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Contacting Panasonic Customer Service Center

Panasonic is a company that manufactures televisions, Blu-ray players, audio equipment, cameras and more. You can find Panasonic equipment in schools, homes and government buildings. Panasonic is available for sale through major retailers, online and offline, as well as the official website of the company.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are multiple reasons why a customer would need to give Panasonic customer service a call and there is a phone number for most of those reasons. The main product and technical support line is open from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday to Friday and 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. Saturday and Sunday.

  • Panasonic Product and Technical Support: 1-800-211-7262
  • Order Support: 1-800-405-0652

These two numbers should get you to any department you need within the Panasonic company.

Mailing Address

Contacting the corporate office is a great way to let the big wigs know something has gone wrong on the customer service or product end of the company. You can send your letter to:

Panasonic Corporation of North AmericaConsumer Affairs DivisionPanazip 2F-3One Panasonic WaySecaucus, NJ 07094

Official Website

If you want to visit the main website for the Panasonic company, simple go to If you’re interested in buying from the company you can take the shortcut to the consumer side of the site by visiting Customers register for account access when they purchase from the company.

Customer Service Email

Click the Email button and an email form magically appears. You are asked to fill in quite a bit of information on the form, including your full name, address and email address. We assume they ask for the physical address in case they have to send a product replacement to you to solve the issue at hand. The email form is a ticket system or sorts. Your communication starts a ticket that you can access by clicking the Follow-Up Status link at the top of the email contact form.

Our Experience

To get through the automated system that runs the Panasonic customer service line press 0 as soon as the automated voice starts. Press twice more to be transferred to customer service. When the system asks for your phone number just be patient, you don’t need to enter a phone number at all. Our call was answered in less than two minutes. The agent told us that all email support needed to go through the support website for tracking purposes. There is no direct email address.

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6 Comments on “Contact Panasonic Customer Service
  1. I don’t think much of Panasonic at all right now and I will never buy another product after this. I have always bought from Panasonic but that has changed I am setting here with a whole system and only 1 phone that works and no body will talk to me or help me. Your customer service is a JOKE

  2. I could not locate the mean of obtaining a owners’ manual for my Blue Ray disc player – DMP-BD87P-K. Please, expedite.

  3. On april the 22,2013,I bought in dollar store 3 packs of 3AAA and 3 packs of 2AA Carbon Zinc battery,the expired date on the package is 2016 and 2017,but nothing work in remote control for TV set or VCR or DVD because de battery are dead,I have a battety tester and the tester indicate replace for all the batteries that I bought today,cant you do something for my case,thanks best regards.M Fernand Telenis….405 A Blv Du Havre,Salaberry de Valleyfield,Québec,Canada,J6S 1T1

  4. Thanks you for telling me how to get past Panasonic’s automated system. All I wanted to know was where I could get my 10 year old shelf stereo system repaired in my area. Using your advice, I got right through to an agent who was able to help me within a few minutes. I was not able to do this with 3 tries on the automated system. Thank you.

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