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Contact Origin Energy Customer Service

Contacting Origin Energy Customer Service Center

Origin Energy is an energy company serving customers in Australia and New Zealand. The company is currently involved in energy exploration, production and retail energy delivery. Traditional energy production is used, but Origin Energy is making great strides to increase the amount of energy produced via renewable methods, including hydro, geothermal, wind and solar.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Phone support from Origin Energy customer service is available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. Customer service centers are not available on the weekends, though there is 24/7 support online.

  • Residential: 13-24-63
  • Special Offers: 13-24-63
  • Complaints: 13-24-61
  • Business (small to medium): 1-300-661-544
  • Special Offers: 1-300-730-533
  • Commercial: 13-23-34
  • LPG: 13-35-74
  • Green Energy: 13-47-336
  • Moving Help: 13-24-63
  • Solar Energy: 1-300-791-468

There are also a series of emergency phone numbers to reach Origin Energy customer service 24 hours a day.

  • Natural Gas NSW: 13-19-09
  • Natural Gas NT, QLD, SA: 1-800-808-526
  • Natural Gas VIC: 13-27-71
  • Electric NSW, SA, VIC: 13-24-61
  • Electric QLD: 13-19-62
  • LPG: 1-800-808-526
  • Auto Gas: 1-800-033-111
  • Emergency Services: 000

Mailing Address

The only mailing address listed on the Origin Energy website is a complaint address. Customers are advised to send payments to the address listed on the bill or to pay at any Australia Post location. Do not send payments to the complaints address.

Origin EnergyAttn: ComplaintsGPO Box 1199Adelaide SA 5001

Official Website

The Origin Energy customer service website is packed with information about pricing, plans, billing, payments and energy efficiency. You can visit the official website at http://www.originenergy.com.au. Other pages of the website that may be important to visitors are the My Account page at http://www.originenergy.com.au/584/My-Account and the Login Page at https://online.originenergy.com.au/irj/portal?login=t.

Customer Service Email

Many customers don’t want to spend the time waiting on hold or write to the Origin Energy customer service team by mail, so they choose to email customer service. We were unable to find a customer service email address or contact form, but we did locate several social media pages for the company that could prove useful for quick contact and problem resolution.

Our Experience

We need help from the customers of Origin Energy. If you have contacted this company’s customer service team, leave a comment below sharing your experience with others. Feel free to suggest alternative contact numbers or share an email address so other customers can contact Origin Energy customer service quickly and know what to expect when they do.

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3 Comments on “Contact Origin Energy Customer Service
  1. I need to email origin energy regarding my account bill at the moment I am out of the country
    And be back on the 15 September 2014. I don’t have phone to call origin to pay my bills
    So I need to email them of my circumstances.
    Thank you

  2. Im am a little puzzled on the amount of my next bill.Its usualy inbetween $120/$140.This last bill was $175.I haven’t used anything different to what I normally do.Also I received an email from you to say we would be getting a cut on our bills due to the removal of carbon tax and get an 8% saving.What happened.

  3. I just posted you acomment on why is my bill so much higher than normal especilay as we were promised a lower bill due to the carbon tax being removed and an 8% reduction but when I pressed the send button nothing happened.

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