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Contacting Piggly Wiggly Customer Service Center

Piggly Wiggly is an independently owned and operated grocery store, founded approximately 95 years ago. The company was founded in the Mid-West and continues to grow in small rural communities. In total, the company has more than 600 locations in 17 states. The company commits itself to the customers and communities. When you have questions or concerns which need attention, contact the customer service team or the corporate headquarters by email, traditional mail, by phone or through social media.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate: 1-603-354-7000

Mailing Address

Piggly Wiggly Corporate7 Corporate DrKeene, NH 03431

Official Website

When you visit the official Piggly Wiggly website http://www.pigglywiggly.com/ you have the ability to learn about the company, purchase branded merchandise, find recipes and locate the nearest store using the Store Locator. We found an additional Piggly Wiggly website http://www.thepig.net/ which offers similar features of the main website. This site delves more into the offerings of the retail locations, such as the rewards program and the coupon policy.

Social Media

Piggly Wiggly is not as active on social media as other grocers. When we searched the website, we noticed a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Typically other grocers attempt to embrace other social media avenues such as Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin.

Customer Service Email

We decided to send an email to Piggly Wiggly in hopes of receiving a prompt response from the customer support team. Our concerns related to returning products purchased on the website verses products purchased at the retail locations. Instead of receiving a message from a customer care agent, we received an automated response stating a representative would reply with 3 business days.

Our Experience

When we contacted the Piggly Wiggly, there were only two options, one for the directory and the other giving you the option to input the extension. We attempted to press 0 in order to reach the operator. When we pressed 0 the system explained an operator would answer our call, but after waiting more than 10 minutes, no one answered. We called again, with similar results. After the third attempt, we finally reached the operator, who promptly connected our call. The total length of the call was more than 20 minutes from start to finish. We have to note that the customer care agent did not have the knowledge to answer several of our questions, so they transferred our call to a supervisor who addresses our concerns. This is not what we expected. Do you have a better customer service story? Share your thoughts and experiences with us below.

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2 Comments on “Contact Piggly Wiggly Customer Service
  1. Hi,
    I purchased a can of your crescent rolls and when I cooked them I came to find little pieces of glass in some of the bites that were taken! My 5 year old pointed it out to me when she felt something hard in her mouth! I am very upset and can only imagine the harm that could have been caused to my children if nobody had noticed! I hope to hear back from your company soon, or I will have my lawyer contact you.

  2. I was terminated today(7/11/15) after being scheduled to be off on Friday (7/10/15),I went into work nothing was said by Deli manager Ashley Reed she spoke and walked around, I decided to check the schedule due to the fact she scheduled me weekend after weekend to work inspite of all the other workers that were suppose to be rotated. I said to her,” You have me scheduled for Saturday again,she said ‘Yes, I said well I wont be here. The next thing I knew she was gone from deli and I was being called to the office, by Ben Harrington . He began talking about the 2 missed sundays that I provided doctors excuses for because I was hurting and because I knew they didn’t care about my health, being a part time worker with no benefits, I cared enough to take care of myself .I have been enduring a lot of mistreatment and games from manager Ben Harrington, Ashley Reed and Colby misusing their position to play games. Ben Harrington wrote me up for not filtering the grease, when I asked for a copy of write up he said he couldn’t give me one ,We had no filter powder to correctly filter grease ,nor chicken boxes or bags to use ,were forced to use freezer bags for buscuits to put chicken in because she was busy trying to achieve getting me fired instead of doing her job of ordering needed supplies.Having to work with an employee who spit tobacco in a cup or bottle which happened on different occasions while cooking in the kitchen and nothing said ,is injustice and unsanitary. I was bumped by same employee and nothing was done about it . I grew tired of coming into work having to clean up their mess and nothing being said and expected to make sure the area I worked was clean for the next shift ,which meant I cleaned their mess and mine,while many just went outside constantly to smoke or what have you,and many customers would support that. Out of all my 13 years in the Food Industry Piggly Wiggly in star city is the worst place I have ever had to endure working in due to employees and management with an agenda. Racism ,Jealousy or what ever the cause I feel it’s sad that people are mistreated just because this establishment is Independently owned. I never been fired from a job in my life. I feel that Health inspectors and what ever other company that can do something about this should get involved. Being fired is on my record and all I did was show up for work on the days I was scheduled and speak out against unfair treatment since no one else seemed to care, and in fact thought it was funny.

    I can deal with no longer being employeed with the company but I want the being fired off my record and something done to better serve the people ,such as caring employees to replace those who think work is about sitting on their behinds allowing others to do all the work which is stealing from the company as well as the hysical items they were taking is as well.How can you tell managment when they aer a part of it all?

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