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Oprah Winfrey is a huge celebrity and philanthropist. She started as a talk show host more than three decades ago and gained success that continued to grow over time. Today she is one of the wealthiest women in the world and she uses that wealth to build schools and support children all over the world. Oprah is also the owner of Harpo Studios, O Magazine and OWN.

Contact Info:

The Oprah Winfrey Show used to publish contact information for potential guests, but the show has since been retired and Oprah no longer works the talk show circuit. However, she is still the owner of Harpo Studios and OWN. There is contact information listed for Harpo Studios, including an Oprah phone number.

Phone Contact Numbers

Harpo Studios is open from 10 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday. The studios are located in Chicago, so customer service hours are CST.

  • Harpo Studios: 1-312-633-2101

Mailing Address

OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network 5700 Wilshire Blvd Ste 120 Los Angeles, CA 90036


Harpo Studios 110 N Carpenter St Chicago, IL 60607

Official Website

You can find the official website for Oprah at http://www.oprah.com. We didn’t find an official website for Harpo Studios, though there is a website if you want to start a career with the production company. OWN is another entity owned by Oprah that has no official website though there is a section of the official Oprah website dedicated to OWN at http://www.oprah.com/own.

Customer Service Email

There are several customer service email addresses available to contact Oprah. Some of the email links lead to contact forms and others are standard email addresses. If these contacts do not fit your need, the social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) listed above are the best bet for reaching someone on Oprah’s team.

Our Experience

Contacting Oprah was an experience. We thought contacting a major media conglomerate would present problems. On the contrary, we were speaking with a live representative in less than 30 seconds. Customers call, press zero, connect with the operator and ultimately connect with a customer service agent.

We asked for information relating to canceling a subscription to the Oprah magazine. The customer service agent was saddened to hear about a cancellation, but offered to assist us with the process. We like when the customer service department appears to have compassion for the customer and the willingness to assist. What was the outcome of your customer service story? Take a minute to share.

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33 Comments on “Contact Oprah Customer Service
  1. i am currently a student at Centerville High School and recently our funding for Centerville City Schools was cut becasue our levy didnt pass. Now there are many classes and programs that are being cut. and most of these are very important to students. such as some of our collage prep classes. i believe that these cuts will lead to future problems for arts and other important programs here. there are many bright students here that will not have an opprotunity to excel in there life. also, there are many fees that will be increased leading to students not participating in certain programs. we are looking for you support, Oprah, so that we can maintain our reputation of having a strong and open ciriculum to Centerville students. contact me for more information of our misfourtunes.

  2. I have been having numerous issues with Oprah Customer Service team in regards to getting a resolution on my subscriptions of the O magazine. I would like to post my thread here of all the communications I have had by email but to no avail. However, I am going to maintain the dignity of the agents on a public site. Here is a summary:
    Initially, the magazine was not mailed to me last year in January 2012 and so they moved the date of getting the first subscription to April/May 2012 and subscription would continue through to April 2013. After that I kept getting regular issues up until October 2012, then these stopped. I complained in January 2013 and after numerous complaints I received back issues of November 2012 and December 2012 in March 2013 where the past issues didn’t have the charm of reading. Now again, I have not received January 2013, February 2013, March 2013 and April 2013 issues despite my emails to them. As much as I love Oprah, I have to say that her customer service team (atleast the agents who have dealt with me) are inneficient. In all due respect to Oprah, the worst I have seen. Feel free to email me and ask for the email threads. The most ironic thing is that bills to renew my subscriptions are received immediately but not the issues. Does this make sense?

  3. HI,could you please wher i shall cd or vedio of orpah with dr phill which was on uk tv or channl 4 nearly ten oor twelve year ago. I shall be thankfull to you for this .Because its help me lot with my problum.It was run long time ontv every week. I hope you will help me in this mater.I look forward to hear from you .kind regards and best wishes.GOD BLESS YOU. thanks

  4. I have had a awful experience with the whole OPRAH thing. A friend convinced me to register for the OPRAH’s favorite holidays things (or something) and that has turned out to be a huge nightmare. Number 1, I didn’t win anything, number 2, I stated that I didn’t want the magazine but I was under the understanding that even if I got the thing I could return it or keep it and put on the bill cancel. When I received my magazine I returned it along with the bill, putting cancel due to sweepstakes. I never have received another magazine, but I have received 5 bills at least stating that I owe $18.00. Each time I send it back, along with a written statement, but it doesn’t seem to help. This is a huge problem! And it makes me think that the OPRAH giveaways are scams. I hope this is not true, but I will never feel safe participating in one again.

  5. I am trying to get a phone number or email address of DrOz show that is a production of Harpo Inc. I tried all the site and it is nowhere that I can even contact anybody on the show. It is a urgent matter for me to tell them about a product that Dr Oz endorsed on his show recently. Please , I would appreciate the help

  6. It is 10:47pm here in NY. As usual I am trying to figure out a way to take care of my family .
    I don’t want up fail them!!
    I came to the US as a widow and worked very
    Hard to send money back home. And so …
    Never saved enough for the down payment of a home.
    Could not send money home and still save money.
    I want my own home. I want them to come sooo badly .
    I am praying day and night for a solution.
    Not getting younger. Three of them are here.
    Alone now and yearning to bring the other row with their families.
    Really yearning to unite my family again.
    Just don’t know where to turn.
    Maybe just maybe you will see my note.

  7. As you know the Arsenio Hall Show has been canceled PLEASE,PLEASE
    ask the network to pick up this show. He has had a great show.I’m
    so sure he will be missed.and it would be great if OWN would pick it up….

  8. I was wondering if you are planning to rerun the series “Oprah & Eckhart Tolle: A new Earth”. I want to share it with a friend whose husband is having a difficult time right now. I think he would really benefit from chapter 5 on the emotional pain body. Thanks, Barbara

  9. I have written to you twice already because I never received my scarf I was supposed to get with my paid subscription to Oprah magazine. I really would appreciate it if you could follow through on your promise and deliver my scarf.

  10. I called fox 8 I called you and I also tried to call Beyonce. I have a 5 will be 6 yrs old July 31st just to say Blue Ivy hair is fine just the way it is. I see she likes to make the same twist my son does and he calls them whispys.. They really are as cute as each other it think some just don’t understand my son and Blue look a lot alike.. They both are really cute and make whispys I have never met her parents but what is wrong with a Afro???? With the twists????? Not a damn thing.. My almost 6 yr old cried because ppl are picking on Blue and he felt her pain b/c he does the same thing with his fro.. So my ? Is who is gonna give a almost six year old a chance to show his fro and let him make a statement that Blu Ivy Carter’s fro with whispies is okay?????

  11. Hello, Oprah Winfrey
    My name is Claudette Norcius I am actually writing you to let you know that my lawsuit against you still stand. Money can never bring closure among both of us. You show no remorse for your actions.I will never give up fighting until you take responsibility for your actions.

  12. I need to send a letter to Oprah, but have found that the internet has either obsolete or incorrect information. I would appreciate if you could advise me of an address, phone number and contact person to send this letter to Oprah.

  13. Dear Oprah,
    I do not know if this will ever get read or not.
    So here goes,
    about 33 years ago I meet a real nice guy name Jim Sawyer, we hit it off immediately and have been together, since and we did get married, 33 years ago, the reason I am writing you is that you and Dr Phil seem to help with families, and mine is really no different, we have 9 daughters and 2 sons, so that kina makes us the brady bunch, and we have 30 some grandkids, I have lost count how many great grandkids we have, I need your help to get our family back into loving each other, at the present, they hate me and I have no idea why!
    we have always had one of the kids either live with us or in our motorhome, we have never turned away one child! what I am I guess writing you this letter maybe you or Dr Phil can help me get my daughter’s back together again,
    I would love to start first daughter Tina, she hates me and I do not know why? we have had so many tragities in the family first my 4 daughter dies from rectum cancer, and our life goes down hill since then, we had a reasal nice motorhome completely paid off and we let a girl name Jackie Towry stay in it and it caught fire with her in it and after 16 yrs we cancelled the insurance on it the following months,I need some help getting my daughters back to loving each other again, I do not care about anything, but getting them to love each other, when they needed a place to stay or transitions we always had the motorhome, it was there for their use, and now we have nothing! we were hit by a EF1 tornado, and God has really put us threw the wringer, Please, please, help me if you can, thank you for reading my letter.

  14. Dear. Ms. Winfrey,Is it possible to get a transcript or video copy of the entire series of Iyanla Vanzant Fix My Life:Jay Williams 34 Children and 17 Mothers. There are several family members I would like to see them view these episodes together.It would help with the other siblings and their relationship with themselves and their dad as well as stop the cycle from impeding our own children. Please let me know if these episode series is available for purchase. It would help mending some issues and cause forgiveness to take place among family.Thank you.

  15. dear oprah
    my name is tanieka Calhoun and im writing you about my sister. she is a strong women and is raising two beautiful talented kids.A boy who is a freshman on varsity at north in riverside,ca and a girl who can play basketball like an angel. She keeps them in sports by anymeans and makes sure their grades are excellent. Oprah thru all this she is doing it on her own due to the fact they are victims of a violent crime. The kids dad was murdered by his friends and it crushed her cause she knew them aswell. I just want to thank you cause shes a stromg black female and she loves that and I strongly believe you as well as other stong black females keep her thriving. She gives her kids and never wants them to feel the pain she feels.i love her for that.If you can find a lil time a give a high five for her strength she and I will love that.
    thanks oprah…ps she has no idea I emailed you . god bless

  16. Oprah,
    I am a cancer survivor 2012 and raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. I am not asking for a donation of money but a raffle gift for my April 2015 Walk. I have always wanted to meet you being from Mississippi
    And living with my grandparents who were sharecroppers. I miss your TV show
    I hope you receive my email
    Jimmie Marie

  17. Hi Mrs. Winfrey

    My name is Wendy ,I lost my uncle Roy who was my grandmother caregiver.I was a student at ASU finishing up my BA when my uncle ask me to become my grandmother caregiver and put my life on hold.I,recently became,homeless about 50 days ago. My aunt had went threw my grandmother estate and he hoping by me moving home it would stop. My aunt had been paying one of the local drug dealer to vandalize my van. My aunt evicted me out of my grandmother home and start a legal battle with the family for the rest of my grandmother money and house. I have call the local shelter but they all have no room. Please help find shelter, food and clothes.

  18. I tried to enter the sweepstakes my favorite thins with the entry number of RE2BMOE1CE4D, however the system said the number was not valid. I need help in entering the sweepstakes

  19. I did not realized the how often family members and love one are so brazen in extorting the wishes of a family member Last Will and Testament. My husband just experienced the theft of his dad Will, over $500 thousand dollars just taken without any regards to my dad handicapped daughter or his grandchildren. Of course we are trying to recoup these funds, with the help of an attorney. We also realized that the cost of recouping stolen funds can be enormous. Perhaps attorney who writes these Wills should ensure that their clients wishes will be adhered to

  20. Everytime I post the 12 characters from pg.22 for the instant win cover, and already receive the magazine by mail, it reverts back to the sign in to receive the magazine and replys that the code I entered was not valid. Really irritating.

  21. Dear Oprah, I am writting you this letter to first say how much I always enjoyed your shows I always found you to be so inspirational and your always gave me a lift, secondly I love your magazines and all your intresting articles. I have been out of work since March and have been helping my mom to stay in her home, taxes are sky high and she is on a fixed income and for me no job in sight I have been to agencies, interviews who say they will get back to me either way and never do and have been applying to numerous jobs and my funds are going low and its very fustrating! now winter is approaching and heating cost are so expensive along with everything else, we have been in this house since 1966 and my dad is deceased. please pray for a miracle for us that we can stay in this house, a house my mom loves and has raised me in thank you and may God always bless you always!!

  22. Hello hope u r having a wonderful day I love u Oprah but I am having a small problem I am part of the circle of friends and I am trying to enter my 12 digits for the favorite things and it’s not working out will u please help me the digits are RE2BMOE1CE4D Thanks a bunch

  23. I tried to enter the Oprah Favorite Things Winner with the code RE2BMOE1CE4D. It comes up as an invalid number. Please reply

  24. Dear Oprah, I Thank God for seeing your shows over the years. You have inspired me and I know many others to be the best we can be by giving. This letter is about our youth and elder. I have done foster care, and cared for the elder for many years. Getting older and poor health my self, with what time I am able I would love to have a kitchen were our group SWWC (Sister Walking With Christ) could cook meals for the hunger youth and elder in our community. It has come to our attention that there is a great need for this service a need to which I and SWWC would give our time to feel this need. I’m asking you to assist us in any you may see fit . A gift to our community.

  25. i tried to enter my code as I just received my Christmas magazine on 12-13 all the sweepstakes were expired and the. Ode I was given 5 others and maybe more had the same code. How would have someone had a chance if you give the same code to hundreds I only read 5 reviews but it was hundreds responding. Why put it in a magazine you know only a certain prizes will be given out. I will be canceling my subscription a sap.

  26. Hi, i’m trying to find an article on “CareLinx” Sherwin Sheik’s company that was in O magazine. Can you please help?

    thanks so much…..

    Lin Challela


  28. Would you have your (Book Club) check out the book “Wings of a Dream” by Conrad Bastien please? I’ve been an admirer of yours since I saw the movie “The Color Purple”. Thanks for all you do to help others!

  29. Hello,
    My name is Kimia a Family Service Worker for the Head Start Program in Bakersfield California. I would like to extend and invitation to Ms. Opra or a representative to read a story (Read Across America) to our Head Start children. I apologize for the short notice. In honor of Dr. Seuss from March 2nd-6th is the dates we are having this event. I hope that your are available or someone on your team. It would be a honor and pleasure to have you join us in reading to our children. This is an area in which we both share the passion of working and caring for children.

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