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Contacting PSE&G Customer Service Center

PSE&G is part of a family of companies that includes PSE&G, PSEG Power, PSEG Energy and PSEG Services. All companies operate under the same corporate umbrella and have something to do with energy production, sales, movement or distribution.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The only hours listed were for the emergency line (24/7) and the Business Solutions department. Customer service centers are available in most cities covered by PSE&G and hours at the customer service centers are from 8 AM to 4 PM local time.

  • Emergency or Power Outage: 1-800-436-7734
  • Appliance Repairs: 1-800-350-7734
  • Billing Department: 1-800-436-7734
  • Collection (Billing): 1-800-357-2262
  • Customer Feedback: 1-800-436-7734
  • Energy Choice: 1-800-706-7734
  • Conservation (Energy): 1-800-854-4444
  • Customer Questions: 1-800-436-7734
  • Natural Gas Conversion: 1-800-782-0067
  • Make a Payment: 1-800-436-7734 or 1-800-704-3289 (credit cards)

Mailing Address

Take up the pen and write yourself a letter of complaint or credit. Your letters can be sent to your local PSE&G branch, the billing department or to corporate office.

PSE&G Billing
P.O. Box 14444
New Brunswick, NJ 08906

PSE&G Corporate
80 Park Plaza
P.O. Box 5750
Newark, NJ 07101

Official Website

Everything you need to know about PSE&G is found on the official website at This site is the hub for all company properties, including residential customer service and support. You can log in to your energy account to pay your bill and change/start/stop service as needed. The contact page doesn’t offer customers much more than a list of phone numbers and a few contact forms.

If you’re interested in seeking customer service from social media pages you’ll have to stick with Twitter. There are three Twitter accounts for PSE&G – @PSEGCares, @PSEGNews and @PSEGDelivers.

Customer Service Email

You won’t find a PSE&G customer service email address just lying around on the website, but you will find several links to customer service forms that connect you with the email team.

Our Experience

The PSE&G customer service line is answered by an automated system, but you can press 0 to transfer the call immediately to customer service. On the day we called, the wait time was up to five minutes for a representative, but customers can request a call back from PSE&G so they don’t have to wait on hold. The wait time was clearly just an estimate because we waited only 3:23 before an agent answered the call and verified the payment address.

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8 Comments on “Contact PSEG Customer Service
  1. y don’t i have heat or power yet? my address is connected to what is the new milford power grid. this is unacceptable in the yr 2012 that it has taken 7 days w/o heat or power. how can u do that to people in this day and age then expect ur bill paid?

  2. We are considering installing a whole house generator powered with natural gas. We had an estimate from our electrical contractor of between $800 & $1,200. The gas connection is approx.15 feet away from generator. Is a closer estimate possible.?

  3. WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!! All caps intended!!!

    Was told by Supervisor Mike someone would be out between 4 and 8 to turn my power on. Wow really???

    830pm rolls around no one to be seen. I call PSE&G, wait on hold for 30 min.

    Ask them what’s up? Where are you guys? Was told my guy was on a gas leak call. B.S. I call. He hangs up!

    I call again asking for a Supervisor. We don’t know when someone will be there he says. Blah blah blah

    Long story short 1030 pm rolls around. No one showed up!
    I called a friend, he helped me out.

    PSE&G has the worst customer support. They’re rude and don’t give any time frame when they will show up. And they might hang up on you. I’ll report them to BBB tomorrow. Might see if the local news wants to expose them. Charlatans!!! First time I’ve used that word. Nice! Nice !

    FYI: if you need anything from them. Report a gas leak or an emergency. All of sudden they become available. That’s what I hear anyway. I Didn’t do that!!!

    Also, in most cases you go outside your residence to flip a breaker… I know I know duhhh But I didn’t think it would be that easy.

  4. Do you have a chart that lists how much power is used by a TV set, computer, air conditioner, etc on an individual basis?

    Does having a TV on all day increase the air conditioner’s operation(go on and off) more often?

  5. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Its pathetic that their customer service representives treat the customer that way. I am caught up in the thrawls of the current unemployment situation. Even though I told them I was unemployed, they were requesting payment from me. I said how can I pay for the service if I have no money coming in. That’s when it dawned on them, duh. Told them that I applied for energy assistance in October 2013. So that’s when they wanted documentation that I was unemployed. So I provided the proof, faxed everything over. Every time I call the third party agency, oh, its still processing. Why does it takes so long for the agency to step in? Even though I provided the proof to collections, I don’t trust them.

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