Contact Publishers Clearing House Customer Service

Contacting Publishers Clearing House Customer Service Center

Publisher’s Clearing House is that company everyone hopes shows up at the door with huge check and a bundle of balloons. The company sells magazine subscriptions. The customer orders magazines from Publisher’s Clearing House and that enters them into a lottery to win a huge monetary prize. According to the official website, previous winners have won upwards of $1 million just for choosing Publisher’s Clearing House.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

All contact information, including a Publishers Clearing House phone number, is listed on the customer service page. Customer service agents are available from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM EST Monday to Friday.

  • General Inquiries: 1-800-459-4724
  • Technical Inquiries: 1-800-476-4724
  • Scam Reports: 1-800-392-4190

Mailing Address

If you want to send a letter to Publisher’s Clearing House you can address the letter to the Consumer Affairs division of the company.

Publisher’s Clearing House Consumer Affairs382 Channel Dr. Port Washington, NY 11050

If there are financial or billing issues with a Publisher’s Clearing House order, do not send bank account or credit card account information through the mail. Your letter could be lost or read by someone other than the intended recipient.

Official Website

You can find out just about everything about Publisher’s Clearing House via the official website at While the offers used to come in the mail, most print marketing has moved to online marketing. The website allows customers to register for an account and order magazines online. The details of your prize entry are hidden among all the order offers, but you do NOT have to place an order to submit your entry and ordering will NOT increase the chances of you winning.

Customer Service Email

If you have a question or comment for Publishers Clearing House customer service and you want to send it via email, you’ll have to register for an account at This registration does not mean you are entering any sweepstakes or promising to make a purchase. It simply means you’re sharing some information with the company in order to setup an account. You have the option to opt out of email communication of any kind during the registration process.

Our Experience

Contacting Publishers Clearing House was an exciting adventure. We endured the typical automated system, but we simply pressed 9 and connected with live agent. When the agent answered the call, they were upbeat. We asked for information relating to returning products and the amount of time to return an item to ensure proper credit.

The agent explained the majority of the products have a 30-day return policy, the standard in the industry. Overall, the call went well and we received the information we requested without hassle. Did the customer service team impress you? We want to know. Take a minute to fill out the comment section.

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320 Comments on “Contact Publishers Clearing House Customer Service
  1. To whom it may concern I have been on PCH.Com for the last 4 hours tonight. On January 1-2 I have had difficulties when I have gone onto this website to play the games and register for the drawing that will be held on February 28, 2013 and tonight I kep getting all of these surveys from your sponsors where they will not let me bypass any of the surveys and got to the games, lotto, sweepstakes or the instant cash games and I am truly frustrated with your site tonight, last night and the night before it says that your site was “having some techincal difficulties and to try back again soon” last night these names were coming up on my page Christina Cochran, Anne Zabenko, Justin Burum, Karen Jennings and Johnathan Sanchez then last night it switched back to my page I was fortunate to get my two diamonds last night but tonight I was unsuccessful with even getting into any of the games for all of the sponsors surveys. I would like to know is logging onto PCH’s website is worth my time any more I don’t do the surveys because it take too…… much time and the fun out of me being on your website. I hope the problem will be resolved soon and what are you guys going to do about me losing my 2 diamonds tonight because of the difficulties that your website has been experiencing the last three or four days. A response would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

    • Can’t get them to send me the right order the have sent me 3 fold away sun glasses which I didn’t order but paid for anyway tired of their nonsense not sending stuff I did order either (I paid for 1 set) not paying again for glasses I will never order anything again

    • Can’t get them to send me the right order the have sent me 3 fold away sun glasses which I didn’t order but paid for anyway tired of their nonsense not sending stuff I did order either (I paid for 1 set) not paying again for glasses I will never order anything again

    • Can’t get them to send me the right order the have sent me 3 fold away sun glasses which I didn’t order but paid for anyway tired of their nonsense not sending stuff I did order either (I paid for 1 set) not paying again for glasses I will never order anything again

  2. I am having the same difficulties as Anita…i have been faithfully daily playing all of my sweeps etc…up until yesterday also…can’t get to any other page including the Home page to enter anything other than the 5000.Wk for life sweeps…it just keeps cycling over and over no matter what i do!!! Was able to enter a separate sweeps by searching for it separately but other than that, i can’t even get into my account!!! This is totally frustrating and unfair since we are not having the same opportunity as others and we WANT to play! NOT a happy player right now! 🙁 A response and satisfactory solution would be greatly appreciated…Thanks!

  3. After 2 years of receiving packets and responding with pasting in stamps on official entry order forms, just three weeks into lifetime winnings, latest packet missing return official entry order form, that could disqualify with out timely response. Jacking me up with my initials only applicant qualified in my state to win, wondering if ommission deliberate? Went to 1-800 phone number and agent stated can register by phone? then what’s with all the drama of documents being requirements for winning circle.Hmmmmm

  4. i just received live plants. i live in wisconsin and it is not time to plant anything. the ground is still frozen. no one plants anything until maybe the end of may. what should i do with these plants??????? a answer would be appreciated. thank you order #304365432758 quanity 50 starflowers # 185×06

  5. I was just checking my email to relize they had my address wrong this whole time so, it wouldn’t matter if I won anything or not I couldn’t get it anyway. They have it listed that I live in some sort of funky state that doesn’t exsist. For goodness sake I live in South Carolina it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out I don’t think that there is another state with the abbreviation of SC. Somebody please tell me if there is.

  6. I would order flower bulbs but you do not tell customer if these bulbs have to be removed and stored for the winter or can be left in the ground over the winter months

  7. I have done everything to be removed from your mailing list. Your firm should be investigated for being the largest contributor to identity theft. Among all of your advertising you print the recipients name on far too many pieces to easily destroy. It seems to be on purpose to make to them sort through the crap. I don’t have a paper shredder. Do you know what the word delete means?

  8. I have been trying unsuccessfully to contact Emily Johnson, Customer Service Manager, pertaining to some merchandise that I had paid for but then returned due to a change of heart. So far I have sent ( 3 ) emails and have gotten nowhere fast !! It would be nice to get some answers as to why I have not received a refund yet !!!

  9. I remember You guys got in trouble a few yrs back & get sued by several “Attorneys General” of several States for not entering into Your contests those people who did not want too buy or subscribe too any of Your stuff–You threw those apps into “The Round File’ ie “Garbage”—are You still doing that?

  10. Scale; 1-5 *5 never went beneath their qualifications, or beyond one’s expectations. I got the customer satisfaction with no obligations besides paying my bill in a timely manner. Sweepstakes entry, games etc.,thats a different subject. My opinion people? I was in to win it. If pch is a scam, walk the other way. If you are determined read promptly..your entry will get through. Dont think just money and click click click. Only a winner with extreme integrity will understand. *subject;customer service rating *my reply still stands *5

  11. another fabulous sweeps has come and gone and funny,no one won the $1,000,000.00 cash plus $ 5000.00 per week. the Winner got $1,000,000.00 to be pai out at $25,000.00 per year forwever. why doesn’t pchj publish how much money the have saved themselves from Not awarding the Big prize?

    • Hello all,

      This is not a self pity e-mail but I felt that I was near the top for a prize of some sort, hoped for the big one.

      My husband and I have been very involved with our 3 year old grandson, helping when possible, traveling three hours to help, and with all the help everyone gave, this little angel went to be with the Lord on May 11, 2013. He had an incurable brain cancer that had gone to his spine. The parents asked for donations to go for CURE SEARCH PEDIATRIC CANCER RESEARCH, AND MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION, that gave the family of credically ill children a free one week vacation at the village near Disney Land in Orlando, Fl. My husband and I were invited to go along and it was a wonderful week to be part of the Zeke’s Dutcher family to have fun with.

      We had sold our home to down size all happening during this time and needed to find a place to live. So if I missed sending in info about possibility of winning a prize from PCH, possibly requestes were missed. Just to let you know, this was possible. Also, my computer was down part of the time as well in the moving process. I didn’t always get to my mail or computer every day and missed some things that were sent.

      I know you have so many entries and people involed so the personal things in peoples lives cause things to happen, not always for the good. I somehow had a strong feeling that I may be a winner and that just didn’t happen. Thanks for everything anyway.

      Alma Thomas

  12. I hsve paid my bill two times but I am still getting a unpaid bill from you with late charges. I dont know what is going on but im not paying thies late guys really need to b

  13. I ordered and paid in full for 6 carnation plants , but that is not what I got
    I planted the plants when I received them and when they bloomed to my surprise
    It was a very small flower looks like a wild flower I see growing every where
    This was a rip off and I will never buy from them again.
    They need to refund my money or send me what I PAID for

  14. thanks publishers clearing house i did not have chance to win 5,000.00 a week forever but i say thanks for your web side i get all information i need to this web side

  15. Yeah I keep getting that stuff to over and over and over for the last four years. They have told me several times that I was a chosen winner out of ten. One time my name was to be drawn n July, One time August and know again in August. I don’t think they are for real. Ether tell the people the truth or let it go. I think it’s a scam to get you to buy their products. I think Noone in Alabama ever wins.

  16. Why keep lying and dragging people througj all this crap. I have entered every day and suposably have over 1,000 entries? I feel I am just wasting my time. I keep getting invoices in the mail for items I supposedly ordered but have never recieved. The invoices are now just going in the trash. I will not pay for things I nevered received. I am done. No more emails PLEASE!!!!

  17. I am not trying to be critical or cynical but for the past 10 plus years I’ve been getting numerous email notifications about winning. My problem is it seems like a scam and I find it very hard to believe anyone really wins. Each email indicates a winner to be announced in my viewing area with my initials, even though they have changed twice. If you want people to believe in what you are selling, I suggest you be a little more truthful. It’s wrong to mislead people that believe in you the way that a lot of us have. I will not be one of those people waiting this year as I’ve done that for years.

  18. I need to contact someone that deals with orders that are
    made in mail order.I ordered a Santa Fe Style Leather Fringe Bag some time ago I have not received any thing about it I can’t even track it as I have no numbers to do it.When will I receive my bag?

  19. For a month I have not been able to play lotto! I contacted you tech dept. and the couldn’t help me. I may see the first game then NOTHING! How long do I have to wait for your company to fix this game? While the guy was trying (?) to help me, I had all kinds of problems getting other things to work again. He was passing on my problem to another dept. but NOTHING has been corrected. Please, Please help me! Evamae Dumoulin

  20. I asked to be removed from all emails regarding PHC, and was informed that would take place in August. The spam continues. Please remove me from all PCH emails.

  21. I thank you so much for your various games.But it’s really very irritating when you don’t want to buy,but you’re locked in to that site You feel trapped.You should stop that practice!

  22. I have had the best experiences with tech support any day I contacted for help. The patience and understanding is beyond anything I could pay for…and have. Again I have nothing but the best to say about you help to keep my games going.. Thanks, as I am disabled and can not afford a yearly bill…God bless and good karma to you all. A happy player. Elaine

  23. Dear Sirs:

    I don’t need any magazines. I subscribe to two now at a reduced price and I receive one as a gift from a friend. My total monthly income is $1294.00. I will 80 my next birthday. I don’t need $7,000.00 a week for life. However, I could use a one time gift of $10,000.00 to pay for my burial expenses when the time comes for God to say it is enough.

    Go ahead, you can laugh now.

    And, by the way, please remove my name from any mailing lists from PCH. I don’t want any more trees cut down just to fill my mailbox with unwanted paper goods. Please see that my name is removed from any and all future mailings.

    Thank you.

    Mrs. Hol’e

  24. I am most unhappy about the comment that comes up on line when I am linked to PCH stating that they can’t believe that I have not placed an order from their product listing although an order is not required to enter their sweepstakes!
    Indeed I have placed an order for two(2) magazine subscriptions and Christmas cupcake molds

  25. This is really BS I’ve won bingo and have heard nothing !!! Why so many things to do ! This is going to be reported to the BBB . It’s all a bunch of LIES !!!

  26. What a fun and sometimes challenging experience I’ve had with PCMH. Have had a major, double-edged problem. I have no desktop computer, nor broadband services; work from a WiFi-connected iPad and a 4S iPhone. Works a trick, and playing is a Kick! until…Well, I can’t define why it happens, but I’ll be in the middle of a QandA or other “Get Ready” sort of “exercise” and will get this message (my words, my understanding):

    You can go no farther with this. Come back later from your desktop computer…”

    This, “STOP NOW” message has reoccurred fairly often in the last few days. I have attempted to “get to” an agent in Customer Service, to no avail. I’ve written emails, tried to call. I finally found this venue, hope to learn something.

    I’m an old dawg, don’t have too many fantasies RE winning, little or big, though it would be lovely. It is really a Kick! to “play through” the various “puzzles”, try to figure how it all works. The PCH team I obviously we’ll educated, better trained, and technologically supreme: I fall into error again and again, can’t figure out how to avoid. Anyhow, PCH, PLEASE make your Customer Service numbers and connections more readily available…and THEN answer, quickly. It seems to me that you try to avoid, but I’m an old dawg, perhaps too dumb to play. Very truly yours, SER via Yahoo, from West Texas…

  27. My mom has entered phone for almost 38 yrs. Every time she gets one in the mail she enters. Now with cancer and only given 4 -6 months she still hasn’t given up. I honestly think that this place don’t really do what is shown on TV going out and giving the prizes away. Never happens in the part of TN I am from or any where close as far as I know.

  28. I am becoming very frustrated with your PCH sites.I’m unable to sign in. Cannot play any games etc.I really am beginning to think this is a a scam of some kind. Not sure what you are trying to prove with all the technical difficulties.

  29. I have ordered for many years and seems that mail is getting worse or packages getting stolen. I have ordered Magazines (Kiplinger?? earlier or last year (can’t remember now) and have ordered several items and paid for them. To this day I have not received any of my orders. Wondering if it was mailed to another customer or lost, stolen thru mail or returned to your office. I don’t get them by Post Office, others I am not sure if they would come by UPS or another shipping service. I would like a refund since I can’t afford to continue paying for items which I am not getting. Besides, I will check online to see which I have paid and not received. Thank You!

  30. I have been playing pch contests for years and I have been winning tokens. I decided to redeem my tokens just prior to the expired date of 11/30/2013. I redeemed my tokens to try to get some prizes. All told, I redeemed about 1and half million tokens. My question is this: Why isn’t anyone told who the winner was for the prizes I tried to win? I can’t find anyone who can answer my question. Are the tokens just a joke and the prizes just fake? Could someone please let me know who the winners were? I sincerely hope that someone will be honest enough to let people know if the prizes and the tokens are for real. Let us know who the winners were after the expired date for prizes. That you and I hope to hear back soon!

  31. I don’t understand what you have done to your web site but it won’t allow me to enter. I’ve entered every day for several years and now it tells me to sign in which I do then the screen goes back to sign in. It does not allow me to enter at all. Don’t know why you thought you had to change things!!!

  32. That is my name and that is the only email address U have ever sent me any messages to,so what must I do to get through to U people

  33. Have been a PCH customer for 36 years and I.m still being shown as a customer of only 5 to 10 years. Now they have the guts to tell all that they know what they are doing?

  34. i have tried sign in on several pch lottery games but it told that my address could be found, this is where have be living an I have been getting mail address , as matter of fact u have sent packages to my address

  35. I have ordered by mail for various products from Publishers Clearing house does that count. I prefer to order from the notices in the mail instead of doing it on line. I have responded to you on line but have chosen to order by mail. I hope whoever wins the one million will do something good for not only themselves but for others.

  36. Having issues with one of your million dollar games and it’s never worked properly. It’s the one with 3 bonus options for 30,40 & 50 thousand. About a week ago it was apparently fixed but that only lasted 3 days and now it’s back to it’s old tricks. Works fine until the final step and then when you move the cursor a small O starts rotating and will not allow you to go any further so you complain to customer service onsite and nothing is ever even acknowledged. With all the resources PCH has you’d think they could design a website that allows you to go from start to finish without this type of interruption. Thank
    you for listening and I hope this makes it to your Technical Staff

  37. I’ve written before and I’m not sure why I do. Im sure no one ever reads these comments anyway. Trying to enter on line is just the biggest joke,how are we suppose to when we sign in the screen goes right back to sign in. It used to be so easy to just enter every day but I’ve just had to quit.

  38. I have been trying to play your games but now every time a page comes up there is a warning NOT to finish the games, etc., because it is a phissing sight to get your private information. Do not send me any more e-mails, Thank you.

  39. After reading most of the complaints here I’ll say this about PCH:
    I say they have world class customer service from my experiences with them and leave it at that.

  40. Hi yesterday at I got email from pch about order. Jast was right I did dis order 02/13/2014.acts 6day I got information about I think dis is eror. Jast I sana cancel. Order is not corect.maybe was misklik.??? Please let me know what you going to do?. Thanks. Valentin’s about 29 $.

  41. Entry into you famous “sweepstakes” is extremely confusing and quite annoying. I am a senior citizen and once I registered I did not expect 3 to 5 email “alerts” a day to SEARCH. Search what I do not want to purchase anything or get a bunch of junk mail. The hype said “no purchase necessary” so what is up with this threatening pressure to “search” or not be qualified. Either I am registered or not a SIMPLE CONFIRMATION THAT I AM ENTERED INTO TO CONTEST would suffice. This has been one of the most annoying contest I have ever witnessed. PLEASE STOP WITH THE SEARCH! WE SENIORS WOULD REALLY BE GRATEFUL. If I should be chosen you have my address and would not have entered if I was not interested.

  42. I ordered two magazines And paid for them on 1-17 14, I’am receiving one of them the Fiield and stream but not the cooking one so I would like to know WHY? One cost 9.97 the other 12.00 dollars, so I’am not happy!

  43. I have participated in my last publishers Clearing House anything! You led me to believe I was winning a prize but I didn’t. I do not think I have ever seen or heard of anyone from Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi or Lousiana ever winning anything from PCH. Is it because we are not highly populated, or wealthy residents, or do you feel we will not be appealing in your TV ads? You don’t mind taking our money but yours never seems to come our way,

  44. Many years ago l was your costumer. I returned back last year. I hope win something. lam an old lady that enjoy contest and games but I wait too long.Never send me nothing.

  45. l returned back to enter in Publisher contest. I hope this time win something. I am an old lady with many hopes

  46. I am having the same difficulties as others…I have been faithfully daily playing all of my sweeps etc…up until Lately also…can’t get to any other page including the Home page to enter anything.
    frustrating and unfair since we are not having the same opportunity as others and we WANT to play! NOT a happy player right now! 🙁 A response and satisfactory solution would be greatly appreciated…Thanks!

  47. I have been trying to find my superprize number for $7,000.00 a week for life prize Gwy#3080 with no luck I have tried the place where you sak for help and got nowhere with that in fact Ive asked three or four times now so I need help to find the superprize number and then where or what I need to do to enter it before the deadline I have tried search front pagr till im blue in the face so if I cant get help just forfeit me now and save time. Thank You Kevin

  48. Dear sir or mam my name is Cheryl yates im 53 years old and have never won anything in my life.And on 3/31/14 I even lost my job


  50. I am getting a little upset with your web sight. You ask us to go there and do things and what you ask us to pull up will not work. I have gone to 3 sights and none of them work. I am sorry, but I am from the older generation and I expect people to do what they say. If you want us to respond please make sure the sights work properly. Can’t reach anyone else, and you may not be able to do it, but please enter my activation code (PC212) for me. Notice W71. I can not get through on anything else.
    Thanks, Patricia Johnson

  51. Just out of curiosity, what does “PCH Search” have anything at all to do with winning? It makes no sense whatsoever.

  52. Sick and tired of your nearly continues emails please refrain further more fake prize patrol persons do not contact me in any way

  53. I have been a customer of your company since I was 18 years old (I am now 71); first with my maiden name, then my married name (first husband deceased) and now my second marriage (married 27 wonderful years). I have encouraged many peple to follow including family and friends, except now, I am disallusioned and finally do not believe that your large money give-aways are for real. I have never won anything in all of these years, and escpecially not any of the large amounts! Nor, do I know anyone that has! I guess an ‘ole gal can finally get wise!

  54. My birthday seriously is 6/30 would be a wicked great birthday present to be able to set up my daughters college fund and not have to worry if she will get an education because her father is in construction. Plus I am getting the feeling they don’t read these posts

  55. my 8 month old Samsung tablet has not been hacked once or twice, according to YAHOO I have been hacked several times. AT&T store in Wasilla said I have been hacked more than all their customer for the past 3 years so this is probably why I wont win your contest my NEW tablet is under control by the hackers why I don’t know but I which I didn’t have these problems I don’t whish to stay living in a 13ft. trailer the rest of my life 20 years in here is too cozy too long but at least I have a way to survive in Alaska’s harsh environment as a physically disabled veteran thank you for giving me hope of a different life but it is apparent the hacker made sure I cannot play anymore because since I got my tablet fixed again IT NOT THE SAME WITH YOUR SITE

  56. Why can’t I order products anymore from PCH? To
    Enter the Sweepstakes, I am required to constantly
    “Search” for something. Why is that? Also, I have
    Been entering PCH Sweepstakes for years & have
    Never won anything or HEARD of ANYONE I know
    Or have met winning anything? Do people really win?
    I really wonder! I hope so! Thank You.

  57. called PCH technical yesterday about your games but today I am having the same problems. I clear my cookies but could not find where is my cache. I have windowa7 I am trying to play your but they don’t work right here is this [Incident 140528-000361] please help I love your games ray hare

  58. I get a letter and check from PCH saying they owe me money after a quarterly review of accounts. MY records indicate they owe me nothing (except an apology at times for the “junk” they’ve sent). When I called the ph. # on the letter, I get a recording saying it was all a mistake & another letter will be coming explaining the problem. When?????

    What a mess!!!!

  59. gerarld rogen from dec-4-2013,my question is the same as yours.i redeemed my tokens and now the date has come and I don’t know if I won anything either????wtf?

  60. This is to advise you that since 2004, I have been a customer. In April 2014, I had 3 outstanding orders, one of which was on backorder. You suspended by ordering privileges, even though I sent you partial payment on them all. I am totally disgusted that you have not kept your side of the deal and will not be placing any more orders. I did make the total payment by credit card for all orders, but still what I was ordering was placed on backorder. This is totally frustrating and I’m done.

  61. I’ve been trying to activate the code that PCH have given me on a card that said Warning. But my computer will not accept it to go through. Can you assist..Jesse

  62. To whom it may concern, i have been trying to win the grand prize for over 30 years. my husband died in 2011 and my Dad passed in 2012. my late husband and i was married for over 38 years, we have a son, with grandchildren, i helped to raise our son and his two daughters, my stepdaughters , my husband used to say to me that i was wasting my time that Publishers clearing house was playing bait and switch with me. in the 80’s i was writing and mailing the forms, than later i started using the computer, in the 90’s. i just hope that 2014 is my year to win my heart is still hurting, i just want to win, i want to help my real mother, my children, and give money to my late husbands school to help other students. Sincerely Jamillah Jennings the artist

  63. Why don’t more people that truly need the winnings win?? Take me for example single mom 3kids barely surviving, that would come in nice.

  64. Please cash checks I send for payments as soon as possible.the $1.87 payment was late Geting back to my bank I recieve a second notice on it an then it caused my account to be overdrawn it was covered but now I’m short $31 on a $1.87 check.Also I returned a package for $17.99 which was canceled online an it hadn’t gone through so need to know if you have recieved it yet.ive been a customer since the 1970s an have enjoined your products greatly. At present I on such a small fixed income I’m not at liberty to purchase like I once did an getting paid monthly takes me awhile if I pay in payments. I’m still praying to win a big check one day before I’m too old to enjoy it.thanks alot for your company an its products. I love playing all the games .

  65. Please cash checks I send for payments as soon as possible.the $1.87 payment was late Geting back to my bank I recieve a second notice on it an then it caused my account to be overdrawn it was covered but now I’m short $31 on a $1.87 check.Also I returned a package for $17.99 which was canceled online an it hadn’t gone through so need to know if you have recieved it yet.ive been a customer since the 1970s an have enjoined your products greatly. At present I on such a small fixed income I’m not at liberty to purchase like I once did an getting paid monthly takes me awhile if I pay in payments. I’m still praying to win a big check one day before I’m too old to enjoy it.thanks alot for your company an its products. I love playing all the games .

  66. this past week i recieved an e-mail and the wording and phone numbers attached i knew it was going to be a scam and it had publishers clearing house clearly stated on it so now i know where they get all this money they supposedly give away i feel they are connected to one or more of these overseas scams that are ripping people off i am concidering contacting the attorney generals office and start an investigation into this i have won 1 millon dollars through them and the other company whos name was attached to the e-mail which was exxon mobil i feel the people need to be made aware of this type of activity i never expect to see the million or any part of it

  67. I don’t speak pretty good english the only i want to said i be doing these for years and if realy do it because i amor disable and if need very and better situation economic for me and my 2 little childrens so PCH i Apriciate dont play with person realy need and believe some day you are going to knock the doors with money thanks and God bless you all Amén..

  68. Help with my OWN PCH email AN password. I’m not able to sign onto muLCH SAFELY OR PLAY ANY GAMES. YOU DO HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER. THANK YOU SHERREL NEELY

  69. When ordering something it states only 4 payments of $4.49, after one payment, I get a delinquency letter for the remainder due, what happened to the 4 payments? Totally unfair

  70. I play several games to earn tokens and to try to win instant prizes. I’ve had some quirky things happen while playing most of the games. This morning, however, was a disappointment. While playing the instant win slot I clearly hit five hundred dollars across the board. The screen quickly changed and I was congratulated for winning 2500 tokens. Not good…

  71. Problem with games not loading on the instant win blackjack, it lets you play certain games but this one game won’t load and I can’t go forward on the games ?

  72. DEAR I did place an Order for Purchases, you should receive the Money within the next 3, to 4 days. Although, You do Advertise, that: A Purchase is not required, to Play Your PCH GAMES. I’VE ALREADY PLACED AN ORDER. SINCERELY! MIN. D.WILEY. I THANK YOU! Min.D. Wiley.

  73. I was a little dissapointed when the Passion Pink Double lilies that I ordered and planted this spring finally bloomed and they are just a bright yellow lilly–of which I have many!! Not too Happy!!

  74. I’ve given up on winning anything from PCH after ordering several items over the past 21/2 years (some good and some not) plus playing endless games every day and filling out numerous “cash prize” game forms and mailing them back to PCH. I’ve WON NOTHING in all this time and effort–not even ONE CASH PRIZE for PCH Search or any of the games. Please REMOVE ME from all future contact as I’ve completely lost interest. Elisabeth Thind

  75. PCH.Fast Lotto is the biggest scam …I am trying to cancel …you can’t, they use every trick,lie,they say wrong password ,send me new password,they don’t, the list of questions they place an add in the way.I write them I get no delivery back in my box…..They have so much money and the best lawyers as they get away with stealing….I am going to call tomorrow,and the BBB….is next

  76. I live in meridian ms, the number of winning from pch in the 39301 zip code u reported was 568 this cith can not believe it. I have been ordering and playing for 30 year and never heard of any one winning any thing through the new archives ive added up the money for good item no one but pch has. iv’e spent over 15000.00 for this small town I no you do not have buy anything to win. ive figure over 30 year some from meridian would have something to report thanks you for service

  77. I have been entering for over a year now and you keep saying that I am or might win I am getting sick of getting my hopes up and when the time comes around that someone is supposed to win it never happens i live in a poor town and no one wins here ever it would be nice if someone like me that I could really use the money to save my house and car would be so great I am getting tired of entering and nothing happens I am wondering if you not a scam and get peoples hop up for nothing just my opinion.

  78. I ordered Crossword Puzzle Books in July and received a separate bill which I paid. It is Labor day and I am still waiting for the books. I tried calling customer Service twice and got cut off when I said I did not receive my order. Does this happen frequently?

  79. I have noted for about two weeks i have not
    Been able to scratch last numbers on the scratch card, and for the entire month of aug to present date, i cannot get my numbers to go thru on twilight games, and when I go back to check results all my numbers I have sent are not going thru. Can you help me figure out what i need to do to correct this, i answer manually enter, an when i do that it says i have entered fast lotto an have to give my credit card to pay for fast lotto. I do NOT WANT FAST LOTTO. THANK YOU

  80. Dear pch- I have been a long time customer. Have been a member of pch since 2010. I have played continuous and have ordered things from time to time. But I am sorry to say I finally have given up to play anymore. I never seem to win anything, and I am tired of my hopes being crushed. Way to many people playing and the odds just aren’t there. But this has nothing to do with ordering anything. I’m just tired of not winning nothing. Sorry I have to bail out now. Was fun while it lasted! Deanna Collinson

  81. I have been trying to redeem my tokens for other chances to win. The page will show up but im not allowed to enter and i have more than enough tokens. What can be done about this?

  82. YOU ARE A LIAR!!! This has not already been said before. You simply do not want to publish it. But here it is again. — All should hold off on involving themselves with PLH, for a there is a group of people, nationwide, of whom I am associated with, who are preparing to set in motion a major protest march and rally. For it is said, by many, that it is nothing but a scam and a fraud. SO DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN IT, UNTIL THE UNITED STATES government takes some action, and announces that it is okay. Meanwhile, also contact your Congressperson. And wait for the PROTEST to began. — Rev. George Brooks

  83. I have ordered items I don’t need nor really want, but yet I have ordered. My biggest complaint is the shipping cost. The items would be priced ok if the shipping wasn’t added. You can’t afford to order too much at once because tomorrow you want me to order more, and the day after that, and the day after that!!! Your contest seems to be a scam or a way to get idiots like me to order junk they don’t need. I have been a faithful customer for almost two years, I have to bail out. I can’t afford this craziness.

  84. PCH , is nothing more than a Scam . All Losers I’ve never met a Winner ! Remove Me Immediately from Your Site !!!!!!!!!!!

  85. I writing to explain that I’m in a financial difficulty right now so Please give me more time if I haven’t pay something has to be going wrong with me. I can pay out all my debts by next year because I don’t have the money right now to pay my bills. I just find out that I have an outstanding bill of four thousand dollars that I’m being charged with. I’m pension was garnished because of it so I’m in a heavy bind right now. I’m not saying this for pity its my reality so I going to need a lot of time to get out of it. Sincerely yours, Migdalia Rosa

  86. You don’t have enough time to read all the complaints I have about your constant emails and contest entries to search sites, etc.. you people are nothing but a bunch of maniacal harassers….get off my email….next step for me is the state of ct. Attorney General. Why would anyone have to enter a contest more than once??? And then to be harassed to keep entering…I’m done…

  87. Get off my email…no more…going to inform the attorney general now for the state of ct..I try to delete, nothing…leave me alone.

  88. Of course my comments are awaiting moderation…you are a bunch of harassing individuals who have nothing better to do than bilk the public out of time and money….

  89. I have refused delivery of an item I tried to cancel by phone.
    I was told it was to late to stop it. Please see that I do not get any embarrassing mail in regard to this item. I DID NOT ORDER IT AND DID NOT RECEIVE IT !!

  90. My mother died with hopes of winning big with you people, and like her I have tried in vain to win something, ANY THING!! I CANT EVER REDEEM MY POINTS AND I HAVE OVER 500,000 of them !! My friend is on a fixed income and buys stamps at .50 ea. in hopes of winning something, ANYTHING! ALL THE TREES YOU PEOPLE CUT DOWN FOR PAPER TRASH,PEOPLE’s FALSE HOPE, WAISTED TIME AND MONEY THEY NEED FOR OTHER THINGS! Shame om Publishers Clearinghouse!!!

  91. I too have been trying to win with pch, the only thing i got was a scam,which i fell for because of the names that i was given. Sham on me i lost 422,300.00 and have been called daily . I reported this to P.C.H but haven heard o anything being done so far. I am considering not even trying any more. I wonder if they ever give anything away as claimed. Playing with only opens the door to be scamed. Good luck to anyone who wants to play,just be carful.

  92. I have a terrible time going from to PCH games! All I get is
    “Bad Request!” If I try to get back into PCH the same thing happens.
    PCh also seem to have a lot of errors and try later. You need to do some work on these issues ASAP! Also, Just You Try To Cancel An Order PLACED in ERROR…..Help!

  93. Some time ago I ordered a glass butter dish – a picture of a cow on the lid. I have not received it and wonder what happened to my order. I have difficulty hearing on the telephone and prefer to get the answer via e-mail.

  94. Dear sir or whom concerned: I like the new format with danielle , tho I cannott access any other lotto cards, Im in a loop that returns me to bigger bucks mill: I feel that I have missed out on playing all the cards or the first three with the hope a win

  95. DEAR PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE, & PRIZE PATROL, I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO WIN FOR OVER 30 YEARS, MY HUSBAND DIED IN 2011 AND MY DAD PASSED IN 2O12, PLUS OTHERS IN MY FAMILY, , i have three stepdaughters, who are half Jewish and African american, their mother who was Jewish died, i am their other mother, i have son son with grandchildren, my real mother whom i was not raised with is in a nursing home, of which i did not put her in, i would love to help her, i am a visua artist, and so was my late husband. i am struggling now, but i still believe in the goodness of people. hopefully you will pick me, for the 5,000 a week for life. Sincerely Jamillah Jennings the artist

  96. I CANCELLED this so-called order the day I heard about — May 6th. You shipped this piece of junk anyway 10 days later.

    It now resides in the Monroe County Dump. Should you decide to harass me again, I will turn this file over to our NYS Attorney General. Find someone else to annoy.

    Earl Dillman

  97. You`ve sent me an e- mail stating you sent me a frying pan I never ordered. Why would you send something somebody has not paid for and then ask them to pay for it. I demand an answer.

  98. Im a very unhappy fan . I have stopped recieving my pch daily email since dec 28 2014 and I have been trying to email pch but no one is getting back to me. So im loosing my chance of winning. Plz someone help.

  99. I considered entering your contest…until I noticed the blaring, unsolicited ad on my browser that somehow worms its way around my Ad Blocker. How obnoxious can you get?

    I would never, EVER, consider entering your contest now, nor purchase anything from you!

    – Dan

  100. Having saved the numbers and names of the ROFL alleged winners that are GUARANTEED, I can’t stop ROFL, as a super , duper winner, after two years again ROFL, NOT one winner guaranteed was EVER awarded a winning prize.

    Next people in dream land this is about the CREDIT and the PURCHASE, ever notice how it is about BUY, BUY, BUY, never ever a out and out purchase. This allows them to run your CREDIT HISTORY and you thought you were getting such a good deal.

    So folks if anyone can explain why I as a GUARANTEED winner with NO possible way of losing, wound up losing, aw shucks I forgot THEY control the rules and oversight.

    One more short notice, you MUST be DATA MINED to be able to contact them, and they claim they are above board?

  101. I don’t want to a fiend anyone,but people can be a fiend by any small or thing if they feel things aren’t going their way or have been done wrong. I like to say out of those areas,the best I can,an be nice KNOW matter how they act. I can go scream later! P.S. I we’ll get my payment sent off the 3rd of February.

  102. I don’t want to a fiend anyone,but people can be a fiend by any small or thing if they feel things aren’t going their way or have been done wrong. I like to say out of those areas,the best I can,an be nice KNOW matter how they act. I can go scream later! P.S. I we’ll get my payment sent off the 3rd of February.Sorry!!!!!!!!It we’ll be sent off:)

  103. I don’t want to a fiend anyone,but people can be a fiend by any small or thing if they feel things aren’t going their way or have been done wrong. I like to say out of those areas,the best I can,an be nice KNOW matter how they act. I can go scream later! P.S. I we’ll get my payment sent off the 3rd of February.Sorry!!!!!!!!It we’ll be sent off:) S. N.

  104. I am so looking forward to winning jan 20 2015. You can ask anything you want and when I win I consider publisher clearing house a partner in my life. I need help and if I can get it I’m an open book. I have overspent our budget ordering things we can not afford but if it gets me to be a winner,it’s worth the sacrifice. My husband and I are on the same page. My grandson just got his first apartment ano he is going to enjoy the thing we send.

    Please help us in our life and you will have friends,family, and spokspersons for life. I do not have any type of criminal offences and I have been very sick. This will provide me with the best doctors. Thank you pch

  105. What moderation do I need. I don’t feel moderation in my feelings for pch. I have worked very hard to complete al that was required. It’s a lot of money your willing to share.

    If it’s the date in February I will deal with it but the sooner the better. I am so looking forward to starting a better stress free life with doctors that
    can help me and my husband and I can be with each other more. My grandchild and amd my children will have a better life. And my mom! How I am looking forward to helping her and my siblings.

    Please tell me what u can…………..Pattie Becker

  106. can you please get my five bonus scratch cards working again for the last two weeks I have not been able to play them. I guess I will see if asking here will help. I have cleared my browser and all the things you should do to see if something on my side is stopping them but still not working.

  107. I am 70 years young and have tried to enter PCH contest at least 20 times in the past years. I have spent hours putting information you request only to be told the site is down when I try to send the information. Is this how you (PCH) get out of paying anything or at least, you control who gets to enter the contest? I believe in my heart that it is a fraud and that some regulating office, somewhere should step in and stop them from taking advantage of people. I’m sure there mailing list is tremendous after doing this all these years. Shame on them

  108. My lotto games will only let me play one of eleven games offered. And let games, it shows I have 1 of 18 played. It still won’t let me play game two. This has been occurring for two weeks now, with no signs of getting better even if I try contacting pch. Which is almost impossible to do.

  109. hello, i’m just writing this tp say, why do i keep getting told that someone in my area with my initials and my zip code is a winner when it is false. i’ve bought a pig paper tower holder from you some time ago, and it was broken. then i ordered the 4 minute microwave potato . it said it was tested in a 900watt microwave oven. well i have an 1100 watt oven, and thinking it should only take about 3 minutes since my wattage was higher, i was wrong, in the end, it took almost 6 minutes. then there was the magnetized cats for the fridge, turns out they were only made of cardboard. you know, i loved the pig towel holder too. though i haven’t complained, it would only be right to be truthful– kathleen bragg

  110. This has been my first time on PCH. I have enjoyed it very much. Sometimes I got upset because I
    Could not keep things going at the speed I wanted too, but I was determined not to give up. There were
    Some nites I could’t sleep thinking about blackjack and play and win, my two favorites . I am sure you
    Could tell that. Several things came up that made me wonder if I would ever get to the end, it was a
    Computer crash and the gout in my R thumb. But I survived the end being a better PCH Player.

    For the PCH Prize Patrol—I am not on map quest but as soon as you turn right on Seashore take your
    First left on Charleston which is a gated community. If gate is closed the code is hashtag 8182.
    I will work on Twilight and Lotto ball this week. Heres hoping for a PCH win for me.

    I will work on my Twilight game Lotto balls this week .

  111. We made it aware that my hole family has been playing and mailing pch papers and forms since they started years ago in the hope to win and most of those family member have passed on I think that we all have dreams of winning big but as much as we try to win it never will happen it’s like my husband he has numerous invention that would probably make us very wealthy but it takes money to make money so here we are just like a number of others wishing dreaming that they and us that just once catch a break be a lucky family to win millions my husband works hard to support his family and always the man that helps others and just once I would like to see him catch a break

  112. The MapQuest location that you continue to reference for my zip code is consistently in error on both the e-mails and the snail mail advertisement/entries. For all the money you are saying that you are giving away, it seems as though you would retain a firm that is capable of providing correct information, so you wouldn’t look like a bunch of fools.

  113. If I win thank God. If not thank God. the way every thing is
    going with everything stopping such as the games and other
    things. Only God knows if am going to be a winner.

  114. To me it seems u have to be 65& older to plus everytime I play the cards I only win tokens and when I cash them in for a prize I never get them I’m 53 and disable playing playing ur games for 5 years and never win anything I live in pa and I don’t see no winners here it’s always in threat coast we’re people have money Wat about the ones who don’t or do use pick them instead of a computers or we’re they win the most it really hurts that after 5years I haven’t win at all can u respond to the question

  115. When I play the instant win games, I play them on my iPad not my phone. Some games say flip your phone to play it won’t accept flipping your iPads, which is stupid. This needs fixing… I do not own an I phone nor do a lot of your future customers.

  116. i have been participating with pch over 30 years from michigan to colorado im giving up hope is this a scam i havent won a penny before we even had computers

  117. Dear PCH I put my heart into everything I touch regarding PCH. I really thought when it said my finances will be worry free and oh I felt really very special then. A few weeks ago Texas Only is not big enough, it would not even cover the donut hole that I manage to get in every year. It certainly is not going to give me long term health or retirement. I lost my job a few years ago and just kept getting one health issue after another until I realized I may never have another paycheck. It has been over five years now I am it. My soul mate passed a few years before and never remarried. How long has it been that Texas residence can not win anymore than
    a few thousand dollars? By the time you pay taxes on the small win it is not worth it. I would probably have to pay the state my winnings what was left for them helping me stay under there wing.
    I was hoping to be independently free what with all the sweepstakes I have done. I was so hoping someone can change the law between Texas and PCH. I certainly would try to help you in any way I possibly can help. I am very disappointed that I came from a State with a problem. There are many hungry people here in this state that would agree we need this state free from this ruling. Sincerely, Roseann Brown

  118. World class scam. Huge time waster.
    Seller of warmed-over junk T/V merchandise that no one wanted the first time around and at a much inflated price.

    The instant winner and scratch off cards and “Token” redemption schemes are a joke.

  119. been playing this PCH game and cannot receive a valid number for my entry claim numbers and as of today PCH sent me to a site that was closed or moved i think you moved it just before I logged in

  120. I enjoy entering the contest and would love to win $7000 a week, ect. I would love to see more different stuff, it seems to be the same stuff over and over. Please get more variety of other items. Need something new. Thanks

  121. I just have. one thing to,say not to mean.please my last is.slovin.please work on it. and try my first name Mercedes -not p in my first name.mrs slovinand mr slovin. yes iam married.

  122. So do I need to fill out a letter of intent? I keep getting notified that I cannot win the forever prize if I dont fill out this letter of intent but when I try it keeps sending me to places aimed at getting me to search or purchase somthing. Will you please send me the real form or let me know if its even necessary in order to claim a prize if my name is drawn as a winner? Thank you, sincerely lisa farrier- fortner

  123. Activate entry for super prize gwy4900and a cash bonus 25,000please activate entry thank you for activate my winning number thank you God bless you

  124. Yes this Brice Mosley asking the question that if your doing
    The initials for PCH I have them two b.m. Norman,Oklahoma

  125. Please put the zones on your plant offers. I live in Florida and would like tp order some, but I don’t know what zone they will grow on

  126. Please put the zones on your plant offers. I live in Florida and would like to order some, but I don’t know what zone they will grow on

  127. I bought a magazine subscription and everything is working out fine but I looked all over the internet and can’t find anything about what Tablet I get as my actual gift for being a first time subscriber. PCH said it would come after 3 consecutive payments but now they say 5. This sounds like a scam and I’ve paid 2 and still haven’t got any magazines.

  128. My Husband has no business ordering mags from PHC. He is a Mental Patient at the Va in Murfreesboro, TN. I do not have a ID# or an Account #. The one item yoy need to is PUT A ICON TO CANCEL ORDERS. I found out this morning he was telling DR. Kamarati. He was proud to be on the internet, But He is not capable of doing business. PLEASE CANCEL THE ORDER. It was sent to Navy Federal Credit Union Debit card. I have informed the credit union to cancel the order. I called many times but All I got was phone drops.

  129. PCH are phonies. No one there knows what they are doing. I have paid for all my articles I have ordere and will pay no more. Seems I am not the only one who has gone thru this. I can by better products at the dollar store. I also have received articles i did not order and didnt receive articles I did order. I have been talking to customer service, and others who work at PCH, there is not a brain in the whole bunch. All they do is harrass people. They need to get better qualified people working at PCH, especiaally in the billing department. I will contact Better Business Bureau about the way they run their company and the dumbies they have working for them. I do not want any more mail of any king to be sent to me from this day forward. Your company is a disgrace!!!!!!!!!! Glad I am not alone on this way of thinking

  130. I have been playing your sweeps and games for years and years and now I find this page with all the complaints against you and I am REALLY disappointed.I have always thought you were for real,and been dreaming that maybe some day you would pick my name,but now I am reading that it is all a scam.That breaks my heart.I believed in you guys.

  131. Each e-mail I get from you alerting me of a deadline and warning me if I do not respond I will not be eligible to win the prize indicated in the e-mail. However, when I attempt to reply, it goes immediately to a “BAD REQUEST” message. That has never happened before – but now, every time I try to respond it won’t let me. I have been ordering merchandise from PCH for close to 50 years and have never won anything. Now I can’t compete because your web site won’t allow me to. Please get back to me with a solution. Thank you, Abbie Swier

  132. I have phoned PCH Customer Service several times email you and I was told to phone my cell service company for them to clear my cookie I did oh and I reset my password I still can’t redeem my PCH tokens my tokens keep adding up and I can’t redeem them how I have 1,000,000 plus PCH TOKENS PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  133. I need information: Do you have a manager named Bill Banks that works in your office in Washington DC on Massachusetts Ave.? I need to know please ddl

  134. I AM 56 AND DIEING MY HEATR BROKE MY LUNGS ARE FAILING PHC GIVES SOME HOPE I DONOT HAVE MONEY I LIKE A LOT OF WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER I CANT PLAY BY BURYINGS THINGS but I want to bleve in my whishrs I just had to let you know I wish I had moor time to live iam cryin iknow the future waits for no one thank you for the wopes you ngave me Robert glennon send my love to people like me and all the world

  135. I play games and doing so at the end it says thank you for your order of kitchen towels. I did not order them. Cancel this please. Last week it was a pocket hose I didn’t order. We live in an apartment. Sent it back at a cost of $9.00 to me. If this is not cancelled I will CANCELL all PARTISIPATION in PCH.
    Please take care of this.

  136. i would love to win on June 30,2015 ! i could pay off my bill’s and buy my land and build new home have a new car and new truck !and have money in my bank account to help my family out and my friends !i give to my own childern’s hospital here in Mississippi and st.JUde children hospital .and breast cancer awardeness.and the reasch for cude for schizophrenia. i think pch could help me be able to do those things and do it well.

  137. Dear Publishers Clearing House,

    I have been with you for several years and I want to thank you for the wonderful time I have with you every day. Your game are wonderful, Searching is marvelous because I learn many things regarding wonderful USA, American classic music and news from other countries. I spend several hours with you every day and I shall do the same when I shall go to France in july to see my mother whis is going down. Many thanks to you for all the different programs I have with you and much more thanks for the amounts of dollars you give to the winners. Best regards, Catherine D’Aulnois

  138. Dear Publishers Clearing House,

    I have been with you for several years and I want to thank you for the wonderful time I have with you every day. Your game are wonderful, Searching is marvelous because I learn many things regarding wonderful USA, American classic music and news from other countries. I spend several hours with you every day and I shall do the same when I shall go to France in july to see my mother whis is going down. Many thanks to you for all the different programs I have with you and much more thanks for the amounts of dollars you give to the winners. Best regards, I know I have written something similar to that but for me thank you for the wonderful time I have with you shall never be enough only one time and if I win ne day I shall love to be able you in Massachusetts. Best regards, Catherine d’Aulnois

  139. what I think is wonderful about beautiful Publishers Clearing House. It is wonderful for me to be with you on the computer. Many thanks, your are marvelous. and you diserve many thanks. Best regards, Catherine d’Aulnois

  140. My comments are very positif , I really think you diserve to be thanked and helped because you do a lot for me to be happy and thanks to you I learn many things regarding beautiful USA.
    Best regards, Catherine d’Aulnois

  141. when I write moderation to you it is very simple, I would love to help you, because every different way to play, to learn are absolutely wonderful, thank you, thank you, it is for me a marvelous thing to be with you.For the gentlemen, working in beautiful Publishers Clearing house, who have children, I write to them, Happy Fathere day today. Catherine d’Aulnois

  142. Many many thanks for every thing you give us to take car of everyday on the computer, it is absolutely wonderful to be with you every day. Best best regards, Catherine d’Aulnois

  143. I’ve been playing pch for years now and I get these messages from yaw in the game’s that I’m in the winners list I’ve answered everything right and what a faithful player I have been I deserve to win the 2million plus or 1million

  144. Every time there’s a giveaway, I sighn in to see if it would be my luck, you people send me email like more than 10 times a day claiming how the going to come to my house and drop of the check, I stay at my house on does specific days waiting , nothing never happens, I look to see who won ,and there’s no person that say that won, is not fair for people like me that really needs money , you don’t now my situation or what I’m going thrue to put me thrue this, I know I’m not the only one you doing to, but I’m letting you know to, is not fair you doing this to people, I’m going to continue pkay , because I still have my hopes very high.

  145. I have been playing pch for 37 years.I started playing 3 days after my daughter was born.I have not missed an envelope for 36 years.Now I am playing on line and I haveyet to win anything. I even purchased things and not happy with the way that turned out. Ordered the magizine the enquirer and never recieved any thing but the bill. So I hope I win someday.I am not getting any younger just raising Grandbaby who is getting older. Hope I see you at my door really soon. Sincerly Kay Edwards


  147. I just talked to a young man named “Doug”. I had questions regarding a phone call of winnings. He told me it WAS a scam as I suspected. He was very nice and explained how it worked if I DID win. It is a shame that there are people out there using you as a front name to make us think it is legitimate. Thanks again to “Doug” for informing me how it DOES work if I were to win. Have a wonderful week. I enjoy PCH VERY much!!!!!

  148. Since registering/participating with PCH sweepstakes I have had MANY, MANY unwanted e-mails and telephone solicitors calling who have obviously gotten my address and phone number through PCH! This is very annoying!

  149. what happens if I am the winner and I am not home? I will be on vacation for a week during that time. Would I have to forfeit?


  151. I still can’t get my award out of lotto there some way I could get some help.Please everything I do doesn’t work. Please could I get some help or I’m going to loss it tonight Thank you Patricia Derobertis

  152. i have been putting in for a chance to win for 17 years. but you already know which person your going to give the too. i entered again, but i do not look for any money from publisher clearing house.

  153. I had to call about a product I had ordered. It was broken and the person I talked to about the item was very nice and courteous. She took care of the problem.
    Do not know her name. But I did thank her for helping.


  155. When I buy something from PCH and you send me an email with the cost. You
    NEVER show the complete total. IF you can not show, to me in the email the
    TOTAL price…DON”T send me an email.
    Because when I get the email I quickly go to my credit cards and pay the amount
    that is shown on the email. Get it right or don’t send it.

  156. you keep sending me a bill for some thing you say I orderd,i have never orderd any thing from you, itook you off my computer list also, so please quit sending me a bill , for some thing that has to be a mistake. I liked playing your games, but this is not a nice gamethank you very much. del

  157. yesterday 9/19/2015 I was sent an e-mail to confirm an order. I NEVER ordered anything yesterday It was some sort of anti-aging crap, something I would NEVER EVER order. DO NOT SEND THIS! I will not pay for it, nor will I pay to ship it back to you.I DID NOT order it. If you send this to me, and bill me for it, I will NEVER place another order with you.

  158. I keep getting notices that my number has been entered in the October drawing to win $7000 a week for life.You also state that there are no entrance fees or requirements to buy anything in order to win.
    I keep getting requests to order things from you in order to “activate” my number to win. I have been ordered several items from you within the past few months and am still waiting to receive the last. Now you asked me again to order something that I don’t need or have any use for just to continue in the queue of eligible participants.
    Don’t you think this is contrary to your promises? I am very disappointed.

  159. on 8/27/15 I sent in a order with a total payment of $17.95 check #8028 shiping fee was insided of it for1960 early1970’s CD’s. You sent me some woman’s things with a bill i never ordered and returned them i have ordered a number of things with you and had only 1 order never sent until now . i have sent about 5 letters in and never heard a word from you . so {Now) i am telling you because you have taken my money and decided not to do anything i will give you 2 week’s to give me my order or my money ,after that i will contact the Mich. Attorney General office and ask him to contact you , the ball is in your court ,give me what is mine or talk in court with the Mich AG. you want orders Ha, try filling them for a change and fix problems. date sept..28th 2015

  160. Hello what happened to being sent emails or U.S mail on products you can buy from publish clearing house like i used to get. Now its all PCH search ect. Please let me know. Thank You Lisa

  161. Every day it’s new email to get me to purchase some cheap junk that I neither need or want. I have all the magazines I will ever read If I believed that I had submitted an entry and only had to do it once it would be different. Over and over again I have to submit something and look at junk. It’s nothing but a scam. No more emails. With deep regret, Ramona

  162. Lately almost every day I having problems to complete all my games and lotto cards too. It is always technical difficulties signal and I feel frustrated because I really trying my very best to become lifetime big winner and I spent hours playing and still not possible to complete EVERY games. I don’t want take any chances to loose my opportunity to really win !! I want to meet the prize patrol SOON x REAL December 30/15, and start a new life SOON !! See you soon Danielle, Todd and Dave !!! 🙂 🙂


  164. Hate it when you cannot get the games to work and the page just stays on one spot. It never lets me play through all the games! HELP!!!!!


  166. I got a Letter from you on 11/02/2015 about 15-w45RAST in just 2 day you,ll receive a notice to claim your prize number

  167. HELP!
    I keep getting billed for a cd that i know i paid for. I have paid for every itemthat I have kept. I did return one item,only one,and I think it has gotten mixed up with what pch is billing me. I like the cd , but if i had the case it came in i would send it back just to stop getting billed for it. Why can’t pch get this straight?
    Somebody please fix this. I have been buying from pch for many years now, do you not want my business anymore? I do not like owning anyone for anything, and i do not like anyone thinking i owe them for something when i know i don’t.

    Nick scissom

  168. PCH is the best game I’ve ever played. Thanks it was great. I would be much happier if I win. I’m not a quitter. Just waiting for the prize patrol to come to my house.

  169. I have been receiving bills for what I did not order nor received. I emailed many times to correct this situation. I wrote letters, I still get email asing for payment.
    I called the customer service number, could not find any live person. What can I do to correspond to PCH and correct this situation? I am sick and tired of receiving bills that is not mine. PCH customer service sucks!

  170. i got a letter from miss d holand,,,,satd in 1 or 2 ays watch for a letter with a red dollar sign on it ,,,i did not get .please let her know att.d holland debra/…

  171. I search every day on pchsearch and every so often the 25000 bonus for day five plus search, it reverts back to day 1 and I start all over. What is wrong with your site. I could prove this by my search history!

  172. How much more do I need to play to confirm a winner . I have played the same games over and over . I wanna win . It will help us financially and to buy the house of our dreams and a pull barn in the back for husband to tinker in . Plus the attached Garage that comes with the house . And to put money up for our kids . And pay off one kids car and maybe insurance in his name for a year . To get him out underneath his dad’s thumb . You see would Really like to win Dec30 .

  173. Every time I try to respond to a emailing get server errorwhy, and can you please fix it. I get last chance notice b UT can’t respond

  174. I have been playing instant zone games for months and yesterday I was out of town and now I can only get Blackjack. What gives?


  175. Many thanks dear wonderful Publishers Clearing House for the 10 dollars I win Last week. I wish to all of you Ladies and Gentlemans a wonderful 2016 year.

    Best regards,

    Catherine d’Aulnois

  176. when I play the new slots game, 80% of the time they keep on spinning.
    Finally a prompt comes up and you get the points or you spin again. Not very much fun. Can you fix the problem ?

  177. I am trying to register my prize number and I have try the answer room.But I can’t get a straight answer out of them so can someone please help me get my prize number.Thank you so much.

  178. I asked over and over and am little upset about it. But there is not much I can do about.If I lose because someone wants to play games.I don’t have time am too old for that.

  179. That’s great news. I know I love playing games of publishers clearing House. But the only thing that bothers me is when they don’t answer the questions.

  180. Needwork onloading games,to slow and keeps rejecting my email and password. After playing all day long ,can’t redeem tokens.

  181. sent a order in on my mail in entry and won a $10.00 scratch ticket. About 3 weeks ago. Haven’t received a confirmation on neither yet????

  182. I have the people I may have only seen at the helm trin to steal my everything. And people sre really messing with my web accounts and life. it gets to crazy but I tend to get over it……though it is scareI.

  183. You will have to help the survivor to place all turrets, and this
    means you will have to be careful not to become an easy prey.
    First of all, the player has to have free choice in character
    creation. Some games allow you to determine character’s description, so
    you are able to choose whether he will be good or evil, sensitive or cruel,
    or some combination of both.

  184. Have tried to reach by phone, but tired of “holding” for 15 minutes or more and still no cust. service rep. Therefore:

    My account is closed after working with “Kevin” last week. But, I get a package in the mail from PCH. This was cancelled as I did not order anything! Kevin said he would handle when he closed the account.

    Therefore, what do I do with this box (unopened)? Cust. ID #02479552412, Order #: 3051 9601 8889.

    So if there really is customer service, I’d like and answer.

  185. Why is it that when you get 5000 tokens or 100 it dose not show on the total, and I have over 6 millions and I don’t move to the next level, I should be at Sapphire but I’m stuck on Platinum.

  186. Game froze at 12:05 am February 14. Was money bag madness and it would not open so I don’t know how many tokens I would have received. Cannot find customer service to email other than this one so please pass info on to correct department to handle this issue.

    Thank you!

  187. eggstractor,windchimes,flashlight set, LE lantern,lamb balls, have not been sent to me, but your office said for me to send check for $198.+ (which I did). When can I expect to get my products?
    Thank you in advance for your service

  188. I received a email from your company stating that I had won $10.00.This was the first time since 1984 when I first started entering. I have not received the check as of 02/16/2016. Is this a hoax?

  189. I am. writing a long personal letter to Ms. Emily Johnson; customer service manager at PCH. (snail mail) it will more than likely go into the trash can with most of our entries!! ..I have been a customer since 1961…been treated very badly the last few weeks over a payment…mistake they made..will not purchase anything else from this PCH…Just enter the sweeps!! after all “no purchase required!! Right!! LOL…………Very Dis-Satisfied Customer! Ms. Mary…..

  190. This is my 2nd attempt at a comment to customer service regarding the cashing-in of my earned tokens for one of the items you were offering. I have yet to hear from anyone regarding this cashing-in offer.

    I am now minus a million tokens, as the transaction immediately went through the minute I clicked the enter button, and NO confirmation of any kind. I would appreciate an indication of good will on your part regarding this matter.

    Thank you for the attention given to my missive. Looking forward to hearing from someone very SOON!

    Sincerely; The OLDMARINE (A member of PCH for many, many, many years.)

  191. I am with you for more years than many other people. Never won a dime.
    I always used with You only mail contact. Suddenly I am receiving 7 or more
    e-mails every day – pushing me to stay on the computer. I can not do that.
    I had a tumor on my left eye and I am almost blind on that eye. This year
    I have some problems and I can not be on computer every day.
    Please remove me from Your list – I have enough problems and I never won
    or will win anything

  192. Please, remove me from Your list!!!
    I am very ill – I never before had contacts with You on computer.
    I can not be every day on computer and answering Your 8 or more e-mails
    I am ill – and all the years I was with You I never won a penny anyway!

  193. I have retired and am now at home. You have my mailing address
    because I just received a message from you regarding entering and
    I cannot find it. Would you send me another one.
    Thank you. you have my mailing address.

  194. You had sent me a paper for the next contest and I have not
    been able to locate it again to return.
    You have my mailing address.

  195. problems wont let me finish games; I have played hundreds of games and tried to redeem token no luck and I know I should get something; I am almost ready to quit playin a losing game

  196. thought my 20 pc bowl set was not being delivered, so I ordered a second set. bowl were delivered today so I would like to cancel the new order I placed today 3/16/2016 please alert me if this message is understood. I don’t need a second set of bowls. thank you Beverly Marshall

  197. You are a terrible company making people like myself sign up for all kinds of other apps in order to put our entry into your company . If we don’t you take us off your list. Shame on you

  198. I have read comments posted on this site and it does not speak well of your company does it. I know this probably does not matter but I guess if I published all the comments in the news it would not speak very well of your practices which needs to be heard throughout the network and news.

  199. I ordered the pliers set with the ‘bent handle’ for easy access. I have recieved them but I am disappointed. They are huge!! They are heavy!!. How must I return them for a refund? I expected much smaller pliers as they were advertised for home use, not for a truck mechanic. Do you pay the return postage?? Thank you for your prompt response. Mr. Charles Haack


  201. Thank you for exemplary customer service on my order for Blue Creeping Sedum. I called to complain I had received a sedum that was not the same as pictured on the order form, and the agent said she would investigate my explanation that I had received sedum reflexum instead of sedum sieboldi. She said she would investigate and reorder for me. I received the wrong plant a second time, and called to explain the same thing had happened. Both times my charges were cancelled. I was told the last time, that my order would not be reordered a third time because there was obviously something wrong at the source. I was satisfied with that outcome so agreed. I decided to call the source in Ohio and explain the problem with labeling that had occurred, which was gratefully received by that office. Then to my surprise, today I received the correct plant!! I am very happy to get this particular plant (sedum sieboldi) because it originates in Japan which is my home country! Fortunately, I still had the payment statement so I used it to enter my customer ID online and paid the charge that was on my account. Thank you again for following through with getting my order corrected.

  202. HI,
    I want to FIND some plant / horticulture offers that were in the contest / sweepstakes about a month ago. I’m now wanting to ORDER the GIANT hostas that were offered back then.

    Thanks in advance for your anticipated assistance.

    The ONLY time success comes BEFORE work…………..
    is in the dictionary. author unknown

  203. I paid for the 75 foot pocket hose and when I open it today for the first time there was a hole and leaking water. I am really ticked off about this. Publishers Clearing House needs to let me know how to send the damage one back so they can send me a new one to replace it

  204. I love playing pch I play everyday hoping I win one day I never win anything in my life that’s just the luck I have please if you can send me a e-mail back thanks

  205. I’ve noticed that I am not always getting all of my earned tokens after playing each game in the scratch off series despite showing how many I have won so I started keeping track of how many I did not get added to my total Yesterday it was over 10,000 so far this morning it is over 2000. Some adjustments to your your games obviously need to be made.

  206. I receive an email telling me that I must search on the pch search site or face being removed. This is after I have already searched earlier that day. So, I do a quick search to keep my status. I then get another email telling me once again, I need to search to keep my status up to date. I don’t mind getting one email a day about pch search. But I do mind getting three or four emails a day about pch. You then wonder why people give pch a bad review. That is why I choose to unsubscribe to your site, you are overloading my email with “JUNK” about the same stuff three or four times each day. That is why from this day forth, I will be calling your 800 number each time I get an email about the same contest three or four times each day and ask them the same stupid question three or four times each day. I am retired and have nothing better to do during the day, I figure that with this going on, I’ll be kept bust for the next year or so.

  207. When are you going to get your website fixed so I can play the games? What should take me 2 hours to complete sometimes takes 3 hours or more. Pch Slots are terrible. Front Page, many times I can’t complete. This has been going on for a month. Occasionally Slots & Front Page are fine, but seldom.

  208. calld twice for id number to regester for swepstakes got two difrent numbers for id and one defrent email but all 3 numbers are wrong cant get regesterd in so can some one please give me the wright numbers thanks james.l

  209. I Love PCH sweepstakes. Hope all the father’s of this company had a great Father’s Day. God Bless

  210. Chrome has been off all day it jumps off so I cannot play games the lotto don’t work.
    My pc it dose the same if had a chance to win it’s gone now.

  211. I have completed all of the missions in Cash Casino,6 times and I still did not receive credit for it. The problem is the Straight Flush and a Flush.It never rolls over,to complete the mission.

  212. I was under the impression that all I had to do was submit my name to enter your sweepstake. I do apologize, I am on disability and I have no money due to the fact the payee on my claim only allows me to have $20.00 per week, if that! I don’t have any way to send the pralines, unopened, back to you. Please remove my name from your sweepstake and any mailing list. I will try a different sweepstakes to try to become America’s newest millionaire.

    Kelly Hill

  213. Over the past two years, I have entered sweeps online and by mail. I have placed over a dozen orders and have gotten email confirmations that they appreciate my ordering. However, I have never gotten any of the items I ordered. Many years ago, I asked them to stop sending mail to my mother as she had dementia and was ordering things that she never even opened. She had past 6 years ago, so nothing comes in her name. But I think they have my address flagged and not sending MY orders through. I contacted customer service and got an email that said it was fixed. NOT so. Still not getting anything. Now I wonder if they are not putting my entries through either. Never won anything thing in 27 years of trying. Anybody out there at PCH that can truly help? You keep asking for an order, as it would be appreciated. I would appreciate a true resolution!

  214. I RECIVED SIRYS GAMES TO PLAY FILLED OUT MANY SURVEYS THEN ASKS WHERE TOBMAIL MY 1.000 WAL MART CARD LIKE 3.000.00 in gift cards for surverys then I get confirmations that I get every day confirm you earned 100 tokens yesterday when it’s 1.500 /3.000 tokens I got this is Sam’s I give up on oh bad way to be jacked up I getting a samsung TV ortokens gift cards I neve rbg)(

  215. I purchased one blueberry plant the beginning of spring. It was sent to me when it was planting time. I planted it and as of 8/12/16, it is still a little twig with not one leave, the same way I received it.
    I have a fig tree from two years ago and that is amazing, get figs every year. I would like a credit on the blueberry plant, I can send it back to you if necessary. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  216. Publishers Clearing House this is Lillian Hampton could you could please put my name and my number down for me to Win For Life gwy 6900 cuz I cannot find it search it on the web to be into please email me back on this thank you have a nice day

  217. I’m so blessed to play PCH Games and also PCH Search & Win really keep me occupied and pray to God that i win soon with a Forever PCH Prize and a Super Prize….Hope PCH Prize Patrol visit my house in North Carolina real soon…# Feeling Lucky !

  218. I thank that PCH may have the right intentions about everything they are involved in , but do to the fact they are so large they miss the cracks and corners in the company and because of that they will lose a lot of money and costumers . Which leaves a person wandering should I miss with them in the first place or tell a friend, or just who is running the dam place,, , I mean they even try to fix a problem or just ignore it and just hope it goes a way.

    • hey guys i really wont to win any thing will be good i would be a liars? if i did’t say i would love to have opportunity, to see what kind of good things i could do, i know there are other people that deserve more than me an maybe even need it. what a gift, to me the responsibility that comes along with it is great. i just wonted to say how i feel about this great experience, to GOD be the glory,
      Thanks guys an gals

  219. Made a purchase with order dated 01/20/2017 How long will the order take before I receive it ? There is no entry indicating order not payment not processed yet.

    many thanks Mrs. Mary Moore

  220. I have lost all faith in the publisher clearing house sweepstakes I have sending in my entries the same day I get it for over 40 years and have still not won this is because the publisher clearing has no intention of making me a winner I am facing the truth that publisher clearing house is not real and that publisher clearing house sweepstakes is purposely has no intention making me a winner

  221. Thank you for responding but I have still have lost all faith in your publisher clearing house sweepstakes because over 40 years of sending in my entries to publisher clearing house sweepstakes and still not winning because the publisher clearing house sweepstakes has no intention of making me a winner today date is April 30 2017

  222. Reason we unscribed from PCH, we used over 9,000,000 plus tokens to win a 25 dollar wal mart card , no results, we fine this problem exists with other PCH “players”


  224. I recently bought some Iris bulbs from your company, and not a single one has grown. I am very, very disappointed. I have always wanted some and I was so excited to get them. I do not think that I will ever buy from you company again!

  225. To whom it may concern i have already ordered 4 of your religious DVDs and now i have ordered another one could you all possibly put the rest in one package so that i may buy them in one package i really would appreiate itthank you all very much

  226. To Whom ever i have alreay bought 4 of your religious DVDs and now i have ordered another could you all put the rest of those in one package so that may buy them

  227. Thank you so much for responding to my complaint. pants are not a big deal until you receive dead ones. I hate complaining because I feel it falls on deaf ears. So thanks. I want to purchase more if the plants are up to resale quality .

  228. I informed Emily Johnson that Laplaca and LA-PLACA are equally incorrect spellings of my surname and if mail continues to be sent to my address with either of those spellings that they would be trashed, unread. I have since received six such mailings, and, as promised, I trashed all of them unread.

    Can’t you folks get it right after 15 years of my trying to set you straight?

  229. To the PCH.COM Games – Manager :
    I have had it playing your games ; they stall, quit running and in general are making me very irate ! I used to enjoy them ; now they are an endurance test to see if I beat the clock before the game unfreezes . Usually I lose out !
    For two months I have not been able to finish my games at all ; It doesn’t matter wether I start playing early or when I get home.
    Expect to hear from me calling your customer service line shortly. Might I make a suggestion ? Fix your god- bleeping servers !
    Signed ,
    An exasperated potential ex-player,

  230. This is the craziest, unfocused, and simply ridiculous way to get people hooked into absolute junk that can be found all over the world. The deeply discounter junk is throw away garbage featuring all sorts of gadgets for which no one has an actual need. When will the attorneys general from around the country file an action to begin the process of putting these hucksters out of business. Oh by the way, I’m just excited as possible for the distinct (?) chance of getting picked to win 15 million dollars so I can be made to look like an ass dancing for joy while an over-the-hill emcee breathes deeply over how to win 16 billion. This is the ultimate scam to which suckers are drawn when they reach a suitable age (i.e., when some old guy is being planted on Boot Hill in three days, so the bet is on that he will never realize a nickel of these “For Life!” promises.

    • At first, I was very excited about receiving info from Publishers Clearing House. Now, I’m not so sure. When you order items, it is like going through a maze. There are so many details to be followed. However, the instructions do not make it clear that you should not send payment for the items when you place the order. I just learned that tonight when I called PCH customer service department. I was informed that for future reference not to pay for items upfront, but rather wait to be billed. I have sent a payment with each order except for one online order, but I have just received a bill. I don’t understand why PCH is rated high by the BBB. My reason for is statement is that PCH does not make it clear initially that they want you to keep ordering each time they send you information. They tantalize the customer by using techniques that make you believe you are on the cusp of winner if you make one more order. You make the order and them receive another request for the same thing. And if you don’t place an order, at a certain level, your number will not be added to a group of winning numbers.I believe if PCH reiterated and printed each time in a large colorful font that you are expected to keep ordering each time you receive a notification in order to increase your chances of winning that perhaps a lot of people would stop participating in the PCH sweepstakes. The deadline has not come yet, but I am already disappointed.

  231. I cannot buy ffrom you nor anyone else, being in the lowest of poverty levels, having only one dollar in in savings and less than one dollar in checking account. And zero money in my truck nor in my WALLET!!!! Yet you ignore all of my pleas to accept my numbers and allow me to win at least once without buying anything from you guys the last few cycles.It is obvious to me you guys do not AT ALL APPRECIATE ALL THE MONEY I HAVE SPENT IN 2015-2014 AND 2013! You state I am a VIP due to my past spending of hundreds of dollars with your company. And you think I am still working and EARNING MONEY, WHEN I HAVE NOT WORKED NOR EARNED ANY MONEY AT ALL SINCE 7/16/2015! AND A FEW MONTHS AFTER THAT DATE UPON WHICH ALL OF MY MONEY WAS SPENT AND I HAD TO START BORROWING MONEY FROM MY HOUSE MATE!!!! So, the great amount of money I have in the bank is only to keep them open and I have to borrow 10.00 to cover the 7.00 I have to pay just to keep my chk accnt open and I have to borrow that money as well. All the money I have in the bank and my monthly bills and the like I have to pay back I owe him over 1,500.00!!!!

  232. Thank you for the fun qames I am curious is it OK that I changed my address. I am going to go back to the House… The PCH HOUSE! Cassidy Blonsky c

    • OK I will be a good candidate for the next millionaire because I have slot of fun ideas as well as good intention to help alot of people.

  233. my name is carla keeter ,i have played alot of games with i never ever redeemed my tokens,untill the beginning 0f the week or last week, i had a lot of tokens, so the options that i had chose was things like targets,sears, caliama, groceries, plus i used to many to count on winning the huge amont on a walmart card, but have not heard back if i have won anything, how can i find out about if i won anything,love playing your games since i am disabled,i have only a couple of complaints, 1 is pch never tells you if you won any token rewards. i want to know. 2 is that on august 30th i had a chance to spin the wheel ,first time it landed on free spin,so i spined again,this time it landed on jackpot,but it just took me to a place for taking surveys prizes, since i dont have credit cards or debit cards i could not even redeem my rewards there if you all could take money orders i could use that option, i wanted the watch, but knew i could not even get that, so while i was spinning the wheel and it landed on jackpot,but took me to survey prizes, that was a little unfair on my part, i landed on jackpot. please answer my guestion at least let me know about my tokens that i redeemed, i put about a hundred entries on walmart, and calabels,sorry for the spelling,but a hundred enteries are really a lot ,i do think i have won something but how do i find out, and what was the jackpot that the wheel landed on ,please aswer me soon,thanks carla keeter

  234. good morning to all, i have a couple of questions to ask, i playpch games every single day,since i am disabled it is a great thing to pass my time by. but number1, on august31st i had a chance to spin the wheel, but it landed on free spin,i spined again,this time it landed on jackpot,however this took me to a pageto redeem a prize just like the ones you see when youtake surveys,that is not a jackpot win,and i can never redeem my survey gifts because i do not own credit cards or debit cards,i used to,but not now so i never get the gifts after the surveys, i wanted the watch,but i knew i could not get it without debit or credit card.however i would love to get the jackpot i landed on,number2,, ever sice i started paying pch games, i just let my tokens build up and beleive me i had a lot of tokens, so the first of the week, i went in to redeem some of my tokens, i entered a lot on groceries,target,sears, cabelias, but most of all i bet i entered the walmart card over a hundred time, plus the cabelia compaint is why did or does no body tell you if you won anything,or if you guys do where could i look,also when i play my scratch off cards. next day it says i had some winning numbers, but it dont tell if i won any money or anything elsep please try to be patient with me as i try to explain my complaints,i just want to know if i landed on jackpot what was the jackpot and when willi receive something, number 2 i entered a lot of tokens, without sucess i guess never got a response that i won anything, but gosh guys and gals i know i entered the walmart card because this was quite a lot on the walmart card,i entered on the cabelias card abot 100 entries and groceries not a lot of times on this one, and a lot on target, sears,things that i thought would make my son happy like the cabela card. and the walmart card was going to be mine,for me to get something nice for a chance,and a target card i entered a lot of entries,the most entries i did was walmart, and i still have tokens left,wow, so please try to answer my

    guestions on jackpot, and my tokens, if i had won any of them,or how can i look to search my self,i had to of won something.i do try to play everday,its like a addiction to me, thanks to all,please answer my questions.thanks for letting me vent carla keeter

  235. I have 2 complaints about about 2 items I ordered from pch.The first is about the alarm clock,that cheap thing wouldn’t wake you up if you put it on your ear,so disappointed. The other item is a plastic salad bowl with lid and a separate little container for your dressing. The lid doesn’t snap on tight and the dressing compartment is so cheaply made it doesn’t stay shut.not ordering anything else from pch. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

  236. I need to cancel a couple of orders that I enter 3 times. I only need 1 order for the Christmas pot holders.
    Thanks for your help!

  237. It seems that something has changed at, I been playing and have ordered many items from PCH, however I saw a free watch, just pay $6.99 for shipping. I have gotten your giveaways before and while some of the items did not work I just put in my storage room because they were free gifts. But this watch I received was NOT the watch pictured and then they hit my credit card for $99.99 for the watch which can’t be worth 10 bucks. I called the number on my statement and it is some company in N.H. they said. I told em I was going to dispute the charge and the nice girl told me that I could not return the watch and that they did not give refunds and I could not return the watch. Turns out the company I spoke with is just a phone service and can only say NO to anything you ask. Look em on BBB and they said watch out, SCAM alert. What is this doing on your web site and looks legit like PCH, frustrated and do not understand. This has never happened before.

  238. I am done with PCH! Two reasons why! 1. I had accumulated over 2 million tokens and PCH removed them and would not let me play for any prizes! I still cannot bid on any of the items. 2. PCH boasts that you can pay for items a little at a time yet they pester you if you do not pay entire cost of the item. They also prohibit any more buying of items advertised on the PCH site. They also do not have any email address to contact them!

  239. received a plant in mail that I didn’t order. There was no invoice or bill. Nothing. Please advise on how to find out what happen.

  240. Items are delivered I did not order. Items I order are not received. And returns and payments are not credited in a timely manner. It is impossible to see your accounting data. No wonder Oregon Attorney General called you company a fraudulent one.
    This is really crazy!

  241. I have not been getting anything from pch at all no prizes no nothing and i got friends and relatives that gets prizes from pch all the time i just won,t to know what the problem is because i get on the website all the time. PLease email me.

  242. I have been playing PCH games since 2008 and now I can’t get beyond a “Search” to get to continue playing the games!!! Why is this?? PCH needs to do a complete overall of their system!!! VERY frustrating to not be able to continue w/the games!!
    PLEASE fix your system!!!


  244. I received a letter from Executive Headquarters to day, !0 Oct.2017, from Jericho NY. I filled up all the info and made an order. I got an e-mail stating that to-morrow is the deadline to order. How can I cancel the order. I mailed the letter this afternoon Thank you.

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