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Contacting Playboy Customer Service Center

Playboy is one of the first magazines for men which featured pictures of nude models. The magazine was founded in the early 1950’s by the legendary Hugh Hefner. Whether you have a question about your bill, subscription or simply a general question, you can contact the customer support team by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Playboy Phone Number: 1-877-446-0771
  • Magazine Customer Support: 1-800-999-4438

Mailing Address

Playboy Plus Entertainment2300 W Empire Ave7th FloorBurbank, CA 91504

Official Website

The Playboy website is more than adult images. In fact, customers must pay to view nude images. You have the ability to views galleries, read past articles and make online purchases.

Social Media

Playboy is active on social media. Although the company only is present on Facebook and Twitter, Playboy has more than 100,000 “followers” on each platform. When we visited each platform, we noticed several customers engaging in conversations with what appeared to be customer service agents.

Customer Service Email

In the event you want to contact Playboy by email, you have options. There are several email addresses listed which will send your message to the appropriate department. We like this. At times, a general email could potentially be lost in the shuffle. We sent a message to the customer support asking if a paper subscription could be canceled online or would customers need to call the customer support team. The automated system stated we should receive a message from a customer care agent within 2 business days.

Our Experience

When we attempted to reach the customer service department, we tested both customer service numbers. One was for magazine and online subscriptions and the other was for technical support. Considering we didn’t need assistance with a subscription, we contacted the technical support number. We found this to be the more appropriate number for customers needing assistance. There were only two options, with the second being for the customer care department. After waiting for approximately 60 seconds, an agent answered the call. We asked several questions relating to canceling online service and the charges associated with the cancelation. The agent walked us though the process and ensured a customer’s credit card would not be charged.

We have to note the customer experience was great. The call didn’t last long and the customer service agent acted in a professional manner. We want to know if every customer experience is the same. Do you have a minute to share your story? Take a moment to comment below.

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31 Comments on “Contact Playboy Customer Service
  1. Playboy,
    What has happened to your magazine.
    Here are a few obvious things I noticed, mainly because I compared a recent issue to an issue from 2007.
    You no longer have 12 issues a year. (only 10 issues now).
    You no longer have “Playboy On The Scene” section.
    You no longer have a “Grapevine” section (which was my favorite).
    You no longer have a “Potpourri” section.
    You no longer have a “Employee of the month” page.
    You no longer have 8 centerfold pictures. (you now have 6).
    I really miss the way your magazine used to be.
    So much so, that I think I will be cancelling my subscription that I have had since I turned 18 (35years ago).
    James Pignataro
    Tinton Falls, NJ

  2. My June 2013 issue appears to be missing several pages. My magazine does not have pages 88-112.

    Please correct this problem and send me a copy with the complete pages.

  3. I am receiving two copies of Playboy each month and I am sure my subscription will be cut in half. would some please address this matter of. Sending double copies and creit my account.
    thank you
    Geoffrey Zola

  4. I did and order online i beleave it was around march and i have yet to recive and issue can someone help me figure this out the money was taken fron my credit card but have not recived anything yet

  5. – At 65, I made the mistake of ordering a 1 year sub of PlayBoy mag. The last time was 1969 in Vietnam. — I am now getting phone calls asking me to order MORE Adult material from God knows where — NO MORE PLAYBOY FOR ME THANKS ——

  6. I was a subscriber for many years, I belonged to the playboy club in century city, CA from 1982 until it was closed. I stopped the magazine subscription several years ago. I received a special offer in the mail and decided to try it again. I received july/august issue and a bill. I paid with a credit card and have received more bills stating my payment is past due. What’s up with this??? I have I been taken? Well I will report it to the fraud dept of my CC if it is not fixed. That is a low blow and B.S. way to treat customers.

  7. You magazine is best men’s ever. But for one thing please try to get Jen Mateo from Las Vegas to pose nude for you. Thinking she is a ring girl and topless showgirl in X Rock at the Rio. She is just so HOT!!

  8. I was going to pay a one year subsciption but after reading the comments above I think I’ll wait untill someone addresses all the fair complaints.

  9. Hey, I don’t know what happened, but I haven’t ordered pb for about six years now. I cancelled and since then I have moved twice. I have recently started receiving the issue again. No thank you. I cancelled for a reason. Please contact me so we can resolve this. Last thing I need is for my kids to come across this stuff. Thanks

  10. Subscriber since the early 80’s. Used to love the articles, interviews, product reviews etc. and of course the fabulous women. I never told them to stop my long term, loyal customer subscription and in fact re-upped on one of their $1 an issue offers last spring. The last magazine I received was last spring and have not received one since!? Not only that, I’m sure I had remaining issues left on my existing, paid order.
    I tried their toll free number and was left on indefinite hold.
    What Up Playboy?

  11. I was a subscriber to Playboy for many many years which was fine. The problem comes when you decide you no longer want their magazine. Then you get a boat load of “third party” callers that harass and harass and harass you to no end. I have tried everything under the sun to get it to stop and I still get 1 to 2 phone calls a day. I will no longer subscribe to any magazine ever again, but most certainly not Playboy.

  12. I like Playboy’s artistic photography of women. Of magazines it presents women nude as more art photography than others. Women are natural beauty, but Playboy’s photography is always artistic. James Wyatt.

  13. I’m trying to contact Someone as I have 30 back issues of playboy from 1968-1982 in New Zealand and would love to know if they are worth anything to you before I offer them on an ebay site.

    Great reading.
    Thank you

  14. would playboy ever consider doing a photo shoot on a 66 year old average woman that still looks pretty good for her age. Thank you.

  15. i need a work in play boy , am 18 years , hate egypt , wanna travel , egypt is be as a hell here, i can work without money but wanna travel from her , i need to go anywhere but travel , i can do as anything , w8’n ur replay

  16. im frustrated.playboy sent me password
    for daytime.i subscribe adult on sky told put password in.not free pay 20 pound a month.whats going on

  17. Hi, Iam 27, Sri LAnkan lady. Iam married and i have 2 children.I like your magazine, And I like to provide a photo for your cover page. If you can please give me a chance . And I would love to talk with your chairman. Thank you.

  18. I would like to have the March 2002 issue featuring Jackie Tefertiller. Only the part on Jackie would suffice. I would appreciate your assistance in my route to receive this information.


  20. I sign up for twelve issues, for twelve dollars, now you want thirty three cents more, per issue. If you needed, more than twelve, you should have show this in big print, as you did for the twelve dollars. If you think this is good business practice, you are mistaken, now what more, are you going to do for me, for my time, and patronage. I think four more issues, would be appropriate. Thank You

  21. I would love to pose for Playboy, because I’m tired of some people , calling me otherwise. I’m an Amazon Goddess and some people see an TALL PERSON and it’s very embarrassing to be called everything else, other than a women , born with an VAGINA.
    It would be very appreciative if someone would contact me back.
    I’m ready to close open mouths.
    Mary Barnes
    Glen Burnie, MD

  22. I have been dying to write to you since I was 18 My grandfather went to the same school as you as a child and penthouse LOL….I have been astripper since I was 18 and I am dissapointed in what you now call beautiful LOL …. Really FAT is what I call it beauty really????!!! And Kona could we not find something more beautiful to represent Hawaii… I see and have seen photo shop since Amanda in Penthouse what a dissapointment….. I was 18 then.. I understand his is a business my hats ooff to you…. And you being so kind to your baby’s mama… I respect that andyway go t to go


  23. I have cancelled checks for $26.97,that was a renewal dated 6/30/14 and for a gift $29.97 dated 7/14/14.I keep getting a gift renewal for my self for $29.97.I don’t need a gift for my self.I have copies of cancelled checks.Do I still owe you and for how much.Please answer,I enjoy the magazine.
    Thank you,Richard

  24. Been a subscriber for many years…. I realized I haven’t received an issue since June. Called to find out what happened and found out it expired in June. No notice of expiration. No message of hey! this is your last issue. So I offered to resubscribe if they could send me the back issues. No can do. It will start up again in December. Seriously? Just lost a customer of many years because you are stupid. All the best!

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