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Contacting Reader’s Digest Customer Service Center

Reader’s Digest is a magazine that’s been around for ages. The small magazine offers funny anecdotes, short stories, recipes, diet plans and more. You can order Reader’s Digest online for print, large print or digital delivery. Current subscribers, as of September 2012, can also order a free 6-month subscription to the iPad application for free just for being a Reader’s Digest reader.

Contact Info:

There is very little contact information openly listed for Reader’s Digest customer service. The magazine is inexpensive and bills on a yearly or biyearly basis, so there is relatively little reason to contact the service department – thus the lacking information.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service team for Reader’s Digest is available by phone. There are no hours listed, but we doubt the call center is open 24 hours.

  • Customer Care: 1-877-342-4775
  • Customer Care 2: 1-800-310-2181
  • Corporate Office: 1-877-732-4438

Mailing Address

There are two mailing addresses listed in the Privacy Policy for Reader’s Digest. One is expressly noted as being good for customer service questions, but the other is just sitting there, so we’ve included that one as well.

Reader’s DigestP.O. Box 6094Harlan, IA 51593

Reader’s DigestP.O. Box 50005Prescott, AZ 86301-5005

Official Website

Visit to learn more about Reader’s Digest subscribe to the magazine or contact customer service. We were surprised by all the customer service contact information provided by Reader’s Digest, but you should clearly have no trouble reaching someone as there are multiple emails, phone numbers and mailing addresses.

Customer Service Email

The tiny little magazine known as Reader’s Digest has a complete customer care website with a questions and answers page and contact information. When you click on the Contact Us link you are taken to an email contact form The form only requires a small amount of information like your name, email address and mailing address to submit.

Sign Up or Edit Newsletter Preferences:

Submit an Article Proposal:

Our Experience

We called the Reader’s Digest customer care line. There is no need to press any buttons. The system is setup to immediately transfer your call to the next available agent. There aren’t even any automated lists to listen to while you are waiting. Our call was completely in less than two minutes from start to finish. We asked about the iPad application for Reader’s Digest. We wanted to know if that digital access worked for iPhone or iPod and our agent said no. The agent’s accent was a bit difficult to understand, so we think the call center is outsourced to another country.

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30 Comments on “Contact Readers Digest Customer Service
  1. In the 70’s you sold and album titled, “Old Fashion Christmas”. Do you still have that album/preferable CD at this time?

  2. sir i got letters from rd as i am the winner of one core sweepstakes . i got a letter last week as i am the winner selection member,. but i didnt get any prize and not receive the sweepstakes documents. pls reply as early as possible. my number is 09961799430

  3. I received the finalist notification and certificate benefits last week. but I didnt get the official documents sending you along with the certificate of benefits.I sent the certificate of benefit on 18/2/2013. I want to know abt my current status of winnerlist as I am the winner or not.

  4. This is the second timeI have contacted you re.ceasing to send me postal mail other than my monthly issue.Please could it be stopped immediately. Keith Mills. 22, Harkness Avenue, Modbury 5092

  5. l want only sweeptake for me but not not want mazinge handyman or readerdight but but like want healh gudie for post ok

  6. We have received a letter from RD Finance Dept, addressed only as Mrs M Villanueva, Account Number 00065827362, address is 15 Wollemi Cl, Kellyville Ridge, NSW 2155. There are 2 Mrs M Villanueva in this household. Please let us know the complete first name of this account. I suggest that you put the complete first name so that we will know who this letter belongs to, in case of winning the prize.

  7. I’m a regular reader of RD in the Philippines. I’m not a subscriber, though, I buy my copies from the newsstands, because when I subscribed before, some of the copies were lost in transit.

    Now I want to buy some back issues.but I’ve no credit card. To whom can I send the money for some back issues I want to buy?

  8. sir, i have subscribed my RD copy for a year bt i only got one copy in the month of july by post. I was waiting for my next copy in the month of august bt I did get. To whom I should enquire about this.

  9. I have been trying to get Reader’s Digest email address and I cannot find it.

    I would like to send a short remembrance to Military Humor of when I was in the Army. Anthony Camilletti, Sr.

  10. I think your web site sucks! All I want to do is change my subscription back to small print! If this _____ keeps up I will cancel my subscription! Everytime I click on something on your customer service site nothing happens and I am not happy at all!

  11. Dear Sirs, In the 1990’s Readers Digest put out a series of VHSvideos of Creation scenes of nature with inspirational background hymns of music. I have two titles. “HOW GREAT THOU ART” and “CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN” My prayer is to buy the entire series if they are now on DVD. Could you please direct me on how and where to obtain these products. sincerely Steven Cohn

  12. I have been reading Reader’s Digest since I was a child. My Mom always made sure she renewed our subscription each year. Thanks Mom.

    I’m writing in response to Kelly Maclean’s story on pager 13, “Surviving Whole Foods.” Hilarious!! I laughed the entire read and I plan to share this article with friends at work, Vegan’s included. I felt the same way while shopping with my daughter at a Whole Foods in Pittsburgh, Pa. Whole Foods is where our daughter shops weekly and I still wonder “why?” Thank you Kelly for providing me with a laugh out loud moment this week!

    By the way, as a practicing Registered Nurse for 30 years, I’m wondering if RD would consider doing a story on Nurse’s? E-mail me if so; I have a lot of great ideas for RD to feature.

    Thank you.


  13. I have a short story that I would like you to review. I am interested in having it published. What is your procedure?

  14. You need to “digest” all of your useless web-sites and start over. Keep it simple: people move and
    need to change addresses, people die and need to cancel subscriptions. One site published in the RD magazine with a phone # would do. Then direct calls by operators to where the caller can get
    quick assistance. I’ll try a RD phone number tomorrow, just to see how quick and how far I have to go to solve my problem. But this whole system is unworkable as is. What a shame.


  15. Reader’s Digest. Please response to my email to address a problem with your recent change on digital copies on the Kindle.

  16. I ordered this mag from a grand daughter or my grandson through their Clarinda Iowa school for a fund raiser. I have only recieved one copy and that was in June. If course I did not save the wrapper because I assumed I would not need it. Of course I have no way of finding out why I have never recieve another copy. I ordered last spring from Clarinda school in Iowa from Teddee Samuelson. I would like to know why I no longer get it since I was supposed to get 12 issues. Please correct this problem or I will never enter in another fund raiser with your name on it.

  17. I am a retired pastor who has been writing articles on family life in the Post Newspaper and the Sunday Times, May I know if I could be accepted to be writing the same in your magazine. This will be from the Christian point of view of marriage.

  18. I mailed in a check for $29.00 about 2 months ago. The check has cleared the bank. I have not received any magazines.

  19. Beware of Reader’s Digest shortening your expiration time.
    I paid for issues to expire Feb, 2015 and then I got notices
    that it would expire Dec, 2014.

    Plus the above link to customer service denied me access to complain!

    customer #RDA0781927116

  20. Are you accepting fillers for your magazine at the present
    time? I would like to know what your guidelines are?

    S. Gazenski

  21. i have paid for one year suscription through VPP by post on last month.but one month gone. i have not received any RD MAGAZINE TILL DATE.
    what is happening,whether i have received rd or my money the needful urgent.

  22. This is for the “Laughter is the best medicine. I was at home one evening and my just came back from the hospital after visiting her friend. So,I ask her where she got the roses she was carrying and then she told me that our next door neighbor told her before she left to make sure she took her flowers that would make her happy. So, before left the hospital room she took the best flowers and she said her friend smiled.

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