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Contacting Petco Customer Service Center

Petco is a pet supply company with numerous retail locations in the United States. You can order form for home shipping, register for an account to contact customer service and find out more about Petco programs like Petco Pals. There is a detailed question and answer section where Petco publishes commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions. If you have a simple question you may want to check these questions to see if yours has already been answered.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Petco customer service is available from 4 A.M. to 10 P.M. PST, 7 days a week.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-738-6742
  • Gift Card Hotline: 1-800-853-7055
  • Rewards Program: 1-888-824-7257
  • Store Feedback: 1-888-824-7257
  • Corporate Office: 1-858-453-7845

Mailing Address

The mailing address for corporate office is not ideal for customer service. You will likely wait much longer to hear back from anyone at this address than you would if you sent an email or called customer service.

Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. 9125 Rehco Rd. San Diego, CA 92121

Official Website

The official website for Petco is located at This address is where all products are listed, orders are placed and customer contact information is listed. If you have a question about a particular order you may want to log in to your account and contact customer service from the order page. This gives the customer service agent information about the order to improve the quality of your response.

Customer Service Email

You can send customer service an email about your order using the Send a Message form. This form is for order contact only. For communication about a topic other than an order, you can use the Live Chatoption.

In addition to contacting Petco customer service by email, customers can also use Facebook or Twitter to ask questions and request customer service. Petco is also available on Google Plus.

Our Experience

You don’t have to wait for the automated response that answers your call to Petco to finish before pressing 0 to speed up the process. We pressed 0 as soon as the call was answered and the agent answered in just 24 seconds. Our agent did not appear to be from the United States. Her accent was very thick and we had to ask her to repeat the physical address of the nearest Petco multiple times before we were able to note the entire address.

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33 Comments on “Contact Petco Customer Service
  1. Can you help.
    MY experience with PETCO has been horrible at best. I would like to explain what has happened. On January 10th one of our teachers placed an order over the phone with PETCO. Being a school she told them we are tax exempt and they ask that we fax a copy of exemption form along with the reference # & order #. On January 12th I faxed all the information requested to PETCO @ fax # 858-7843489. I have a copy of the transmission and that it went through ok. When I received my credit card statement the taxes were included. I called and talked to someone with an accent that I found hard to understand. First she told me there wasn’t anything she could do and then told me to fax the information again and I would be credited the $27.59 back on my charge card in the next 24 hours. I come to work this morning and I have an email from you requesting I email the information to you electronically. I do not have my tax form on my machine so, I call again and this time to talk to you. It is the same as yesterday. Gayle (the person I talked to) today is very hard to understand and was not helpful at all. I got the feeling that the office just thought I was a joke. Now she tells me I should get in my car, using my gas and drive to a PETCO and they will give me my money back in reward cards to be used in the store, This was not my error. Am I supposed to send the PETCO reward cards to Master Card as there payment or do I just tell the auditors that PETCO charges taxes to exempt businesses and keeps the tax money. All I am asking is that you do what should have been done in January now. If you are unable to take care of this please forward this to someone who will.
    Thank you,
    Rebecca Rowland

  2. I received a strange email from you and when I went to do it. McAfee redboxed whooaed it. this is the address:
    Petco Survey
    Maybe it has something to do with the war, I do not know.
    But McAfee does not put you as a site to use but something be wrong.

    I am a patron of your stores.

  3. I buy most of my pet needs from petco.usually in your store. Decided it would be easier to order from your web site then to drive 50 some miles to your closest store from where I live in Atlantic Iowa. But it has been a nightmare.. Order was not complete and talking to your staff trying to get it right has been a stressful ordeal.. As of now I have called 3 times and it still not been filled as my cats go without cat litter or I go to wal- mart to buy more of what I already purchased from you and have not received. I am a truck driver and when I ordered something on line I expect to receive it just like you do when you place you orders for your business!

  4. Dear CS Regional Supervisor,

    Good evening. Tonight I stopped into your Petco 2414 off of Hampden and was extremely pleased with the superior customer service. This is the 3rd time I have been in that store and I have been impressed every time. I came in for a return and was taken care of by Luella. She was pleasant and personable and I was impressed. I returned a 16″ aquarium light and asked if the store carried a 15″ aquarium light. Luella said she wasn’t sure and asked one of your attentive managers near by named Andrew. I was impressed because he said that he wasn’t sure but offered to look, and he did. Needless to say the store didn’t carry the length that I needed. No hassle and great customer service for the return made me want to explore your awesome store. I ran into Christine the bright customer service rep that helped me with my original purchase. I asked her if it would be wise for me to purchase and add fish to my new aquarium that night. She said it would be fine. As I was looking for items pick up for my new project Andrew came over and assisted. While Christine grabbed the fish that I purchased and the aquarium laminated background, Andrew grabbed a small fish net that I needed as well. I also picked up some fish food for my new friends. The reps that I have dealt with thus far have great dispositions and a professionalism second to none. They also all had great personalities, which means a lot in the art of customer service. You all are doing a great job hiring over there at 2414. Your training program must be outstanding. I will return to purchase much more and send my family and friends your way as well. It is greatly appreciated. Take care and keep up the good work.

    Sincerely, Will

  5. I received a $20 promotional gift card for signing up for recurring delivery, it expired before I could use it. The people in the store & the CSR from the distribution center said that Petco could reissue a gift card for me since I didn’t get a chance to use it before it expired. When I called & talk to a CSR about it she said she was unable to do so. I always have shopped at Petco for all my pet needs but now because I can not be reissued a gift card (promotional or not) I will be shopping at PetSmart. Also one last tidbit, the rewards should have a longer period of time before they expire.

  6. I purchased a large litter box on line & when it arrived it was not up to my expectations-to small. It was tossed into a carton with no bubble wrap or secure packing, bill/proof of purchase.I went to return the unit to a local store & was treated like a common criminal!!Allen, the store manager was rude & condescending only wanted to give me a store credit. This obviously was charged since it was an on line order(I printed the order confirmation to show that I did indeed by this on line.) He finally agreed to credit my card for the box but not the shipping(No problem about the shipping). He made it very clear for the customers around me to let everyone know he was doing me a huge favor. Shame on your employees to treat a customer in such a rude fashion!!Thank Allen for loosing my future business. No more PetCo for me.

    • Have you killed any of God’s beautiful dogs in your dryers lately
      I will never walk through your doors again much less bring my
      beloved companion…You are a HORRIBLE business model…
      Hope you go out of business from lawsuits.

  7. Please removerfrom your e-mails. We have no pets. Did not sign up for your e-mails, when try to unsubscribe and hit submit nothing happens. Have been tryin to unsubscribe for days. As I mentioned we have no pets, and will not be buying any pet products.

  8. I talked to Lilly at 11/16 around 5:13p.m. about an order I was trying to place online for dog food. My Pals Reward account is 510231980. Lilly would leave me on hold for as long as 20 minutes at a time and more than once. She refused to help me to complete my order. The last thing she email mailed was that she was going to log off. This is the worst customer service I have received and I think Petco should look into this and help Lilly find a job outside your company because she can’t do her job. My husband and I have owned our own company for years and we have learned that an employee like this turns away business.

  9. brought about 7 fish at petco on eastern bypass in montgomery, after a couple of days the fishs died. kept the receipt, took the fish and a water sample back to the store and was told my ph level in my tank at home was too high, well Did what was told to do with my tank at home, replaced the fishs with my return, again after a couple of days the fish die. my daughter return the fish with water to petco, but heres the problem, the thin hair sales associate, get mad about the return, said the water sample was not any good, dam near thrrow the money as a refund. my daughter gos to buy more fish with the refund, but this thin hair sales associate told her dam here to get out the store, she could not buy any more fish there, and that she has our name written down so if we were to ever buy fish there we would need to bring a water sample out of our fish tank first. Really, ever? well, we went to petsmart, brought 6 fish and they are doing great. Have shopped there before and have notice how rude and dont feel likeworking staff in the past, but to tell me how and when I can spend my money is just crazy. Lost customer for life. I will never shop at anothet petco. just watching how they do other custcustomer’s is plenty enough. she must dont know you can buy fishs sc dam near anywhere.
    mad as hell

  10. A man who shares my surname now has three PALS Rewards accounts, and I have none. TWICE Petco’s computer system has reassigned my account to this man, and locked me out completely. Perhaps if I create a new account under another surname? This fellow has his own account, my original account, and the account Petco Customer Service created for me just three months ago. Yes, even that new one got reassigned to him and I cannot get it back. Nor can I get in to cancel their promotional e-mails – OF COURSE I still get those, in plenty! And the “unsubscribe” link just tells me to log in, which I can no longer do! Petco, you’ve lost me as a customer.

  11. As I write this I have been on hold for over 10 minute waiting for cust service to answer my call. I was calling to ask why a product that I have been purchasing at PETCO is TWICE the price that it is on line. The product is “Nutri-Vet(skin& coat) soft chews..I have been paying 19.99 at your store and can get it for 9>99 on line. I can understand a store having a mark up but TWICE the price????I found also that Natural Balance Limited ingredients dog food that I purchase is $6. more a bag that a small local pet shop in the next town. I would appreciate some kind of refund or store credit for this as I am very upset to think that you have been charging me an outrageous price for this item>I have 2 German-Shepherds and use 4 chews a day so they are used up fast. Please respond.

  12. Saw footage of Petco workers FREEZING & GASSING LIVE ANIMALS. You are all cruel & I,m making sure this footage goes viral. These poor animals don’t deserve to be treated like shit. Shame on your company. Hope you all get fired & prosecuted for your cruelty.

  13. I have went to petco’s for years I have had two patriots for over 20 years. Recently Indiana Pa opened a petco and I decided I will go elsewhere for grooming and order my parrot food. First bad experience they did a upgrade groom I didn’t order when I argued after an hour on the phone for my money back they were rude when I came in making me wait when they were not busy for 45 minutes with my 1 year old child. Next strick my daughter brought her dog to be groomed again and they were rude would not wait on her she had to find a manager to get service. Then for some ungodly reason my daughters boyfriend got her a bird for V-day and it died two weeks later they took him back to the store where the girl refused a refund because he must been lonely really! What a bull shit story all I know is I will tell my friends and family coworkers Facebook friends and everyone about how bad your service is!
    I am truly an unhappy customer and will never return I probably won’t have if the bird would have been taken care of.

  14. Your website for placing orders is the absolute worst I have ever used. Unbelievable. You make it very hard to use the survey or contact you noting these problems also.

  15. I had couponds for a free case of dog food They had the dog food ,but they told me that they would not sell a cases Only cans Whats up with that ? I will never shop at petco again .and i spend over 600 a month on dry food and around 150 on can food.

  16. Hello

    We have 3 indoor cats that spray everythinh. I found a product on the Internet that completely removes the smell from clothing. bedding, curtains, paint. AND wood floors called Urine Rx. It is under $20 a gallon but costs as much to ship. It has saved us a lot of money
    Please look into selling it in your stores.

  17. I live in Stockton, KS., I visited your Manhattan, KS store on April 23 to have my dogs groomed. One is a welsh terrier snd the other is a golden cross, I have never been so impressed with thier cuts. They did a fabulous job. Especially the one who worked on my golden cross, he is ab as olutely beautiful. They should be recognized for thier work, and great customer service.

  18. I am a Petco customer and a Petco card member
    I just came out of a Petco store in Colorado Springs,
    Bad experience. I saw that there was a sale on cat food(blue buffalo) and I was going to stock up. To my confusion, I saw that the prices on the shelf were considerably higher than posted on the Petco site as well as the local Petsmart). I inquired to a staff member who rudely told me that the store can’t afford to sell at the advertised Petco site prices and a story about how shipping costs more for them and so they charge more. Basically saying that the the Petco store competes against Petco itself.
    I left the store stunned by the rudeness and customer disinterest I mean I don’t care about Petco internal issues with their distributor, etc.
    I got a couple of items I needed and less than 1 was planning to purchase.
    Is Petco Inc. a separate entity than the stores?
    It is a awful experience to step into a Petco store.

    Jon Temple

  19. I recently had a horrible experience at Petco Store# 1701 Leesburg Va, I couldnt Find anyone to help me to obtain some crickets, I asked this one rude young man who was just standing in the doorway of the room, they keep crickets and he answered me very rudly! I cant touch the crickets I am not on the clock! Well he proceeded to help another customer with her needs and ignored me, I had to wait for someone to come up front to the checkout counter, I asked for crickets, the girl got me the crickets but then proceeded to check me out and the whole time chatted with another employee about needing a cigarette break!! I was then overcharged for my crickets and the girls reaction was we went up on the price of crickets to .16$ from .14$ I questioned it because I was in there a week earier, she then proceeded to tell me Petsmart has them .2 cheaper, I dont think an employee should be talking about her cigarette issues in front of customers,

  20. I have a 16 year old chi that Barbara USED TO BE ABLE TO DO. but some body complained That she was aggressive, ,She Has No teeth..Severe Arthritis, ,
    One that’s deaf. ..She snaps at you but doesn’t bite..BECAUSE SHE IS DEAF..Barbara has Never been bit ..She is Great…SO You refuse as PetCo to help with 3 rescue dogs,,Because Nobody Else wanted them..
    THE 3rd Is In Foster And A Big baby…I buy all my food,from Petco, ,Between 200 to 400 dollars a month..
    I can show my appreciation too.
    These Dogs were going to be killed..
    Then your tattle tale told on Barbara and got her written up..
    You have a great Lady there..And because you have a supposedly Pet Lover..Now Barbara is in trouble. .
    I can shop at Petsmart,,I drive 45 minutes to Sebring anyway..I will use someone else..
    Thanks for making these Misfits even more unappreciated. .
    Judy Evors..
    I will also let my friends know How you all really Love pets..

    MayBe you should Ask Barbara if she’s ever been hurt by these 2..

  21. I spent all evening into this morning around 3am trying to place my order. I had the $15 coupon plus free ship,was excited to put my order in,but by the time I finally could,it states my coupon was no longer good! Really?! 6hrs wasted,then my order disappeared from my cart! Tried calling as well BUT couldn’t get through that way either. I was ordering for a rescue/foster,was excited,but then BIG disappointment!

  22. I visited the Petco in Skokie 4/1/2017 . The store was filthy , the bathroom was disgusting. Only saw one employee who was friendly.

  23. We regularly take our dogs to be groomed at Petco at Guadalupe and McClintock Tempe AZ. We where called by groomer that my pets regular groomer while cleaning glands injured by pet and Pet was bleeding. They could not finish and I would have to pick up my pet. Upon arriving I asked for expalainatiin and everyone got real defensive and said I needed to take my pet to the vet. And that employee could be fired if continued. The employee should be fired and Petco should pay for my pets injuries while at grooming visit today April 22

  24. Sunday 6/25 11AM: Went into Petco Unleashed on Wilshire BLVD Santa Monica CA. Was buying fresh food for my dog. It is kept in an open refrigerated display. The refrigerated unit was obviously not working as water was dripping down. The employees put sponges in the bottom to absorb the water.The unit was defrosting. The same unit had problems last year. I complained that the food was not refrigerated. The employees said they can’t do anything about it. I said why not tell management the unit is defective? They responded that the local manager had no control over it. It was up to corporate to make decisions and I should call Petco corporate. I said “Why don’t you call them? They are in San Diego. They shrugged their shoulders. I then asked if it was their policy to sell rancid food? Got another shoulder shrug from the Assistant Manager.

  25. Made a visit to the Petco store in Altoona Pa (Falon Ln). We liked the store but the help didn’t seem very friendly. We walked around the store for at least 30 minutes looking at different things but mainly we were considering the purchase of a fish tank. We made eye contact with different employees and not a one asked if we needed any help. Finally we asked an employee a question and they replied with a very short answer then they walked away. So we went elsewhere and bought a fish tank there.

  26. I am looking to order a case of Leaps & Bounds – Playtime Pal – Emoticon Latex Ball (SKU #2280448). I called customer service who transferred me to a voicemail for vendors, vets, etc. and I never got anywhere. Your website says under construction. Please advise on how to order by the case instead of individual pieces at the store if/when they have in stock. Thank You.

  27. Order Number: 45886346 – 10/11/17 Tried to give this feedback on the Petco rating survey w/ comments but when I submitted my responses it crashed with an error response from the Petco server and wouldn’t let me retake the survey again.

    What can Petco do to improve the ordering process?
    To ensure that the 2 cases of 24 item cat food I order didn’t contain a total of more than 18 dented cans out of the total 48. It was almost as though the cat food was repackaged. Some of the dents were found on cans that were not even located on the perimeter of the cases. In the past orders I’ve only found 10-15 cat food cans dented out of 72 cans (3 cases of 24).

    And for some reason not all the cans from the same case have the same consistency, some are running and fall apart (which are quite a few) and other cans are solid and stay together with far less liquid. My cat will often opt for something else to eat.


  28. Can you tell me if your Muskegon, MI store has what is called Reptiworms, they also go by Black Soldier Fly Larvae, or Calciworms, or Phoneixworms? Thank You!

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