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Contacting Pfizer Customer Service Center

Pfizer is a medical company that specializes in research, development and production of vaccines and medications. Most of the time consumers have no contact with companies like Pfizer as the medication is prescribed by a physician and fulfilled by a pharmacy. However, some companies like Pfizer are willing to work with customers to reduce the cost of prescriptions they could not otherwise afford to ensure proper care and improve overall patient health.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is one Pfizer phone number for customer support and another for the corporate office. The customer support line is where most calls will be handled, but if there is a problem with customer support; bypass this number and contact corporate about your issue.

  • Customer Support: 1-800-879-3499

Customer support is available from 8 AM to 8 PM EST, but only on weekdays.

  • Corporate: 1-212-733-2323

Mailing Address

The corporate mailing address is the one most customers choose when contacting Pfizer about medication or customer support issues – if there is no desire for phone or email contact. If your issue is dire and you need medication right away for your health condition, do not send a letter to Pfizer as it could take weeks for the company to respond.

Pfizer Corporate Office235 E 42nd StNew York, NY 10017

Official Website

You can locate the official website for Pfizer at The website is technical, for the most part, explaining what products the company is currently working on and what products have been approved by the FDA. Pfizer is a worldwide company, so international contact information is also available from the official website.

Customer Service Email

On the customer support page there is a link to Email Us located here Choose your topic from the menu and click the GO button. If this is the first time you’ve contacted Pfizer, you will need to verify your email address before your message is sent to the customer service team. ALL emails are read, but the company does not promise to answer all emails.

Our Experience

The Pfizer customer service department is rather confusing. The customer service department provided several options for internal use, then changed the options for customers. We waited through the options and pressed 0 to connect with a live agent. When the customer service representative answered the call, we asked if customers have questions relating to medication produced by the company, can we contact a representative to ask questions or voice concerns.

The agent expressed the interest to listen to our concerns, but recommended visiting a physician. The explained they as a company are not authorized to provide medical advice. We have to love the honesty displayed by the customer service department. When you contacted the customer service department, were they forthcoming with information? Take a moment to discuss your experiences.

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4 Comments on “Contact Pfizer Customer Service
  1. I must use the Premarin cream, and although it is effective, I am frustrated with the high cost (even with insurance, $120 per tube), and the tube itself is designed in such a way that at least 2 applications are wasted due to the sensitivity of trying to get the cream into the applicator before it oozes out spontaneously. A silly complaint? Perhaps, but I find myself more and more agitated with this product, and yet I have no recourse as my doctor says there are no other alternatives for my particular need. This issue worsened after your last packaging re-design which is not user friendly. The product insert even advises to “squeeze from the bottom”, yet this does not solve the issue.

  2. I was shocked and appalled by your latest Viagra commercial the other day. Had to endure twice. It was seductive and pornographic and on two different stations, the last one CBS at 8:40 PM CST. Family viewing time or not, this commercial should be removed immediately. Are your sales that poor that you have had to resort to pornography? I am ashamed of your company and will recommend no one use your products. To do all the good you have done with one commercial is so very troubling in an already troubled society. My heart is sick over this. I hope to hear from you that you have removed this commercial. Sincerely Pam Waters

  3. I know you could care less what I have to say …
    STICKER SHOCK when MY copay for Lyrica was $ 217.00 !!!
    I am 72 … alone now … due to being on Medicare … I don’t qualify for your help according to yor site requirements.
    You leave me with two options … buy Lyrica … or … buy groceries.
    Nancy Grills

  4. My cat needs Lax’aire and I cannot find it anywhere. He will not take any other laxative. Help me to get this lubricant. Does anyone in Hawaii carry this. Many of the Vets do not have any. Urgent request…please.. Thank you.

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