my bill.after a long wait and repeating my saga to three different service reps. And spending lot of time I was assured that the service tech will show up at my place between 10am to 12a.m next day.i kept waiting all day but no body showed up not even a phone call from the service is july 31st. am still waiting for the service man to show up meanwhile I have received two emails requests to submit my recent Rogers service experience feed back. Extremely poor and unpleasant.

  12. I have been trying to resolve a tv problem. Very difficult I want to speak to customer service unable to make contact. Poor customer service

  13. They are from a utility pole that services both Bell and Rogers. The pole is leaning and Bell will do nothing about it, so I just need these Rogers lines off of my roof. One of these lines are rubbed down to the bare wire and are ruining my shingles.

  14. Rogers / Sportsnet / Neulion.
    If you can find other services. They are incompetent and crooks taking your money away.
    Sportsnet Now, did not respond to contact attempts, ignored my complaints like they were deaf and charged my credit card.

  15. Hi.

    I would like to praise an employee , her name is Meghan Bullock. She gave me information meticulously that I could understand my internet plan easily. When she missed my phone call , then she would call me back once she realized. She is trustworthy and responsibility. She deployed the good installation for my internet and home phone services. I am very satisfaction.

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