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Contacting Payless Customer Service Center

Payless Shoe Source is an affordable show store with online and offline purchasing options. Customers can order shoes from the online store for free delivery to their local store, but things don’t always go as planned. If you need to contact Payless customer service you can use one of many options.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The main customer service line for Payless customer service is open from 7:30 AM to 8 PM Monday to Saturday and 9:30 AM to 8 PM Sunday. If you need customer service help and you purchased shoes or accessories in store, you may find help faster if you contact the store customer service department.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-474-6379

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Payless customer service should be used for general communication only. You should not use this address to return shoes or communicate personal, financial information.

Payless.comPayless Shoe Source Customer Service3231 SE 6th Ave. Topeka, KS 66607

Official Website

At you will find the official website for Payless Shoe Stores. The online store carries many more style options than the local physical store because styles tend to vary by location. The customer service information is located under the Customer Service tab of the website. If you’ve ordered from Payless before or you wish to order from Payless now, you can log in to or register for your online account from the website.

Customer Service Email

Payless customer service is available via direct email. That means you can open your personal or business email account and address your email to Include your order number or account number whenever applicable to hep the customer service agent find your account or order. If you want the agent to contact you back by phone or standard mail, note that in your email communication. Just like standard mail, don’t send personal or financial information by email. There is no security guarantee even when sending the email from home or a secure Internet connection.

Our Experience

Payless has, by far, been the fastest customer service response we’ve had thus far. We dialed the number, pressed 1 for English and 0 to skip the options and our call was answered in just 15 seconds. The agent was extremely helpful and located the nearest store where we could ship our online order for free. The agent also told us that the store would take the return without hassle if the shoes did not fit or did not meet our expectations as long as they were not worn.

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6 Comments on “Contact Payless Customer Service
  1. I have a question for customer service. I received an order without a packing slip. Please email the information. Also i had ordered another pair of winter boots and a red handbag. I have not heard from this order. Please check into this order and tell me when it will be shipped. Thank you. Linda Demanche

  2. have pair dexter shoes with factor defect and was told by your customer service take them to a paylees store which I did was told they were defective but nothing could do the style was c 235-2 explorer size 9 med brown wish you could help me out the sole on one broken all way across

    • Worst experience ever. 4 pairs of shoes ordered (2 sizes each of 2 styles) 4 pairs of shoes delivered today. Only 1 pair correct and have been on hold for over 20 minutes for
      customer service

  3. i tried to placed an order with my visa card
    and its not going through
    on your end the message is to contact customer service
    please tell me what is wrong

  4. Hello, I just thought I’d bring this issue to your attention. I recently visited the Jackson crossing Payless location 12/08/2014 and was very disappointed with the service I received. I was not once asked if I needed help which I did but over heard the employees asking other customers did they need so. Employees literally walked passed me serval times which was very frustrating. Then when I checked out I was not once asked if I found everything ok I was just told to have a nice day. I still feel that every customer should be treated the same especially when making important purchases. I was getting new work shoes which had to be slip resistant and needed advice which I wasn’t given. If I really didn’t need those shoes I would have went else where with my purchase. Hopefully this issue will be resolved.

    Thank you

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