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Contacting Pringles Customer Service Center

Contacting Pringles Customer Service Center

Pringles is a salted snack created in 1956. The company is a part of Kellogg’s family of brands. The product is known for the distinctive shape of the can used in the marketing campaign. Throughout the history of Pringles, the flavors have changed, but the commitment to customer service has not wavered. The mission of the company is to make every moment pop.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-800-568-4035

Mailing Address

Kellogg’s Consumer AffairsP.O. Box CAMBBattle Creek, MI 49016

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Pringles website have the opportunity to view the product line, view current promotions and sign up for contests as well as read the recipes. The customer service page features ways to connect with the customer service department, including calling, email and traditional mail. There is a section of the website allowing customers to design/personalize a Pringles can and read the nutritional facts of the product.

Social Media

The social media pages are designed for customers to ask questions and voice concerns. The customer service department states customers have the ability to post comments, but there is the chance a customer service agent may not respond in a quick manner.

Customer Service Email

The email address listed on the website is a customer feedback form. The only information needed is your name, contact information and message. We went a message asking for the allergen information for the product line.

Customer Service:

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department, we reached the automated system. Customers must listen carefully, considering there are approximately nine (9) different options. We listened to all of the options and selected zero (0) in order to reach the customer service department. After making our selection, we waiting approximately two (2) minutes before a live agent answered the call. When the customer care agent answered the call, we discussed the availability of products and ensuring products were in stock at local retailers. The representative explained the in stock process and the availability of products. We did not expect the level of professionalism, but the feeling was welcomed. The overall experience was perfect. When you contacted the customer service team at Pringles, what was the outcome? We want to hear from customers just like you. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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5 Comments on “Contact Pringles Customer Service
  1. I have an idea for a pringles can very good idea it’s to do with how your selling your can with a slight change simple realy to the lid I think I could boost sales. I have explained what I have come up with to some retailers all agree what I came up with is clever

  2. I have eaten Pringles since the day you started manufacturing them. I recently tried your bacon flavor and was greatly disappointed. They were bitter and did not taste the least bit like bacon. It tasted like nasty artificial smoke flavoring with something bitter below that. Sure enough, when I read the ingredients, smoke flavoring and coffee. I would appreciate a refund or a free can coupon to replace the one I had to throw in the trash. Not all bad news. I also tried the sriracha and loved that one, it’s right up there with my other favorites which are dill pickle and salt & vinegar. The best flavor for me was horseradish and you stop making that one, unfortunately. Thank you for your time.

  3. The Pringles White Chocolate is terrible, I ate 1, it was bad. I took 1 to my husband and told him to close his eyes and guess what it was. He didn’t know but said he didn’t like it. Where’s the white chocolate? They are like a regular Pringles with a little bit of something sweet sprinkled on them! Disgusting!

  4. Good day,

    We have always loved and enjoyed pringles potato chips. But lately it seems that your chips have shrinked? And its not even filled to the top like it used to be? Any reason for that?

  5. Good evening. We in the New York City Metropolitan area are waiting with anxious anticipation for Pringles to provide it’s customers with a SWEET POTATO chip. With Pringles light texture and great flavor, it’ll be great! Thanking you in advance on behalf of my fellow New Yorkers and myself, Mr. Sanford Kelly

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