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Contacting Overstock Customer Service Center

Overstock is a bargain retail website that offers reduced prices on everything from furniture to mattresses, clothing to baby items. There are few items not available for sale on Overstock. The big pull for consumers is the set shipping price. No matter what you order the shipping price is always a set price, usually $2.95. There are times when the price is lower.

Customer service is a huge deal for Overstock, according to the customer service page and bragging words about winning the 2008 User’s Choice Awards for Customer Relationship Management Excellence.

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Contact Info

If you need to talk to Overstock customer service, you can call, email or chat. There is a mailing address for formal communication that is not time sensitive. Customer service hours are 8 A.M. to 1 A.M. Monday to Friday. On weekends you can reach customer service from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. All call center hours are based on EST.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service (US and Canada): 1-800-843-2446
  • Customer Service (International): 00-1-801-559-3816
  • Overstock Corporate: 1-801-947-3100

Mailing Address
6350 South 3000 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

Official Website

The official website for Overstock is packed with deep discounts and tons of customer support and corporate contact information. You can visit Overstock at

You can also contact Overstock on Facebook and Twitter. Your communication is not made public unless the company wants to share – for instance, you send a compliment.

Customer Service Email

There is a customer service contact page, but you have to sign up for an account to access that page. The contact page is located at When we logged out of our account we were able to access this contact page without signing in. We sent a contact email asking how long a customer has to return an item to judge just how fast customer service emails are read and returned. The customer service department promises a 24 hour response time.

Our Experience

The customer service department for Overstock is answered by a brief automated message, but you are not asked to press any buttons unless you wish to change the language from English to Spanish. The customer representative answered the call in less than 30 seconds, which is the exact amount of time listed on the Overstock website. We asked the friendly representative if Overstock orders could be paid for with a personal check and he kindly told us no, but advised us we could use a check card from our bank.

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25 Comments on “Contact Overstock Customer Service
  1. Customer service experience is great with Overstock. This is my first return question but representative answered it fairly and knowledgeably. In the meantime, I love overstock and go to this website whenever I am looking for clothing or something for my home. Representatives are courteous, professional and friendly. Thanks Overstock. I love shopping on overstock.

  2. Your ad is very anoying because it constantly moves! Also it is in a place that I use a lot. PLEASE REMOVE IT. Thank you very much!

  3. Have sent 2 e-mails to overstock to say that a fax copier I purchased does not work ? how to fix it or return it. Sad to say that both my e-emails have been ignored, all I get is adverts to buy more products, but I am not so stupid, would appreciate it if you could either help me to get it to work or tell me how to return it to overstock.
    I receive the fax/copier put it together as directed switched on the powe and it keeps reading that theres a paper jam which is impossible as it has never been used, and no paper has ever been in it. I”ve gone through the motions of what you do when there is a paper jam hoping this would clear it but it still does not s I need help

  4. Just ordered my first item from Overstock a king bed memory foam pad 4.5″ thick Cal. King. Look luxerous in picture. Hope it meets all my expectations of a luxory pad and mattress? Rather expensice $189.99. If it makes my mattress like new it will be worth it.

    I have my current one for almost 10 years now. Maybe the pad will save my mattress for another few years.

  5. I am very unhappy with my recent order and I will be eturning it as soon as I get a return label. It was not the correct fit and it was queen and it costed $109.00. Please refund my card as soon as you receive your merchandise.

  6. When Overstock is good, they are very good. Buy when they are bad it is horrendous. I ordered a bedroom set on 9/16 It arrived on 10/3 and it was damaged. I called Overstock and advised them of this. Alex, a customer service representative requested copies of the damage and immediately put in a request for a replacement. This arrived on 10/16. The footboard was again broken. I immediately called Overstock and advised them. I was told that a replacement order would be placed for the broken footboard and I would be contacted within one to two days. After receiving no response I again called on 10/18 and was told that they would contact the warehouse to verify replacement of the footboard and they would get back to me at the end of the day. No one did. I called today and was told that the warehouse was awaiting proof of delivery which they just received and the footboard would be shipped out at the end of the week. In the original call no one advised that verification of delivery was required. There was still no certainty of this being done because the representative said there were things to be done on the back end to expedite the shipping of this footboard. It seems to me that it was easier to get a replacement of the entire bed that just the footboard. They make promises that they will get back in touch with you, but unless you keep calling or sending emails, which does not achieve much, then no one gets in touch with you. Overstock makes all these grandiose claims of how great their customer service is, but it only works when things are easy and there is basically not a problem. If they just have to answer a question, then that is fine. But if they have to correct a problem, then they are lost. I had also asked for information as to how to return the broken part. No mention has been made of this, so I guess I will have to call again to get that information. I am waiting with bated breath to see if this issue is finally resolved.

  7. my addin recliner,#120837771, purchased 1/31/13 for my 90 year old husband is splitting on arm rest. very disappointed. we have handeled it with great care and respect. what can you do for us???? $191.37

  8. I ordered 2 necklaces for my wife and I received 1 but the 2nd never came.I checked the tracking of it and it says it was shipped and received but I have not received it.It upsets me after spending 100 or so dollars with plans on spending more but if I’m not going to receive some of the items I might as well spend my money else where. If it cost a little more than so be it, at least I receive it.

  9. I ordered a product on 2/13/15 and on Overstocks website its says 3-5 business days for shipping. Today is the 20th so I called them and attempted to cancel. I was advised they would contact the shipper and they have another 2 business days to respond, but whenever its finally shipped I have to pay $46.00 to return. The retailer shipped the product, but Overstock doesn’t hold their carriers responsible for delays, unfortunately they have decided its the customer who has to pay for delayed shipping.

  10. you should upgrade the shipment of my new order of cargo shorts to the fastest shipping at no charge to me because you screwed up my first order if you want me to remain a customer

  11. I would like to tell you how great your workers are with their customers. I ordered a cabinet and one of the pieces was missing.
    I am sorry to say but I don’t remember the ladies name but she sent me an e-mail every day to tell me they are looking for it and then they finally got it. Then I ordered a coleman blow up bed and I was sent two. So she made sure a got credit for one of the two.
    Your workers are great and I hope you have wonderful people working for you.

  12. If you can support same sex marriage as a business policy then as a customer I can announce to you that I will no longer consider your company as a materials source. I am taking my business to a politically neutral organization. Liberal thought and action has all but destroyed the economy of this country. You are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Adios

  13. When I called Overstock about the missing parts that did not come with my order, they were quie helpful.
    Because of the graciousness and the customer friendliness of the staff that I have dealt with, I will always ,
    be a customer of Overstock. Com


  14. I was informed on line that my password had changed. It was not changed by me. Nor did I inform ANYONE to change my info. NO ONE. Money is missing from my credit account. And I have not ordered any items. Since September. I had to cancel the visa debit ending in 5438. Anyone still using it, is using it WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. If anyone other than Karen is using anything of mine, he/she is doing it illegally. And I want my old password back. No one had they authority. Would not give anyone authority to go into my account. Also, the last shipment I’d being sent to wrong address. Saw message on line about N.Carolina, a storm and a delay in my item I called FedEx approx. First of Oct. to inform them that my shipment should be delivered to the phoenix address not Washington state. My address is 2150 E Broadway rd. Phx,AZ 85040 not 7238 interlaaken Dr.sw
    Also , i need to change my info. I see Enola’s name a lot. I trusted her with my info. And the visa debit card has been cancelled. The one ending 5438. If it is used, it is NOT me.

  15. I received a Overstock Credit card in the mail with my address on it, but not my name. The name on the card is Matthew Kelly. I tried to get through the automated system to report this but could not get in because you automated system does not understand I am trying to report something that is not correct. I would like to know if this is an error or someone trying to use me to get credit. Please respond to the above email address and let me know what is going on.

  16. I requested a return label be emailed to me and when I received the email the return label would not display. I need to return a rug that is the wrong size ! Incident 1600212-013151 thanks loni Hahn ordered on 2/8/16

  17. I would like to stay connected but your company sends TOOOOOO! ! many ad’s Just today I’ve received OVER (6) e-mails THE SAME E_MAIL again I would like to do business with your company BUT! ! ! your marketing department needs to know when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Too many ad’s my friend BIG TURN-OFF maybe once a week okay.
    thank you for your understanding in this matter.

    Rich Lake

  18. I was on the phone 5times for over 30minutes, no one came to the phone, i was on hold forever all to be disconnected each time, what kind of customer service is this?
    I will never buy anything from again horrible chemical smelling mattress and super and stiff…

  19. I tried to call customer service and was transferred to an agent, agent would not respond, I could hear background noise and typing. Stated “hello” again and again for up to a minute. No one would respond. Great. Hung up and called back. 2nd operator was keeping uninformed and did not ask questions. It was clear that I had an order which I provided him the order number and he was rather aloof. Order shipped on March 1 and we have not had any status until I called today and sent in mail inquiry that it is still in transit. One week. Poor communication and agents are not skilled with problem resolution.

  20. Hi,

    Wanted to know if you have a quick second to chat about a few insights I had on There’s a few approaches that could be implemented to lift traffic/sales substantially.

    What if I had a few of my partners quickly give you a ring to show you how we?ve increased traffic to our existing clients by as much as 2x over several months? (As well as a detailed audit for

    If more sales/visitors is what you?d like, just let me know with an ideal time and phone number to reach you.

    Elle P.

  21. I purchased A Sizzix Big Kick yesterday order # 195873059 and forgot to put the coupon code when I checked out. It was my first purchase and I didn’t realize I didn’t put the coupon code on my purchase until I got a reminder email that I had been looking at something. I signed up for email and it was my first purchase. Can I still get the discount?

    Thank you

  22. Called to report my item arriving damaged. It is ovipositor that UPS did their best to deliver. Problem was they destroyed the original box cut out the labels and put what they could find of my purchase in anew box that they pasted the old labels on to. Overstock customer service “Oscar” was professional and helpful. Thank you.

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