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Olive Garden is the casual dining arm of parent company Darden, owner of Red Lobster and LongHorn Steakhouse. The restaurant chain has more than 750 locations both in the United States and internationally. With a reach exceeding the millions, it is critical for the company to engage the customer and enhance the customer service experience. Customers seeking out the customer care department have the ability to connect using social media, email, traditional mail and phone.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-800-331-2729
  • Media: 1-312-220-3535
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-407-245-4000
  • Gift card inquiries: 1-877-579-8439
  • Gift card: 1-800-248-4935
  • Gift card (Canada): 1-888-888-3341

Mailing Address

Olive GardenP.O. Box 695017Orlando, FL 32869

Darden1000 Darden Center DriveOrlando, Florida, 32837

Official Website

Visit the official Olive Garden website http://www.olivegarden.com/ to learn about what the company does to better the community and the diverse customer base. The website also features a look into signature menu items and the recipes. In the event you are located near a participating “To-Go”, you have the ability to place orders online. For additional information relating to applicable products and services, we suggest reviewing the Olive Garden FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Go to https://www.olivegarden.com/Secure/Connect/?schemeredirect=true if you want to send a message to the customer service department. Customers can send a message relating to questions, compliments or complaints. We sent a message asking for the hours of the customer service department. We received an immediate automated response stating a customer service representative would answer our concern within 3 business days. Customers can also contact the customer service department on the Facebook page or the Twitter page .

Our Experience

After waiting approximately 4 minutes on hold, we were able to speak with a customer service representative. We asked if the company could provide us with a list of foods that were allergen free, based upon the top eight allergens. We would have liked to say the agent could have provided us with this important information, but they could not. The only information relating to food allergens which was available was pertaining to gluten allergies.

This is not how we expected our conversation to transpire. We want to know if you had a better experience. Share your story with us.

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38 Comments on “Contact Olive Garden Customer Service

  2. i went to the centereach store with my family it was my grandaughter 11 birthday we go the a lot but after this time maybe a change we ask to have a little birthday song candel on a cake they said olicve gardens policy they no longer do it because it disruped an older couples diner my grandaughter was so upset becaus she seen them do it many times

  3. When entering the Olive Garden in Waco, Texas I was met by the manager. She informed me she would let me in despite the shirt I was wearing supporting a college team that was not to her liking. My friend and I laughed it off but when I started to leave this same manager crossed her hands in front of in an “X” fashion as if to make her point that I was less than welcome at her Olive Garden. Luckily I am moving from Waco and will not have to deal with this unprofessional manager. Just a hint to everyone else, make sure you know which college shirt to wear so that the manager will not make you feel uncomfortable.

  4. Sorry to say we had the very worst dining expectancie at the Brandon Florida location last night. We needed a table for eight which we were seated very fast. We were celebrating the birthday of our friend Mary. When we got seated we informed our server we had a birthday cake. It was still in the car until we made plans as to if it could be served. Our server told me that if I brought it in it could be kept in the cooler. As I was entering with the cake the greeter approached me and said he would take care

  5. I frequent the Olive Garden in Henderson, NV regularly. Usually, I sit at the bar because of the excellent service, until last Friday. A young gentleman who served seemed like I was wasting his time by sitting there and ignored me. Luckily another young lady took time to refill my drinks and saw that I wasn’t getting the attention I needed. Maybe have a talk about the attitudes your employees have or I might not come back. Thank you.

    Chris K

  6. Horrible management! We called ahead to let the store know of a party of 14 coming in. They said they did not take reservations, and when we arrived we were told they would try to work us in. 10 minutes later a party of 24 arrived and they were seated ahead us. Clearly they had reserved tables. Dinner took 2 hours because the party that came in after us ordered first and we had to wait for their food to come up before ours was done. This is the 3rd time this has happened to us with a party of over 10. I really don’t know why we keep going back to your restaurant.

  7. Went to olive garden on sat we waited 2 hours for our meal we had our appetizers salad and waited forever finally the waitress got the manager and he went to the kitchen finally got our food and out of 6 of us 3 got Luke warm the manager said it came right up well it wasn’t hot at all we were very dissatisfied probably won’t go back

  8. My family visit our Olive Garden frequently and were very disappointed to see that the Shrimp Mezzaluna dish was no longer on the lunch or dinner menu. The waitress was really nice and offered to check with the cook to see if they could prepare something that would be similar but they said no. This entree was delicious. I hope that you will reconsider removing this item from the menu.

  9. Could anybody help me? I am sorry, I am the hotel-managment school student. I am writing report about Olive Garden. cause I am real fan of them. Does anybody know their Quality statement and Quality program? Thanks in advance

  10. On 1/12/2014 at Olive Garden in Sebring,Fl we had a party of 5 we were seated in the middle section of restaurant at a long table we waited 15 minutes for anyone to acknowledge us,the waiter that waited on us said it wasnt his section.We ordered drinks 3 waters one beer and a hot tea which took another 5 minutes to get.The waiter poured my tea which went all over table and me.We ordered 4 soup and salads and one kids ravioli.We stated we would like 2 salads one with onions and one without only got one with onions till we asked again 5 minutes later about our other salad. A girl brought a tray of soups a good 10 minutes later which were wrong but we were hungry and just wanted to get done. It wasnt even 2 minutes later here comes our waiter with a tray of soups it was like a three ring circus. We were never asked if we wanted more soup or salad we had so much confession at our table it was ridiculous.For all this we were asked by our waiter finally if we would like a free beverage or dessert and he kept apologizing. For all our agravation meal should have been free. It cost us $61.65 worst service ever and soups lukewarm.We were going to complain to manager but he was at table next to us were customers had there entree’s packed to go because of such bad service we just left and wont be back.

  11. We went to the Olive Garden in Owasso, OK on Sunday night and found them to be very busy. When we got to our table we were greeted by Dylan, our server. While waiting for our food to arrive, Dylan came by and apologized for the wait (we had yet to notice but we appreciated him being aware of it). We got our food and I took a bite of mine and immediately did not like it. It was just not at all what I was expecting. Then my husband had a problem with his entree and he ended up not eating that either. However, we were very pleased with how Dylan handled everything! He was kind, apologetic and resolved both situations quickly. We asked to speak to a manager. We wanted to tell him that although we had some food issues the service was great. We found ourselves equally impressed with JP, the manager. Everything was super busy so things happen but this location obviously understands that the guest service can make or break an experience. Even with the problems we had (a one time thing, I’m sure), we WILL be back and we WILL ask for Dylan! Thank you Dylan and JP!

  12. My family and I went out to eat and was very upset over the service. It took a long time for our food to arrive after ordering 20 min we were stuck in a corner and forgotten about while other guest around us had their server check on them frequently and we did not , The soup that was ordered never came and when we told the server that finally brought some of our food out that had been ordered they said they would bring it …still never came we never got a refill on bread sticks and only our child got a refill on drinks and we the adults did not. It was one of the most awful experience that we have received from your establishment. The sampler dish we ordered some of it was cold and part was dripping in grease. This was not worth the money we paid on this visit and we are very disgusted with the entire service.

  13. I usually never write a comment about your food because I’ve always enjoyed it! We took my sister out for her birthday at the Olive Garden in Plymouth,Ma. There was 6 of us and we were so looking forward to our meal. 3 people ordered the apricot chicken, I ordered the chicken Parmesan and the other 2 ordered lasagna. What a disappointment as the chicken on all the meals was dry, the minestrone was very salty and the salad was not good. We usually give gift certificates to the Olive Garden, but never again! We have patronized your establishment for many years!! How sad that we can’t go there anymore. I don’t know if you will respond to this comment, but you better change or you will lose a lot of customers. I will say the staff were very polite. We didn’t complain, because we had to leave and go to a party. I’ll be waiting for a reply.

  14. On my visit to Olive Garden #1576 last evening August 7th I ordered whole wheat pasta with oil and mozzarella cheese. Firstly there was practically no mozzarella cheese and it was only warm, not hot! I asked the waiter to rectify this and my meal was returned to me the same as I returned it.
    Since the restaurant was very busy and noisy, I asked for the cheque and left.
    I normally enjoy my experience at the Olive Garden but was most disappointed with this experience.
    The amount I paid for this disappointed dinner with. my husband leaves me very unhappy with the entire episode.
    I would like to hear from someone regarding this situation.
    Sheila Stevenson


  16. We hadn’t been to Olive Garden for a couple years because of food quality and service. So with the push on advertising on TV we decided to give them another try. What a mistake. The service was below par, and the food was so bad we left more then half of our meals. The waitress never asked how our food was or if we wanted to have a box to take home what was left. That reassured me we had made a mistake going back to Olive Garden. This was the one in Novi Michigan at the Town Center.

  17. Had dinner last night in Coral Springs woke up this morning with diarrhea and vomiting the meal I ate. My Husband had something else and he is fine. I had pasta with Alfredo sauce and a side of sausage meatballs.
    I will not eat there again.

  18. we love to eat olive garden but we had a horrible experience after 9 years. the waiter was very rude .the food tasted horrible and the order was not right plus when the bill came it was all wrong. the manager also did not understand our concern.

  19. Went to a Olive Garden in myrtle beach sc food and service was great and the staff went out of there way to accommodate me especially a elder Hispanic gentleman who went out of his way to help me to my table. The only suggestion I can make is for the handicapped parking spaces to be closer to the front door and the handicapped ramp to be closer to the front door.

  20. My wife and I went into our local Olive Garden on Sunday to have dinner. We ordered the by one take one home items. I was disappointed on the limited take one menu options. Then after ordering my wife decided before the end of our meal to switch her take home dinner to one of the other option available on the take home menu. Our server told her she would not be able to swith as the order had already been processed. When we received out take home dishes it looked like they we just taken out of a frige, why couldn’t they have just taken out the other optional dinner my wife ordered. This is not what I call good customer service, I’m an Engineer for Boeing Development Center in Washington good thing we don’t treat our customers in this manner. I used to like going to Olive Garden like may look for other options. Thanks For Listening Michael.

  21. Olive Garden Restaurant
    Sept. 12, 2014
    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been in Olive Garden store for over twenty years. I have seen such changed in our kitchen line. Observing the works is usual, but not when it comes to preparing food for customers. Cutting hours of people from production was not a good idea, since people could tastes the difference of food.

    If only being solve, market would be back to where it was then. ‘Marination’ of food leaves it palatable. Today, quick steps are being done without the concern of people outside the kitchen. If cutting of hours from those people who did ‘marination’ were more important than the taste of food served,then be it. “Peace!”

    Work’s anonymous

  22. My husband and I went to Olive Garden at 1560 4101 Towne Center Blvd Bowie, MD 20716 on Sept. 11, 2014 and we were very disappointed with the services, cleanliness and the food. Our napkins were already used and the table was greasy. The fettuccine Alfredo was just awful. The pasta was all stuck to each other and ends of it were dried out. Joshua H was our server and he looked like he did not like his job. We got the salad but forks didn’t arrive, the main course came a couple of minutes after the salad which frustrated us because we weren’t done with the salad yet and we felt rushed. The bill came when we started to eat the main course, again making us feel rushed. Everybody in our family loves Olive Garden. We always choose to eat at Olive Garden where ever we go. This is the first time we left an Olive Garden Restaurant feeling so disappointed.

  23. The breadsticks are a total WASTE – they’re like dog biscuits – the cheapest fast food sticks ever – without dipping sauce they would be tossed – a few slices of REAL ITALIAN BREAD would be so classic – but to call those dog treats ITALIAN is insane – START with some real Italian bread fresh from the oven with a plate of seasoned olive oil & watch the line grow – PLUS why not add a bread bowl with a delicious bisque (Wal-Mart sells a ready to eat tomato bisque for $3 AND they sell tartine bread that makes a better meal than anything at Olive Garden with those dog sticks – seriously take a look at your menu offerings & add some real ITALIAN flavor – people today know what real ITALIAN cooking is – time to make it happen at Olive Garden – the salad would be great with choice of dressing or at least dressing on the side – that 5-gallon-bucket dressing is so dreary & oily – get some nice crumbled cheeses with MARINATED olives or just about anything other than those 5-GALLON-BUCKET CANNED olives – puh-leeze – let Gordon Ramsey evaluate your menu – you NEED his help to save your failing menu – after all a restaurant is where we go to get real cooking – not canned or mass produced dog sticks we can get at the discount bread store – I’d go there again if they had real bread & real ingredients with red sauces that had flavor – but that 5-gallon-bucket canned tomato sauce is so tasteless – so what’s left – cheese sauce made without cheese – WHY would anyone go back for more of the same???

  24. I was just reading how corporate was going to fix sliding profits. I was wandering if you ever listen to customer feedback. Back in a day when Olive Gardens first hit the market, the restaurants were well sought after. I visited at least once a month. Most recently I thought spaghetti would be good for dinner. Just plain meat sauce spaghetti. This selection was not available. So I tried one of the selections available. As with our few hardly never visits, I was disappointed. My wife and I have avoided Olive garden for dinning for years now. We complained to ourselves and spread news to others but should have all along been telling Olive Garden of experiences. That is how you fix things. To be honest my wife and I find the Olive Gardens food to salty to taste. We can salt our food to our own taste at the table. The unpleasant taste starts at the beginning with the salad and the breadsticks and continues through the entre. Olive Garden may not have heard this complaint before but I’m letting you know that this has been our only complaint and the reason why we do come to Olive Garden. Try fixing this, that should be easy. Let me know and I will come back.

  25. Waiting in lobby for 15′ when you see half of the tables were empty, several customers were sat in front of us, going to ask for how long we have to wait and the girl is looking at us surprised and asking if someone helped us. So unprofessional those teenagers, it was supposed to be a happy day for a birthday and it transformed into a ruin. Shame on u, long hair girl, you know who you are

  26. I went to Olive Garden in Lake Oswego, OR for their buy one, get one promo as advertised for $12.99. At the restaurant they showed a base price of $13.99 for the basic spaghetti. All other dishes were extra, some up to $4 more! The advertisement on our table also said that unlimited soup or salad was included but we were charged $2 extra for the salad. I ordered spaghetti for my 8 year old daughter who had a kids menu in front of her and they charged us for a full size adult entree. I replied to the survey from my receipt about my experience and never heard back from anyone. Will not be back to Olive Garden for a long time!

    YOUR RESTAURANT ALARM WENT OFF FOR EIGHT hours disrupting the bend Oregon community within 2 mile radius!


  28. I’m totally disappoined with ur restaurant. We went to the restaurant and they told us to wait abt 20 minutes but we waited 2 1/2 hours for our seat anf we left from thete and we talk to the manager but he was rude with us so i dont what kind of service is this and this is the last time im going to ur restaurant.

  29. A group of us went to the Olive Garden in Whittier around 4:00. We had a couple of glasses of wine and or beer while chatting and having our salad. The GM came over to our table for no apparent reason to say they could not serve us anymore alcohol for no apparent reason. It was totally uncalled for as we were not intoxicated or loud in any way. Subsequently, we paid our tab and cancelled our meals. I know people that have run up a $200 tab in the bar and never been refused. This was absolutely the most ridiculous use of a manager’s time. She could use her time more wisely in training her servers!

  30. I just wanna let someone know that while taking my granddaughter to Iowa city hospital for appt we went to Olive Garden in corraville Iowa, I have to say the greeter was wonderful, the waitress not so good, we ordered soup and salad and sides of spaghetti , we waited and waited and finally we get our salad which was not real cold our soup was Luke warm and we watched as other quests were served there food as we waited and waited, not sure if we was forgot about or what happened , when we wanted our second bowl of soup it was a long wait also, we go to Olive Garden in davenport Iowa and have never had this happen, they bring our salad and breadsticks and drinks and then our soup, thank you for listening but that was the worst $50.00 I ever spent on Olive Garden , Judy Spaulding 525 21 avenue rock island I’ll 61201. Have a blessed day

  31. I was in Wausau olive garden sat for 15 mins no service …4 people at counter saying hi to people when u come in???? But I couldn’t get service got up and left ate at Fazoli’s !!!! Dont no if ill go back to that olive garden again !!!!! This has happen more than once to me and my family there!!!!!!

  32. If you want to improve your customer base, you need to prepare the same kind of menu that Macaroni Grill has. That is to say, recipes that are in fact genuine Northern and Southern Italian dishes. The ersatz garbage you are passing off as Italian cuisine is not just bad, it is insulting. Italian cooking is simple, it isn’t gluey sauces, that are flavorless, overly garlicky, nor looking like something that came out of a fast food place. For the same money you could have pasta bolognese, lasagna verde, chicken piccata, veal piccata, seafood pastas that are cheap, easy to prepare, and would totally change the way you get clientele. You have people in your offices who don’t know Italian cooking from a hole in the wall. Americans want quality and will pay for it. contact me and let me redo your menue, recipes, and see what sort of difference it makes.

  33. If you want to improve your customer base, you need to prepare the same kind of menu that Macaroni Grill has. That is to say, recipes that are in fact genuine Northern and Southern Italian dishes. The ersatz garbage you are passing off as Italian cuisine is not just bad, it is insulting. Italian cooking is simple, it isn’t gluey sauces, that are flavorless, overly garlicky, nor looking like something that came out of a fast food place. For the same money you could have pasta bolognese, lasagna verde, chicken piccata, veal piccata, seafood pastas that are cheap, easy to prepare, and would totally change the way you get clientele. You have people in your offices who don’t know Italian cooking from a hole in the wall. Americans want quality and will pay for it. contact me and let me redo your menue, recipes, and see what sort of difference it makes.

  34. My mother took me and my wife to dinner at the olive graden in casa grande az. The service was slow and horrible. I ordered the all you can eat pasta with all you can eat chicken fritta. It took me asking 3 different waiters and 40 minutes later to get one refill my order! Not once did any management come check on us or any tables near us. I would think they would considering our group had 8 people and the other tables had about the same amount of people in their party. We spent over $ 100.00 for horrific service very disappointed.

  35. I want to commend Manager Melissa at the Wendover location in Greensboro,NC.
    My family was dissatisfied with our server who we felt was impatient and somewhat rude. I ask to speak to the Manager. Melissa was professional and very customer friendly. She resolved our problem with the ease of a seasoned leader. I like to give credit where credit is due and Melissa definitely deserves our thanks.

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