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Contacting Red Bull Customer Service Center

People used to think of Red Bull as just another energy drink company with really cool commercials until the space event of October 2012. During the space event a Red Bull funded extreme athlete jumped from a space balloon and broke the speed of sound. While Red Bull is still one of the leading energy drink companies, it is also quite the supporter of research and extreme sports. When looking for a Red Bull site to learn more about the company we realized there were multiple sites throughout the world. The US site is the one we used to collect contact information.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Red Bull phone number is listed for the corporate office in Santa Monica, California.

  • Customer Service: 1-310-393-4647
  • Fax: 1-310-230-2361

If you’re interested in contacting Red Bull headquarters you’ll have to call Austria where the business was founded.

  • Corporate: +43-662-6582-0

Mailing Address

You can mail your letter to the Red Bull customer service team in Santa Monica, by addressing it to:

RBNA Headquarters1740 Stewart StSanta Monica, CA 90404

We also found the mailing address for the Red Bull corporate office in Austria.

Red Bull GmbHAm Brunnen 15330 Fuschl am See Austria

Official Website

The US website for Red Bull is located at, though there is a main website at The main website offers contact information for the customer service team I Austria along with tons of information about the company, current projects and – of course – the space jump watched around the world.

Customer Service Email

There is a comfortable line between calling customer service and writing a letter and that is email. Red Bull offers a contact form for customers to use if they want to send a short question or comment to the email team. There are two forms – US and Austria.

Our Experience

Contacting Red Bull was quick and easy. Customers do not need to wait, they are connected directly to the customer service department. The total wait time was less than 30 seconds. When the customer service representative answered the call, we asked if the company could provide us with information  relating to the proprietary blend used in the drink. We didn’t want the exact formula, but instead information relating to the exact amount of caffeine used. Unfortunately, the representative could not provide us with the necessary information we requested.

We did back away from the tough questions, too bad the customer service department couldn’t answer. When you contacted the customer service team, did you ask questions the representative couldn’t answer? Let us know what happened next.

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11 Comments on “Contact Red Bull Customer Service
  1. When I was on vacation in New York I bought a blueberry redbull and loved it. I live I. Oklahoma and can’t find it anywhere. Will they be distrubeted to other places soon

  2. I guess we will have to hope yahoo does your job since this scam came to me with a yahoo email. Yahoo will delete the account but that doesn’t stop this fraud maybe you should have a abuse@ email like yahoo or a fraud@ email like FedEx or maybe you don’t care that someone is using your name to scam people

  3. the redbull blue etition is the most disgusting box i’ve ever tasted. puked a few minutes later. i was so happy, finally it came to Norway. but the blue edition is the worst i’ve ever tasted. it’s ruined my opinionon to the brand.
    I was glad it finally came to Norway, but please go out of the norwegian market if you want to continue with the ¨the tests. i will never buy anything, not the regular or the special ed………….i’m really disappointed. sad because i’ve waited so long:-(

  4. I have a great new idea for a sports drink that would be a world wide seller. I have look for a specific sports drink that I found does not exist yet. this is a much needed product that has just been overlooked. I feel it would change the market and every other sports drink company would try to copy.

  5. I believe my wife is be scammed by individuals claiming to advertise RED BULL products with a phony car wrap scheme.Please advise if you hire a company or individuals named Crouse-Kimzey of Grand Prairie, Tx. or Zephyr Hills Hotels in Florida.

  6. respected sir,
    i am a student of Sai international school of name is sidharth mohapatra of class 10/d.Sir recently this friday i was having a trip and i brought a redbull to my school.But i was caught by my teachers. They told me that redbull contains 2% alcohol.So i was forcefully suspended from my school. if it contains alcohol then why it is available in the market,it should be available at the bear parlour. plese sir if it does not has alcohol content then please take an action against this school. Or i will be forced to apply for a customer code case aginst redbull or i will approach to the health minister.please keep my request

  7. Getting a hold of someone from Red Bull in RBDC Philadelphia is impossible. I called and left a message 2 days ago and have not received a call back.I called again today and all you can do is leave a message. This is ridiculous. I have a store and have not seen my sales rep in 3 weeks or more. He is supposed to be here every other week. I need product now but cannot get a hold of anyone to find out who my sales rep is.

  8. Red Bull drink Great great drink u are the BEST when I’m sick u there when I’m lonely u are there when I’m sad u are there when I drink u I get wings .when I’m flying on high I’m away from reality for a while Sandra

  9. Hello, my name is Claire Ryan; I am from Charleston, South Carolina. I was researching the student brand manager opportunities and noticed that South Carolina is not included in the mix of areas that provides student jobs. I am a graduating senior and will be attending Clemson University in the fall of 2015. I would be thrilled if Red Bull would offer student brand manager positions to Clemson University. Thank you for your time.

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