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Contacting Pillsbury Customer Service Center

Pillsbury is a brand of consumer food products owned by J.M. Smucker and General Mills. The brand, founded in 1872, used to be bitter rivals with both companies until the later company acquired Pillsbury in the early 21st century. Although the company has new “owners”, Pillsbury remains an iconic brand with a large market share in baking products.

Contact Info:

Customers have the opportunity to voice questions and concerns by connecting with the customer service department. The available means of communication include phone, traditional mail, email and social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

When we researched the Pillsbury site, you will notice several contact numbers. One for the Pillsbury and the other are directed toward the corporate offices.

  • Pillsbury phone number: 1-800-775-4777 Monday through Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm CST
  • Pillsbury fax number: 1-763-764-8330
  • Corporate Office: -800-248-7310 Monday through Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm CST
  • General Mills Australia: 613-9239-8777
  • General Mills New Zealand: (0015) 64-9272-9720

Mailing Address

General Mills, Inc.P.O. Box 9452Minneapolis, MN 55440


General Mills Australia Pty. Ltd.4 Ricketts Road, Mt. WaverleyMelbourne, Victoria 3149 Australia


General Mills New Zealand Pty. Ltd.46 Greenmount DriveEast Tamaki Auckland 1701New Zealand

Official Website

The official Pillsbury website http://www.pillsbury.com/ is filled with meal solutions, recipes, information on products and information relating to the Bake-Off contest. Other than recipes and ideas for cooking, the website doesn’t offer much more.

Social Media

When you want real-time feedback, try to connect with the customer service department through social media. We noticed active conversations on the following social media platforms.

Customer Service Email

The email listed for Pillsbury is a customer feedback form. There are several categories to select from; we chose general questions/concerns. Our question asked about processing food in a peanut-free zone. The automated response stated we should receive a response from a customer care agent within 24 hours. We are still awaiting a response.

Our Experience

We contacted the customer service department and encountered several concerns we wanted to share. The automated system provided several options, but none were directed toward the customer service department. We attempted to press 0 in hopes of reaching an operator. This trick was unsuccessful. We just waited. After approximately 4 minutes, the call connected to the operator, who connected our call to the customer service department. The agent was pleasant and helpful. We have to note our concerns were addressed by the end of the call. Aside from the initial confusion, the call went well. We want to hear from customers just like you. Share your thought with us below.

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26 Comments on “Contact Pillsbury Customer Service
  1. I bought an Orange Sicle Cake Mix about a month ago and it was delicious….I can’t find it anywhere now….can you help me find it?

  2. So many people around the world, including myself, is changing their bad eating habits for better health. I love desserts and want to continue eating desserts that are healthier for me. Have you thought about making and selling whole wheat or multi-grain cake mixes? White flour does not mix well with low-carb/diabetes diets. The holidays are coming and I would love to enjoy the desserts. I don’t want Angel Food Cake. Thanking you in advance for your help and decision.

  3. I love the crescent rolls and cinnamon bun but the packaging is terrible and such a pain when it ruins the way they turn out!

  4. The last serval times I have bought your product it has been very difficult to open. I end up having to use a knife to open each one. ( pizza dough, cinnamon rolls )It is quite an inconvenience and I thought you would like to be aware of this problem. Not sure if something is happening during the packaging. Because this keeps happening I am thinking about buying off brands instead.

  5. Just had to write to let you know I just bought 2 boxes of Toaster
    scrambles with cheese sauce egg & bacon. The only thing I can verify was the cheese sauce. I eill have to say there were a few red spots about the size of course ground pepper, I guess that was the bacon. Eggs maybe in the 6 that we cooked there might have been one egg. Just had to unload on someone, and let you know—No More Toaster Scramblers for us.

  6. Why on God’s green earth don’t you make sugar free white cake mixes and other flavors of sugar free frostings. White makes more sense to me to market than the yellow as white can be made yellow. Please, Please do make these for those of us who are diabetics. If you think there’s not a market, there would be if you advertized this…..don’t think I don’t appreciate that your company has led the way into this field. Thanks, Ardith

  7. I recently prepared a package of Pillbury Flaky Cinnamon Rolls (Cinnabon) with Caramel Icing. While the Cinnamon rolls were very good, and I loved the change from regular cinnamon rolls, I was very frustrated with how difficult they were to get out of the packaging. At least half of them stuck to the inside of the package, which made them fall apart before I could get them out. I pieced them together, and they worked out pretty well, but it was very frustrating, nonetheless. I hope that mine was an unusually difficult package, because I am not eager to repeat that experience…

  8. I want to thank you for the coupons sent last week, had a bad batch of artisan dinner rolls, was rewarded with coupons for future purchases, so, thank you at consumer services,especially Jennifer Garrett.

  9. Have loved your products for years but the most recent Toaster Strudel commercial has me so sickened and irritated-little boy in lederhosen saying “Toaster Strudel”- that I just don’t want to buy.

  10. My daughter loves all your biscuit and cookies products. She wanted to know why there is no dough girl? She noticed that there is only a dough boy..

  11. I always buy bacon egg and cheese scrambles for all 5 of my kids they eat 2. Each almost every morning their favorite breakfast but last couple of times they had like ice chips on them and tasted freezer burn I don’t know what’s going on I never had a problem

  12. I found a used staple in my Grands corn biscuit. My wife and I don’t think it got into the mix when we prepared it or when we ate it. Otherwise, it was pretty good. Consider reviewing your production process.

  13. Last week we bought Pillsbury Rice Idly for ₹.65/-(MRP).The stuff is not good with bad smell.The steamed idly also very hard to chew.We intend making our bitter experience posted on Face Book noting the batch no. Etc

  14. Just purchased a refridgerated Pillsbury Grands Homestyle bisquits – 5 big bisquits. It was “impossible” to open as instructed “insert spoon against seam”; I ended up using a kitchen knife. Can’t you improve this – I will think 2x before buying again. Don’t know whether the packaging is peculiar to this product; and in all fairness, have never had this experience before. I have been a Pillsbury customer for many years.

  15. have used your products and recipes for years.Good results, however, your latest sweet potato pie recipe w/ maple meringue, is excellent, but it is definitely NOT for a 9″ pie pan. I didn’t catch it until pie crust was over-full.(Pillsbury, love it) Put it in oven as I couldn’t get out the liquid w/o ruining the crust. Hoped for the best so it overflowed in my oven, (now requires cleaning)burned on the crust and I won’t serve it to guests. I suggest that you edit the recipe for a 10″ pie pan. That works very well. Thanks

  16. hello,iam anjani recently tasted your pillsbury cake ,it was superb and i also got an advertisement on coke :once there lived a mother and her daughter .when her daughter was very small she used to make homemaid cake on mothers day , she and her daughter would celebrate on that day and on that day when they both went to bed,mother said her daughter that ‘when you become big you should celebrate mothersday for me,this is my wish’.20 years passed and on mothersday, mother was very happy and she went to her and she was eagerly waiting and expecting that she would get greetings from her daughter,but her child didnot wish her mother with this she became upset. And her daughter recognised at evening that it was mothersday , and she remembered her mothers wish and she got an idea about making a cake in a easy way and she took a pillsbury cake packet and mixed the ingredients and kept in the fridge.At night, when they both were about to do dinner her daughter bought cake from fridge and her mother was suprised and she had an happy tears. she says that, ‘i am feeling very proud of having a child like you.They both enjoyed.At last her mother asked her child that ‘how did you make an instant cake’ she said that ‘it is only possible with PILLSBURY cake’. Hence ‘no one should forget her mothers wish in life’. If you like this advertisement,please send me a mail.I will be waiting for your mail.

  17. Recently I purchased you sugar cookie roll and after being baked they had the same great taste but the consistency of the cookie was very airy with like pockets of air and when you bit into them they crumbled apart. So my daughter thought that maybe it was just that roll, but hers were the same. Did Pillsbury change ingredients for the sugar cookies dough?

  18. Do you still manufacture the Quick Breads, primarily the date and/or nut breads? I have gone to all the grocery stores in my area, and can not find any this year? Please let me know how I can purchase these quick breads—banana, date, pumpkin, blueberry, cranberry, and nut. Thank you.

  19. Question- I love the idea of the Doughboy wearing
    Jeans, Do You make a make a doughboy w/
    Jeans yet? Or plan to Please say Yes!
    Will You let me know? Thanx Bonnie

  20. Your products are vey good we all are adicted to them. But some of the products are not available in any super markets eg. Big bazar, more etc i tried all stores in Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad why can’t you release sufficient lot before huge add campaign. Specially in festival season. Pls think about it. Like me there is so many consumers.

  21. I just purchased a box of Pullsbury Toaster Scrambles with bacon, though I rarely buy processed foods anymore. Other than the photo of the product on the cover being slightly deceiving, as it makes the product look ‘plumper’ than it actually is, I have no complaints. The product was possibly one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten in a long time.

    Could you possibly make a larger version, say the size of a pop-tart? (though I know the calories would go up…well worth it!) That would be much more satisfying than these small ones. Thanks for a delicious breakfast alternative.

  22. Where in Northern california can I buy your choc/cherry cake mix??? Have tried all the stores east of Sacramento to no avail. Please advise.

  23. I bought a tube of “best choice” biscuits on tube it says 10 biscuits. I got nine lumps of dough, did not look like biscuits only lumps, and only got nine.

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