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Contacting PG&E Customer Service Center

PG&E, or Pacific Gas & Electric, is an energy company based in San Francisco, California. The company supplies energy for about 15 million people, including natural gas and electricity. The coverage area includes 70,000 square miles in California.

Contact information for PG&E customer service is available from the My Home or My Business page of the main website. After clicking on My Home or My Business, look for the link for Customer Service. There you will find contact information for the PG&E customer service department.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are several phone numbers customers can use to contact PG&E customer service. Choose the phone number that best fits your needs.

The residential customer service line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mailing Address

While there is no customer service address for residential or business customers to use for mail contact, we did find an address for general inquiries by shareholders. This address could be beneficial if you are trying to compliment or complain about the company.

PG&E Corporate
One Market, Spear Tower
Ste 2400
San Francisco, CA 94105-1126

Official Website

The PG&E official website, found here, allows customers to log in to their energy accounts, make payments and learn more about how PG&E is working to increase green energy production to save the environment. You’ll need to register for online account access to log in to your energy account.

Customer Service Email

We’ve used the online contact form for PG&E customer service to ask about a dedicated email address. No such email address is listed on the official website. According to the form, you can enter your account information if you want the customer service representative to respond about a concern regarding your account.

We’ll let you know how PG&E email customer service responded to our contact.

Our Experience

Our experience with the PG&E customer service line was not as great as we had hoped. The first time we called the number rang more than 10 times before finally being picked up with an automated system. We pressed 0 and the call was immediately transferred to the customer service line. After the transfer we were placed on hold. The automated system offered to call us back within two to four minutes – the estimated wait time. We actually waited five minutes on hold before a customer service representative answered the call. We asked about the Smart Meter service and the representative quickly explained the Smart Meter, but not before asking for our name and account number.

The email inquiry sent to PG&E customer service resulted in a helpful response. The representative responded to our request within 2 hours and provided several options for customer service contact. Customers can read the communication below:

From: Customer Service Online
Date: Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 2:25 AM
Subject: Re: SmartMeter – Questions (KMM16505184V2165L0KM)
To: Richard B

Dear Richard,

Thank you for contacting us via our website.

Thank you for your email regarding the SmartMeter program. We would be
pleased to answer your questions about SmartMeter technology by phone.

To complete your inquiry, please contact our 24 hour SmartMeter Line at

Or you may call our 24 hour Customer Service line at 1-800-743-5000.

We appreciate your business and are proud to be your service provider.

Thank you for using our online services.

To help us improve our service, please take this short survey:

Customer Care
Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Original Message Follows:

First Name: Richard
Last Name: B

Subject: General Inquiries
Sub-category: Questions
Message: Is there a dedicated customer service email address – aside from this contact form, that customers can use to contact the customer
service department?

Tell us how you fared with PG&E customer service.

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13 Comments on “Contact PG&E Customer Service
  1. I did not receive my bill several others here did not either. When I called about it and wanted information all I got was an annoying machine that could not answer my questions.

  2. THis company price gouges. 300% increase in 3 months. For 1000 sq foot house being charged .33 and a $1,000 electrice bill. In all the years living there, the bil has never been over $300. The going rate in this are is .08 to .09.
    Do not use this company.

  3. Sudden outage at 3pm 3/15/14 with estimated restoration time of 2 hrs. And PG&E restored 20 mins before and made a very happy home. But the peace and quiet was a nice change. One interesting question was asked “Mom, will the toilets flush?”…

  4. I am writing this comment while I’m on hold waiting to report a problem with my not so smart gas meter. It sounds like an old squeaky pump running, loud enough that the neighbors are complaining.
    I have been on hold now for 17 minutes, so I am close to calling back and saying it is an emergency just to speak to someone. NOT GOOD SERVICE

  5. What is the website or Email addr. of your Pension Payroll Dept. Please RSVP ASAP, I am a retiree from PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Nuc. Plant. Thanks! Alex Taylor

  6. So Monday is a Smart day!! I opted out of the program last week because I know we were having emergency
    Construction done at our home on Monday. I don’t think we should be charged the higher rate since I never saw any “rules” about opting out and having to wait until the end of a billing cycle for the change to take effect. This is unacceptable. A computer should be able to handle this type of emergency request instantaneously. This is unacceptable.

    Rich Schroeder

  7. Recently, I bought Sweep & Trap. I was so disappointed. It didn’t catch anything from the floor. And it moves to the front only. I can not return to the store I bought. Because I throw a package away. I was so excited to get it. I didn’t even think about returning it. I was wondering you really test to use this product before coming onto market.

  8. I just received a note saying how our house was using more electricity than others of similar size. I’m curious to know how you figure this since we are old and in the house a lot compared to neighbors who all work. So what is it you want us to do – leave the house and hang out in a park? We pay our bills on time, so I consider this to be an unfounded criticism.

  9. Friday evening I discovered i had no hot water. I called a comapy to repair my water heater. The found the pilot light was out. While they were working on my water heater we noticed that the gas meter on the side of my house had been worked on. It appears a breather valve of some type had been added and the pipes freshly painted. The previous day I had noticed a PGE service person working on my next door neighbors house meter. It appears PGE did service on my meter, which shut off the gas flow without notifying me. I spent $198.00 for the repair service to light my water heater.

    I received no notification that my gas meter was going to be worked on and notified after the fact. My kids and I went through the night with the pilot out exposing the family to the risk of of gas in the house. This was completely irresponsible, not to mention it cost me a significant amount of money.

    • it has come to my attention that you are considering adding $10 to every account. this is unthinkable and i strongly protest. the customers should not be responsible for your mistakes.

  10. it has come to my attention that you are considering adding $10 to every account. this is unthinkable and i strongly protest. the customers should not be responsible for your mistakes.

  11. I have tried to ask a question on your customer service line, and of course could not as I was not able to speak to a person. I was however given a dozen choices for which I did not have a need. Computers do not do everything, Yet.

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