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Contacting Oreck Customer Service Center

Oreck is a cleaning company that most people recognize as the company behind the famous Oreck vacuum commercials many years ago. The Oreck spokesman in the commercials was none other than the creator of the company. Today Oreck is a bit more mainstream with fewer cheesy commercials and a wider array of products.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Oreck customer service lines are open from 8 AM to 5 PM (CT) Monday to Friday. Representatives are trained to handle customer service issues, but they are not trained in Oreck repair.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-989-3535

If you want to order a product from the Oreck website, you can call from 7 AM to 5 PM (CT) Monday to Friday or 7 AM to 3:30 PM (CT) Saturday and Sunday. As is the case with many other companies, Oreck offers extended sales hours, but limited customer service.

  • Sales: 1-800-219-2044

Mailing Address

The customer service team for Oreck is located in Tennessee. You can address your letter to Oreck customer service to:

Oreck CorporationAttn: Customer Service1400 Salem RdCookeville, TN 38506

Official Website

Everything from the Oreck history to information on how to open an Oreck store in your area is available on the official website at This site provides customers with a shopping page and a customer service page all in one location. To find customer service contact information visit the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page under Customer Service.

Customer Service Email

It’s kind of easy to miss, but the email link is on the contact page right next to the customer service phone number. The email link is for a standard email address. You can contact Oreck customer service at If you’re writing about a billing issue with your credit card, debit card or bank account it is not safe to send detailed account information via email.

Our Experience

Although we had to wait, we encountered a message from the founder repeatedly stating our business was appreciated and please stay on the line. The wait time was minimal; three (3) minutes to be exact. When the call finally connected to the customer service department, the first thing the agent did was apologize for the wait and the lack of caring from the customer service department. We definitely didn’t expect this, but it was a warm welcome.

We asked the agent from information relating to exchanging and repairing a product after the warranty date. The agent explained these are two separate entities. After the warranty is expired, customers cannot exchange and item, although after the warranty has expired, customers can still send the product out for repair, if the customers have the required paperwork associated with the product. The agent provided honest answers to our questions. Want to share your story? Share them below.

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9 Comments on “Contact Oreck Customer Service
  1. I have an oreck vacuum that I have for around 9 months. When I first used it the suction was good, but the more I used it, dust poured out. I have pets, when I use the vacuum and go from carpet to the floor all the dog hair comes out on the floor. I changed the bag, but it didn’t help. I called the store that I bought it at and they said that it sounded like something was cloughed in it. There would be a 25.00 cost to fix it. After paying over 200.00 for the vacuum, I should not have to pay another 25.00 every time something gets stuck. I Thought that oreck made a good product, I am very disappointed with your vacuum.

  2. I have owned my Oreck for five or six years and have had no problems with it until now.
    There is a 10 year warranty on my vacuum, but our local store has closed. The nearest store to me is now 29.6 miles away. The customer service rep told me that I have no alternative but to take it to that store! So Oreck now expects me to drive a 60 mile round trip to drop off my vacuum, and then another 60 miles to pick it up. This was a very expensive vacuum, and I have also purchased another vacuum from them since then. Never again. They should come up with another solution to have their vacuums serviced in a timely manner without expecting a good customer to drive 120 miles! Additionally, they have stopped sending me reminders about their “free” service.

  3. I purchased a vacuum cleaner about 6 months ago. If I referred a friend, I would receive a $50 certificate to be used at the outlet store where purchased. My DIL purchased a vacuum and I received the certificate. However – it can only be used on items NOT on sale. No problem except the steamer I wanted is NEVER regular price. I specifically asked on one occasion the price and was told it was the regular price, until I tried to purchase it with the certificate. Then it was suddenly on sale. Extremely disappointed in their con game.

  4. Nothing but greed and arrogance. Rotten quality, looney prices, looks good on television but not when you get it home. I feel bad for all the poor customers who drank David’s Kool Aid.

  5. We purchased the Oreck Iron Man Model IM90 about 2 months ago. Our old one needed too much work. My husband decided to replace it with the same one, but I was skeptical as it falls over easily when you pull it. It was not cheap, around $173.00. It is the loudest vacuum I have ever heard and even after two months it smells like plastic when you turn it on. Even my son could not believe it. I am truly sorry we bought it and never will again.

  6. The worst vacuum we have ever purchased. We have had it two months and it is louder than an airplane taking off and it smells like plastic when you turn it on. It tips over easily when pulling and cost way too much $173. Sorry I purchased it.

  7. Bought Versavac in 2/13 thinking it’ll be a good deal (vac + steam mop in 1). Replaced our Oreck steam cleaner that functioned quite satisfactorily. I regret having bought the Versavac. It doesn’t vacuum well (not enough sucking power)and its steam function SUCKS!Steam not hot enough and doesn’t come out consistently. In fact, it failed to steam and so brought it to a Oreck store in N. Rainbow blvd in Las Vegas in July. I was told there was nothing wrong with it after checking it out overnight. Today I used the versavac and got frustrated; unsatisfactory steam plus poor vacuuming power. Oreck should really take it back. It’s not worth the $199+ I paid. Very UNHAPPY.

  8. Steam 100 is poorly made with cheap plastic parts! I have had it about two years and have already replaced the head. After putting on the new head and just using it twice, the plastic inside where the head attaches to the handle shattered. Customer service and my dealer were not helpful or accommodating. It’s out of warranty so you’re SOL is basically what they said. I will never purchase an Oreck anything!

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