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Contacting Quicken Customer Service Center

Quicken is a software manufactured and sold by Intuit. The software is used for personal and business finance with varying levels of function and security, depending on the specific version of Quicken purchased. Quicken even offers free personal finance software for home or very small business use.

The Intuit company is one of the largest and well-known software companies. They are responsible for software like TurboTax and Quickbooks and websites like Homestead and Mint.com.

Contact Info:

When searching for ways to contact Quicken, we realized much of the most important information is hidden behind questions and FAQs in the support section.

Phone Contact Numbers

We selected several support options to attempt to find different customer service phone numbers that may be available for different support topics.

  • Customer Service 1: 1-800-811-8766

This phone number requires the caller have an incident number to talk with customer service. If you don’t have an incident number, the line will disconnect and you don’t get to talk to anyone. The incident number can only be accessed online, so you must be near a computer with Internet access to get the incident number.

In an attempt to find a general customer service number we contacted customer support by chat. Ashish, the customer service representative we connected with immediately avoided giving out the customer service number by offering to help with our problem. When we told Ashish we did not have time to type all the questions. Next he asked for OUR phone number so he could give us Quicken’s phone number. When we told him we didn’t have a phone number to give out he gave us the incident number 120914-000563 and he assured us this number would work for all calls – but that is not the case. The best things a customer can do are visit the support website and create a new incident before calling customer service.

Mailing Address

We could not find an address for Quicken customer service, but we did find an address for Intuit, the company behind Quicken, on the Quicken customer service website.

Intuit Inc. 2800 East Commerce Center PlaceTucson, AZ 85706

Official Website

You can find out everything about free and paid versions of Quicken at https://www.quicken.com.

Customer Service Email

The email form is located on the bottom of the Chttps://quicken.custhelp.com/app/contact/plvl1/winontact Us page here: https://quicken.custhelp.com/app/contact/plvl1/win. A little trick we realized was that sending an email to customer service opens an incident, so send a message about your concern and then use the incident number provided to call customer service.

Quicken is a financial software, so make sure to keep all financial and personal information out of the body of the email. There is always the chance of identity theft when sending messages online and you have no idea who is going to have access to your message on the other end of that email form.

Our Experience

Finding the Quicken customer service phone number was extremely difficult. We were finally able to locate a number for free phone support, but the phone number offers nothing more than a message about visiting Quicken support online to retrieve your personalized phone number. That’s right; you have to start a ticket on the Quicken support page to gain access to a current phone number connected with that ticket.

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34 Comments on “Contact Quicken Customer Service
  1. My experiences with quicken and intuit customer care
    reps by phone have been utterly dreadful since 09. Recent
    charges to Bank of America for quicken online backup seemed wrong so I called the phone you provided to the
    bank to get an explanation from your billing department.
    That number required an incident service # which had never been given to me.

    The bank when they heard of this experience gave two other numbers. I recieved insolent responses from both
    service numbers.

  2. Why is there no ZERO as a rating? That is what Quicken customer service has earned. They are HORRIBLE!!!! Incredibly slow, and obviously English is NOT their first language. They have WASTED so much of my time, I’m tempted to discard the entire program and throw it back to India where it obviously came from. UUUUGGGGHHH!!!!!

  3. I need to talk to a LIVE person concerning buying 2013
    program. PLEASE give me a phone number. I am 82 years
    old and need some answers.
    Thank you

  4. Attempting to get help from Quiken Intuit is a nightmare. I was bounced all over the place and spent nearly a day trying to resolve a Quiken software issue. The problem is still unresolved. The intuit phone number simply refers you to a website that in turn refers you to services that charge you for assistance, therefore there is no customer service provided by Quiken Intuit who sold me the product.

  5. I wish I could give a 0. Exactly 12 days ago I did an online chat with a Quicken customer service rep. I connected quickly with him but every time he asked me a question it literally took him 2-5 minutes to respond. Of course the first 30 mins were spent doing everything that was shown in the FAQs (which I told him I already did) and then the last portion of our chat he just told me that they needed to escalate my problem. 8 days after this chat, I received a request from 2nd tier support asking for the exact same log files I already submitted to the ‘chat’ rep! Now 12 days later, still no response and I can’t access Quicken. Thank goodness I did my taxes early but now I’m in a huge mess with month end statements! They have a significant problem at Quicken w/ customer service that needs to be fixed!

  6. After a great deal of hassle I obtained this number: 1-800-624-9063. It asks for an incident number, which I did not have, but pressing “0” got me to a person with NO wait. I still had to provide my name and e-mail so the rep could create a number, but I was issued my refund, overall it took 5 minutes. It took much longer than that just to find this number, which I finally got from a chat with a supervisor, and their customer service, by and large, is atrocious.

    • This number no longer works either. They double charge my bank account for the product This will be my last time using this company.

  7. Why has Intuit become so user unfriendly? I have used their software for many years and versions. I wanted to ask a question about the new (2013) version and can’t even find a Customer service number to ask or directly email to decide if I want to upgrade. Obviously the company is too busy with new products (loans, credit cards etc.) to continue supporting customers that built the company.

    • Well actually, they are really not busy taking care of their credit cards because I HAVE one of their credit cards and I cannot find a phone number to ask them a seemingly simple question about it. The chat person keeps referring me to the bank (Chase) and the chat person cannot or will not give me a QUICKEN phone number to call. I’ve already talked to the bank and they cannot answer my question. If I get no contact tomorrow then I’ll just cancel the card through Chase.

  8. I had Quicken 2012 running on Widows 7 64 bit. A week ago, the Home Inventory function stopped working. So I upgraded to Quicken 2014. Home Inventory (even thaugh it shows up) still will not work. After an hour and a half with Intuit “tech support” I wias told that Home Inventory will not work on 64 bit (though it used to)and they are working on it, but don’t know when it will be fixed. After ages of loading data in Home Inventory, this is a “kiss off” at best

  9. Very, very user unfriendly. It has been nearly impossible to get in touch with a customer service representative. I opted to chat online and was unable to get customer service without paying. Extremely frustrating.

  10. Intuit wants people to purchase their product, they create a product that has the possibility of creating problems for customers, and instead of have readily available customer service representatives to assist free of charge; they create a 1-800 number directing customers to fix their problem via online. The online assistance lacks the depth to answer unique questions. When this fails, the customer has to pay a fee for the privilege of talking to a person, or get the run-around trying to find a number to talk to someone. This is the first time in over 20+ I have needed their customer service, and they failed miserably to measure up to my expectation. Intuit have lost my business, and the business of my family and friends. There are other products out there!!!!

  11. I am completely lost. I downloaded Quicken 2014 and paid the price. I downloaded one and got to the point where they took all my information from the old and put it in a file, downloaded the new and then the next box said they would transfer the old information to the new, but the box was not big enough to show the complete instructions and nothing to click to activate. Now those are stuck in folders that I cannot access. I have contacted you everyway it allows me to and am getting noplace. I need help and am not getting any help.

  12. After reading the comments of others I see that they are having the same problems I am having. Trouble with the inventory not working, trouble even accessing the download. I would certainly like to have my money back and you can have the download back and I will change from Quicken to something else that works.
    Please contact me.

  13. TERRIBLE!!! I have spent almost 2 hours trying to contact them to reset and help with my login. On Quicken, I want to do a one step update and it is asking me for my Intuit login. It doesn’t like my password. It makes me go to reset but then asks me for my answer to my security question which there is no question!!! It then tells me to contact them. I try on Chrome, IE & Firefox to click on chat and or call. NOTHING HAPPENS!!!! I am quite upset to say the least.

  14. Have quicken since 2008. Have 2013 version and there is no support. This is the last quicken I purchase. Quick books for me.

  15. I made an error in my order online and had difficulty in correcting same. Why is there no main order-receiving office
    to simply call to correct my simple error?

  16. After receiving notice from my quicken 2011 I requested the 2014 download. All that downloaded was the cover page and all my 2011 Quicken was gone. I want a refund but their support system lets you fill all the information in and that is all. No answer, no help, nothing but the same pages over and over. Says you can contact by phone but no numbers. This company should be ashamed of itself.

  17. I purchased my ‘Quicken’ on Apr. 11, 2014 and I am having problems. PLEASE contact me. My Telephone # 530-432-3824
    I need a incident number and cannot get one. PLEASE HELP!

  18. I have looked, frantically, for an incident number but cannot find one. I have never seen such bad customer servicing in my life.

    I have paid for Quicken Backup” through another charhe acct, but you keep billing me. My reference #is 648895633. My payment was made 2/12/2014. Can anyone help me???

  19. What “customer service”????????? Have tried every way imaginable to contact Quicken for help and have gotten no where. Have been double billed and can not find a way to get an answer on how to proceed to correct the mistake.

  20. I’ve used Quicken products for over 15 years and this is my last purchase if I can’t tslk to a real human being. Quicken 2014 Is lousy product so they have chosen to ignore their customers entirely. I will cease to use their products and advise my friends to do the same. Intuit used to be an excellent Company. Not so anymore.

  21. How many of these replies will it take for them to help or do something to have some sort of over the phone customer care. So frustrated with this purchase. I didn’t know it was going to be this way!!! Quicken and Inuit you suck!!!!

  22. I need to install my Quicken Deluxe 2014 but I either lost my installation CD or can not find my online download. Please, help me. Gregory Tonkonogy

  23. I have been using Quicken for more than 20 years, and am now on 2014 Deluxe. Over the years I have become increasingly frustrated with obtaining Quicken’s support, and I am now ready to abandon Quicken because of errors Quicken is making in transferring downloaded transactions from my bank to the resister. The bank gets it right. Quicken enters it wrong. The Quicken experts at my bank cannot help me because it is a Qucken software problem, and Quicken will not help me. Bye bye Quicken, your customer support attitude is unacceptable.

  24. Why can’t we get a answer from Quicken? I spent about 45 minutes on the live chat and did not get a solution to my problem. All i wanted to know was how do I update my address.

  25. I am not normally one who takes time to complain – but after reading everybody’s WAY too common experience of “no help at all,” I have to agree that there is virtually no assistance from Quicken. I spoke with a person who kindly gave me the “right” number to call. THAT number gives me a message basically saying go to the FAQ’s. I am with the crowd that if you can’t get assistance to resolve problems – I choose to spend my valuable time looking for another product with better service!


  27. Bought 2015 Home and Business as no more support for 2011 bought 2011 as no support for 2008 and so on for the last 15 or 20 years. 20 years ago support was great 15 years ago it was OK 10 years ago it started to get terrible today it is the worst of any of the software that I have used. On help for over 2 hours and as a person who types slow it is even worst the last one had me go on change my password it worked once then never again. I wanted to call and the number said need an incident number went back got the number then called and it said things have changed and disconnected on me. I AM NOW LOOKING FOR AN ALTERNATIVE TO QUICKEN IF ANYONE OUT THEIR KNOWS OF ONE I WILL START A BLOG

  28. Can’t activate bank accounts
    I have used various editions of Quicken for years, the latest was Quicken Home and Business 2013 now I have updated to Quicken 2015 Home & Business. The problem started about two weeks ago with 2013 and continues with 2015. Quicken stopped accessing my bank information. I followed previous advice and deactivated the accounts and tried to reactivate them. During the procedure to activate the accounts, I receive the following Message’ “Quicken can’t add this account because the Patriot Federal Credit Union website is temporarily unavailable.” This statement is not true. I contacted the bank and they assured me their website is up and running. It has been about 2 weeks. Fix this problem. Is this situation going to be resolved? Prior to this situation I had connectivity successfully for years. What changed? I want a solution. I discussed this situation with a person named “Jan” from Quicken and got no satisfaction she gave me the same excuse that the problem was with the banks website.

  29. After my own experience today and reading these comments. I think I’ll go to Money – which I don’t like but I’m thinking anything is better than the lack of support at Quicken. I had to have my laptop brought back to life. It was dead! I have the data but not the programs. Cannot locate my Quicken 2012. Therefore I can’t enter info they want online to download another copy. And of course, can’t phone anyone!!!!!

  30. Reference is made to the following:

    Date: 12/29/2014
    Chat Incident: 141229-000095
    Customer Care Person: Nelly M. and Arvin
    Place of Purchase: On-line
    Item Purchased: Quicken 2015 Home & Business, Window 8
    Last 4 digits Debit Card: 4767
    Customer Name: Jose E. Barbosa
    Reference: Refund overpayment $57.49

    To Whom It May Concern:

    When you review the transcript of incident 141229-000095, you will see the attentive acknowledgement of your customer care persons, affirming that I had been overcharged $57.49. The reimbursement was due within 10 days of the date of our conversation. To date, my account does not reflect that the reimbursement has taken place.

    Please attend to this matter, your prompt consideration of this matter will be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  31. The phone number that you find for Quicken support says their support model has changed and now there is no phone support everything is at there website.
    At there website you find that they don’t offer professional support, only support from their user base.
    Quicken’s new support model is NO Suport

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