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Contacting Papa John’s Customer Service Center

Papa John’s was started as a small family owned pizza shop in the late 1980’s and has since grown into the third largest pizza franchise around the world. Although the company is a major player in the pizza industry, the company holds true to the core values of menu simplicity, quality products and especially great customer service.

Not everyday does a customer have a great experience. This is where Papa John’s steps up to the plate. The company provides ways for customers to provide valuable feedback to the company. The available communication methods include phone, social media, traditional mail communication and contact using the customer feedback forms.

Contact Info:

Although customers have the ability to contact the customer service department, you can also review the Papa John’s FAQs  in order to detail a question or concern.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer care department: 1-877-547-7272

Mailing Address

You can send questions and concerns to your local restaurantor send correspondence to the corporate headquarters.

Papa John’s InternationalP.O. Box 99900Louisville, KY 40269-9990

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Papa John’s website review the menu and order pizza for delivery or pick-up at your local restaurant. You can review the special offers and sign-up for Papa Rewards, a program in which customers have the ability to earn free meals based on order history.

The company also provides information regarding its social responsibility programs and partnerships. Customers wanting to locate answers to commonly asked questions can review the customer care page or the customer support page.

Customer Service Email

Papa John’s does not have an email address for the customer service department. Customers wanting to contact the customer service department will need to use the customer feedback form located here /. Customers have the ability to select the type of feedback they wish to send to the customer care department, including, praise, comments, questions and suggestions. We connected with the customer service department asking how to check the balance of our Papa Rewards. The company gave no indication of a response time.

Customers can also connect with Papa John’s through social media. Go to the Facebook page or the Twitter page in order to contact the customer service department.

Our Experience

We realize the majority of customer care hotlines feature an automated system designed to route calls in an efficient manner. The automated system from Papa John’s is confusing. At first the options state customers will be directed to the customer service department, then an additional set of options state something else. Finally after deciphering the system, we were able to communicate with an agent after approximately 5 minutes.

We asked if customers are required to make purchases in order to sign-up for the drawings and give-aways. The agent explained to promotions and provided links to the terms and conditions of the contests. After ending the call, we felt the customer care department did their job, but left underwhelmed. Did you feel the same way? Make a comment below.

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70 Comments on “Contact Papa Johns Customer Service
  1. I would like to say that the manager at the papa johns location in Prairieville louisiana is the best, Racheal. I made a mistake and called dominos to order 2 medium pizzas and Arrived at papa johns and my order was not there. The staff and manger were so professionAl in handling the matter. They my order done in 10 mins! What blew me away was that Racheal would not allow me to pay! That’s awesome customer service! This manager and team rocks!

  2. On Jan. 4th, I went to Papa John’s located in Camden, DE.
    I am a senior citizen, I thought I’d placed my order on line, but when I arrived, they did not have it. The time was around 12:30 p.m. As you know, employees can give great or bad impressions. Your staff that were on duty, went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me. They were just terrific! They even showed me how to place my order on line. They represent your company well. Guess where I will get my future pizzas??

  3. I tried to access the feedback form, but was unable to write any details.
    I was returning home and as I was turning into my neighborhood, another car was waiting to turn (oncoming)…..and behind me speeds up a black Nissan with a papa johns delivery on top of his car….he speeds around me in between the oncoming car that was waiting and nearly caused a three car accident. I immediately called the pap johns in town where I was sure he was returning to and reported his wreck less driving. I just hope something was done…a reprimand …something…he nearly killed himself and others.
    Incident happened literally 20 minutes ago
    Wellington, Fl

  4. I’ve been trying for the last 2-3hrs to place a complaint on the Papa Johns feedback thing on there website, but it won’t do. Errors & then the page just refreshes with everything reset & erased. VERY VERY ANNOYING!! They need a direct email address. I had placed an order 2 days ago on the App & 2 of my large pizzas weren’t satisfactory at all! I ordered bacon & it obviously was ham. Talked to the manager & he said that hed make 2 fresh pissa and would swap only IF it was ham & not bacon on the pizzas. But apparently the driver agreed with his boss, no shocker there. So no swap was made. But IF they made 2 fresh pizzas, who got those?!? Well I got the District manager’s number from him, called a d the most they can do is replace it If the pizza is whole & I bring it back to the store myself. I’m disabled, have no car & no way of returning it to the store. That’s why I ordered delivery!!! Duuhhh!! But 1 of the pizzas has 3 pieces gone. It was 1/2&1/2 pizza & my BF ate 2 pieces of his 1/2 b4 he knew my half wasn’t prepared right. So since I had ate a piece (& almost got sick from it) & he ate 2 pieces, I can’t get that pizza replaced. But they made 2 fresh 1s, and apparently ate themselves, so why can’t they replace both pizzas?!? They lost more money making the 2 replacements & keeping them & having to replace at least 1 of mine later, than they would if they just replaced them both that night. Makes no sense if they were just trying to save money. I even told them I’d rather have credit that a replacement cause after eating that piece, I had already lost my appetite, and replacing them wasn’t gunna make me hungry again & they’d just be wasted. That’s why I asked for credit instead of replacing them that night. I even offered to give them to the driver to take back to get the credit. But the manager said he couldn’t & I’d have to talk to the district manager. Which ended up being 2 days later. It’s just messed up that if you don’t like your pizza & it has to entirely whole to get a refund, how are you supposed to know you don’t like it if you can’t even taste it?! Cause if you did, it wouldn’t be whole!! It’s so freaking stupid!! The Dis Man said they had changed brands of bacon recently & apparently do all the time with all the toppings. I said that if they do & the customer doesn’t like the taste of the new brand then they should give the customer a refund. It’s not the customers fault that they don’t like the diff brands taste. They should at least WARN the customer in some way that they have changed stuff. Most people buy the same foods because they like the taste of that food. So if the taste gets changed, they probably won’t like it if they were satisfied with it to begin with. It’s just rude to think the customer is wrong when the store is the one changing things without telling the customer & then saying its the customers fault for not knowing of the change. GRrrrrrrrrrf!

  5. I won a free Papa Johns pizza which was my first Papa Johns pizza ever. Manager Jonnelle Johnson of the coursey blvd. Baton Rouge La branch was outstanding! She was sooooo professional and helpful. I think she is the perfect candidate for her own franchise location. I informed her I was a first time customer and she made sure my pizza was hot and fresh. Even though they were extremely busy she took time on the phone and in person with me to explain the process and the products. This is the customer service that’s missing today.

    And you guys do need a customer service email.

  6. Please put a Papa Johns store in Linton, Indiana! We need one so bad! We only have a Pizza Hut! I love papa johns . Also glad you all have one in Maricopa, Arizona! We need one in Linton!

    Thanks for listening!

    Anna Usrey

  7. I was ready to praise Papa Johns for their quick customer service and delivery but I couldn’t be more annoyed to get my order to find they left out the cheese sauce. Nothing annoys me more than that! Put the cheese sauce in the box! How hard is that???

  8. It is a complete BEATING to use the onine or mobile ordering service. The PJ’s sytems are archaic. After 20 minutes of filling everything out, the site is telling me they already have my email and cell number registered. They don’t, so I was curious and requested my passwod, which of course did not exist. SO, I just coulnd’t order. I went online to Domino’s and ordered the exact same thing in less than one minute, my total was $9 less than it would be at PJ’s. I like to give companies the opportunity to make things better. So, I attempted to go online and fill out a feedback form on PJ’s website. Of course, this did not work. You could choose from a pull down menu what your comment was about, but you could not actually leave or submit a comment. Too bad because I actually prefer PJ’s if I have to do pizza delivery. They just make it too complicated.

  9. I ordered pizzas online last night for a group. I entered the promo code 50Thanks per the email I received and it did not calculate in to my order. I had paid with a credit card so I called the Franklin Indiana location where my order was being processed and told them the price was incorrect. I had ordered 3 large pizzas, 2 cheese breads, and an apple pie pizza. The woman answering the phone responded so I can cancel the order. I said no I wanted to food just a price correction and she said that promo is over that’s your problem. I told her I just received the email and it said it was good until the 18th. She said call customer service its not our problem. Very unfriendly. I now received another email and a phone text advertising this promo and indeed it is still valid. This amounts to over $20.00 in discounts and I am very disappointed in the service. Your company should honor your promos and make an effort to train employees to act in a more professional manner. She really could have cared less if you sold a pizza to anyone and her attitude continued thru my pick up of the product an hour later. Too many other places to go to take this.
    Unhappy customer in Indiana

  10. On August 29, 2013. Approximately between 6:30 and 7pm. My 2002 C240 Mercedes was hit my your delivery driver named Mr. Dereje Abera Yemiru (name given to me by the so called Store Manager). The driver was delivering a Pizza upstairs to my neighbor. Another neighbor who happen to be in the parking lot at the time he hit my car saw the entire accident. Your delivery driver decided to commit a felony, speed off and leave the scene. I contact the Papa Johns were this individual works at 10747 Indian Head Hwy Fort Washington, Maryland 20744. I spoke with a gentlemen named Bhaskar Josui, who identified himself as the store manager. I decided to go to this store and asked to speak with the gentleman who delivered Pizza at 1117 Palmer Road #11. Guy walked up and said he did not hit my car. I left and went to get the neighbor who witnessed the accident. She told them not only did she see him hit the car but actually had spoke to the delivery driver prior to the accident. This neighbor lives beside the apartment that he delivered the Pizza to. I asked the so called Manager at the store to call this gentlemen who hit my car, because he left to go home around 10pm. They said they were unable to get in contact with him. And did not want to provide me any more information on the driver and their store positions and names at this Papa Johns location. I have significant damage to the front passenger side of my car and seeking the delivery drivers insurance information to have my car repaired. I have contacted law enforcement and they will be documenting a felony police report because your driver left the scene of an accident. I will be contacting an Attorney y Monday if I do not hear back from your office regarding payment and repair and depreciated value liability cost associated with damages done by the negligence of your driver. Moreover, the store employees at that Fort Washington, Maryland store should be reprimanded for not providing me information on the driver after a witness clearly identified him as the person who hit my car and caused significant damages.

    NOTE: I have all witness information and pictures of the damage done to my car.

  11. Can you fix your website I’m not sure if I just ordered two of the same pizza because you page says ill recieve and email and I haven’t then it says it’s all so for carry out which it is not. I would expect a site that works properly and without difficulties. As a returning costumer whom normally calls in I am truly displeased with this method of ordering and if my order is incomplete I will also no longer be a returning costumer and will as such no longer advise friends or family to participate in your restaurant. Sincerely joanna chavez of El Paso texas.

  12. We just had our pizza delivered from the Macedonia Ohio Papa Johns. the pizza was not cooked nor was it what we ordered. We asked for bacon and it was covered in pepperoni instead. The crust was gooey.Will not order again from that location. I realize it is a Friday night and they are busy, but we did wait an hour for it which should have left plenty of time for it to come cooked.

  13. We just ordered The Works large pizza from the Bellevue store in Nashville, Tennessee.It was the worst pizza we have ever eaten. It did not taste good, had very little ingredients, was small, over-priced and we will never buy from Papa Johns again. The web site is terrible and all the complaints from other customers about it are very true. From their lack of food quality and quantity, web site not working and confusing,and from their own writings, they are obviously not customer focused. It is apparent that they do not want honest feedback from customers; they only want undeserved praise. John Schnatter’s TV ads stating “Better Ingredients and Better Pizza” is false and misleading.

  14. I hope that district and corporate management know what an outstanding, valuable employee they have working at the North Main Street location in High Point NC (#0224). Cavion (I hope the spelling is correct) is always so cheerful, positive and enthusiastic. It is so refreshing to experience someone who seems to love his job and is conscientious about promptness and cares that you are satisfied and receive the right pizza. You feel his energy as soon as you walk in and it seems that other employees are also positively affected by his presence- everything seems to run more smoothly since he began working at this location. Cavion is also consistently respectful, polite and well mannered- unfortunately that has become so rare in customer service that he greatly stands out. I would highly suggest that someone in upper management visit this store and meet this outstanding young man and consider making Cavion a manager, and perhaps sending him around to struggling locations to model exemplary customer service. I would certainly miss him at my location, but he certainly deserves recognition and promotion. Another possible consideration might also be to send Cavion to your corporate level customer service site since there must be some problem with efficiency when I was on hold for 22 min. in the middle of the afternoon while trying unsuccessfully to speak with someone about my positive experiences. I do hope someone in upper management follows up to see that Cavion gets the commendation and recognition he deserves.

  15. On 23 nov I had ordered a pizza from papa johns which is located in 405 route 18 east brunswick new jersey over the phone and the customer service how answered me told me that it will take only 30 to 40 minutes by max to deliver it but the problem is I had waited for 60 minutes but no body shows up so I called the customer service again to check why it was lait and when he answered he said that he is to busy to check it for me and he hanged the phone on my faceand after that with 10 minutes the delivery guy showed up and I refused to take the pizza

  16. I was not impressed at all with my order. I placed an order for aXL supreme pizza, a small pepperoni with cinnamon sticks. The supreme felt under cooked when I chewed it. My daughter didn’t like the pepperoni on her pizza and the cinnamon on the cinnamon sticks was hard and tough. So needless to say I could not eat another bite. Aside from that, the gentleman on the phone was rude. I waited an hour and 15 min for my pizza to be delivered and the location is about a 15 min drive from my house. I’m sorry to say this cause I don’t having to give bad reviews but I will not be ordering papa John’s again.

  17. Your pizza is discussibg. I ordered a supreme pizza and a small pepperoni with cinnamon sticks…the supreme tasted under cooked in my mouth and was soggy feeling and had cheese in clumps…to thick and not spreader around. My daughter quit eating hers and as for the cinnamon sticks the cinnamon was hard and tough. There was also hardly any sauce on the pizza. I grew up in new Orleans with a pj’s close my house and they were great but how…terrible. The location is in Oklahoma city on MacArthur. Again it was discusting and for the money i had to pay was not worth it…I feel ripped off. I’m not ordering from your company ever again!!!

  18. I ordered a pizza at atound 8:47 p.m.(large with pepperoni, chicken, mushrooms and tomatoes. I was told it would be delivered in 45 minutes. By 10:00 p.m. nothing hsd arrived. I called the Sunset road locstion and asked to speak to the manager after a 30 minute wait on the phone I hung up. I called back and was placed on hold for 15 minutes. No pizza showed up at my home nor did I get a call with explaination.
    I hope this is not the way you train managers and staff?
    Thanks for this unforgetable experience!!!!!!!!

  19. I saw your commercial about your 30th anniversary special for the 30 cent large with an order of a regular priced large, and since we order from Papa Johns regularly, that sounded like a great deal. Although I have ordered your thin crust many times, I have never had pepperoni and cheese on cardboard until tonight. It was honestly the worst 30 cents I have ever spent.

  20. My husband works for a papa johns as a shift leader. Been busting his ass for over a year being promised that he will get a promotion. His current manager refuses to get the heater fixed and the hood fan does not work. the CO2 detector keeps going off and the manager allows the employees to breathe it in. Papa johns is so cheap that they are killing the employees.

  21. I ordered pizzas over the weekend and put the code PJMVP in and did not receive my points. It said the purchase had to be more than total was over 23.00 what’s up. I do a lot of business with you.

  22. hi I’m a former papa john team memmer and I have not received my w2 form.. im going desperate since they are so unorganized

  23. No more orders for Papa Johns from me, family, as many friends As I can. Against AFCAct, and Koch Brothers.Crony. Papa John how much money do you need. You have so much money you don’t know what to do with it. In stead contributing to the Koch brothers and being against people’s health care, why don’t you join the human race. All those workers make you money they do the real work. Shame on you 1 million times. You live in the presence of the Lord. I suggest you get your life in order. John Vidovich PS I’m glad Peyton Manning got his ass handed to them for even being affiliated with you people.

  24. I was talked into ordering the new hamburger pizza by the young man taking call in orders (12 inch). I ate one slice and it was horrible . I called store on Calder in Beaumont Texas , told them how I felt about pizza. They wanted to charge me for another pizza, bad customer service. I will not go back to Pappa John’s pizza.

  25. My wife and I saw the commercial for the Heart Shaped pizza and thought that it wold be a great treat for our daughter. I went to the Papa Johns in Decatur,Ga. I went inside and placed my order, when my order came up I was very disappointed when I open the box with the pizza in it. It had almost no veggies and the crust was burnt, I pointed it out to the manager and he said that because it was then crust pizza it was going to burn on the edges. I asked him to make me another and he did, it was still light on the veggies and the crust was still burnt but not as much i took the pizza home but still unhappy. Who wants to pay for a burnt pizza? I don’t think that I will visit Papa Johns again, oh I am a first time customer.

  26. Worst pizza ever! First received wrong order. Then cheese sticks were cold,pizza cold and cheese sour and curdled. Chocolate chlp cookie hard as a rock. This was their new double cheeseburger pizza. Actually very little meat. First experience, last experience .

  27. We ordered two large all meat pizza after watching the commercials talking about better ingredients. Well, there may be better ingredients: the trouble was you can’t find them on the pizza. If you like dough with red sauce, order Pa Pa John’s…….

    What a rip off…….

  28. Another Rip Off: We ordered two large all meat pizza’s because we believed Pa Pa John on TV talking about better ingredients, so we figured sounds great, let’s try it. Big Mistake! The problem was you couldn’t hardly find “THE BETTER INGREDIENTS” on the pizza. It was like eating bread dough with sauce on it, on yeah let’s not forget the cheese,,,,that’s if you could of found it. Very, Very disappointed in the State Road Cuyahoga Falls Store.


    Melinda the General Manager is definitely the kind of manager you want to run your business. I give this location an A+ in Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction.

  30. The South Holland Illinois location is always out of the beef for the double cheeseburger pizza. Called twice and no luck I would like to try it someday.

  31. Ordred from local Memphis, TN Papa John’s located on Winchester and hacks cross. My box clearly states that I picked black olives, mushrooms and bell peppers for my topings, BUT instead I received onions, mushrooms and bell peppers. I tried many times to get it corrected but got put on hold for several minutes or get no answer. This is bad business! Especially after previous order was a disaster, they took an online order but never made my pizza! I had to call to find out my order was in some type of limbo and this was 4 hrs after I ordered! THIS IS THE LAST TIME I’M ORDERING FROM PAPA JOHN’S! Oh and Manager Matthew took my order!

  32. I was rear-ended last week by a Papa Johns delivery driver in Florence Al. He at the time thought he had insurance to cover my damage , but after Farmers investigated the policy it was discovered that he did not have the correct policy to cover the delivery of pizzas. Farmers has declined my claim. This is allot deeper than my claim, apparently Papa Johns did not review his policy closely enough and I can only assume that there allot of delivery drivers that if they run over you will not have the correct insurance. I also assume he went back to delivering pizzas after the wreck putting the public in danger once again. Papa jOHNS HAS NOT CONTACTED ME RE. THIS ISSUE AND I WILL NOW SEEK LEAGAL ACTION AGAINST THEM AND ALSO CONTACT THE LOCAL MEDIA

  33. On Friday April 4. My daughter and I stopped at Pappas pizza in waynesville nc. And ordered a double cheeseburger pizza. We had to wait about 40 minutes. Meanwhile we watched the pizza makers. The dough spinner was awesome and fast. My daughter enjoyed it very much. My complaint is that none of the prepares in the kitchen were wearing gloves. When we got our pizza and took it home to eat needless to say we were starved. That was undoubtedly the worst pizza I ever didn’t eat. Instead of pizza sauce they use that nasty sauce like McDonald’s puts on a big Mac.I thought cheeseburger would be ground beef and cheese. Well the dogs ate it but if anyone out there wants a cheeseburger pizza be specific about what you want.

  34. I must say im very displeased with what occurred on april 20,2014.
    NO HELLO. NO THANK you for calling papa johns. Just we’re closed. This is unacceptable. I order alot of pizza from you guys and this is appalling. Im very dissatisfied with this.

  35. Ordered a pizza at 6:30 was billed four times for it. Never received my pizza after calling in twice I was assured it was on the way twice. Called customer service and got the run around. No sympathy from there. Just used my free pizza points to get a pizza sent finally. Two hours later. We will never use papa john’s again. You app sucks, your service sucks and your customer service sucks.

  36. I used to order all the time. USED TO be I g the key word. reading that the owner refuses to provide health care to his employees disgusts me and I will never again support this company. & I will earn all of my friends to never order from this company ever again. This type of corporate freed needs to stop. Shame in this company. posted the article to Facebook of the refusal to support employee is in the obtaining of healthcare. Since I have over 400 friends I am asking them to pass it on to their Friends and so on and so on and so on.

  37. Had an extra large pizza delivered. After eating a slice, I noticed they’d left off the anchovies but had charged me for that additional topping. Not wanting a big fuss or hassle, I asked them to simply refund me for the price of one additional topping on an extra large pizza. They ignored me and did not refund my money. They blatantly and unapologetically ripped me off. Will not be ordering from them again.

  38. Basically I was lied to and said pizza that was supposed to be free is not. Thanks for the joke of an online service.


  40. My daughter is now as of today a former employee of your company. As of working there a month she was ridiculed by her manager. His name is Josh and works at 9225 w.Parmer lane location here in Austin Tx. He called her Cinderella and told her to get down on her knees and scrub the floor he called her this several times and told her age couldn’t quit because she needed the job. My daughter has come home almost everday because of the emotional abuse Josh has inflicted on her she was bullied by Josh and he’s supposed to be the manager . Half the time she was scared to go to work because she knew she was going to get bullied. She loved working there and us sad she had to leave she just could not take the bullying and abuse any longer. I intend to pursue legal action if something is not done there were other employees who said he treated them the same.THIS CANNOT HAPPEN TO ANOTHER PERSON MY DAUGHTER IS A VICTIM HE NEEDS TO BE DISCIPLINED OR FIRED.EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IT SAYS ON YOUR WEBSITE NOT OF YOU BULLY YOUR EMPLOYEES!!!!!!!

  41. I tried to order a pizza online and them I decidedmtomcall the store to place another pizza on order.
    The manager Chris could not help me out. He told me he couldn’t not add another pizza to my order.
    How can you not add another order.
    Horrible customer service in the El Centro Ca store.
    I would recommend Manning to go put them on check!!!!!!!!

  42. tonight I went to the papa john on Floyd st I was given an coupon from another store to receive a free pizza of my choice the cashier left the station to hunt down a mgr about my coupon the mgr started asking me all sort of questions where did I get the coupon wanted to know my first and last name he was really making me feel uncomfortable then turn around look at the cashier and say that the coupon should had a mgr name on it all I know is that it is not my fault that someone did not put a name on it maybe someone need to train the mgr right do not give me the third degree this really embarrassed me in front of all the employee I will not go back there and by the way I did order a cheese sticks and a pepsi I was ask two times if I wanted sauce with my cheese sticks I say yes got home no sauce


  44. tried your new all meat thin crust pizza answer is no. I’d like a good Joe Z’s pizza with sausage ground up and spread all over pizza. I’d like both doors unlocked at the entrance like LaGrange no. 39’s are not. I was told Crestwood and others too. You may think your keeping possible robbers at bay but,You are breaking the law. If you must lock one of the doors take it out, that way people and employees know in emergency chances are you’ll be trapped inside store

  45. store #572
    I am in absolute shock, literally shaking with fear at this moment. I ordered a pizza at 2000 hours and received the conformation email letting me know to expect my order between 31-40 minutes. After 45 minutes I called to verify that my online order was properly placed and was on its way, what happened next was frightening. After being placed on hold, I was greeted by Travis. I asked if my order was placed properly and if it was on its way, mid sentence I was cut off and told the description of the vehicle the delivery driver was driving. I tried explaining to the Papa Johns represenitive I wasn’t concerned with the description of the vehicle, only if my order was properly received and was on its way. Travis continued to ramble on about being busy and that I would have my order shortly then hung up on me. I decided to call back to see when I would be receiving my order as it was already past the estimated time and maybe I should order elsewhere if they were that busy, wow, what a mistake calling back was. The second call happened so fast I am not sure what happened, basically I asked why I was hung up on and he (Travis) told me that he was busy and already told me what the driver was driving. I asked when I should expect my delivery and was hung up on again. Now I am upset, so I call to cancel my order. Travis answers the phone, doesn’t let me talk, proceeds to call me a prick, informs me that I am now on the “ban list”, and that he was canceling my order. He proceeds with harrasment and name calling before reminding me why my order was cancelled, told me to enjoy dominoes and then hangs up, again. I looked online and found a number to call for papa johns complaints and spoke to a very nice representative. During the call I had a knock at my door, looked outside and there was a car from Papa Johns. I am a combat vet, i should not be scared/nervous when there is a papa johns employee aft my door, but I will admit, there is no way I was answering the door at that moment. I did finish the call with the complaint department, he informed me that someone will be in touch, but now I am sitting here wondering what will happen with Travis, what if he gets angry that I sent a complaint? It has been a long time since someone has spoken to me like that, never in the service industry. I am now worried about the safety of my family since he knows my address and if he sees this complaint what will happen? Who knew ordering a pizza would cause so much distress! Maybe I should have taken his advice and ordered from Dominoes. What now?

  46. hello,my name is ken stevens i order most frequent from papa johns on lebonon pike in nashville tn rite next to walmart,i order 2,3 times a week from this store always get the same pizza,they were charging me 10:96 for large works double pineapple in one day it went to 21:00 dollars to 16 dollars and some odd cents,i told them this outrageous ill go some where else,could not believe i was treated like,and papa johns message when you first call and they all but begging people for tips…tips are up the customer only!!!!!i wont order anymore from papa johns,for shame,im glad you all can afford to run off good loyal customers,thanks for listening,,ken stevens

  47. I enjoy PapaJohn’s pizza very much but have encountered a couple of problems lately. Placed online order so I wouldn’t have to wait; got there; delivery guy had taken my order so I had to wait 20 mins; another location; ordered inside; waited 20 min. got home; had wrong pizza; called back and was promised free replacement. Called to order replacement; was put on hold and the pizza I wanted to order was being advertised on the line…when I gave the guy my order; he said that promotion has been discontinued 4 days ago. I said, seriously; i was just listening to it while you had me on hold; he didn’t cover the phone and tells his manager; she says; just tell her that our district doesn’t have the ingredients…it was for a Philly Steak Cheese Pizza…never did get one from either local location. Disappointed…..

  48. My son & I went to papa johns store & ordered 2 medium pizzas they said they had no more dough for mediums so we ordered 2 large then someone came in after us & ordered mediums & got them. We then waited for our pizzas & they sat on the shelf for 10 min until I went up to ask for them. I’m going to think twice before I get another papa johns pizza again.

  49. Worst experience ever. Ordered 2 large pizzas and a brownie online at 6:26pm. They call 15 minutes later stating they don’t deliver after dark and if I’d like to pick up my order. I accepted, so my brother went up to get it. Long story short….. he waited over an hour, they “lost” our pizzas, then found them waiting for delivery in the back, now it’s 8:30pm and they sent us off with cold pizzas and charged us a delivery fee. Never ordering papa John’s again.

  50. I tried to access the Papa John’s “customer service feedback form”. I was stonewalled and unable to get beyond select this and select that. Organization or not, I’m not stupid, and I’d prefer a free-form email instead of some canned, oigeon-holed responses. Where I am in the greater Lynchburg area, the local Papa John’s is staffed by a bunch of millenials who DO NOT have it put together. The drivers routinely get lost (I live less than five miles from the Papa John’s) and/or deliver the wrong order. And this is WITH all the latest wi-fi/newfangled technology. The pizza is a great product at a great price, but unless you literally hold these people by the hand and lead the way, they’ll get it wrong.

  51. Yesterday, late noon, I ordered a works pizza online for the first time.
    I am really not a picky person, but let me tell you, this pizza was the WORST thing I ever put in my mouth. The dough tasted like an old shoe and the size was ridiculous for a large one. The price was amazing $ 18 and cents, just unbelievable! The reason I am saying this is, I owned 5 Italien Restaurants in Germany and the kitchen chef was my (italien) husband. I never was so disappointed in a pizza. Now, next day, I still have stomach cramps and diarrhea.

  52. Ordered pizza. It was not good at all. Nearly no toppings on it. Very disappointed and will call Pizza Hut or Marrios next time.

  53. CONGRATS to PAPA JOHN’s for STANDING behind their employee who shot a robber and protected the lives at the facility….ITS ABOUT TIME a company took a stand….and stood WITH what is a right and what is right….

    Papa Johns will now ALWAYS get my business….God Bless America!

    Well Done!


  54. Thank you for not firing the pizza delivery driver who defended herself while being attacked. You have gained a new customer.

  55. I ordered a pizza and wings last night for my mom and I from one of the chains in Scottsdale, AZ. I had placed my order online and accidentally made a mistake on the type of crust. So, I called the store and let them know I’d like the thin crust versus the original that I had accidentally ordered. When I called the employee I had spoke to was very short and unprofessional like. Once my pizza came, which was delivered in a timely manner was the original crust not thin like I had called to change. The wings I ordered were soggy not crunchy and were lacking sauce and heat. The pizza was soggy as well and all the toppings fell off with every bite I took. This was my first time ordering from Papa Johns and I was very dissatisfied with the quality and customer service. I’ve always heard great reviews of Papa Johns pizza, so I am hoping this is a one time thing and next time it will be better. The best thing that I tried was the garlic dip sauce given with the pizza!

  56. my name is ken,i work at Walmart in hermitage tn,papa johns isnin the parking lot of our store..i have loved papa johns formany years,we would order the same pizza 2 to 3 times a week from this hermitage store and everytime its always a differe3nt price..thats wrong..i have talked to you guys about a month ago..i got a call from a manager at a store in donalson and all he said was I was talking to wrong person and he didn’t know why he got my email,everything I tried to say he just cut me off so I just hung up..we feel like we are totally being ripped off the same pizza cant have many prices..ive been a customer of you alls for many years..i really hate this and don’t believe you all treat loyal customers like this!!!!!!sincerely many loyal customers,,we don’t want to hear..i guess you all willhave to go somewhere else like pizza hut,how messed up is this…thanks for your time..

  57. My comment is I was so glad to find a pizza place that delivered to our home. The pizza was awesome and the service was awesome, but only two issues I had with the papa johns store in Willis 1.The buffalo wings we ordered SUCKED the wings were tough and very little meat 2. When I called the store and spoke to the manager I think she said her name was Amanda I explained our problem she went on to tell me she did not like them either, I told her that I thought I asked for bone out I was informed that Papa Johns did not have boneless buffalo wings. My thoughts were we could not eat these so called wings but the manager did not even offer something else or even a small credit after I had to throw away 24pcs of the nastiest toughest wings ever. So pizza hut lost us due to poor quality wings they went to pressed chicken instead of white meat chicken pcs. on their bone out. At least the traditional wings are 100 times better than yours are. I wont be back. Sorry when you suck you suck.

  58. I have just enjoyed only my second ever pizza from Popa Johns. I had one just by chance about twelve years ago when I was passing through a city called Colchester and just happened upon a Popa Johns. Having never had heard of them before I figured I would give it a try. Well I purchase the pizza but I was about 45 minutes from home so I sat it on the seat next to me and proceeded to drive home. Needless to say the smell of this pizza was driving me absolutely crazy it smelled so delicious. I had to do it. I pulled over and ate a slice. Then another, and another, and another, and another until half the pie was gone. I had to turn around and go back and get another one to feed the rest of the family. Fast forward to today Feb 7,2015 I just ordered my second Popa Johns Pizza and am very much enjoying it. Here is my dilemma I live in Rutland ,Vt. the nearest Popa johns is about 80 miles north of me. Now I have a Dominos and I have a Pizza Hut I even Have a Little Ceasars and assorted mom and pop pizza places. What we don’t have in Rutland ,Vt. and I feel is desperately need is a POPA JOHNS. So please Popa Johns please come to Rutland ,Vt

  59. i went to papa johns on county rd 6 elkhart was so nasty ordered 2 large pizza didnt evan get my breadsticks want my order replaced

  60. I found it very annoying that while trying to visit your web-site for the first time, I could not look at any menu items without entering my address etc. I did not want to order anything on line. No matter what I clicked on I could go no further than entering my street address.
    I only wanted to look and for this you do not need my street address. Very disappointed. Loss of a potential customer

  61. Woman mngr in Hollywood Florida at Young circle is horrible mngr. After promo code didn’t work on my I phone and for no reason she didn’t help at all now papa Johns you lost customer of three years because of Jackie the mngr

  62. Papa John’s this is my go to fast food I haven’t found any pizza that I like better then your’s, until I went to Pennsylvania I am from Florida and the way they delivered my pizza to my son and I was upsetting I ordered 2 pies and a brownie I did half cheese half pepperoni on the medium, then I ordered a larger half sausage with pepperoni,the other half had the works or as you guys would say deluxe I said all that to let you know what I ordered my pepperoni was crispy way to crispy it almost taste like bacon and on the half that was suppose to have the works had only the works on 1 1/2 slices. My brownie I guess they thought I couldn’t tell it was burned because it’s a brownie I could tell. I was so disappointed like I said in Florida they wouldn’t have allowed that. This was the first time I didn’t enjoy my Papa John’s pizza.

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