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Contacting Rhapsody Customer Service Center

Rhapsody is a music membership website that allows users to access millions of songs for a monthly fee. The songs can be loaded onto mobile MP3 devices for music on-the-go and music can be played instantly from your personal computer. The customer service information provided by Rhapsody is quite detailed, compared to information provided by some other companies.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer services hours are from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. PT during the week and 7:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. PT on the weekends.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-597-5505

Mailing Address

Customers can contact Rhapsody by mail using the contact address listed in the Privacy Policy.

Rhapsody Customer Service500 3rd St. Ste. 460San Francisco, CA 94107

If you’re having billing or technical issues with your Rhapsody account, the customer service phone number is the best means of contacting the correct department right now to resolve the problem. Waiting for contact after mailing a letter could result in more problems or charges, making the issue bigger than it was before.

Official Website

You can find the official website for Rhapsody online at The support website is located at Customers who want to access their account online should use the main address. The support website provides access to customer service contacts and the FAQs section of the support system.

Customer Service Email

Customers have three options for contacting customer service by email/chat. If you want to direct your communication to the email customer support team, send your request using the Email Form Chat options are also available for Billing and General Customer Support and Technical Support.

Finally, if you need to cancel your Rhapsody account, which you should NOT do before talking with customer service if a financial matter is in question, visit the Cancel Rhapsody Account page.

Our Experience

Rhapsody customer service was more than willing to talk with us about the benefits of having a Rhapsody account. Our call was answered at exactly the one minute mark, which was pretty impressive. We pressed 0 to push through the automated options we were presented when the call was originally answered. The agent’s voice was extremely low so we disconnected the call and called back a second time. The second connection was a little better, but the agent still sounded extremely far away. We asked questions about how to start an account, what types of payment methods Rhapsody accepted and more. The call lasted more than 10 minutes, but the agent never pushed for personal information or for us to sign up for an account.

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35 Comments on “Contact Rhapsody Customer Service
    • Ive been a Rhapsody subscriber for 14 years..The only problems I’ve been having are these: I’m now running Windows 7 64 bit system which is having problems w v4.0 When I was running the 32 bit system,most of that time no issues w streaming V6.0 I HATE! I can hear subtle sound quality differences. V 6.0 no social network capabilities..
      V 6.0 Is awful..Rhapsody wastes useless memory w tons of pixels for album art..which leaves less memory for sound quality..In short…V 4.0 might look plain, and lack all the bells and whistles of 4.0′ , but I’ve been using it for 14 years; and to this audiophiles ears, the sound is superior; and the sharing of my favorite tracks w Twitter and Facebook, plus all my playlists have their total time; my library has a total time..These fetures are sadly missing from V.6.0 RHAPSODY..PLEASE KEEP V 4.0

  1. Hi my son his phone and trying to put the app on his new phone. The app say that he has to many phone with the app. We be try to call you for help. You are horrible service. That make no sense.

  2. We contacted customer service 3 times about the fact we we charged $1032 after selecting cancel. They are horrible are going to give me back a whole$104 and we don’t even have the music. They have stolen from me and I get no help this is a ripoff to the extreme

  3. Hi,
    Please, I need my so called Rhapsody account to be cancelled. I have never subscribe to Rhapsody. My name is Rolande Ciradin.

  4. Can I get back all the music I paid for?

    Please help me or I will call cust service and see if they can help



  5. I singed up with an email and then was charged because I can not cancel or access my account. On second month of charges but the contact phone number is always a recording. This is a huge scam. Service is horrible. I hope this company gets shut down. Thiefs!!

  6. We are being charged $9.99 but for September You guys charged us 99.99. So what charge is that ? Can you explain that otherwise cancel our account. Don’t you have a phone to solve this problem.

  7. Well, first off, since rhapsody took over napster, I have had nothing but trouble with your program. I can’t play any of my songs from my library, I can’t upgrade my software to play my music monthly, Ican’t add new music to my mp3 player. this shit SUCKS and, when I call the helpline, I get some east indian representitve that can,t even speak English! I am totally fed up with this SHIT, I spent 14 days and nights to download songs on a FREE trial and now I can,t even play my music because I can,t update the required software. You’re SHIT SUCKS!
    Paul Pearce

  8. my husband and I didn’t have any problems with rhapsody at first then we cancelled two accounts was charged for them for several months then we just recently cancelled all together guess what rhapsody you did again charged us how can we be charged for an account when we don’t have one? when I emailed about us being over charged was told about policy terms that you don’t refund how can you get away with over charging people doing that to families how bad the economy is if I had to rate you 0.

  9. were reporting them to business bureau I would ask you all to do the same who are having same problems with rhapsody over charging seems to be going on a lot.

  10. I Have been with Rhapsody ever since they took over Napster. Rhapsody has not been as good as Napster, I not able to play any music which I purchased as a member of Rhapsody. They collected my payment from my credit card every month and now they wont credit my account because I never canceled my membership. Rhapsody even stated that my MP3 Sony player is no longer compatible with Rhapsody soft aware which is clearly a LIE. I was able to download a new song recently and after speaking with two representatives neither one would credit my credit card. Rhapsody is STEALING MONEY from customers and wont correct their problems. As of this date January 24,2014 I will be reporting Rhapsody to the BBB so that in investigation be done.

  11. Loved what little time i had of trial. It seemed like i was told when i bought phone i got a 30 day trial but it stop working way short of that. Would love to have another trial period if thats possible.

  12. I’ve been with Rhapsody for a very long time. I have used Urge and Napster prior and concurrent to their being absorbed by Rhapsody. I was never credited for hundreds of purchased material. But what the hell it was only a few hundred dollars not considering membership fees for all but Napster. Being accustomed to lighting my ‘Cubans” with hundred dollar bills, like all of you! Their web site has alway been difficult to navigate. I have a ‘Premier’ membership I pay on a annual basis. A few days ago I was unable to access my mobile account, and was continually redirected to sign up, or for a free trial.
    Now, today 3/15/14 I can’t even open my main online account. Like the person before me I can’t access my purchases. I really would like to know (all of us) what the hell has happened? Has the company collapsed, can it be a scam, incompetence, solar flares?

  13. charged more than once for songs, I recently looked at my bank statement for this account. I like your music service, hope I can have this solved..

  14. charged more than once for songs I downloaded, just recently looked at my bank statement for this account. I will be calling customer service to solve the issue. I do like the music service you provide maybe it would be better if someone could monitor when being charged for songs. I was charged twice for one song and charged four times for another song. Not good..

  15. ok on there website its says there open weekends but I just called and there closed???? they need to update that info if its wrong

  16. You are of no help to me. I’m tired if something happens to my phone that all my playlists disappear. I’m fed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will pay for the mistakes you make! If I lose my playlists again your company will go under in the name of Jesus!!!!!!

  17. I tried to acces my account to cancel it and its sayin my email doesn’t match the account. Which is bull. I know my password and email addy are correct. you guys are charging me for a service I don’t have access too. FIX THIS NOW please!!!!!!

  18. Rhapsody is a piece of crap. When i play music it gets cut off in the middle of the song this guy need to eat shit and die.then they want to charge me more mony for the services.

  19. hi my rhapsody page pull up but when I type in the artist name in its say loading but never do load up how do I fix this problem thank you.

  20. I’m writing with regard to your system of paying royalties to the writer and publishers of the songs you play. I understand that the royalties are small, usually $.01 when streamed. I know my songs have been played numerous times recently but I wait for any royalty you pass on to CDBaby for me. Can you tell me when you regularly distribute streaming royalties? Thank you.

  21. I have been with Rhapsody for a long time and I have several complaints 1)I don’t remember ever signing up on purpose 2)I have never downloaded any music 3)I took them off one credit card and they immediately put me on another without my permission 3)When I try to cancel they direct me to another site that wants to charge me $20.00 to cancel. It might be worth it or I’m going to call my credit cards and tell them not to pay Rhapsody!

  22. Fortunately, i have been completely happy with their service and have not had to ever cancel my subscription. Aside from running into a few artists that aren’t licensed with Rhapsody, ive had nothing but a great experience with them :-) The latest update did seem to have removed the equalizer option… didnt matter what low quality headphones you had, or if you were using speakers (phone or otherwise) or running through a car. Now, with the licensing agreements that Rhapsody needs to provide the service that they do, i think its a small price to pay for what they provide. Don’t cry… Find the non-licensed songs ON Rhapsody, silly :-p

  23. Rhapsody 4.0 is FAR SUPERIOR TO 6.0 in SOUND QUALITY…TOTAL TIMING of playlists. and contacts to Twitter and Facebook
    Customer Service is better

  24. i want to tell you how much i appreciate you accessing my checking account without my knowledge or permission. you fraudulently stole $9.99 from me. this action caused an overdraft on my account resulting in a $15.00 service fee. rhapsody owes me $24.99. you can respond by email. you are impossible to contact via phone

  25. Rhapsody has a promotional offer 3 months for $1 per month as a trial, then I called to get the promotional code, I get people in India who wants to take my personal information. The people in India tells you that the offer is no longer valid but they still want Americans personal information. I DON’T TRUST THIS. Rhapsody can no longer have my business if I can’t get REAL AMERICANS TO PROCESS THE ORDER.

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