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Contacting Proactiv Customer Service Center

Everyone has seen the commercials of a teenager or young adult with mild to severe forms of acne. They tried every over-the-counter treatment and at times prescription medication; only to have it fail and the acne return. The treatment which works wonders is the topical blend of benzoyl peroxide, mixed with exfoliants and moisturizers, commonly referred to as Proactiv or Proactiv Solutions.

The company was created by licensed physicians and has a customer base exceeding the millions. Since this is a brand millions across the world know and trust, the goal of the company is to provide the best product on the market. When problems, concerns or questions arise, customers should be confident the company will do everything in its power to resolve the concerns expeditiously.

Contact Info:

Customers wanting to voice question and concerns can contact the customer service department by phone, by mail, though social media and by using the customer contact form.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers can contact the customer service department here:

  • Customer service department: 1-800-235-6050

Mailing Address

In the event customer need to address the customer service department, you can send correspondence to the corporate headquarters.

Proactiv SolutionsP.O. Box 11448Des Moines, IA 50336-1448

Official Website

When customers visit the official Proactiv website|1026596|proactive||S|e|14199136698&gclid=CID1rIu22LICFQs3nAodjG0AuA, they are taught how to use the product, the benefits and care instructions. Customers can hear and read real life success stories from others. An added value of the site is customers can learn all about acne.

Prior to sending communication to the customer care department, the company recommends visiting the customer care page in order to read the FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Go to, in order to send feedback the customer service department. Customers can specify concerns, order status, technical difficulty, product questions or they can send general questions. We send a message to the customer service department asking for the hours of operations. This information was not readily available on the website. Immediately after sending a message, we received an automated response stating a customer care agent would respond shortly.

Customers can also attempt to contact the customer service department through the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Our Experience

The customer service department was ready to assist. Although the automated system asked for the phone number associated with the account, customer must wait through options in order to speak with a customer service representative. The total wait time is less than 2 minutes. We asked the representative if the product was safe while taking prescription medication. The agent informed us they could not provide medical advice and we should contact a physician prior to purchase.

We are glad the company was not merely looking for a sale and provided us with excellent advice and customer service. Did the company provide the best possible customer service? Share your thoughts with us below.

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5 Comments on “Contact Proactiv Customer Service
  1. I have been a Proactiv customer for probably 10 years or more. I moved a whole YEAR ago and have had nothing but problems with Proactiv customer service since. I have now “not received” two shipments! I wait and wait and they never come. Then I have to wait even longer to get a replacement. Now I am beyond angry. I am on second failed shipment. I am out of product because I should have had my shipment about a month ago. I am being sent a letter that I have to sign? THEN I have to send it back, and then I will get my shipment I PAID for!! They say it could take 10 days just for me to get the letter! I will be out of Proactiv in a few days. I am lookkg for a new company as we speak. Apparently a customer of 10 years mean nothing! Very angry!

  2. I don’t agree. I have used on and off but most recently for the past 6 months and I couldn’t tell…I hate it…ended today!

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