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Contacting Pepperidge Farm Customer Service Center

Pepperidge Farm is a product or brand name. The products offered by the company include cookies, crackers, chips, bread and rolls, among other items. There are specialty items available during special seasons and in specific markets. The official website shows all products, but not all products are available in all locations.

Contact Info:

Contact information for Pepperidge Farm customer service is extremely limited. The official website offers email forms, but nothing more. We scoured the web for a corporate phone number, address and additional contact information so you can talk to agents when you need assistance.

Phone Contact Numbers

Contact Pepperidge Farm customer service using the corporate phone number to ask about food products offered by the company.

  • Pepperidge Farm Phone Number: 1-203-846-7000

The corporate automated system offered a consumer relations phone number manned from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday ET.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-737-7374

Mailing Address

Address your letter to Pepperidge Farm customer service to the corporate office in Connecticut. There is no dedicated customer service address so we’ve added an Attn line to ensure your letter reaches the proper department.

Pepperidge Farm595 Westport AveNorwalk, CT 06851

Official Website

We were not thrilled with the Pepperidge Farm official website at The site describes products currently sold by the company and even gives consumers a search engine to find items not commonly available in all stores. As for contact information, there’s nothing other than some email forms.

Social Media

Though Pepperidge Farm does not list social media pages on the official website, there are pages on the two most popular social sites – Facebook and Twitter. These pages can be used to contact Pepperidge Farm customer service just like an email form. Log in to your account and navigate to the company page. Leave a message or write on the wall and you will be contacted by customer service.

Customer Service Email

Pepperidge Farm customer service is available by email, but there is just one form that requires customers answers a few questions to route the email to the right department.

Our Experience

The corporate office for Pepperidge Farm is answered by an automated system, even during the off hours and on holidays. We were given a phone number for the customer relations department that was not listed on the Pepperidge Farm website so we called that number to test out the customer service team. You’ll have to press 1 for emergency calls and 2 for all other calls. After hours options include pressing 1 for stuffing products or 2 for Labels for Education.

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15 Comments on “Contact Pepperidge Farm Customer Service
  1. Hi My family had just found the chocolate fudge gold fish (and fell in love with them)only to be told that they are no longer being made.Why they are great. regards vicki s.

  2. I need a fax # so I can fax an order in for cookies at the Jefferson Hospital Gift Shop. I called the representative in Phila 5 times and he does not call me back.

  3. Hi I bought your new Dessert Shop Strawberry Cheesecake cookies today, and I was so disappointed. I have never tried anything from Pepperidge Farm I didn’t live.

    I should have made a strawberry cheesecake because these definitely did not resemble that taste at all.

    I never write a cookie cookie about their product but i am compelled to tell you cause you are like family and i thought you might want to know.


  4. I like the Grandma’s mini sandwich cream cookies and I purchase them all the time. The last pack I purchased when I opened the package most of the cookies on the top were crumbled up. I was very disappointed. I ate them anyway because I paid for them but I was disappointed especially for the price I paid for them.

  5. Disappponted with Pepperage farm milano slices and dark chocote minis. We always buy your cookies. this time the slices were salty and the dark chocolate cookies were dry and tasteless. First time with these cookies. I WILL buy your other cookies and will hope you don’t change the receipes of our favorites. Sincerely cb 8041 se double tree drive, hobe sound, florid 33455. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE your products!!!! don’t change the receipe. too much salt in the nutted cookies, others too dried out!

  6. Unable to send you an email from your website. Kept refusing my last name – said there was a 40 character limit – there are only 15 letters in my last name. It also said numbers are not allowed in the name. I DID NOT USE NUMBERS IN MY NAME.

    Are there any Perpperidge Farm Thrift Stores in or near Albuquerque New Mexico????????????????????

  7. I was so disappointed in the CARROT CAKE cookie and sure won’t buy them again. I could not even give them to friends that once they tried them definitely agreed with me. Oh well, I guess I have to throw them out and such a waste and the price $3.49. I better stick to my favorites.

  8. tuesday night my wife and I went out to get A snack and I picked apple turnovers from pepperidge farms when I opened the package one of the turnovers was half missing and tryed to email corparate but no respose

  9. Many, many, maybe 40 years ago PF, for the Thanksgiving holiday, used to make a loaf of bread that was Corn Bread. I don’t know when it was discontinued, but I loved it and would love the recipe .
    Thank you,
    Grace Lerman

  10. don’t no why they changed the chocolate cake to the new one you just came out with i bought one and thew it in the trash it taste so bad don’t no why you had to change it in the first place i have been buying them for years and i buy 2 a week and will never buy another one again because the new one is so bad you just lost a loyal customer just wanted to let you no that will be moving on finding a new cake i like

  11. To whom it may concern:

    I am currently serving as an education Peace Corps volunteer in Dodola, Ethiopia. While I have only been in country nine months, I must admit that I have already had a few periods of homesickness. That being said, I have been lucky enough to have received several care packages from loved ones. My favorite part of each of them: Flavor-Blasted Cheddar Goldfish. I just wanted to reach out to you all and let you know how much I appreciate “my fish” and how much they really do seem to always make me smile back to them.

    Thanks so much for being such a wonderful part of my childhood and helping to make my challenging days in Ethiopia so much better.

    Katie Leis

  12. I was very disappointed in the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies. There was not even any nuts in the cookies and very little white chocolate. I use to enjoy these cookies but not anymore. Hoping in the future they will be as they were a few years ago as of now they might as well be called Sugar Cookies.

  13. Hi, have called by phone in the past. Some crackers qe purchased where not good at all so i was sent coupons. The coupons sent to me ended up being expired much to my surprise when i got to checkout. About 3 to 4 months ago i called, spoke to someone and they where suppose to send me replacement coupons and i would send back the expired ones. He never sent the coupons. I am shocked. Pepperidge farms has always seemed like good company good product.we still spend alot of money on buying your breads because you use unbleached flour, most appreciated! We are waiting on the coupons to get here. I think my daughter has thrown out the old coupons by now. Well, they where not correctly dated anyway. Please keep to your words & send me correctly dated coupons thank you foe your time.

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