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Contacting Panasonic Customer Service Center

Panasonic is a company that manufactures televisions, Blu-ray players, audio equipment, cameras and more. You can find Panasonic equipment in schools, homes and government buildings. Panasonic is available for sale through major retailers, online and offline, as well as the official website of the company.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are multiple reasons why a customer would need to give Panasonic customer service a call and there is a phone number for most of those reasons. The main product and technical support line is open from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday to Friday and 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. Saturday and Sunday.

  • Panasonic Product and Technical Support: 1-800-211-7262
  • Order Support: 1-800-405-0652

These two numbers should get you to any department you need within the Panasonic company.

Mailing Address

Contacting the corporate office is a great way to let the big wigs know something has gone wrong on the customer service or product end of the company. You can send your letter to:

Panasonic Corporation of North AmericaConsumer Affairs DivisionPanazip 2F-3One Panasonic WaySecaucus, NJ 07094

Official Website

If you want to visit the main website for the Panasonic company, simple go to If you’re interested in buying from the company you can take the shortcut to the consumer side of the site by visiting Customers register for account access when they purchase from the company.

Customer Service Email

Click the Email button and an email form magically appears. You are asked to fill in quite a bit of information on the form, including your full name, address and email address. We assume they ask for the physical address in case they have to send a product replacement to you to solve the issue at hand. The email form is a ticket system or sorts. Your communication starts a ticket that you can access by clicking the Follow-Up Status link at the top of the email contact form.

Our Experience

To get through the automated system that runs the Panasonic customer service line press 0 as soon as the automated voice starts. Press twice more to be transferred to customer service. When the system asks for your phone number just be patient, you don’t need to enter a phone number at all. Our call was answered in less than two minutes. The agent told us that all email support needed to go through the support website for tracking purposes. There is no direct email address.

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49 Comments on “Contact Panasonic Customer Service
  1. I don’t think much of Panasonic at all right now and I will never buy another product after this. I have always bought from Panasonic but that has changed I am setting here with a whole system and only 1 phone that works and no body will talk to me or help me. Your customer service is a JOKE

    • I have purchased two plasma tv in the last 5 years. The first one a th-50x600u (5 year old ) and an tv-p55vt3. (2 years old) I have invested over 4000 dollars in your tv. Both tv have failed. Both has defective parts that has failed in many silmilar tv. Your quaility control knows of the failures yet will not warrant any fix. The seven blinking red led death and panel failure. I expected reliable panasonic products. Your CEO can learn from GM problems. If you discover a defective part correct it!!

  2. I could not locate the mean of obtaining a owners’ manual for my Blue Ray disc player – DMP-BD87P-K. Please, expedite.

  3. On april the 22,2013,I bought in dollar store 3 packs of 3AAA and 3 packs of 2AA Carbon Zinc battery,the expired date on the package is 2016 and 2017,but nothing work in remote control for TV set or VCR or DVD because de battery are dead,I have a battety tester and the tester indicate replace for all the batteries that I bought today,cant you do something for my case,thanks best regards.M Fernand Telenis….405 A Blv Du Havre,Salaberry de Valleyfield,Québec,Canada,J6S 1T1

  4. Thanks you for telling me how to get past Panasonic’s automated system. All I wanted to know was where I could get my 10 year old shelf stereo system repaired in my area. Using your advice, I got right through to an agent who was able to help me within a few minutes. I was not able to do this with 3 tries on the automated system. Thank you.

  5. Dear sir,
    i have buy a cube ac of 1.6t on aug-13.That was not working properly. Cooling Capacity is very poor. According to your Service engineer everything is all right. Please do something and suggest what to do now?



  6. I have used Panasonic cordless tools for a very long time now, and only developed problems with one of them. I attempted to contact the appropriate branch of customer service with nil results; Not even an acknowledgement of my contact E-mail! I am totally disgusted and will never buy another Panasonic cordless tool, which is too bad for them, as I am now and have been a contractor for decades. Their loss will be noticeable and I will do what I can to disseminate as much negative press as possible! It is contemptuous and disrespectful, at the least, to simply ignore a written request for help with a problem!

  7. The automated feedback at the beginning is VERY poor…asked Yes or no questions and then would say repeatedly that they couldn’t hear my response…by the end I was screaming. Very frustrating. However, when I finally got through to tech support (which wasn’t easy) I got a gentleman named Chad and he solved my problem in minutes. He was very nice and very helpful. Overall, the system does no work well.


  9. In a vain attempt to get my P. breadmaker to work I called the number in my owner’s manual. No dice, it referred me to another number that did not function. Turning to the web, I found it nearly impossible to find contact info on breadmakers, instead found a lot of self congratulatory propaganda about responsive service. Tried another P. number and then tried to deal with an automated voice service. Hopeless. If you make it hard to reach you by design I figure it is going to be tough to keep me as a customer.

  10. well I have had many micro waves and still have about 7 older ones and 2 newer ones I bought this NN-SN778 now all of my other ovens have a 10 second turn around this one stops always in the back of the oven and I have scallded my hand twice with hot water in a 4 cup glass container so I add 30 seconds and it still stops in the rear so I add 15 sec, and it stops half way around i.m just going to take it back to bi-mart damn it cost $139.00 bucks I know nothing will be done about this the other adds are old but I will call sunday june 1st.2014

  11. I am buying panasonic a400 model from pushpa agencies nanpura surat.
    still i am not able to start my LED TV due to company electrician is not providing by the agencies. i never ever see this type of service from your side.
    kindly take necessary action for the same.
    Hemendra Thakur

  12. Prior to purchasing a panasoic vacuume I read reviews. One of the biggest problems was that repair services were often hours away or even in another state. So, before purchaising, I called customer service to find out if there was one in my area. The first call they transfered me to the technical support and when I said it was not a computer but a vaccume they hung up on me. The second call was similar. They transfered me to a couple of departments ant eventually that call was diconecter too. So I won’t buy anything panasonic!

  13. I would like to purchase an Users Manual for my Panasonic KX-P1123 Printer if this item is still available? If so quote me a price and where I must Remit the cost.

  14. horrible. Rather then help, they try to charge a fee for technical support. Rip OFF. I would not but another Panasonic.

  15. horrible. Rather then help, they try to charge a fee for technical support. Rip OFF. I would not but another Panasonic.

  16. I have a Panasonic cordless phone. I have bought Panasonic phones for maybe 15-20 yrs…never again. For some reason my phone ringer is off and no one at tech support has been able or willing to help. I’ve called 4 times…the first time the support tech had me click on mute then “off”…didn’t work. So he transferred me and I was on hold for 32 minutes. I called back. the tech gave me a direct #, I waited another 12 minutes and the person who answered said they only support laptops; not phones. I called back again, asked for a supervisor…and they transferred me to no where. Each time I asked the support people if there was a charge and they said. no. I called a 4th time and the person said the fee was $79. I gave her the history of my calls and said support needs a lot of training and of course, she put me on hold.

  17. I have a Panasonic cordless phone model number KX – TGA64. I have figured out how to actually block phone numbers on my phone, but I can’t figure out how to delete blocked phone numbers on my phone so I can get room to add more. It only seems to store about 22 blocked numbers. Could you please email me back and give me instructions.

  18. I think Viera TV 47 inches is a great device, except the connection to Youtube due to some causes that I do not know, that need your advice to improve it.

  19. im here in the phils.
    this is the branch that the staff are bunch of rude people.
    Panasonic Head Office (Philippines)..

    i call to ask for the authorized service center.. they didn’t answer my question, they just keep on transferring me from set. to sales to service back to sect and lastly they hung up on me…. what the heck.. im a consumer.. they are so rude.. they keep you waiting for a long time and then hung up..

  20. No help whatsoever, other than instructions on how to reset the phone. Thereafter the phone was dead, as before, and neither your website nor your misnamed Customer Service was of help

  21. With out a doubt Panasonic is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. we were sellers of Panasonic copiers and fax machines but since this company has really gone down hill we no longer wish to do any business or subject our clients to the bad service that is provided by Panasonic. Since Panasonic sucks so badly they have 3 dealers sell their junk. Even these three company’s can not provide a contact to Panasonic direct. I am only left to think Panasonic decided since there support was so bad they would have some suckers sell their junk and take the heat and that is why there is no way to contact Panasonic direct. Panasonic must not even look at these comment due to the fact there is no “good job” one’s and with that said the best thing they could do for the people of the world would be to close there doors and go out of business!

  22. Panasonic charges customers $9.95 to talk to tech support about their product they sold you. WE bought a $3000 + Viera TV 4 years ago, and have the 7 blinking lights of death. Call customer support and they ask for $ in order to continue the call? REally? Is that even legal? A tv this expensive should last for more than 4 years…. I will tell everyone I know about our POS tv, crappy service and will never deal with this company again.

  23. My mother bought a Panasonic cordless phone in August of 2014 and has had nothing but problems with it. She has had several people come try to help her but no one can understand the book, it just tells you go page after page. Directions very unclear. This is causing her much stress. Having her throw the phone away and buy new phone…NOT PANASONIC!!!!

  24. Just spent over an hour trying to chase down Panasonic for some anwsers to error messages I’m getting on my (not so) Smart TV.
    First I called their CS # and spoke to Chris in India. After answering all his questions as he built a profile he then hit me up for $10 to actually answer my questions. What a joke. He did tell me I could get my questions answered for free on the website.

    So off I went, searching in vain for a way to find the elusive help I was told was right there on
    I tried to use the Chat function but Jessica could only help with Sales so after spinning my wheels with her, she eventually forwarded me on to Aketa J in Tech Support.
    I’m still dizzy from the runaround.
    Among other contradictory advice, I was told I’d have to check back on the website at a later time but though I asked more than once for specifics as to where I should be looking and when, Aketa J disconnected my Chat abruptly when he became flustered at his inability to tell me where to find answers to my inquiry, we never even got as far as the actual problems I’m having.
    What a joke!
    Never again Panasonic, you’ve lost me.

  25. Truly horrible. I have a new internet modem. It has an access code that includes a ? in the code. Panasonic Viera password keypad is based on a telephone layout so it only has 2 or 3 symbols. NOT a ? So I try to call in. After 3 tries i’m able to navigate and get on hold. (try finding the answer to the above on the internet…not exactly in your typical FAQ) After 1 hour 10 minutes, I gave up. Don’t buy Panasonic, their products are sub-par and their technical support even worse.

  26. Review of Panosonic HC-X1000 Camcorder is In. If you love 4K you will love this Camcorder with all the rich features a young Film Makers requires . With lots of choices for Recording Format to RCA XLR Microphone inputs. This Camcorder has it all …!

  27. In mid Dec. 2014 I contacted Panasonic Customer Service with a problem encountered with my microwave oven. I was given a case number, (31674132), and advised to take the unit to Service West Electronic Repair in Sparks, NV.where the unit would be repaired under full warranty. I did this on December 20, 2014 and was given a customer number, (27982) by Service and told no problem that it just needed a new “inverter”. This unit was purchased at Wal Mart in Sparks, NV on Sept. 14, 2014.I have had three conversations with Service West since that time and to date no activity.
    This is outrageously poor customer service and we have been without a microwave oven for much of that time. My wife was forced to buy a small unit to get us by but the whole episode leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth for both Panasonic and very definitely for your service contractor Service West.
    Can you give us some help?

  28. My wife called seeking assistance with our tv was informed because it wasn’t new there would be a nine dollar fee.Well you didn’t get the fee.We will never purchase any item sold by Panasonic again.Thank you for nothing.AK

  29. My wife called seeking assistance with our tv was informed because it wasn’t new there would be a nine dollar fee.Well you didn’t get the fee.We will never purchase any item sold by Panasonic again.Thank you for nothing.AK

  30. I am using Panasonic 2-line phone for my business(for so many years)& called for technical support on my new handset to active. They want me to pay $7.95 to give me technical support. I always buy Panasonic branded phone but if they don’t have free technical support that’s I learned today. Please avoid this brand if you planning to buy.

  31. I am using Panasonic 2-line phone for my business(for so many years)& called for technical support on my new handset to active. They want me to pay $7.95 to give me technical support. I always buy Panasonic branded phone but if they don’t have free technical support that’s I learned today. Please avoid this brand if you planning to buy.

  32. What a joke trying to find a way to get customer service. The email link doesn’t work. Everything is hidden and difficult to find. I bought Panasonic for the reputation and was totally disappointed. Won’t make that mistake again. Too easy to support the name brands like Samsung and Sony… least if you have a problem they will fix it and a solution is easy to find. Wasted my money on a blu ray player that I barely used and refuses to read a disc. So disappointing.

  33. I have several panasonic vcrs I need to replace one that stopped working and the vcr and remote will not work so I called panasonic and was infored that they would charge me for help resolving my problem. I made up my mind right there I would NEVER buy another product of theirs.

  34. Not at all happy with the way the Fuzzy XQB85-Q8021 operates it twist all the clothes togeather and you cannot get them out of the washer and once you pull all the clothes out of the washer you have to pull them apart and you end up dropping the clean clothes that you just washed on the floor.

  35. I sent my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 for repair evaluation to Panasonic’s repair center in McAllen, TX. As requested I enclosed all original items and included photos illustrating the problem that needs fixing. I also requested that the repair center give an estimate before proceeding with repairs.

    This item was delivered on June 15. It is now June 29 and I have heard nothing – not a phone call or even an email acknowledging receipt. What is going on?

  36. My expensive phone died. I called Verizon help. They came out and said buy new phones; these are dead. They were less than one year old with a one year warranty. I tried Panasonic help thru phone and email but no help at all….. going to atore to buy anything butt “ban”asonic.

  37. Wow, my mother bought my Panasonic (National) rice cooker for me in 1987 when I went away to school and it just malfunctioned today. The electric cord seems to have a short in it. I will be shopping tomorrow for another Panasonic rice cooker! But, I will miss my old rice cooker–we have been through a lot together for the last 28 years.

  38. I’ve 2 breadmakers, SD253 &SD 2501. The 253 produces a better loaf, can I use the 253 recipes in the 2501. The difference between the two is, the SD253 loaf lasts longer before attracting mould. The 2501 loaf goes mouldy quite quickly. Is it because there is slightly more water in the 2501 recipe? I am referring to the 70% wholemeal bread recipes.

  39. I bought a cordless panasonic land-line phone recently and the experience was very unsatisfactory.
    A big portion of the owner’s manual focused on connecting the land-line to bluetooth-enabled cell phones which I had no interest in.
    I could not even figure out how to delete messages, etc.
    I also did not like the automated robotic voice that stated loudly the caller ID.
    I did not like the fact that when someone was leaving a message, you can’t hear them talking to know if you want to answer it.
    Lastly, I hated it there wasn’t even a phone number listed on the owner’s manual — just a message to go online to their website if you wanted technical assistance. Many people still like a live person knowledgeable about a product to answer questions.
    I returned this item to Sam’s Club.
    I won’t buy any more Panasonic products.
    Your foreign importers and foreign workers are ruining another American company.

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