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Contacting Publishers Clearing House Customer Service Center

Publisher’s Clearing House is that company everyone hopes shows up at the door with huge check and a bundle of balloons. The company sells magazine subscriptions. The customer orders magazines from Publisher’s Clearing House and that enters them into a lottery to win a huge monetary prize. According to the official website, previous winners have won upwards of $1 million just for choosing Publisher’s Clearing House.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

All contact information, including a Publishers Clearing House phone number, is listed on the customer service page. Customer service agents are available from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM EST Monday to Friday.

  • General Inquiries: 1-800-459-4724
  • Technical Inquiries: 1-800-476-4724
  • Scam Reports: 1-800-392-4190

Mailing Address

If you want to send a letter to Publisher’s Clearing House you can address the letter to the Consumer Affairs division of the company.

Publisher’s Clearing House Consumer Affairs382 Channel Dr. Port Washington, NY 11050

If there are financial or billing issues with a Publisher’s Clearing House order, do not send bank account or credit card account information through the mail. Your letter could be lost or read by someone other than the intended recipient.

Official Website

You can find out just about everything about Publisher’s Clearing House via the official website at While the offers used to come in the mail, most print marketing has moved to online marketing. The website allows customers to register for an account and order magazines online. The details of your prize entry are hidden among all the order offers, but you do NOT have to place an order to submit your entry and ordering will NOT increase the chances of you winning.

Customer Service Email

If you have a question or comment for Publishers Clearing House customer service and you want to send it via email, you’ll have to register for an account at This registration does not mean you are entering any sweepstakes or promising to make a purchase. It simply means you’re sharing some information with the company in order to setup an account. You have the option to opt out of email communication of any kind during the registration process.

Our Experience

Contacting Publishers Clearing House was an exciting adventure. We endured the typical automated system, but we simply pressed 9 and connected with live agent. When the agent answered the call, they were upbeat. We asked for information relating to returning products and the amount of time to return an item to ensure proper credit.

The agent explained the majority of the products have a 30-day return policy, the standard in the industry. Overall, the call went well and we received the information we requested without hassle. Did the customer service team impress you? We want to know. Take a minute to fill out the comment section.

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43 Comments on “Contact Publishers Clearing House Customer Service
  1. To whom it may concern I have been on PCH.Com for the last 4 hours tonight. On January 1-2 I have had difficulties when I have gone onto this website to play the games and register for the drawing that will be held on February 28, 2013 and tonight I kep getting all of these surveys from your sponsors where they will not let me bypass any of the surveys and got to the games, lotto, sweepstakes or the instant cash games and I am truly frustrated with your site tonight, last night and the night before it says that your site was “having some techincal difficulties and to try back again soon” last night these names were coming up on my page Christina Cochran, Anne Zabenko, Justin Burum, Karen Jennings and Johnathan Sanchez then last night it switched back to my page I was fortunate to get my two diamonds last night but tonight I was unsuccessful with even getting into any of the games for all of the sponsors surveys. I would like to know is logging onto PCH’s website is worth my time any more I don’t do the surveys because it take too…… much time and the fun out of me being on your website. I hope the problem will be resolved soon and what are you guys going to do about me losing my 2 diamonds tonight because of the difficulties that your website has been experiencing the last three or four days. A response would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

  2. I am having the same difficulties as Anita…i have been faithfully daily playing all of my sweeps etc…up until yesterday also…can’t get to any other page including the Home page to enter anything other than the 5000.Wk for life sweeps…it just keeps cycling over and over no matter what i do!!! Was able to enter a separate sweeps by searching for it separately but other than that, i can’t even get into my account!!! This is totally frustrating and unfair since we are not having the same opportunity as others and we WANT to play! NOT a happy player right now! :( A response and satisfactory solution would be greatly appreciated…Thanks!

  3. After 2 years of receiving packets and responding with pasting in stamps on official entry order forms, just three weeks into lifetime winnings, latest packet missing return official entry order form, that could disqualify with out timely response. Jacking me up with my initials only applicant qualified in my state to win, wondering if ommission deliberate? Went to 1-800 phone number and agent stated can register by phone? then what’s with all the drama of documents being requirements for winning circle.Hmmmmm

  4. i just received live plants. i live in wisconsin and it is not time to plant anything. the ground is still frozen. no one plants anything until maybe the end of may. what should i do with these plants??????? a answer would be appreciated. thank you order #304365432758 quanity 50 starflowers # 185×06

  5. I was just checking my email to relize they had my address wrong this whole time so, it wouldn’t matter if I won anything or not I couldn’t get it anyway. They have it listed that I live in some sort of funky state that doesn’t exsist. For goodness sake I live in South Carolina it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out I don’t think that there is another state with the abbreviation of SC. Somebody please tell me if there is.

  6. I would order flower bulbs but you do not tell customer if these bulbs have to be removed and stored for the winter or can be left in the ground over the winter months

  7. I have done everything to be removed from your mailing list. Your firm should be investigated for being the largest contributor to identity theft. Among all of your advertising you print the recipients name on far too many pieces to easily destroy. It seems to be on purpose to make to them sort through the crap. I don’t have a paper shredder. Do you know what the word delete means?

  8. I have been trying unsuccessfully to contact Emily Johnson, Customer Service Manager, pertaining to some merchandise that I had paid for but then returned due to a change of heart. So far I have sent ( 3 ) emails and have gotten nowhere fast !! It would be nice to get some answers as to why I have not received a refund yet !!!

  9. I remember You guys got in trouble a few yrs back & get sued by several “Attorneys General” of several States for not entering into Your contests those people who did not want too buy or subscribe too any of Your stuff–You threw those apps into “The Round File’ ie “Garbage”—are You still doing that?

  10. Scale; 1-5 *5 never went beneath their qualifications, or beyond one’s expectations. I got the customer satisfaction with no obligations besides paying my bill in a timely manner. Sweepstakes entry, games etc.,thats a different subject. My opinion people? I was in to win it. If pch is a scam, walk the other way. If you are determined read promptly..your entry will get through. Dont think just money and click click click. Only a winner with extreme integrity will understand. *subject;customer service rating *my reply still stands *5

  11. another fabulous sweeps has come and gone and funny,no one won the $1,000,000.00 cash plus $ 5000.00 per week. the Winner got $1,000,000.00 to be pai out at $25,000.00 per year forwever. why doesn’t pchj publish how much money the have saved themselves from Not awarding the Big prize?

    • Hello all,

      This is not a self pity e-mail but I felt that I was near the top for a prize of some sort, hoped for the big one.

      My husband and I have been very involved with our 3 year old grandson, helping when possible, traveling three hours to help, and with all the help everyone gave, this little angel went to be with the Lord on May 11, 2013. He had an incurable brain cancer that had gone to his spine. The parents asked for donations to go for CURE SEARCH PEDIATRIC CANCER RESEARCH, AND MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION, that gave the family of credically ill children a free one week vacation at the village near Disney Land in Orlando, Fl. My husband and I were invited to go along and it was a wonderful week to be part of the Zeke’s Dutcher family to have fun with.

      We had sold our home to down size all happening during this time and needed to find a place to live. So if I missed sending in info about possibility of winning a prize from PCH, possibly requestes were missed. Just to let you know, this was possible. Also, my computer was down part of the time as well in the moving process. I didn’t always get to my mail or computer every day and missed some things that were sent.

      I know you have so many entries and people involed so the personal things in peoples lives cause things to happen, not always for the good. I somehow had a strong feeling that I may be a winner and that just didn’t happen. Thanks for everything anyway.

      Alma Thomas

  12. I hsve paid my bill two times but I am still getting a unpaid bill from you with late charges. I dont know what is going on but im not paying thies late guys really need to b

  13. I ordered and paid in full for 6 carnation plants , but that is not what I got
    I planted the plants when I received them and when they bloomed to my surprise
    It was a very small flower looks like a wild flower I see growing every where
    This was a rip off and I will never buy from them again.
    They need to refund my money or send me what I PAID for

  14. thanks publishers clearing house i did not have chance to win 5,000.00 a week forever but i say thanks for your web side i get all information i need to this web side

  15. Yeah I keep getting that stuff to over and over and over for the last four years. They have told me several times that I was a chosen winner out of ten. One time my name was to be drawn n July, One time August and know again in August. I don’t think they are for real. Ether tell the people the truth or let it go. I think it’s a scam to get you to buy their products. I think Noone in Alabama ever wins.

  16. Why keep lying and dragging people througj all this crap. I have entered every day and suposably have over 1,000 entries? I feel I am just wasting my time. I keep getting invoices in the mail for items I supposedly ordered but have never recieved. The invoices are now just going in the trash. I will not pay for things I nevered received. I am done. No more emails PLEASE!!!!

  17. I am not trying to be critical or cynical but for the past 10 plus years I’ve been getting numerous email notifications about winning. My problem is it seems like a scam and I find it very hard to believe anyone really wins. Each email indicates a winner to be announced in my viewing area with my initials, even though they have changed twice. If you want people to believe in what you are selling, I suggest you be a little more truthful. It’s wrong to mislead people that believe in you the way that a lot of us have. I will not be one of those people waiting this year as I’ve done that for years.

  18. I need to contact someone that deals with orders that are
    made in mail order.I ordered a Santa Fe Style Leather Fringe Bag some time ago I have not received any thing about it I can’t even track it as I have no numbers to do it.When will I receive my bag?

  19. For a month I have not been able to play lotto! I contacted you tech dept. and the couldn’t help me. I may see the first game then NOTHING! How long do I have to wait for your company to fix this game? While the guy was trying (?) to help me, I had all kinds of problems getting other things to work again. He was passing on my problem to another dept. but NOTHING has been corrected. Please, Please help me! Evamae Dumoulin

  20. I asked to be removed from all emails regarding PHC, and was informed that would take place in August. The spam continues. Please remove me from all PCH emails.

  21. I thank you so much for your various games.But it’s really very irritating when you don’t want to buy,but you’re locked in to that site You feel trapped.You should stop that practice!

  22. I have had the best experiences with tech support any day I contacted for help. The patience and understanding is beyond anything I could pay for…and have. Again I have nothing but the best to say about you help to keep my games going.. Thanks, as I am disabled and can not afford a yearly bill…God bless and good karma to you all. A happy player. Elaine

  23. Dear Sirs:

    I don’t need any magazines. I subscribe to two now at a reduced price and I receive one as a gift from a friend. My total monthly income is $1294.00. I will 80 my next birthday. I don’t need $7,000.00 a week for life. However, I could use a one time gift of $10,000.00 to pay for my burial expenses when the time comes for God to say it is enough.

    Go ahead, you can laugh now.

    And, by the way, please remove my name from any mailing lists from PCH. I don’t want any more trees cut down just to fill my mailbox with unwanted paper goods. Please see that my name is removed from any and all future mailings.

    Thank you.

    Mrs. Hol’e

  24. I am most unhappy about the comment that comes up on line when I am linked to PCH stating that they can’t believe that I have not placed an order from their product listing although an order is not required to enter their sweepstakes!
    Indeed I have placed an order for two(2) magazine subscriptions and Christmas cupcake molds

  25. This is really BS I’ve won bingo and have heard nothing !!! Why so many things to do ! This is going to be reported to the BBB . It’s all a bunch of LIES !!!

  26. What a fun and sometimes challenging experience I’ve had with PCMH. Have had a major, double-edged problem. I have no desktop computer, nor broadband services; work from a WiFi-connected iPad and a 4S iPhone. Works a trick, and playing is a Kick! until…Well, I can’t define why it happens, but I’ll be in the middle of a QandA or other “Get Ready” sort of “exercise” and will get this message (my words, my understanding):

    You can go no farther with this. Come back later from your desktop computer…”

    This, “STOP NOW” message has reoccurred fairly often in the last few days. I have attempted to “get to” an agent in Customer Service, to no avail. I’ve written emails, tried to call. I finally found this venue, hope to learn something.

    I’m an old dawg, don’t have too many fantasies RE winning, little or big, though it would be lovely. It is really a Kick! to “play through” the various “puzzles”, try to figure how it all works. The PCH team I obviously we’ll educated, better trained, and technologically supreme: I fall into error again and again, can’t figure out how to avoid. Anyhow, PCH, PLEASE make your Customer Service numbers and connections more readily available…and THEN answer, quickly. It seems to me that you try to avoid, but I’m an old dawg, perhaps too dumb to play. Very truly yours, SER via Yahoo, from West Texas…

  27. My mom has entered phone for almost 38 yrs. Every time she gets one in the mail she enters. Now with cancer and only given 4 -6 months she still hasn’t given up. I honestly think that this place don’t really do what is shown on TV going out and giving the prizes away. Never happens in the part of TN I am from or any where close as far as I know.

  28. I am becoming very frustrated with your PCH sites.I’m unable to sign in. Cannot play any games etc.I really am beginning to think this is a a scam of some kind. Not sure what you are trying to prove with all the technical difficulties.

  29. I have ordered for many years and seems that mail is getting worse or packages getting stolen. I have ordered Magazines (Kiplinger?? earlier or last year (can’t remember now) and have ordered several items and paid for them. To this day I have not received any of my orders. Wondering if it was mailed to another customer or lost, stolen thru mail or returned to your office. I don’t get them by Post Office, others I am not sure if they would come by UPS or another shipping service. I would like a refund since I can’t afford to continue paying for items which I am not getting. Besides, I will check online to see which I have paid and not received. Thank You!

  30. I have been playing pch contests for years and I have been winning tokens. I decided to redeem my tokens just prior to the expired date of 11/30/2013. I redeemed my tokens to try to get some prizes. All told, I redeemed about 1and half million tokens. My question is this: Why isn’t anyone told who the winner was for the prizes I tried to win? I can’t find anyone who can answer my question. Are the tokens just a joke and the prizes just fake? Could someone please let me know who the winners were? I sincerely hope that someone will be honest enough to let people know if the prizes and the tokens are for real. Let us know who the winners were after the expired date for prizes. That you and I hope to hear back soon!

  31. I don’t understand what you have done to your web site but it won’t allow me to enter. I’ve entered every day for several years and now it tells me to sign in which I do then the screen goes back to sign in. It does not allow me to enter at all. Don’t know why you thought you had to change things!!!

  32. That is my name and that is the only email address U have ever sent me any messages to,so what must I do to get through to U people

  33. Have been a PCH customer for 36 years and I.m still being shown as a customer of only 5 to 10 years. Now they have the guts to tell all that they know what they are doing?

  34. i have tried sign in on several pch lottery games but it told that my address could be found, this is where have be living an I have been getting mail address , as matter of fact u have sent packages to my address

  35. I have ordered by mail for various products from Publishers Clearing house does that count. I prefer to order from the notices in the mail instead of doing it on line. I have responded to you on line but have chosen to order by mail. I hope whoever wins the one million will do something good for not only themselves but for others.

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