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Contacting Pepsi Customer Service Center

Pepsi is a product of the PepsiCo company. PepsiCo is responsible for name brands like Frito Lay, Quaker Oats, Tropicana, Gatorade and Sobe. You can find contact information for the main corporation on the PepsiCo website, but Pepsi has a unique set of customer service information for consumer and businesses.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Pepsi customer service center is open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday EST. If you’d like to talk live with an agent via chat you can do so during customer service hours at

  • Pepsi Customer Service: 1-800-433-2652
  • PepsiCo Corporate: 1-914-253-2000

Mailing Address

The customer service mailing address is there for customers who want to send a letter to Pepsi, but the FAQs section is quite detailed, so if your letter pertains to a question you may be able to answer that question without sending the letter at all. On the other hand, if your letter complains or raves about a problem with Pepsi or a Pepsi product you can send it to:

Pepsi Customer ServiceConsumer Relations1 Pepsi WayComers, NY 10589


PepsiCo North America700 Anderson Hill RdPurchase, NY 10577

Official Website

The official website for Pepsi is located at, but there is also a website for PepsiCo at The Pepsi website offers much more than information on a line of sodas. The site displays company information, coupons, promotions and pictures of Pepsi in the community. There are even videos from Pepsi lovers all over the world.

Customer Service Email

You can contact customer service with a problem about your Pepsi product or with a general comment about Pepsi. There are different contact forms for each situation. Visit click on one of the links under the Email Us button.

If you are a frequent social media users, visit Pepsi on Twitter or Facebook.

Our Experience

One of the most enjoyable companies to contact is Pepsi. Customers will not have a long wait and the customer service representatives appear to have compassion with the answers they provide, as well as the level of detail with each answer. We knew the company couldn’t divulge the ingredients in the carbonated beverages, but we were wondering if the facilities where Pepsi is made are free from known allergens. Case in point, Pepsi currently has a snack division which could potentially have allergens present.

The agent assured us the carbonated beverage category is free from known allergens. In a word, the experience was awesome. Tell us about your experience dealing with the customer service at Pepsi.

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62 Comments on “Contact Pepsi Customer Service
  1. Greetings PepsiCo!

    I am a loyal customer of Pepsi products, especially your Sierra Mist Natural. I purchased a 12 pk case the other day, our family and friends were shocked to find it tasted of chemicals and oil, similar to crank case oil.
    All of our guests tasted and smelled the same chemical.
    I have had this happen a couple other times when purchasing the plastic small bottle, but never the cans.
    By searching the internet today, I see you have had similar complaints dating back to 2010. This is an on-going quality control problem?
    Please advise us on this issue.
    The Dennis Family

  2. super bowl halftime…..dances were disgusting. Seemed like we were watching a porno dance site. Not what we expect at a football game!!!! Beyonce’s moves were more appropriate for a “men’s club”. Yuk.

  3. How can pepsi expect to keep customers when you have beyonce as your product endorment spokeswoman she’s trashy and her lack of morals and ..that halftime show was the last straw for me ….stick with a proven spokes man for pepsi like jeff gordon he sell pepsi …she loses customers i love pepsi &sierra mist but refuse to buy any pepsi product until shes no longer on the advertisments for any of your products …so untill i will drink a less superior product untill i see a change in pepsi’s moral makeup …and im not the only one out here that feels this way about beyonce …so its in pepsis hands to listen to your customers or not im not drinking or eating any of your products period till shes out of the picture ….by pepsi hello coke and its family of products .which are fer less superior good bye …

  4. I think your new contest is bogus. A fake. And is misrepresented by a bunch of lies. I have been a Mt Dew drinker for abt 30 yrs and have never entered a contest and tried entering this iconic summer contest and after being greeted by a bunch of BS that was NOT stated in ANY of your contest rules, but still after filling out the required questions after registering, I tried to enter the site to enter the codes and nothing. I closed out and went back to the website and again entered my UN and PW and again nothing. I tried this several times and nothing is happening. After 30 yrs, this BS and misrepresentation is enuff to make me switch to something else.

  5. Okay Pepsi, I just wanted to let you know something: your diet Pepsi? Ew. No flavor at all. Same with your diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. And don’t get me started on your diet Pepsi caffeine free soda. That stuff tastes like motor oil and gasoline. Nobody in my family of 6 could stomach it. We ended up giving it away. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with these two sodas, please fix. The only Pepsis I like are the REGULAR Pepsi and the REGULAR Wild Cherry Pepsi. That just screams “problem!” to me, because I have absolutely no issues with other companies’ diet sodas. In fact, I am an avid Coke Zero drinker. Thank you for your time.

  6. Okay my wife and myself are big Diet Pepsi drinkers like 10 cases a week. And enjoy it more than Diet Coke any day. So that’s great. Only thing I wish you had a program like Coke Rewards to constantly reward loyal Pepsi drinkers. Your contests are nice but are not a steady reward program.
    In my simple one person opinion I think if you came up with something like buy so many (quantity for you to decide) you get a free case of that drink. So something like a program buy 20 say 12 packs of Pepsi enter codes receive a coupon for a free 12 pack.

  7. I have tried a lot of links today to get Pepsi coupons
    and got nothing.
    Are you sure you give out any coupons whatsoever?
    My wife is 68 years old and has always drank a six pack or a 2 liter bottle of diet Pepsi every day.
    I think a coupon here and/or there ain’t not gonna hurt a big company like Pepsi.
    c’mon, get your act together

  8. I’m not drinking your products anymore. It’s time to get healthy not fat or end up with cancer. Your drinks are causing cancer to people which you don’t care about because all you want is profits. I’m going to warn more people about what your products are doing so they can stop as well.

    Not your customer

  9. My favorite pepsi product was Livewire but later I found out I’m. Type 2 diabetic and I really miss it.I was wondering if Pepsi was thinking of making a diet Livewire?

    Thank you

  10. What is so hard about keeping Dt Mt Dew in any size of the shelf!.
    I go to one store they will have them then they run out. Go to another they’ll have them then they will run out. Now finally at walmart, in LAWTON OKLAHOMA, they have 4 rows of DT Dew 2L size but there will be at least a dozen rows of regular Dew 2L size. This is a bunch of B-S! and the Dt Dew 2l runs out!. Some needs to call these people down here and tell em to stock up more the 4 rows. By the way the regular 2l Dew, still full rows of dew. The Dt Dew completely out!. Explain this. Either they need to order more or you guys need to push more Diet Dew in all sizes. So please feel free to call them for me and push more diet dew.

  11. I have been a loyal customer of Pepsi products since my childhood. Always Pepsi in the winter and mountain dew in summer. Now I am addicted to seirra mist cranberry splash and other years you have carried it and now in a major market like Seattle/Tacoma there is none to be found. Hard to stay loyal when your company cannot even provide SM cranberry to a major market. If your customer service cant fix this I have no choice but to change my loyalty somewhere else. This is the most frustrating and unbelievable situation I have ever even heard of!!!! Again Seattle is a MAJOR market, What is the problem. If you ever get it here again, the very least your company could do is offer a free 12 pack, if it ever comes!!! Very upset I am!!!! Fix it soon before fall is over!!!!

  12. hi my name is arold ilike to drink pepsi because pepsi is the best coold and tasty. by the way i am a technician in mechanic diesel and gasoline i would like to share my experience with you iam living in fl i would to work in pepsi at pompano please send me an email to confirm my job request thanks.

  13. Cannot believe pepsi worried about saying “under GOD”but still likes to take everyones in God we trust? This is still America grow a pair!

  14. Why does your product wild cherry Pepsi go flat as soon as the 12oz can is opened. I can’t stand that because it makes me feel as if so many people are wasting their money. I would rather spend my money on a product that don’t go flat such as coca-cola or Dr.pepper. so with great regards change your product or you will lose a customer.

    Thank you.

  15. I have had nothing but problems with your promotion games.Over the summer I accumulated several coded to get prizes which a never received,I contacted the promotion department four weeks ago which stated my items had been shipped to an address I had over eight years ago and returned. Recently I have been playing the pepsi score game I Was informed when entering a code that I am an instant winner on about 20 Dec 3013 I was informed that I’ll be receiving a email confirming this I have received nothing. since the 22 December I have not been able to do anything with my account my password won’t let me in and I won’t let me change it. Has anything like this happened to other people.

  16. Your Pepsi commercial(about the 1st halftime)seen during the pro football games on 1/5/14 is one of the best out there these days. Thanks for making a commercial where people can actually tell what the product being advertised is. Good one!

  17. I recently purchased a 20 oz bottle of Cherry Pepsi. The top of the bottle has such jagged plastic it cut my hand. Needless to say this has SEVERLY effected my confidence in the product. I am nervous of any plastic bottle at this point. The cut is just that a cut I applied a bandaid and some Neosporin as I don’t have medical insurance. I am happy to send you the bottle as long as you pay for postage. I would also like to know what PEPSI is willing to do in regards to my injury and loss of confidence in products in plastic bottles.

  18. Tried for HOURS to submit forms online but every time I get to the submit page after entering all the information in the previous 3 steps the site does nothing when I click submit.

  19. Since people are seeking items that remind them of the past,you should “retro” your “produce” items. This I believe will increase your sales

  20. I am a die hard pepsi fan.
    What happened to the 24oz bottle? I have been very happy with the 24oz. bottle, I asked at the stores managers, I was told you are not making them any more, why? Will you be bringing them back. Pls bring them back. TY

  21. First of all I have been extremely patient, but now it is impacting servicing my customers. I have called multiple times and was told a delivery coordinator was bringing my order last Friday the 28th of February. Now I am told there will be no delivery and that my order has been cancelled. I would appreciate my outstanding order.

    General Manager
    Sam Schroeder

  22. Hi i gound somethong very disturbing at the bottom of my pepsi can an would like to email the picture. If you could give me the email adress for the compony.

  23. your 3 freez are out of order since one month, we complaint your centre more than 5 time but not respond

  24. I think it really reflects some lame marketing management when one of your franchises can,at there discretion discontinue distributing a product.Case in point: Pepsi Bottling Group of Reno,Nv. has done just that with the Lipton White Tea w/Rasberry.Bad,bad decision. So I`m sayin it again

  25. Hi, I am a big pepsi drinker and I would like to thank you for your products and look forward to drinking more in the future!!

    Thanks Pepsi

  26. why! Lipton Diet Sparkling Strawberry Kiwi Green Tea 16.9 oz, 12 pk I love this tea don’t like any of the others,i drank this all time need bring it back bto stores ,I got to have some going crazy !!!!! HELP BRING IT BACK PLEASE!Is there any way I can order it .

  27. we are getting issue while pepsi promo code reacharge please help me showing reason.
    You have already availed this offer

  28. I need to know all the differences between Mt. Dew and Baha Blast at Taco Bell. I have many food allergies and it seems that one of my grandsons all so has some sensitivity. He can drink Mt. Dew but every time he drinks Baha Blast he gets sick. So please be honest and inform us of ALL the differences so we may start eliminating things and figure out what is causing him to be ill.

  29. I think Your distributor out of Effingham Illinois sucks so bad I want to go back to Coke. What is so hard about getting Dt. Pepsi to Olney? Check IGA, Save a Lot, Dollar General and gas stations and you cant find 2 liters. This has been going on for what seems like a year. Can you please ask them to get their shit together.

  30. I like you Pepsi throwback
    I have been a coke person for over 30 years
    I have been drinking Pepsi throwback foe a month
    I am very happy with it
    can you please put it in a 2 liter

  31. I have been to four KFCs in the Central Ohio area and every time I have gone, something has been left out of my order. On Morse Road, 43229, my drink was left out and another time a side order was wrong (asked for Mac and Cheese, got potato wedges). At the Alum Creek Drive and 270 store in Obetz, My sides were left out of the meal THREE TIMES! The third time, when I went back into the store to get satisfaction, I was treated as if I was unreasonable to expect better service, and I was told that the errors were because of a new process. I don’t really care. On Hamilton Road I didn’t receive the right order. I asked for original recipe and I received grilled. I will no longer make purchases at KFC. When my family and friends suggest KFC I will tell them about my experience and confirm that they have had the same experience (an easy job since it has happened to me several times). It is very disappointing that a company that used to be such an important part of our trips and Sunday meals after Church will no longer be part of our heritage. No matter. Our family will continue with other traditions and other companies not related to KFC or Pepsi.

  32. Dear sir,
    it is to imform mr narendra chauhan canteen northan railway dehradun is having dis- 25% in all product but presently we are geting dis-20% you are requested to kindly give us reason for this sad matter.

  33. I purchase a number of Pepsi products all 12 pack cans. At the store moved them by picking up from both ends. When I arrived home picked up the first 2 boxes of Pepsi Caffeine Free using the carry handle. The bottoms of BOTH boxes totally fell out. Cans everywhere, 24 cans burst all over the car, me the driveway, EVERYWHERE rolling down the driveway and lawn. What a mess! You need resolve some gluing issues with the boxes. Obviously, the other boxes I bought have been handled carefully. But obviously hesitant to purchase more.

  34. I was very dissapointed to hear that you are no longer producing Pepsi One. Being a diabetic that was our favorite soft drink. I hope the powers that be reconsider and bring it back

  35. I think your sale service reps. are very rude. You call us wanting orders and if they wait 1 minute and are put on hold they hang up the phone. They want information that they should be looking at on their computer and want to tie up my time. There written speal is to long if you want to talk to me about new product send someone in personally. I think the whole phone tag is a lousy way of doing business. You should at least send in a sale rep. for orders the same as the beer companies. Personal service is not your strong point anymore.

  36. As a Pepsi consumer for over 25 years if Pepsi does not put more pressure on Roget Goodell to resign , then it’s time for a change in soft drinks! Thank you!

  37. I hope you read face book, to see how I feel about your product. It was the only one we bought,but not now. Not only your product when down hill, but your customer service center went to hell. Coke is getting better tasting each day. Like I told my wife, I will not buy another pepi again. sorry,, but no answer from you company means you don’t care about the customer.

  38. The last two case’s of Pepsi I bought have had one or more sealed but empty can’s in it.
    What is going on with your Q.C.?

  39. I have been a Pepsi drinker for over 40 years. It has been a staple in my household. I don’t know what the change is, but it is NOT the same pepsi that it has been for years. It has a funny taste. I thought maybe I just got ahold of a bad case but the next one I opened tasted the same. What are you doing different? Has anyone else complained about the taste? If this is the way it is going to be now, you have lost a life long customer. Will be waiting on your response. Thanks

  40. I have been a long time Sierra Mist drinker. I recently purchased the new Sierra Mist. It does not taste the same. I had a case of the old one and compared labels. The new one no longer has the good lemon/lime taste and you have now added Stevia. The soda is now quite tasteless and too sweet. The soda was much better tasting before. I have 3 unopened cases of the new soda and will be returning them to the store for a refund. I will no longer be purchasing Sierra Mist. There was no improvement needed on this product. You have failed.

  41. To whom it may concern we purchased a20 pack of Pepsi and we noticed that the taste was flat an no fizz.the barcode number is 1200050297 and I cannot locate an expectation date.

  42. I believe you need to change your philosophy regarding seasonal drinks such as your Cranberry Sierra Mist. I like it since it contains no caffeine and I love the cranberry taste with it. I have several people saying the same thing and if you read post from others you would know it as well. Why should this great drink just be sold for November and December. You don’t sell Cherry Pepsi just in February for George Washington so why this drink. Please reconsider as I quit drinking all caffeine drinks using this one which is a lot better.


  43. I found out you are not having the caffeine free diet Pepsi in24 ounces any more I like this better then diet coke but unless it changes I will be drinking diet coke caffeine free

  44. I purchased 2 eight packs of 12oz bottles of diet pepsi, my favorite drink, but all 16 bottles were flat, after the second one I drank I started shaking them to see if they would fizz, nothing. I am very disappointed, I allow myself these pops each week and can’t afford to go buy more so I’m stuck drinking flat pop. This is the third time I have bought flat soda, might have to switch brands. Had anyone else had this problem?

  45. I have been a loyal customer for 30+ years. It was not until I started selling Pepsi products through my little store that I see the real Pepsi Co. I have not had worse customer service in my life. I can not get anybody to return a phone call or e-mail in a timely (3-5 days) manner. The head salesman was great about the inital order and setting up the cases. Since it’s been a major hassle to get a order placed or the correct product to show up in the delivery when it finally shows up. I prefer to E-mail in my orders so I have proof of reciept of the order as well as what I ordered. I have tried to e-mail my orders to my account rep’s supervisor so he can pass it on to the account rep. Since the rep wont give me a e-mail address to send it to. This causes major problems, delays in getting the order delivered as well as incorrect product. We are 50 miles out in the middle of nowhere. Coke has no problem running a truck through here every Wednesday. They also have no order minimum. Pepsi wants at least 50 – 70+ cases to order. During peak travel season this is not a issue. Pepsi acts like they are doing us a favor showing up once every month or two to try to make me buy products I dont want in my store. The rep should be contacting me every two weeks to check on my account. I have to spend days to weeks calling to eventually get a call back. Pepsi has us over a barrell. They have the best selling products (Mt.Dew, Pepsi, Gatorade, Aquafina) and they treat the mom and pops like crap. I would expect better from the worlds largest soft drink company.

  46. We have tried unsuccessfully to contact Pepsi via email. After filling in the fields and pressing submit the site disapeared four times. Could it be Pepsi doesn’t want to hear from the people who have kept them in business for (us it is 50) years. Reading others comments it appears a common denominator is either difficulty in finding, getting or that a desired product has been discontinued. Most have expressed the same frustrations with representatives not having answers about why a product is not available. Because we don’t want to sacrifice what we like to eat or drink we will search out other products and go to these companies to satisfy our tastes. In our case we had to try the diet cherry Coke (not a fan, too sweet) because we have been told diet wild cherry pepsi is being discontinued, and we believe it because there has been none on the shelves in PA since the recent holidays.

  47. Hi my John im from Keene NH I been a coke drinker for over 40 Yrs . A month ago I started drinking Diet Dew but last time I brought it I noted it was out dated the date Dec 26 2014 but still drank it . They were 6 pks 16.5 oz , It was at Shaws in Walpole Nh .

  48. I have never had a problem before. Till now. I have 4 12 packs of pepsi and there is some sticky stuff all over them.I am trying to find an email address so I can tell pepsi about this and none of the links are working. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME ?

  49. I LOVE Diet Pepsi and also the caffeine free Diet Pepsi. Lately, I cannot buy the 24 oz bottles of Diet Pepsi caffeine free. It is not available at any of the stores. There have been several Pepsi sales at the Hy-Vee in Ames and there is NEVER any caffeine free Diet Pepsi. WHAT happened? What is going on? Please make sure all Hy-Vee stores order this soda
    for their shelves and sales.

    Thank you!!!


  50. I am a long time customer. I went to the store and got two bottles of 20oz bottles of diet pepsi for three dolLars. I opened the first bottle fine and the second bottle wouldn’t open. My hand is now blistered and raw from trying so much to open it. I then realized the bottle wasn’t perforated. I had to use a power tool to open it.

  51. As Distributor of Pepsi Cola Product Philippines Incorporated located at Bacayao Norte, Dagupan City Pangasinan I Joan Po owner of Robert and Joan Po Enterprises would like to file a complaint against Sales Manager Jesus Abrigo of Dagupan Sales office due to foul misconception of Business Agreement shared upon to us and lure us in believing that he and his men would assist us in Building and developing the routes as provided for in annex A stated at Paragraph IV EDS-MR Territory / Radar and Route Book of Multi-Route Enterpreneurial Distribution System Agreement.

    It was February 18, 2015 at around 6:28 pm when Jesus Abrigo called and disrespectfully uttered false allegation, shouted at me without any professionalism, being a Sales Manager of a well know company it is unlikely to hear such juvenile language. I will not allow such behaviour to disrespect a woman such as myself. I would like an apology for such misbehaviour coming from the end of Jesus Abrigo himself. Is this a true manager coming from a prestige company?

    There are handful of unsolved problem and promises in the territory that needed their assistance but I was left with nothing except false information and false promises. I was been persuade to purchase 5 elf trucks in return of area development and profit sustainability. I am very disappointed with the performance and the result of the PCPPI’s support.

  52. What is going on with your code red in 24oz and you diet cherry in 24oz. You never did you white out in 24oz. You could of Did a red white and blue for like the 4th and things like that

  53. I LOVE Pepsi and FritoLay products. As long as I can remember Pepsi has been my favorite beverage. My father drinks mountain dew and loves it. My sisters and I have a certain dedication and appreciation for Pepsi. I’m just writing this because I would love for others to know of my appreciation

  54. I have always bought pepsi for over thirty three years now,for this is all my husband drinks with breakfast lunch and with dinner,but for the last year every time I purchase it no matter by the twelve pack are by the twenty-four packagers are on advarage at least two to three cans that are undrinkable and in the twenty-four pack at least four to five cans.I don’t know why this is but I feel as a constant consumer of this product the money that Ian just throwing away is senseless,At this point I would like for someone in your company to look in to this matter and let we the consumer KNOW that the problem has been taking care of.Let me assure you I have asked many people in my town if they to have been experience this and the total of money we can not get back is stargring to say the least.and it would be nice to here back from the company to let us know that we do matter.thank you for the time it has taken you to read this.I live in Middletown NY. you can contact me any time you WICH.Again thank you for your time.

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