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Contacting Olive Garden Customer Service Center

Olive Garden is the casual dining arm of parent company Darden, owner of Red Lobster and LongHorn Steakhouse. The restaurant chain has more than 750 locations both in the United States and internationally. With a reach exceeding the millions, it is critical for the company to engage the customer and enhance the customer service experience. Customers seeking out the customer care department have the ability to connect using social media, email, traditional mail and phone.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-800-331-2729
  • Media: 1-312-220-3535
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-407-245-4000
  • Gift card inquiries: 1-877-579-8439
  • Gift card: 1-800-248-4935
  • Gift card (Canada): 1-888-888-3341

Mailing Address

Olive GardenP.O. Box 695017Orlando, FL 32869

Darden1000 Darden Center DriveOrlando, Florida, 32837

Official Website

Visit the official Olive Garden website http://www.olivegarden.com/ to learn about what the company does to better the community and the diverse customer base. The website also features a look into signature menu items and the recipes. In the event you are located near a participating “To-Go”, you have the ability to place orders online. For additional information relating to applicable products and services, we suggest reviewing the Olive Garden FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Go to https://www.olivegarden.com/Secure/Connect/?schemeredirect=true if you want to send a message to the customer service department. Customers can send a message relating to questions, compliments or complaints. We sent a message asking for the hours of the customer service department. We received an immediate automated response stating a customer service representative would answer our concern within 3 business days. Customers can also contact the customer service department on the Facebook page or the Twitter page .

Our Experience

After waiting approximately 4 minutes on hold, we were able to speak with a customer service representative. We asked if the company could provide us with a list of foods that were allergen free, based upon the top eight allergens. We would have liked to say the agent could have provided us with this important information, but they could not. The only information relating to food allergens which was available was pertaining to gluten allergies.

This is not how we expected our conversation to transpire. We want to know if you had a better experience. Share your story with us.

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  2. i went to the centereach store with my family it was my grandaughter 11 birthday we go the a lot but after this time maybe a change we ask to have a little birthday song candel on a cake they said olicve gardens policy they no longer do it because it disruped an older couples diner my grandaughter was so upset becaus she seen them do it many times

  3. When entering the Olive Garden in Waco, Texas I was met by the manager. She informed me she would let me in despite the shirt I was wearing supporting a college team that was not to her liking. My friend and I laughed it off but when I started to leave this same manager crossed her hands in front of in an “X” fashion as if to make her point that I was less than welcome at her Olive Garden. Luckily I am moving from Waco and will not have to deal with this unprofessional manager. Just a hint to everyone else, make sure you know which college shirt to wear so that the manager will not make you feel uncomfortable.

  4. Sorry to say we had the very worst dining expectancie at the Brandon Florida location last night. We needed a table for eight which we were seated very fast. We were celebrating the birthday of our friend Mary. When we got seated we informed our server we had a birthday cake. It was still in the car until we made plans as to if it could be served. Our server told me that if I brought it in it could be kept in the cooler. As I was entering with the cake the greeter approached me and said he would take care

  5. I frequent the Olive Garden in Henderson, NV regularly. Usually, I sit at the bar because of the excellent service, until last Friday. A young gentleman who served seemed like I was wasting his time by sitting there and ignored me. Luckily another young lady took time to refill my drinks and saw that I wasn’t getting the attention I needed. Maybe have a talk about the attitudes your employees have or I might not come back. Thank you.

    Chris K

  6. Horrible management! We called ahead to let the store know of a party of 14 coming in. They said they did not take reservations, and when we arrived we were told they would try to work us in. 10 minutes later a party of 24 arrived and they were seated ahead us. Clearly they had reserved tables. Dinner took 2 hours because the party that came in after us ordered first and we had to wait for their food to come up before ours was done. This is the 3rd time this has happened to us with a party of over 10. I really don’t know why we keep going back to your restaurant.

  7. Went to olive garden on sat we waited 2 hours for our meal we had our appetizers salad and waited forever finally the waitress got the manager and he went to the kitchen finally got our food and out of 6 of us 3 got Luke warm the manager said it came right up well it wasn’t hot at all we were very dissatisfied probably won’t go back

  8. My family visit our Olive Garden frequently and were very disappointed to see that the Shrimp Mezzaluna dish was no longer on the lunch or dinner menu. The waitress was really nice and offered to check with the cook to see if they could prepare something that would be similar but they said no. This entree was delicious. I hope that you will reconsider removing this item from the menu.

  9. Could anybody help me? I am sorry, I am the hotel-managment school student. I am writing report about Olive Garden. cause I am real fan of them. Does anybody know their Quality statement and Quality program? Thanks in advance

  10. On 1/12/2014 at Olive Garden in Sebring,Fl we had a party of 5 we were seated in the middle section of restaurant at a long table we waited 15 minutes for anyone to acknowledge us,the waiter that waited on us said it wasnt his section.We ordered drinks 3 waters one beer and a hot tea which took another 5 minutes to get.The waiter poured my tea which went all over table and me.We ordered 4 soup and salads and one kids ravioli.We stated we would like 2 salads one with onions and one without only got one with onions till we asked again 5 minutes later about our other salad. A girl brought a tray of soups a good 10 minutes later which were wrong but we were hungry and just wanted to get done. It wasnt even 2 minutes later here comes our waiter with a tray of soups it was like a three ring circus. We were never asked if we wanted more soup or salad we had so much confession at our table it was ridiculous.For all this we were asked by our waiter finally if we would like a free beverage or dessert and he kept apologizing. For all our agravation meal should have been free. It cost us $61.65 worst service ever and soups lukewarm.We were going to complain to manager but he was at table next to us were customers had there entree’s packed to go because of such bad service we just left and wont be back.

    • Good, I hope that you never come back either. People like you should never go to restaurants, your never satisfied and you honestly make others miserable. Grow up!

  11. We went to the Olive Garden in Owasso, OK on Sunday night and found them to be very busy. When we got to our table we were greeted by Dylan, our server. While waiting for our food to arrive, Dylan came by and apologized for the wait (we had yet to notice but we appreciated him being aware of it). We got our food and I took a bite of mine and immediately did not like it. It was just not at all what I was expecting. Then my husband had a problem with his entree and he ended up not eating that either. However, we were very pleased with how Dylan handled everything! He was kind, apologetic and resolved both situations quickly. We asked to speak to a manager. We wanted to tell him that although we had some food issues the service was great. We found ourselves equally impressed with JP, the manager. Everything was super busy so things happen but this location obviously understands that the guest service can make or break an experience. Even with the problems we had (a one time thing, I’m sure), we WILL be back and we WILL ask for Dylan! Thank you Dylan and JP!

  12. My family and I went out to eat and was very upset over the service. It took a long time for our food to arrive after ordering 20 min we were stuck in a corner and forgotten about while other guest around us had their server check on them frequently and we did not , The soup that was ordered never came and when we told the server that finally brought some of our food out that had been ordered they said they would bring it …still never came we never got a refill on bread sticks and only our child got a refill on drinks and we the adults did not. It was one of the most awful experience that we have received from your establishment. The sampler dish we ordered some of it was cold and part was dripping in grease. This was not worth the money we paid on this visit and we are very disgusted with the entire service.

  13. I usually never write a comment about your food because I’ve always enjoyed it! We took my sister out for her birthday at the Olive Garden in Plymouth,Ma. There was 6 of us and we were so looking forward to our meal. 3 people ordered the apricot chicken, I ordered the chicken Parmesan and the other 2 ordered lasagna. What a disappointment as the chicken on all the meals was dry, the minestrone was very salty and the salad was not good. We usually give gift certificates to the Olive Garden, but never again! We have patronized your establishment for many years!! How sad that we can’t go there anymore. I don’t know if you will respond to this comment, but you better change or you will lose a lot of customers. I will say the staff were very polite. We didn’t complain, because we had to leave and go to a party. I’ll be waiting for a reply.

  14. I have eaten in your restaurants in Texas, Ohio, Washington and several other states and am so disappointed that you have changed on particular menu item

    The Parmesan Crusted Tilapia with Angel Hair Pasta and Garlic Sauce was to die for. I would always order an extra to take home for the next day.

    My last visits to Olive Garden was in Austin, TX and then in Modesto, CA. I ordered the above and to my disappointment see that you have changed the pasta to roasted asparagus. It just isn’t the same. It’s a terrible combination.

    Please change it back.

  15. We went to the Lawton, ok. Branch. Valentine’s day lunch got seats very quickly. Great waitress, I don’t have a degree in restaurant anything, lol but I know great service. But the meal I ordered was/is on it’s way out? Oh crap you don’t say the braised beef meal is out. Wow but steaks and hot wings will be on the menu. So should we expect to see dozens of flat screens hung around and beer specials through the week. Well count us out see this is why we don’t go to sports bars but I guess you folks want a sport bar? You have a classy upscale restaurant herwhen gym bring it down?

  16. We went to the Olive Garden in Baytown, Tx last week and had the worst dinner ever. Ordered the salad, pizza, and lasagna. When our salads came out we asked for our bread sticks and we’re told they were baking and would be right out. We asked 3 times,finished out salads and they finally came with our meal. Our pizza and lasagna was cold. I mean cold not just kinda warm, it was actually cold like it had not been heated at all. The server said sorry, took it back and heated. We ate our 3 bread sticks (that’s 1 1/2 each) , lasagna, and I took my soggy pizza home. I asked for the manager but by then we had been there for nearly an hour and the manager never came so just paid the check and left. We have always enjoyed the food at the Olive Garden but this was terrible, both the food and service attitude sucked.

  17. I visited Olive Garden at Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville last week.
    I want to say I will be back! The food was great, salad was chilled and dinner was hot. The best part of dinner was our waitress Telisa WOW what a delite full person! She made sure our salad was refilled, our dinners were hot and our drinks were full. It made our evening out a very deliteful one. I hope you keep this young lady, we are going to go back soon and I will ask to be seated at one of her tables. I know I will get the best service there.
    Keep up the great job of quality people on your wait staff.
    Karen C.

  18. My wife love your restaurant but lately she has been having very bad dining experiences! I couldn’t believe it when she started she wasn’t ever going back to Oliver Garden! She had a beer strict diet due to health issues. Her system can’t take a lot of different seasonings and when she began eating at Olive Garden she was excited because it didn’t make her sick but now the service make her sick so she doesn’t want tho eat there. I just wanted someone to know that customer service need to be addressed and when someone request an appetizer as entree make sure it’s HOT! Also when they take home a dinner they would like what they ordered to be just that not someone else order and when you call back dint say you should have addressed that before you left when you think your server would at least make sure she had the correct meal!

  19. Olive Garden in Rohnert park,calif. The service was great and the waitress was very good but the food was very salty and this is not the first time, there is just too much salt in your food, I had to tell the waitress to clean the walls because the food spilled on them. I notice that the person cleaning the tables didn’t even move the salt-and-pepper shakers to clean the tables or clean the seats, we live about 100 miles from O garden And every time we go pickup supplies in Santa Rosa we usually stop by Olive Garden to eat, I think I’m done with O.G. We just might have to find another place to eat we are thing about the new casino.

  20. I haves tried twice to get on the survey and completed it only to be told it was timed out.Consider this fraud and will not go to your restaurant again. I was very happy to join the survey and then be told about the time out is an insult.

  21. We have been going to olive garden in Liberty MO for two years. Last night our waitress was bringing our entrees when one of the other waiters tripped her on purpose. She fell and all of the food went everywhere. We have had Andrew before and he is a total jerk when it comes to take out orders. Big deal your manager compted our meal as they seem to do a lot of that. Cause every time we have been there someone is complaining about the food, the waitress or something else to get a free meal and then leave the waitress no tip. I know these servers make hardly nothing I don’t know how they live. I think it is a shame that you let crap like this go on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you would quit advertising so much you could pay them better wages. Lately the food really sucks and so does the service except or Dawna we always ask for her cause we know she will d her best to please her customers.

  22. My group stopped at an Olive Garden in Ocala, Florida recently on the way home from a Disney vacation. A young person in the party forgot her wallet at the restaurant, but we were already several hours away. I contacted the restaurant and they mailed the wallet back to us. They went out of their way to help! Thank you so much for the help.

  23. went to olive garden around 2 had to wait 20 minutes to be seated they were not busy then the waitress did not come and ask if we needed anything she just seemed to be rude will not go back

  24. went to olive garden for moms birthday five of us we wanted to relax and have a couple of drinks and then asit down dinner no happy hour drinks were way to expensive 3.79 for coors light 12 ounce couldn’t afford bourbon &coke @9.50 for a double some food portions were very good others were scimpy chicken parmesian carrinoes is abetter deal

  25. Went to the Olive Garden in Lv, KY. In the past I really liked the “Mixed Grill”, excellent meal came on skewers and was my favorite meal. A little pricey, but good. Then, they changed it to no skewers, red potatoes, etc. Still okay. Yesterday they had changed it again. This time it was mashed potatoes and a veggie. Very Cracker Barrel experience. This type cost cutting does not encourage return visits. Haven’t been back to Mimi’s since they changed my jambalaya to a pasta dish.

  26. My cousin took my husband and myself to Olive Garden in West valley Utah for my birthday. They asked if we wanted dessert and I said if I can have one for my birthday. So she said ok and she brought back a plate of whip cream with a little chocolate sauce on the plate. I couldn’t believe it. I was very insulted. That’s not the way to treat a customer. WHIP CREAM COME ON. I’m going to let people know about the birthday flop. No more Olive Garden for us. Like you really care.

  27. I was at the west town Olive Garden for my birthday and ordered my beloved apricot chicken. When I was told it was no longer available I was sure upset. My husband does not like to eat out and felt justified that I was very unhappy with olive gardes removing my favorite menu item.. The manager told me many customers had requested the chicken,plus I know the dish itself had been published as a good choice for eating out. The new menu is a confusing array of bits of this n that. What was management thinking of to change a customer favorite! All my dismay led to a free dessert but their dessert menu is too limited,in my opinion.

  28. When I moved to Ithaca ny I was hoping there would be an Olive Garden but there wasn’t Yesterday I had to return to the Syracuse area and had lunch at my favorite lunch place Olive
    Garden. First the wine list was poor no more Kendell Jackson,in fact my daughter had no wine because of poor selection. I chose the 2 for one lunches picked a citrus chicken dish arrived dry and the chicken had not been cooked in sauce , it had been sauteed and added to the very dry tasteless dish, the waitress was very congenial and tried to make up for lousy wine and food, I did not take the food home with me I only took 3 taste.
    My daughter had 2 appetizers and both were very disappointing.

  29. Dissatisfied with Port Richey Florida Olive Garden. Went 3:45 for
    dinner told 15min wait. there were plenty of empty tables but we
    were told night shift not in till 4;0. After finally getting seated We ordered cheese ravioli. the server said they were out of that dish and would not have any till tomorrow Wed 4/16. We were very disappointed and left. Went to a competors

  30. I guess I might be a little late in doing this, but illness delayed me. Olive Garden # 1263, 03/29/2014 Sarah P. Table 509. This waitress made our meal and service outstanding. She was so prompt in attending to our meal needs, hot and timely, drinks refilled as needed and salads was prepared exactly like we wanted. She was impressive and is a tribute to the fine dining we enjoy at Olive Garden

  31. Again, I am a little late in commenting on the excellent service due to illiness. Olive Garden # 1263, 04/02/2014, table 504, John A. W.. John was superb in his handling our order. We have known John as our waiter for several years. He brings a cheerful attitude and attentiveness to our dining requests. Our orders are always, correct, timely and hot. Dining at this Olive Garden with Waiters and Waitress’s like we have encountered, makes dining a pleasure and treat. Thanks and keep up the good work by all the Staff.

  32. All Dining occassions at this resturant, Olive Garden # 1263 is enhanced and to be enjoyed by all when Chef ANGEL is on duty. He has provided some of the most tasty dishes we always have at the Garden. We attempt to visit the Garden when we know he is preparing meals. He is indeed a culinary specialist in his own right. Thanks for keeping him on staff. We love his cooking.

  33. went in out my lunch break waitress told us that it wasn’t any tables available so we left and called back and talk to the manager because we looked to the right and it was a lot of tables available.manager said it was tables available and told us to come back and he would take care of us.i have had a lot of terrible experiences at the oxford,alabama 36203 I love olive garden but I have had bad experience with this one..and I also had glass in my spaghetti that I ate it was inside of my mouth I kept feeling something crunchy this was at one time also and the manager done a accident report but acted like it was not a big deal never called to check on me.i did call olive garden and the lady never told anyone to contact me I was upset because it was really bad customer service.just wondering about olive garden because right now I don’t know.

  34. I will never eat at another Olive Garden as long as I live! It was the worst excuse for Italian food I have ever experienced, no flavor, I’ve had better Italian food from a box than I had at the Olive Garden. I’m not sure why you even call it Italian????????? Even the bread sticks and salad were tasteless!! And the appetizer was so bad it did little more than ruin your appetite.

  35. Why don’t you have an olive garden in Monroe County Michigan.
    Great locations to build right off I-75 and Swan Creek Road

  36. My friends and I are regulars at the Olive Garden on Rt. 18 in East Brunswick, NJ. Yesterday I stopped by at about 5 p.m. for a quick bite on my way to a meeting. I asked the hostess for a table by a window since I had to do some reading. She said the best she could do was a table across from a window, then she made the special effort to get me the table I needed. My waitress came by and took my drink order and, when I was ready, took my order for the chicken flatbread. A short while later a male wait staff member came by and said he knew I was not getting a dinner, but asked if I might like some bread which I cordially declined. I just loved the flatbread and finished with a cup of coffee. I just wanted to compliment all of your staff in East Brunswick. The attitude of your staff and their helpfulness was a real treat. A friend and I had dinner at a more “upscale restaurant” the other day, and the service could not compare to the great service I received at Olive Garden.

    A loyal customer,

    Joan Darbig

  37. i WILL NEVER GO TO THE Olive Garden in New Hartford, New York again. On 5/2/2014 My girlfriend and I dined at the Olive Garden. We were seated right away. Our waitress,Jean,introduced herself and gave us the menus. We ordered I wanted the sausage soup and my gilr had the salad. I then Ordered the Chicken and shrimp Cabonnara with whole wheat pasta,my date ordered the sausage w/peppers spicy sauce. The waitress brought the soup and stated it was all broth and would bring some more later,why bring it at all. When the dinner arrived my girl’s pasta was cold and my dinner wasn’t what I ordered . She apologized for not having whole wheat pasta on my pasta with sausage and red sauce. I told her I ordered the Chicken and shrimp cabonnara. The professional service rep came over,Marlene, I explained and she apologized . My correct dinner was brought out after. When I received the bill I noticed they charged me for the sausage I never ordered. I told the professional service rep and left. I never had a problem in the DeWitt Olive Garden apparently they were BETTER TRAINED AND BELIEVE IN SATISFYING THE CUSTOMER.

  38. I have to say Olive Garden has lost my business for good, we went there tonight a little after 9:30pm an hour later still haven’t got our food to eat yet, so I decided to go out side and smoke, as I was about to walk outside the 2 front desk guys tell me that if I go outside I can not come back in. I explained to them that we still haven’t even got our bill or anything yet they didn’t care to hear it so I sat back down and waited for the food to come to us, by now we are ready to go so we get our food to go. I just can’t believe the stupid policy that you can’t go outside and come back in when you are still a customer and having to wait over an hour for food is crazy, our son went to sleep before he could even get to eat. Never again will I deal with this company.

  39. As a former major league baseball player, I have been to olive garden restaurants in many cities. Recently I have been going to the olive garden in Olathe Kansas. Manager, Mr. Kimball, has made our visits very enjoyable. The food has been excellent. Service has been excellent. Mr. Kimball is the sole reason for my family and friends to continue to visit Olive garden on a more frequent basis. Thank you very much for your services.
    I recently found myself in Topeka Kansas. After being such a frequent customer in Olathe, and having such enjoyable visits to Mr. Kimball’s restaurant, it was somewhat automatic for us to choose Olive garden in Topeka. Unfortunately, I found the service and the food to NOT be what I had come to expect. They had an attitude that they want us to hurry up and get finished eating and get out. The food was dry, the normal unlimited salad was a problem for them to fulfill as well. All in all, it was a very unpleasant visit. We had spent over $200 that night, and we were very unsatisfied. Thanks again to Mr. Kimball and the Olive garden staff in Olathe Kansas.
    Steve Jeltz

  40. I was with family at Olive Garden on Ridge Road Tuesday evening the waiter who was very nice brought all are dinners and one was the wrong thing . He took it back and by the time everyone was finished she still did not have her dinner until we were read to go. Felt she should not have had to pay . She spent over $75 and it did not seem fair.

  41. Tuesday evening my husband and I visited the Olive Garden on International Speedway Blvd, Daytona. The food was very good but we felt completely rushed. The server stood over us while we chose from the menu. He took my husband order before I had decided. Rushed back and stood over me as I tried to decide. I felt very pressurised to make a decision. The salad came very quickly (nothing wrong with that) but the starters arrived just after, then the main course arrived before we had finished the starter. The server then gave me a box before I had finished plus the bill. All in all we were in and out in 45 mins, not a relaxing meal. The rush took away from the pleasant food. Shall think twice before visiting The Olive Garden again.

  42. Went to the Winter Haven, FL Olive Garden on Cypress Gardens Blvd., last week to get 2 spaghetti & meatball dinners to go. Manager by the name of Jim took my order. I paid with a credit card, and where the signature should be, I have See I.D. was not asked to show anything. My identity has been stolen from a restaurant on the Blvd. before and this is why I have ask for I.d. A manager should know better. When I got home, 3 miles down the road, my wife & I really for spaghetti & meatballs, had spaghetti & sauce. I wrote this complaint, that night but realized the next day it was to the restaurant and I have not received and answer. We visit all the restaurants on the Blvd., at least once a month. Not sure if we will be back. Thank you for listening. I worked for a company, that their business was all about customer service. This night yours didn’t even score.

  43. I have been going to the Fremont, CA, Olive Garden for 20 years. Long time if you ask me. Does that make me a loyal customer, or just a customer who can be easily replaced?
    Today, I have decide that Olive Garden no longer delivers value. The kind that value I associated with the quality of food. Today, I came in to the restaurant to discover that “the meal” that I come for has been altered. The “chicken Marsala” which has been the meal that drew me to your restaurant is gone. Half of it, the roasted potatoes with the onions has been replaced with mashed potatoes! Yuk!
    The meal is watered down, probably to save money, and I lost the value, and so the interest. Goodbye Olive Garden. I am off to new adventures now.

  44. Well I could have sworn employes who have thrown up within the last 24hours are not suppose to work. I am an employee who tried to call in due to throwing up all last night, and all day today, and was told I had to come in because the managers only scheduled 11 people. Hopefully I don’t throw up in your food ! Sorry ! Even just the smell of food makes me nauseous ! What a great company Darden is. Funny how you use the quote “were all family here” and treat employees like shit. I’m glad I’m ending my employment with darden. This is the worst establishment I’ve ever worked for ! I’d rather eat cow shit than work at Olive Garden again.

  45. We had dinner at the Olive Garden on Bay Road in Saginaw, Michigan on Saturday. Our waitress, Coty, was phenomenal. She was respectful, helpful and followed through on our dinner. The manager, Cindy, was also awesome. When we had leftovers, we were given an ice bag to keep our food fresh and healthy while we drove the hour back to our home. We want to congratulate the waitress and manager for making our trip to Olive Garden better than expected. We certainly would return to that restaurant and request the same waitress. Thanks Coty and Cindy for a great time!

  46. My favorite appetizer is the spinach artichoke dip with the toasted bread and celery sticks. I would even order 2 togo just to eat with our home meal.
    I’m disappointed to hear it was off the menu. I love the food but now every time I go I get disappointed just because of the thought of having the spinach artichoke dip.
    It has now made me chase around town to find a great spinach artichoke dip so far I still wish Olive gardens was available

  47. Server dropped his whole tray of dirty dishes and did not even ask if we were ok or apologize when he spilled water on our feet. We were not offered wine we did not receive water the wait for everything was very very long . There were no croutons on the salad . We rarely saw the waitress and the manager finally brought us refills and breadsticks. Lots of excuses but no resolution we will not be going back to this Olive Garden in Melrose Park ever again. Being understaffed is not an appropriate response to give a customer that is clearly unhappy. All 3 of us haved worked in restaraunts and I would be ashamed if my staff behaved this way and treated customers as poorly as we were treated

  48. Very diasppointed in this olve garden visit..off exit 284 on I95 in florida..arrived with a party of 8..my husband was the first one to order & they never brought his food. After the manager came around & saw he didn’t have his food my husband said just box it up..did not offer him a drink or anything (he had to eat it in the car) & they still charged me for it..did not even offer a discount for his inconvenience..this place sucked..won’t b back!

  49. I placed an order to go over the weekend and when I went to go pick up my order the to go parking spots were taken for more than just a few minutes. I drove around about 20 minutes before I could find a parking and may I add the parking I found was in the back behind a dumpster. I need to just run in and out to pick up my to go order. I picked up my food and got home my food was disgustingly cold and the soup was gross! I am a usual Olive Garden customer! I know what the soup and food should of taste like and that wasn’t it! This is my 4th time going to this Olive Garden and three out of four times the food was gross! I am extremely unhappy!

  50. On 6/13/2014,Newport News,VA, I phoned early afternoon to request a certain tale which was in a room to the side I was told to call back a hour before arriving o request the table. I called and twice asked if I could have that table/room. Yes, I could. We had a party of nine. When we arrived and asked about the room the person at the front desk said that she had just come on duty and didn’t know anything about it. She had just seated a group of people in there!!!! I was livid! When I had called the second time time the person taking my request was acting like I was bothering her. I am legally blind/hearing impaired and I really needed that room.Needless to say it was so noisy you had to yell and then later they turned the lights even down even lower. It isn’t very bright in there to begin with. I was just miserable and angry.

  51. I recently visited olive garden on Jun 8th and I was very disappointed with the service I received and the food was cold when I did receive it and she was not knowledgeable about the menu and did not come back to the table to check on use or see if we need it any refill, took a long time to return, forgot what we order and was not sure of when the food was coming and did not have a experience that day. The service Adelina was new and feel she need it some additional training.

  52. I visited the Olive Garden in Kissimmee with my family for the last night of our vacation tonight everything started off nice and we were enjoying ourselves when our main course arrived the waiter placed the first plate down and then proceeded to drop the second two plates of food on me and my mum. The plates smashed and the food dropped over me and my mum burning our arms and my leg and ruining our clothes. I have taken photographs of the burn and our clothes which are now ruined.

    We understand that accidents happen but the server proceeded to scuttle off and we were left to sort out the situation ourselves. My father proceeded to ask the manager to come over and a lady called octavia Saunders came across reluctantly and did not deal with the situation well at all. She caused my father of touching her and he did not lay a finger on the lady. She then proceeded to repeat this three times when he did not lay a finger on her this was highly embarrassing and other members of the resteraunt were concerned for our safety. The lady then proceeded to do nothing to assist the situation and I asked what she was going to do about our clothes. She said that she would pay for dry cleaning but I advised that the clothes were ruined and we are going home to England tomorrow so wouldn’t have time to do this.

    The manager offer to do nothing apart from move tables and get another meal to which we declined because we were burnt and had pasta and tomato sauce all over us.

    The manageress was rude, abrupt and offered to do nothing to assist the situation. She also told us to shut up so we decided to leave quietly.

    My parents own a vacation villa close to the Olive Garden and we recommend the resteraunt to guests but we will not be doing this any longer. We have been to the resteraunt several times as we come every year and have had many nice meals in the past. We even talked to a Russian waitress called Yula who was very polite and had served us before.

    I am very dissapointed at the service we received at the resteraunt as it ruined our clothes, ruined our last night of our vacation and we will not be returning to the Olive Garden.

  53. My wife and I eat at three different locations, we always order a salad with Romaine lettuce instead of the Iceburg lettuce. We never complain at the table,but almost every time the salad is all cores and very little if any green lettuce.Iknow it comes in a bag when you get it,and already chopped into pieces.I also buy Romaine lettuce at stores to make salads at home a nd it never comes all cores,like what you serve.We have allways said Olive Garden is one of our favorite places to eat,but with these salads,we are looking for a new favorite place to eat.I am 65 and my wife is 68,and we eat most of our meals out.

  54. Don’t order take-out without checking it. I ordered a trout dish that was supposed to be made with pasta and broccoli in tomato sauce. All I got was the trout – no pasta. My salad came in a small white box that was taped up, it looked kid-sized. Over $28 for a meal that when I got home I actually had to cook something since half of it was missing.

  55. Olive Garden in Springfield, PA. We went into the restaurant and were seated within 5 minutes. We got to out table and it was still completely dirty and still had dirty wine glasses. We waited 15 minutes and we’re not acknowledged by anyone. We walked out of the restaurant and enjoyed a meal at Outback Steakhouse.

  56. Olive Garden in Springfield, PA. We went into the restaurant and were seated within 5 minutes. We got to out table and it was still completely dirty and still had dirty wine glasses. We waited 15 minutes and we’re not acknowledged by anyone. We walked out of the restaurant and enjoyed a meal at Outback Steakhouse.

  57. I went to an olive garden in Tulsa Oklahoma and had a horrible experience and gave a review to reflect my experience. So the DM calls me back and wants me to give Olive Garden another try. She says she will send a gift card to show appreciation and to come back (bc at that was my first and last time visiting Olive Garden). I said no at first however she insisted. THAT WAS THREE WEEKS AGO AND STILL NOTHING. I guess she called just to say she followed up not meaning nothing that she said.

  58. I just wanted to write about if maybe you would bring back the “Marshmallow Martini”back. I really enjoy it every single time I go to Olive Garden.


  60. Saturday July 5th, we were looking to get some food, and a beer.
    My ex, her brother and I usually just do a cocktail, or maybe the bar at Longhorn, and let the server ‘handle’ us.
    This day my brother in law, he wanted Olive Garden.
    Now, I am a professional offshore chef, I am pretty spoiled out there, so I don’t do a lot of corporate restaurants, excepting the times I spend with these two individuals. Olive Garden had been off my list for years as a place I would eat (I am based in New Orleans, so you can understand, hell gas stations in Louisiana have GREAT food !), but followed them in, not expecting great food.
    Hell, I was wrong. Gotta give credit where it’s due.
    First, I should say that my ex was with a corporate chain for 25 years, received EVERY award possible, hit every number, and retired a successful, and very respected general manager. Her brother worked in food service, and I have 30 years in rest. mgmt, I have line cooked, trained hundreds as a corporate trainer, and started serving at seven as an oyster shucker. We are not hard to please, but we’ve been around the block.
    We were greeted kindly as we entered, and proceeded to the bar.
    The barkeep was friendly, dressed appropriate, and seemed to be kinda happy, though he had few guests in the bar area.
    He snapped us up beers quickly, poured them in frozen mugs and offered us time to check out the menu, being sure we were not already prepared to order an appetizer. Slick, I could tell he knew we were no nonsense, but his approach to the asking of our wanting an appetizer, I will remember and pass on. He should be commended as a good salesman, most would let the app go, but knocking on the door brings a better ticket average, and he did well, but we did not order.
    He told us of the two for 25$, that we did go for, opting to take one home, and he said he’d hold the take out plate, ’til we were nearing a finish to our visit.
    The GM himself brought our plates. He too was amiable, and stuck around long enough to be appropriately sociable. Nice guy, and we are used to being served well, and are certainly used to managers hanging out with us, considering that at times two of us knew every manager in town, as contemporaries. So, he too was a good egg and should be commended.
    The three of us had the shrimp mezzaluna, and it was very good.
    Be aware, that I have written recipes, more than one ended up on a menu. The mezzaluna came out very good. I could scrutinize this dish further, but why ? It was tasty, and the shrimp was cooked perfect. I cannot tell ya how many times I have been served shrimp that was cooked too long, especially considering the scrawny size of the shrimp you and others use. Poor y’all, I get 80lbs.fresh shrimp a week, and they are fat and right off the boat !
    So, a great meal they served us at the Youngerman Circle store, in Orange Park, Fl. The seventy-plus dollars was well spent.
    Be sure, we enjoyed our server, and as said, the manager should get an attaboy all ’round.
    We will be back.
    Lloyd James

  61. My husband and I went to Olive Garden in West Watertown, NY yesterday at about 7pm. I ordered my favorite- an antipasto Bloody Mary; which usually comes with celery, onions, olives and pepperoni. Mine only came with a lime wedge, but I was still charged for the antipasto. Our dinners almost an hour to arrive and they weren’t even that busy! When my stuffed chicken Marsala arrived it barely had any sauce on it. The waiter was wonderful but we will never return to this OG!

  62. Would like to know why the ladies that service the food do not were hair nets and would like to know if the cooks were hair nets because I work around food every day and we are required to were hair nets.I love cooken would like to be in the back with the chief watching him or her cooking the food is very good at the El Centro restaurant in ELCentro

  63. Hi was just wanting to let you know about a bad experience we had at one of the twincities location in Minnesota. We had a family out which consisted of 13 people. It took 1 and a half hours to get our food and you could tell that half of the meals set under a heat lamp for about 20-25 minutes noodles where discolored and the sauces dried out. And with mine I ordered a steak with absolutely no pesto can with it all over the steak so I asked for a new one and it come back out approximately 5 minutes later and tasted like all they did was scraped it off and reheated. My family and I was not very impressed with our experience at this location. Thank you for your time. Jeremy Gillespie

  64. I went to a new Olive Garden, and the only one, in Puerto Rico on Sunday, July 13, 2014 around 1:30pm. Sorry to say we had the very worst dining expectance during this visit. We were waiting outside of the restaurant for one hour and a half with an infant and a toddler in the party, in a little tent of 10’ x 10’, in the plenty hot/sunny day, when space were available at the reception area inside the restaurant. No water to offer to clients during the waiting time, and they not even offer any drink and/or appetizer from the menu.
    When we finally were called inside, we expected that we were to be received at least with the glass of water, the salad and the bread took more than half hour to be served, we asked for two drinks a regular Margarita, and a regular mojito, they served a Italian Margarita (with sugar not salt) and the worst Mojito that I tried before. At the time to serve the food two of the five plates were not what we asked for it. At the check they over charge almost $20.00, because one of the wrong plates were change and they forgot to delete the original plate, I was already out of the area but because I was so upset with the service, I decided to return to the restaurant for a refund. Is also important to mention that the prices are very high in Puerto Rico compare with the US prices, by example Ravioli Di Portobello in PR $15.99, in US from $8.99 – 11.99; Shrimp Alfredo in PR 17.99, in US $16.49, Stake Gongonzola in PR $19.99 , in US from $16.49. FOR ME, I DON’T MIND PAY FOR A GOOD SERVICE AND GOOD FOOD.
    Looks the employees were not well trained, the facilities were not ready for the opening, and this is very sad, because I used to go to Olive Garden in the United States all the time when I go on vacation which is every year and the service and food always was amazing. I know that they maybe need some time, but if your compare this opening to other food places (as Romanos, Chicken Factory, Famous Dave), this was the worst.
    If this is the beginning, I don’t want to know about the future. Be a customer service oriented is the most important role in the business like this.. Beside the experiences with the food, the over charge, they really do not take time to make the waiting time more pleasant, I was prepare to wait not only one and a half hour, but not UNDER THE SUN

  65. My daughter son in law and I dined at the olive garden in Hayward ca tonight 7-19-14. Our server was not all attentive to our wants or needs. We went without water for about 15 minutes and bread sticks too. No one even came to check on us within those 15 minutes. I asked that the manager come to our table. Hector the manager came to our table right away. I explained to him that I was not happy with the service and I’m a valued customer who dines at olive garden on a regular basis. Hector was very apologetic and went above and beyond to make sure I would return again Excellent customer service Hector.
    Olive Garden you are lucky to have Hector and so are the guests. Great job Hector keep up the awesome work!

  66. My family and I visited the Olive Garden in Grove City Saturday, July 26 at about 4:30. I have visited Olive Garden locations many times before and thought I knew what to expect. We were seated almost immediately and gave our waitress our drink orders. Our problems began when I was brought my beer and then had to ask for a glass and then wait an inappropriate length of time for it to be brought. We ordered and when our meals were delivered one meal had apparently been given to another table or otherwise lost and we had to wait for a new dish to be prepared and brought. I ordered the stuffed chicken Marsala and was first disappointed to find that it was not stuffed as advertised, but was a small chicken breast cut in half with a few teaspoons of bland sauce. Had the chicken been well seasoned and tender I could forget the bad service, but it was neither. It will be a long time before I return to an Olive Garden, if ever.

  67. On my visit to Olive Garden #1576 last evening August 7th I ordered whole wheat pasta with oil and mozzarella cheese. Firstly there was practically no mozzarella cheese and it was only warm, not hot! I asked the waiter to rectify this and my meal was returned to me the same as I returned it.
    Since the restaurant was very busy and noisy, I asked for the cheque and left.
    I normally enjoy my experience at the Olive Garden but was most disappointed with this experience.
    The amount I paid for this disappointed dinner with. my husband leaves me very unhappy with the entire episode.
    I would like to hear from someone regarding this situation.
    Sheila Stevenson


  69. We hadn’t been to Olive Garden for a couple years because of food quality and service. So with the push on advertising on TV we decided to give them another try. What a mistake. The service was below par, and the food was so bad we left more then half of our meals. The waitress never asked how our food was or if we wanted to have a box to take home what was left. That reassured me we had made a mistake going back to Olive Garden. This was the one in Novi Michigan at the Town Center.

  70. Had dinner last night in Coral Springs woke up this morning with diarrhea and vomiting the meal I ate. My Husband had something else and he is fine. I had pasta with Alfredo sauce and a side of sausage meatballs.
    I will not eat there again.

  71. we love to eat olive garden but we had a horrible experience after 9 years. the waiter was very rude .the food tasted horrible and the order was not right plus when the bill came it was all wrong. the manager also did not understand our concern.

  72. Went to a Olive Garden in myrtle beach sc food and service was great and the staff went out of there way to accommodate me especially a elder Hispanic gentleman who went out of his way to help me to my table. The only suggestion I can make is for the handicapped parking spaces to be closer to the front door and the handicapped ramp to be closer to the front door.

  73. My wife and I went into our local Olive Garden on Sunday to have dinner. We ordered the by one take one home items. I was disappointed on the limited take one menu options. Then after ordering my wife decided before the end of our meal to switch her take home dinner to one of the other option available on the take home menu. Our server told her she would not be able to swith as the order had already been processed. When we received out take home dishes it looked like they we just taken out of a frige, why couldn’t they have just taken out the other optional dinner my wife ordered. This is not what I call good customer service, I’m an Engineer for Boeing Development Center in Washington good thing we don’t treat our customers in this manner. I used to like going to Olive Garden like may look for other options. Thanks For Listening Michael.

  74. Olive Garden Restaurant
    Sept. 12, 2014
    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been in Olive Garden store for over twenty years. I have seen such changed in our kitchen line. Observing the works is usual, but not when it comes to preparing food for customers. Cutting hours of people from production was not a good idea, since people could tastes the difference of food.

    If only being solve, market would be back to where it was then. ‘Marination’ of food leaves it palatable. Today, quick steps are being done without the concern of people outside the kitchen. If cutting of hours from those people who did ‘marination’ were more important than the taste of food served,then be it. “Peace!”

    Work’s anonymous

  75. My husband and I went to Olive Garden at 1560 4101 Towne Center Blvd Bowie, MD 20716 on Sept. 11, 2014 and we were very disappointed with the services, cleanliness and the food. Our napkins were already used and the table was greasy. The fettuccine Alfredo was just awful. The pasta was all stuck to each other and ends of it were dried out. Joshua H was our server and he looked like he did not like his job. We got the salad but forks didn’t arrive, the main course came a couple of minutes after the salad which frustrated us because we weren’t done with the salad yet and we felt rushed. The bill came when we started to eat the main course, again making us feel rushed. Everybody in our family loves Olive Garden. We always choose to eat at Olive Garden where ever we go. This is the first time we left an Olive Garden Restaurant feeling so disappointed.

  76. The breadsticks are a total WASTE – they’re like dog biscuits – the cheapest fast food sticks ever – without dipping sauce they would be tossed – a few slices of REAL ITALIAN BREAD would be so classic – but to call those dog treats ITALIAN is insane – START with some real Italian bread fresh from the oven with a plate of seasoned olive oil & watch the line grow – PLUS why not add a bread bowl with a delicious bisque (Wal-Mart sells a ready to eat tomato bisque for $3 AND they sell tartine bread that makes a better meal than anything at Olive Garden with those dog sticks – seriously take a look at your menu offerings & add some real ITALIAN flavor – people today know what real ITALIAN cooking is – time to make it happen at Olive Garden – the salad would be great with choice of dressing or at least dressing on the side – that 5-gallon-bucket dressing is so dreary & oily – get some nice crumbled cheeses with MARINATED olives or just about anything other than those 5-GALLON-BUCKET CANNED olives – puh-leeze – let Gordon Ramsey evaluate your menu – you NEED his help to save your failing menu – after all a restaurant is where we go to get real cooking – not canned or mass produced dog sticks we can get at the discount bread store – I’d go there again if they had real bread & real ingredients with red sauces that had flavor – but that 5-gallon-bucket canned tomato sauce is so tasteless – so what’s left – cheese sauce made without cheese – WHY would anyone go back for more of the same???

  77. I was just reading how corporate was going to fix sliding profits. I was wandering if you ever listen to customer feedback. Back in a day when Olive Gardens first hit the market, the restaurants were well sought after. I visited at least once a month. Most recently I thought spaghetti would be good for dinner. Just plain meat sauce spaghetti. This selection was not available. So I tried one of the selections available. As with our few hardly never visits, I was disappointed. My wife and I have avoided Olive garden for dinning for years now. We complained to ourselves and spread news to others but should have all along been telling Olive Garden of experiences. That is how you fix things. To be honest my wife and I find the Olive Gardens food to salty to taste. We can salt our food to our own taste at the table. The unpleasant taste starts at the beginning with the salad and the breadsticks and continues through the entre. Olive Garden may not have heard this complaint before but I’m letting you know that this has been our only complaint and the reason why we do come to Olive Garden. Try fixing this, that should be easy. Let me know and I will come back.

  78. Waiting in lobby for 15′ when you see half of the tables were empty, several customers were sat in front of us, going to ask for how long we have to wait and the girl is looking at us surprised and asking if someone helped us. So unprofessional those teenagers, it was supposed to be a happy day for a birthday and it transformed into a ruin. Shame on u, long hair girl, you know who you are

  79. I went to Olive Garden in Lake Oswego, OR for their buy one, get one promo as advertised for $12.99. At the restaurant they showed a base price of $13.99 for the basic spaghetti. All other dishes were extra, some up to $4 more! The advertisement on our table also said that unlimited soup or salad was included but we were charged $2 extra for the salad. I ordered spaghetti for my 8 year old daughter who had a kids menu in front of her and they charged us for a full size adult entree. I replied to the survey from my receipt about my experience and never heard back from anyone. Will not be back to Olive Garden for a long time!

    YOUR RESTAURANT ALARM WENT OFF FOR EIGHT hours disrupting the bend Oregon community within 2 mile radius!


  81. I’m totally disappoined with ur restaurant. We went to the restaurant and they told us to wait abt 20 minutes but we waited 2 1/2 hours for our seat anf we left from thete and we talk to the manager but he was rude with us so i dont what kind of service is this and this is the last time im going to ur restaurant.

  82. A group of us went to the Olive Garden in Whittier around 4:00. We had a couple of glasses of wine and or beer while chatting and having our salad. The GM came over to our table for no apparent reason to say they could not serve us anymore alcohol for no apparent reason. It was totally uncalled for as we were not intoxicated or loud in any way. Subsequently, we paid our tab and cancelled our meals. I know people that have run up a $200 tab in the bar and never been refused. This was absolutely the most ridiculous use of a manager’s time. She could use her time more wisely in training her servers!

  83. I just wanna let someone know that while taking my granddaughter to Iowa city hospital for appt we went to Olive Garden in corraville Iowa, I have to say the greeter was wonderful, the waitress not so good, we ordered soup and salad and sides of spaghetti , we waited and waited and finally we get our salad which was not real cold our soup was Luke warm and we watched as other quests were served there food as we waited and waited, not sure if we was forgot about or what happened , when we wanted our second bowl of soup it was a long wait also, we go to Olive Garden in davenport Iowa and have never had this happen, they bring our salad and breadsticks and drinks and then our soup, thank you for listening but that was the worst $50.00 I ever spent on Olive Garden , Judy Spaulding 525 21 avenue rock island I’ll 61201. Have a blessed day

  84. I was in Wausau olive garden sat for 15 mins no service …4 people at counter saying hi to people when u come in???? But I couldn’t get service got up and left ate at Fazoli’s !!!! Dont no if ill go back to that olive garden again !!!!! This has happen more than once to me and my family there!!!!!!

  85. If you want to improve your customer base, you need to prepare the same kind of menu that Macaroni Grill has. That is to say, recipes that are in fact genuine Northern and Southern Italian dishes. The ersatz garbage you are passing off as Italian cuisine is not just bad, it is insulting. Italian cooking is simple, it isn’t gluey sauces, that are flavorless, overly garlicky, nor looking like something that came out of a fast food place. For the same money you could have pasta bolognese, lasagna verde, chicken piccata, veal piccata, seafood pastas that are cheap, easy to prepare, and would totally change the way you get clientele. You have people in your offices who don’t know Italian cooking from a hole in the wall. Americans want quality and will pay for it. contact me and let me redo your menue, recipes, and see what sort of difference it makes.

  86. If you want to improve your customer base, you need to prepare the same kind of menu that Macaroni Grill has. That is to say, recipes that are in fact genuine Northern and Southern Italian dishes. The ersatz garbage you are passing off as Italian cuisine is not just bad, it is insulting. Italian cooking is simple, it isn’t gluey sauces, that are flavorless, overly garlicky, nor looking like something that came out of a fast food place. For the same money you could have pasta bolognese, lasagna verde, chicken piccata, veal piccata, seafood pastas that are cheap, easy to prepare, and would totally change the way you get clientele. You have people in your offices who don’t know Italian cooking from a hole in the wall. Americans want quality and will pay for it. contact me and let me redo your menue, recipes, and see what sort of difference it makes.

  87. My mother took me and my wife to dinner at the olive graden in casa grande az. The service was slow and horrible. I ordered the all you can eat pasta with all you can eat chicken fritta. It took me asking 3 different waiters and 40 minutes later to get one refill my order! Not once did any management come check on us or any tables near us. I would think they would considering our group had 8 people and the other tables had about the same amount of people in their party. We spent over $ 100.00 for horrific service very disappointed.

  88. I want to commend Manager Melissa at the Wendover location in Greensboro,NC.
    My family was dissatisfied with our server who we felt was impatient and somewhat rude. I ask to speak to the Manager. Melissa was professional and very customer friendly. She resolved our problem with the ease of a seasoned leader. I like to give credit where credit is due and Melissa definitely deserves our thanks.

  89. I have made this complaint numerous times at different locations and still management doesn’t get it. Your waitresses should have their hair pulled back tight and in a bun. Was in your tyngsboro, MA location two days ago for lunch and again our waitress has the tray on her shoulder with her hair hanging down in my plate. Totally disgusting. Happens at every Olive Garden I have been in. I always let management know, but they do nothing. Its a shame because I have always enjoyed your soup and salad, but will never go back. I have let the board of health know, but still olive garden does not comply. We left the restaurant and ate at Carrabas. Very good meal and their wait staff has their hair pulled back and they do not carry the trays on their shoulders.

  90. The soup and salad are very bland and have little to no protein. Canned soup from Campbell’s is better than yours and the salad is nothing more than iceberg lettuce, a couple olives and one or two slices of tomato. The bread sticks are not healthy either.

  91. Sorry to say but worst experience in the westspringfield location in Massachusetts’s.Host for lunch hours smelled like marijuana that was a total disgust for me.host playing on cellphones instead of greeting the customer right away. Reported my concerns to the management and they didn’t do anything.Never again will I eat at that location.Maybe you should drug test your employees so they don’t go into work smelling like a drug….

  92. A fellow state worker & myself had lunch today at Olive Garden in Dover, DE. Our waitress asked if we would like some dips with our bread. We ordered 2 dips and were not told that they cost $3.50 per dip. We bought ordered salad and water. Our bill came to $34.00 which included a generous dip. After we payed our bill, I decided to speak with the restaurant manager & said we should have been informed that the dips were additional. She apologized and said that they are trying to push the dips and would let the waitress know that she should inform customers about the added cost of the dips. We would not have ordered the dips if we knew they were for an additonal cost.

  93. I am 6 months pregnant and my husband and I decided to treat ourselves out to dinner in Lancaster Pennsylvania. We ordered our favorite seafood Alfredo and it arrived undercooked – the shrimp was cooked so fast it was stil cold in the middle.
    The manager came to the table and ARGUED with me that it was cooked, after I told him that being pregnant, I cannot take a risk of eating undercooked food. This manager needs more soft skill training and how rude and arrogent of him to argue with a customer – a pregnant one at that.
    We were not offered a dessert, gift card or anything to compensate for or experience. Only that they would prepare them again. Why would I want the same incompetent chef making more food for us?
    Someone from the corporate office needs to contact us to make this right. They are lucky I didn’t walk out without paying our bill.

  94. We dined at the Olive Garden on Sunrise Highway, Valley Stream, NY. I had to extend Kudo’s to TRAVIS who was our server. He gave new meaning to customer service in a most excellent way.

  95. My husband, daughter, granddaughter and I participated in the Veterans Day free meal at Olive Garden in Augusta, GA on November 11, 2014. I felt that the service was not heartfelt. I was treated as though we were there just for a free meal. My husband ordered from the Veterans menu and I ordered my usual, the trio combo and my daughter as well. We both love calamari which we first experienced in Rota Spain, where we were stationed. The calamari looked and tasted like it was thawed quickly and cooked fast. The server checked on us maybe 2 times and proceeded to bring the check without asking if we wanted anything else. My husband only had 1 small bowl of soup and and wanted another but felt a little awkward when we were given the check. My biggest problem is that our server never verified military ID cards and assumed that my husband was the vet and mentioned that she subtracted his meal from the check for Veterans Day. Together, my husband AND I have a total of 43 1/2 years of service. Not nice. Blanche United States Navy, Retired

  96. Recently November 16,2014,my family and I went to the Olive Garden, McIntyre Center,P gh, 15237.The service could not have been better but the food could have. The soup was cool, and the triple platters were not good at all.The lasagne was mushy,the chicen parm. was tough and the fettucini alfrdo was all dried out.Thank good the waitress,soup&bread sticks helped but didn’t save the meal.I’m very disappointed in your store.

  97. A group of us (13 couples – all senior citizens) ate at The Olive Garden in Hickory, NC yesterday evening. Managing and pleasing 26 old folks is no easy task, but Delora, assisted by Kayla and the entire staff made our visit a real delight. We eat out together monthly but undoubtedly this is our favorite restaurant. We always feel catered to and leave with happy memories. And to top it off, the food is just delicious!

  98. Tonight’s Friday night visit in Waterbury, CT (table #1, 7pm). We had a nice waitress but waited a long time for bread/salad. We got our salad and the tomoatoes were spoiled. They were mush and some were even GREEN…not ripe! We got our meals. My husbands was so little pasta! We ordered 70 gift cards and DIDN’T get a free meal or a gift card for ourselves??????? This is one heck of a purchase at $50 each card! Very unhappy.

  99. Went to Olive Garden in Livonia MI on Sunday Dec 7, 2014. Not a good experience. My husband ordered a pizza but when it was delivered it did not have the items he ordered on it. The waitress said she would have them make a new one. My son and I ate our dinner and the pizza still was not brought to the table. The waitress said she would check on it, the pizza arrived 20 minutes after we were done with our meal. It was burned, the crust was black. Why would you even serve something like that. He waid he didn’t want it and take it off the bill. The waitress said she would have them make another, why would we want to wait another 20 minutes or so.
    The manager never came to apoligize or offer a coupon or something for another time. We left and stopped at a fast food restaurant on the way home so my husband could have something to eat for dinner.
    A most disappointing Sunday afternoon for the whole family.
    We will not be returning to any Olive Garden again.

  100. i call to place an order. the person who answered the phone rudely told me to hold and never got back to me. it was on DEc 11th 2014 @ 645pm. Check which staff of yours was on duty to answer calls. CUZZZZ she was rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. We go to the Olive Garden Restaurant in Manahawkin, NJ quite frequently. One of the managers there whose name is Viviana is so welcoming and so friendly. She makes herself very visible to the customers and stops by the tables to ask her guests if everything is alright and how they are enjoying their meal. She always looks like she just walked out of a magazine because she is so well groomed. We go to that restaurant because she makes us feel like we are being welcomed home. She is an asset to your company.

  102. I dined at the Olive Garden in Toms River NJ, we left a cell phone and contacted the restaurant.
    The manager and his staff went out of their way to hav ethe phoen returned, it was above and beyond. Service as it should be. GREAT JOB Toms River Hooer Avenue

  103. Absolutely the worst experience That I have ever encountered at the Horseheads, NYS facility. How do you EVER run out of ingrediants for any of your dishes. POOR MANAGEMENT!!!
    Someone should have to explain this problem and not the waitress.
    Management/Corporate wake up!!!

  104. I dined at Olive Garden on 76th and Cicero in Chicago. I ordered a medium well Filet Mignon and it was completely over cooked. I then advised the manager that I wasn’t pleased with the steak because it was overcooked. At that time I reordered another steak “medium well”. The waitress then brought another steak which happen to be prepared the exact same way “overcooked”. I then informed her that wasn’t not pleased with the steak a second time because it was not medium well as requested. The waitress then became a bit rude and stated “So you mean to tell me that isn’t medium well”. I then advised her that a medium will steak would not be dried out and will have a little pink in the center. The waitress then advised me that there was pink on the outside edges, which didn’t make since to me. I then informed her that when preparing a steak it cooks from the outside to the inside and the center of the steak will be the last to cook. I think that statement got her upset so she rudely stated ” I’m not trying to argue with you. I’m just telling you how it is”. I then requested to speak to a manager she then stated “that’s fine” and proceeded to to get a manager.

    After waiting about 20 minutes the manager then came. I then explained the situation to the manager and he apologized and stated “She will be reprimanded accordingly”. After the complain the waitress returned to the table with the bill, without even apologized for the services received. I then paid the bill and left the restaurant very unsatisfied with the services and resolution from the manager.

    This situation left me feeling extremely disrespected and I felt as if my business was not appreciate at Olive Garden. I feel like it was very unprofessional for the waitress to get upset or go back and forth with me about the steak being prepared correctly. The professional way for her to handle that was to simply apologize and offer another steak or something else. I also felt as if the manager didn’t handle the situation correctly. I think that as a courtesy for my inconvenience of having to send my food back twice she should have offered me a free meal “on the house” or he could have provided me with some type of company coupons. I feel this situation was handled completely unprofessional and will no longer provide business to Olive Garden until I feel compensated.

    Marcus Montley

  105. I’m not real happy with Olive Garden right now. I was give 2 gift cards of $25.00 each. Didn’t feel like going out to eat so my daughter and I ordered food to be picked up. Food was horrible but you don’t realize that until you get it home, and the restaurant is only 10 minutes away. The food was cold and horrible. I ordered eggplant parmesan and the eggplant you could have read the newspaper thru it, plus there was no sauce or cheese on it, side order was pasta and it had about 1 tablespoon of sauce on it; ordered pasta fagoli soup and ended up with minestrone, which I don’t like, also, my daughter’s food was horrible. What is wrong with Olive Garden. The food is delicious when you go in to eat but this was my first and last take out. I’m 80 years old and I feel like I wasted my gift certificates. Very disappointed.

  106. We are at your restaurant today. It was for dinner. I have eaten there many times and have always been happy. This was not the case tonight. The server told us unless we ordered from the main menu we could not have salad. She said the manager watched how much lettuce went to the table. What happened to endless salad and bread sticks. Bread Sticks by the way were hard and we got one per person. The menu is expensive and we were expecting bread and salad. The food was mediocre. Not up to what we have had. The atmosphere was strained. No happy servers and no music. The service was also slow. I never have had to ask for salad. I do not eat a lot and sometimes I order an appetizer for my dinner. This is the case this time. I was told I could not have any salad unless I paid extra. So in other words the others could eat it but I could not. Never in my experience have I been so upset. Shane in who ever is managing the so Lamar Austin Texas location. The bread sticks were hard. Like left over. Not fresh. We got one per person. There were 6 of us. We had to ask for more. There was a general uptight attitude by the wait staff. I doubt seriously we will go back. What a shame. We had a person with us that had not been to the place before. We told him it was great. How embarrassed we were. High bill. Bad food and not good service. Maybe someone should check on the management at this location

  107. I went to Olive Garden tonight Jan.3 to eat dinner with my husband. I ordered meat sauce and spaghetti and Roy ordered chicken with rosemary. My husband asked for salad and I ordered the pasta fragolie. My husbands salad came imediately and my soup came about 30 minutes later. My husband was finished eating and I stopped the waiter to ask what the problem was.When our dinner arrived The meat sauce on my pasta was meatless nothing but tomatoes.I mentioned it to the waiter. The pasta was so bad I couldn’t eat it. Olive garden is of my list for favorite places to eat.They need to fix their meat sauce with some meat ,to charge people for that was riduculous.

  108. I place a order to go and when I arrived I waited patiently for twenty minutes and the bartender never acknowledged me. Twenty minutes later another custmers comes in and she greated this customer and began to wait on her. I kindly pick my keys up and left. Take it the bartender is watching me the whole time. To go customer should be given the same type of customer service.

  109. We were at the Olive Garden St.George Utah on 12/29/2014 the address was East 170 South . Store # 1725. check # 51774 table 204. I was with my family of 7 . My oldest daughter ordered Kids Chicken Fingers for my Grandson who is at the age of 2. I cant thank my daughter enough for cutting into the chicken fingers before giving them to my grandson . They were PINK in the middle and not cooked . If she would have fed them to him he would have been hospitalize for food poisoning!!!So when the chicken meat was shown to our waitress she took one look and then apologized 20 minutes later the Manager came and offered to bring out another meal which also the waitress did offer that to but we were afraid to feed him the chicken fingers due to the fear of it would be under cooked . So when i got my bill they took off $5.69.for the kids meal that was it!!!. I can PDF you the receipt if necessary dont feel this was at all dealt fairly. Waiting for your reply . Joseph A. Carl

  110. Not a great experience last Thursday. The new Bruchetta appetizer is far from being as good as the original. Wasted $8 on it. My food was lukewarm and the chicken in the Chicken Carbonarra was tough, stringy, and impossible to cut. I’ve eaten at Olive Garden many times and was surprized things were not up to par. The waitress replaced my dinner with fresh and hot but watching everyone else eat while I waited for my food to come was less than enjoyable. When I pay over $70 on food for three and it’s poor quality I get very disgusted. Hopefully you’ll go back to good Bruschetta and my next experience will reflect the price I pay.

  111. Not a great experience last Thursday. The new Bruchetta appetizer is far from being as good as the original. Wasted $8 on it. My food was lukewarm and the chicken in the Chicken Carbonarra was tough, stringy, and impossible to cut. I’ve eaten at Olive Garden many times and was surprized things were not up to par. The waitress replaced my dinner with fresh and hot but watching everyone else eat while I waited for my food to come was less than enjoyable. When I pay over $70 on food for three and it’s poor quality I get very disgusted. Hopefully you’ll go back to good Bruschetta and my next experience will reflect the price I pay.

  112. Not a great experience last Thursday. The new Bruchetta appetizer is far from being as good as the original. Wasted $8 on it. My food was lukewarm and the chicken in the Chicken Carbonarra was tough, stringy, and impossible to cut. I’ve eaten at Olive Garden many times and was surprized things were not up to par. The waitress replaced my dinner with fresh and hot but watching everyone else eat while I waited for my food to come was less than enjoyable. When I pay over $70 on food for three and it’s poor quality I get very disgusted. Hopefully you’ll go back to good Bruschetta and my next experience will reflect the price I pay.

  113. Greetings
    I like to share how my experience was from one of the Olive garden (Tracy West Valley Mall 3140 Naglee Road, Tracy Ca 95304 Phone 208 835 9926). I went with my daughter on 01/18/2015 for lunch as my daughter loves their alfredo sauce. One of the girl at front desk who technically suppose to greet the guests but was very off , rude and did not even say hello feels like I was eating their for free. Thought it was over but after our meal the I forgot to take my debit card and left in the restaurant. When I went to gas station I realized I forgot to take my debit card with me and left in the resultant. I immediately call the restaurant and talk to the manager, she was very impolite and rude to me and said our staff is fully trained if you would have left the card in restaurant they would have brought to me(manager). I said is it ok if I come to restaurant and check if it is still on the table or floor she said you can but I am pretty sure we do not have it but you can give me your phone number. So I did give her my info and went to restaurant and guess what the same girl( untrained who does not know how to greet guest) was still there she asked me to wait and then I found the server who was waiting on me he had my debit card in his pocket. He kept instead of bringing to manager it was more than 35 mins and he did not give to manager. I talked to the manager, this time I talked to Male manager he just did not want to listen my complain. I was not upset on waiter but I was more unhappy because this girl who treated me unwanted and first time when I got there she thought she is giving us free food. I purposely did not mention the name of the crew because people should rectify their mistakes and be better person.
    Suggestion for olive garden:Try to hire those people who are pleasant and nice and train your mangers to have better management skill. I have promise my self and told my family and friends not to go to olive garden any more.

    Musarat Kioumars

  114. My husband and I have always enjoyed dining at Olive Garden. One of our favorite things is the unlimited salad and bread sticks. We always request two bowls of salad to be served before our meal
    In the past our server has always been very cooperative and made sure we got exactly what we requested
    Our server today stated he had to put our order in immediately and there was no guarantee we would get our second salad before the food was ready. He brought one bowl of salad and were ready for our second bowl when he brought our food.
    Since one of the reasons for dining at OG is unlimited salad I found this unacceptable. Will not be dining at this OG again anytime soon.

  115. I am very disappointed by the restaurant’s portions and the prices. For the amount f money I spent for two of us, with no wine or any other drink was ridiculously high. The waitress asked if we would like a dip with the bread sticks, the charge was almost $4.0 for the stupid little Alfrado sauce small plate. I was never told that there is a charge nor it was mentioned anywhere on the menu??

    This is a very deceiving practices.

  116. I visited Olive Garden on Jan.24th,the next day was my Birthday, could not find my coupon but the Manager Mr London (at the Northridge location in California ),was so nice to honor the coupon anyway! He was so great !He went out of his way to make our visit pleasent,. Thank you so much!

  117. FYI-Please note that the $6.00 off 2 dinner entree’s which people are getting emailed to them(or any other amount of coupon from a newspaper) cannot be used by more than one couple at a table. It doesn’t matter if you are paying your checks separately and if each couple has their own coupon. We were told that this is a new policy at Olive Garden and this policy is not stated on the coupon. There is so much competition out there for everyone to choose from, this is not a good policy to practice!

  118. This Olive Garden: Loop 12, 1 block west of I-35 at 10280 E
    . Technology Blvd in Dallas, TX SUCKS. Thats really all I have to say.

  119. We went to the Olive Garden in Peoria Illinois we had the Northern feast it was so very good we went there again hoping to get it again and they had already taken it of the menu. Please bring it back so we can enjoy it again we eat there a lot the food is so good.

  120. My wife and I are regular customers of olive garden. This afternoon at 2;50 PM WE VISITED THE olive garden in Jackson tn we eat there often. We were asked how many. There was no line. 1 single was waiting. we were told someone would seat us. 4 more couples came in. were told the same thing. at 3:15 one of the couples left. We had no more contact with the staff and we left shortly thereafter. I will not say I want eat at olive garden again but I will say it will be awhile. very disappointed in the concern for the customer from the staff. James Turner

  121. if you want post a comment then why have a spot. my post is only to help improve a situation that is hurting the olive garden name

  122. I went to my hometown in Indianapolis Indiana Olive garden first I have eaten pretty much the same thing for years there the eggplant parm and tonight was so disappointed to find that they changed it what the heck the Mgr did ask how I liked it and I got to tell him left the peel on different crust and less res marinara did not like just wanted you to know will not order that again and about the changing of the decor seating is horrible even in the waiting area I loved the fact that my favorite italain place that was warm cozyy and family welcoming has turned into a dark small space cafeteria type place looks cheap not rich and a place I loved to go with my big family relax have fun great food what were you thinking/ I have to say that the only thing that was good the server was great and the manager seemed to care I just felt you needed to know that I will probably be looking fora new place and so will my friends and family so sorry. Thanks for reading.

  123. Never ever will I go back to any OG. They are worse company in the business, shitty food, shitty wait staff and managers that don’t care. I see why they are going out of business! When ever you do get your food (if they get your order right) you are held hostage waiting for the check. The only thing good about OG is their salad dressing and now that I can buy it in the store I will never go back!!!! I paid $50 for shittiest experience I have ever had going out to eat.
    Never again – you would be wise to stay away as well.

  124. Yesterday, my wife and I each ordered an identical vegan dinner at your Medford, OR establishment. Upon a later review of the itemized receipt, there was a charge of $1.99 for broccoli on each meal. The meals did not have broccoli. The omission of the broccoli does not correspond with the charge of 2 x $1.99, or $3.98. Aside for the meal being bland, tasteless, and insipid, the charge for items not provided shows mismanagement on the staff and a determination on our part never to frequent your establishments. And, of course, the event certainly provide fodder for many priceless future conversations with family members, friends and associates. Ray Richard’

  125. To whom it may concern,
    My husband and I just dined at your restaurant in Palm Coast. What is with all the salt in your food? Perhaps, it is time for the food industry to look at the consumer’s health, rather than the bottom line. We will choose an alternative in the future.

  126. Short and sweet, I ordered soup and salad I only got the salad. I know it is not a big ticket idem but I wanted the soup. By the time I said anything I wasn’t hungry anymore. I told the
    server the S&S is still on my check, the Server removed it. Very good and sweet Server I don’t know what happened. I will never go to that Olive Garden again for sure.

  127. Not one to issue a complaint, but cannot let this go any further. Picked up out take out order this evening as we do at least once a week from the Alvin, TX location. When I asked the young lady to verify my order, I get the big sigh which was uncalled for. The reason that I asked for the order to be checked is due to two of our last three orders are missing portions. It used to be, the hostess checked our order without asking but now it is take our money give us the bag and move on. When I made mention of the previous missing orders, not an apology or anything. If you, Olive Garden, think you are the only game in town, well you are woefully mistaken. T. Jones

  128. We visited store # 1326 in Myrtle Beach SC. The wine selected off the menu was not available so we selected the second wine at a higher cost but it was not available either. The third wine chosen was available at an even higher cost. In a case like this which is probably rare, the customer should not be expected to pay the higher cost when the wine requested from the menu is not available.

  129. Stuffed Chicken Marsala. I have ordered it many times but this time I am sorry I did. First a paper label was in my sauce. Server said it was from the container she opened to pour the sauce on! I thought the sauce was made right there! Then, something as I was chewing I bit into something hard and inedible. Turned out to be a piece of wood. NOT A TOOTHPICK! And, for a $17.00 chicken entree,why on earth would it be okay to serve canned mushrooms! YUCK! When I questioned the manager about this his reply was “half are fresh and half are canned! Seriously!??? He initially was going to take off my entree and only charge me for the salad. I had a saucerful of salad. $6.95!!! Are you kidding me? What a joke. Server was nice and accommodating and manager was there to attend to complaint. My husband had salmon…overdone. We will not be back.

  130. RE: Dining experience at Olive Garden Waterford CT 3/20/2015
    Table 412 2 Guests Server:Nicole C

    My wife and I enjoy dining at Olive Garden and have always found the customer service to be acceptable, even commendable, regardless of time of day or time of season. Last evening however, on what appeared to be a normal or lighter than normal ( customers) Friday evening, we were lost in the shuffle so to speak- not ignored, but forgotten. Our server was prompt to take our order and offer a complimentary taste of wine. We ordered an appetizer, and an entrée with salad. The appetizer came and as we enjoyed the calamari and waited for our salads, we observed our server wait on the surrounding tables. A couple and their teen age son came in and sat at a booth nearby. Time passed and my wife mentioned ” they got their salad already ( after their appetizer) did she forget us? I joked that maybe they knew someone and that perhaps it would come with our entrée. It did not. Our entrees arrived and we remarked to the other server that we had not received our salad yet. She remarked that she would inform our serer Nicole. Nicole arrived with the salad in relatively short order and apologized saying it was her fault and her mistake. Dinner was fine and as per usual, we were unable to finish. At that time our server brought the bill and carry out boxes. Good customer service revolves on attention to the little things and a pleasant demeanor. I watched as a different server put diners left overs in several carry out boxes and placed the items into an Olive Garden bag to be taken home. Excellent service. We put our remaining food into the boxes provided, remarked to each other about the lack of a bag and paid the bill. As we left, boxes in hand, I stopped by the front end and asked for a bag which was produced with a smile. My long point is that once poor customer service is acknowledged by an employee , the remainder of the interactive experience for that group of diners would in most cases be spot on, if not over the top. When neither is the case as in our dining experience, it is noticeable. In the food industry, facility, quality of product and customer service determines success or demise for an individual restaurant or good / poor PR for a franchise. On this night, at this location, with this server, we had a bad experience. This will not keep us from patronizing Olive Garden in the future, however, as a patron, I believe that without informing you, such laxity can flourish and negatively impact your fine reputation.

  131. I was in Jacksonville Florida traveling through, I stop at your location on Phillips Highway by a mall. We were greeted by store manager Trish was here name , She greeted and seated us in the most excellent and warm way. Our young server “Liz” was outstand as well. Good service , taking care of everthing we could need .
    Trish the manager and Liz were both outstanding I felt you should know this . Please fill free to email me at anytime . I will go back to Olive Garden even in my own city now , which I never have tried before now . Thank you
    Michael South

  132. Well its nice to be able to write down a problem you had while visiting a local Olive Garden in Jacksonville, NC. Not only did I write the complaint of how we were treated by the front desk staff, but there has been no response to our complaint by Olive Garden.

    An email was sent the corporate head quarters, and we seem to be ignored or something. I would like corporate to know there staff at the Jacksonville,NC Olive Garden who maned the front desk when we came in need to be retrained on how to handy customers, in a decent and not derogatory manner. Also need to listen to the customer, and not cut them off with some off the wall comments.

  133. To whom it may concern I was dinning at the Olive Garden at city line ave Philadelphia. I was there last night March 27 I order calamari and there was a penny in the food turned me all the way off. I let the manager know that wa on duty very disgusting and dissatisfied. I was skeptical any way about going there because I had a encounter before with weave hair in my food….

  134. My mother called Olive Garden in Bozeman the other night because she left a new Colombia jacket there. Thank goodness the manager said they had it and she could pick it up it would be there waiting for her. This morning when she went to pick it up it was no where to be found. The manager offered to compensate her with dinner ( which isn’t much, considering the reputation of our local Olive Garden ) In hindsight, we are out of a coat and there are no reprecautions for the thieves that are Olive Garden staff . THANKS A LOT.

  135. Olive Garden, Melrose Park, Illinois. arrived about 4:30 p.m. Not crowed at all at that time. 3/31/15
    Waiter took drink order, there were 4 of us. One order was peach tea, he got raspberry tea. We ordered an appetizer, that was fine and came pretty fast. He started to take the food order, we told him we needed to wat a few more minutes. He came back to our table with salad with three dishes. We had not placed our order yet. When we did two of us wanted soup. Waited almost a half order for our food. One order was chicken, was supposed to have artichoke hearts, not an artichoke to be found in the dish. One order was eggplant parm. Eggplant was cold, the spaghetti had about a tablespoon of sauce on this dry pasta, which was cold. We decided to order dessert. Two taramisu, one cheesecake and one Zeppoli He came back wit the three desserts but no Zeppoli. We finished out dessert but no zeppoli yet. Finally I asked what happened to the zeppoli, he said oh! That takes a half hour. We should have been told that up front. He brought the check, we were using a credit card, he came back left the receipts, took the black receipt book. We had to leave this litt receipt wit our signature on it on the table with the tip. He never came back. We left him the 20% which he really didn’t deserve. Have been to Olive Garden many, many times but will never go to that one again. By the time we left there it was 6:45.

  136. Recemtly I went to Olive Garden, it was my favorite restaurant until then. I have been going to Olive Garden as long as I can remember and loved the chicken alfredo pizza. I get the same thing everytime because this has been my favorite for years. I was disappointed that this item got discontinued. I thankfully didn’t have my children with me , because this was their favorite as well. I don’t know why you would take an item off the menu. I was told to email and give my thoughts. Thanks, Judy

  137. Olive Garden Waco Texas, The lunch experience today was horrible. First we sat a long time waiting to be served. Second, I would be ashamed to serve food that bad to anyone. I ordered the half chicken parm sandwich with french fries. The chicken was dried up and tasteless and the sauce tasted like tomatoes poured straight out of a can. Even the salad wasn’t very fresh. What a shame to see this restaurant go downhill so bad because we’ve always had a fairly decent meal there before.

  138. Today I visited the Olive Garden in Greenville, SC off Lauren’s road. I had my 5 year old daughter with me. I told the waitress Jessica that I wanted the soup and salad and to bring my child an extra bowl of soup. When she returned, there was one bowl of soup and an empty bowl. She also forgot the salad plates. I stated to her that I wanted a bowl separate from my own. She returned with a second bowl and still forgot the salad plates. After we were done with our meal she brought me the receipt and left the table to wait on someone else. When she was walking back by she just snapped up the card holder. When she returned for me to sign the receipt she didn’t leave us any mints or say come back to see us. I gave her a $1.00 tip but she didn’t deserve that. My daughter even noticed how bad a waitress she is and disappointed that we didn’t get mints. Thank you.

  139. We were on vacation in Brunswick, Georgia and stopped at Olive garden around 7:30ish or 8pm it took 45 minutes to get 2 waters and a Dr pepper and the table right before us had their soup and salad and our waiter finally got our drinks with soup for a different table, put the tray in front of me took the soup to a different table then came back to the cheese grater and then finally came back and at this point we were hungry and tired so when he asked what we wanted to order I told him it was too late now so he said to wait a moment, we thought he was getting the manager, so I left a tip and no manager he gave me a bill for the soda I never touched. . Well this is how you treat family I’m glad we are not.

  140. Last month I was just getting seated in the Olive Garden in McHenry, Illinois where the people across from us were complaining about poor service to the manager. Today I went back to the McHenry Olive Garden around 1:30pm. They were not very busy. After being seated I waited for over 10 minutes and nobody ever came by. I went to the front and asked if they forgot about us and when I turned my back my son said the hostess rolled her eyes and gave this smirk to the other hostess’s just standing around. I told the acting manager about it and then I left. I will not be returning there again! I used to go there on a regular basis but it appears this location is going downhill fast.

  141. My family and I went out to eat and was very upset over the service. It took a long time for our food to arrive after ordering 20 min we were stuck in a corner and forgotten about while other guest around us had their server check on them frequently and we did not , The soup that was ordered never came and when we told the server that finally brought some of our food out that had been ordered they said they would bring it …still never came we never got a refill on bread sticks and only our child got a refill on drinks and we the adults did not. It was one of the most awful experience that we have received from your establishment. The sampler dish we ordered some of it was cold and part was dripping in grease. This was not worth the money we paid on this visit and we are very disgusted with the entire service

  142. 4 of us visited your lawton, Oklahoma store April 18th around or befor 8:00 pm
    We sat in the bar for dinner even though it wasn’t busy. The place was filthy,food on the seats and salad dressing on the table top. Then after I asked for someone to come wait on us , they took our order. The soup was watered down and the pasta was very mushy. The steak was rare and cold. not orders as desired!! The entire experience was awful! Why is that?
    T. Turner

  143. What a disappointment lunch I had yesterday Sunday,ordered chicken alfrado and I was so hungry and looking forward to it, when I got it the chicken was tough couldn’t cut it and tried the first bite was crunchy I was afraid to finish it didn’t wanna have salmonella. You need to change your cooking ways instead of having frozen food and heat them up how about cooking them in the restaurant like other restaurants. Don’t think I’ll be back any time soon.

  144. I am sorry too keep writing but I was told too call the olive garden bc of my food for one I don’t like too be lied and and number two I had too wait 15 mins for an answer from a manager and they never picked up so I hung up and called right bk and they took about 5 mins to I answer then and they told me that they would look into my order and call me back well ok I’ll take it well it’s been three days sense I called and no call back if this keeps up I will never go back too another olive garden and now it will be awhile till I go back

  145. We visited the Mechanicsburg Olive Garden to celebrate my daughters 15th birthday and it was horrible. We were a party of five and called ahead under the name Vicki for 12:00. The service was very slow, when the server brought our breadsticks they were cold and the salad for a party of five was not enough to go around the table. I immediately asked for another one which was delayed in arriving. My appetizer shrimp frita was cold. When our dinners finally arrived both my daughter and I ordered a filet both medium well, both our steaks came out rare but we did not send them back as the service was already too slow. My mother got a dish with spaghetti and there was hardly any sauce. SHe asked for more and did not get it. When she questioned the server the server said, “well I told the kitchen.” No apologies or attempt to correct this matter. My husband told the server it was my daughters birthday so they could sing happy birthday like I have seen done so often in the restaurants but she did nothing. Our bill was over $100 and we are quite disappointed with this experience. We will be celebrating elsewhere in the future.

  146. I tried on 4/23 and 4/27 to order tilapia/shrimp meal and both times was told the restaurant was out of tilapia

    this was at the McIntyre olive garden. If this is never going to be available, then why not remove it from the menu

    I went to another restaurant and got a delicious tilapia meal, so I know it is in season

    Thank you

  147. i also had problems with olive garden on may 1 2015.i and my party of 8 women of the redhat club.we tried ahead to make reservations but they said was not neccessary well we arrive and got seat about 20 minutes after arrival at 11.30 so now its 11.50 took another 20 minutes to get drinks then after about 15 i went to try and get someone to help us we finally got order in manager comes by i told him how sorry the service was another 20 minutes passed and we got food.15 minutes later the manager comes by again and again i let him know how we were treated and gave us a two table spoon desert for our trouble what a big hearted son of a b–ch iwe spent over 150 and i got to tell you every person the mentions olive garden in front of me i will certainly tell them how big hearted olive garden is and how wonderful the service is

  148. One of best ever at liberty Olive Garden the customer service was excellent the manager was great very very good ate there many times before. Josalyn was our waitress and was awesome. Also the food was good too the only thing I don’t like about Olive Garden is you’ll put great dishes on menu and they disappear thank you

  149. Went to Clifton Park NY location on 5/5/15 at 7 PM.Service was terrible. Received our salad and breadstcks, places our order 20 minutes passed no food yet, had to flag down the waiter for more salad. Another 15 mins and still no food. Other tables around us, who came in after us started getting their food. Finally our meals arrived, one seafood alfredo and one lasagna. The lasagna had no shape left, a massive blop on the plate all the seafood was tough and rubbery. My conclusion is the waiter forgot our meals and somehow they were microwaved to be reheated. Terrible servce, terrible experience and aside from the salad terrible food.

  150. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know about my experience dining at your Melrose Park, IL restaurant on April 24, 2015, check #68154. I met up with a cousin I hadn’t seen for quite a while. We were fortunate to have been seated in waitress Akemia S’s section. Although we were there for at least 2 hours, she was attentive but also gave us our “space” to catch up. She is truly gem and should be a model for all wait staff. Food was served hot, meal was delicious and plentiful. Thanks for a great experience, Akemia.

  151. I recently had dinner at the Olive Garden in Hoover, Al. I was a bit self involved, using my ipad while waiting for my dinner to arrive. A young friend had been killed in a car wreck that day and a long time friend has lost his battle with cancer that morning. I was coordinating food for the families.

    I walked out without my ipad. The manager, Cedric D. Clark, responded to my call the next morning and stated he would check to see if it had been turned in. An hour later, he called. He had found it!! He was gracious, cautious enough to make sure it belonged to me and very professional. I’ve always enjoyed the food but now I’ll return out of respect for the management, too.

    Thanks Cedric

  152. Why can I not get answer to my question of why you do not serve cucumbers with your salad? Have inqiuiredabout this at every Olive Garden I have eaten at and can never get an answer. Please reply. Thanks,JC

  153. I have a complimentary coupon that I have for my bitrthday. I don’t have a computer or cell phone to show the e-mail that was sent to me. Can I get another coupon sent to me in the mail. Let know if this okay. Sincerely, Robert L. Anderson

  154. 6//7/15 Was at a local Olive Garden ordered drinks took a breath salad was in fronth of us.
    Then before we even had it half eaten they served the meal.
    Why can’t they wait till we at lease enjoy our drinks. Then bring the salad lets us eat it before the bring out the dinner.
    If you need the table that bad tell us to take the food home….,

  155. On Friday May 29th while heading to my favorite restaurant my partner decided that we should eat at Olive Garden since we hadn’t been there in a long time. The service was great in Lakeland, FL, however, the food was not…after the shrimp appetizer we both tried the new Duo special. On the way home afterwards, I became very nauseated and later achy and have not been 100% since. I believe what I have been experiencing is food poisoning. I am not seeking another meal or a refund, just want to inform you of the critical/vital importance of proper food handling. This truly was a horrible experience for me and I may not visit again. Thank you.

  156. Note: Forgot to mention, the salad was very very soggy and that definitely is not Olive Garden’s usual; you have a great reputation for delicious salad and bread sticks!!!

  157. On Sunday, June 7, 2015 my husband and I went to the Olive Garden in Brunswick, ga. We were seated pretty quickly, and then was never spoken to again. There were waiters and waitresses around us taking care of other folks, but we were ignored. Another couple came and sat down at the table next to us and a waitress came up promptly and started taking their order, we just got up quietly and left.We did tell the hostess that we never got waited on. She was very apologetic.

  158. When I was seated at the Wilmington, NC Olive Garden on Market Street near COSTCO, I was offended by the lecture I had to endure about a piece of electronic chicanery now placed on every table. When I am seated, I expect a courteous interchange, not a lecture on a useless piece of potentially money making (kids can play apps for $1.99) equipment.

    The bill still had to be brought to the table so whether the server could bring a swipe pad with him/her, it’s the same as sliding the card through the 20% suggested tip… so the server got $3.75 instead of the $5.00 I was planning to leave.

    Get rid of this POS, ASAP… or other people will have their dining experience ruined.

  159. My husband and I recently had dinner at the Olive Garden in Sarasota. Fl. The dinners were over priced. The food was average. Worst thing on bill we were told how much tip to give. We have never been to a restaurant that had that on the bottom of your bill. We will not return to the Olive Garden. No wonder they are losing money.

  160. I m an employee at Cheyney State University
    While dining at your Springfield Pa Balt Pike
    Establishment I noticed a tall light skinned
    African American young woman who not
    Too long ago was a student here but was expelled
    For theft. Have you done a background check
    On that employee and you still hired her to take tips
    And the like? We will eat elsewhere when in the area

  161. Was my granddaughters birthday, we arrived at Olive Garden at 5:30pm and seated at 6pm our food was not served till 7:15pm we had drank all our drinks and were never offered refills on them, the salad or breadsticks, my mother who is 91 thought she would have enough oxygen in her small tank but because of the long wait for the food and then eating and waiting for the bill she actually ran out on the way home, to top it off my daughter went to complain to the manager at 7ish and by the time she came to our table the food was just being served she asked if there were any other problems and we mentioned that we weren’t offered any refills so she asked what we needed and walked away and never came back she was no help,My husband orderd the shrimp Alfredo and they must of ran short on shrimp because he had scallops also he was so disappointed with the rest of the service that he didn’t say anything he just didn’t eat that much of it as he hates scallops, telling people about this I have heard other complaints about this same restaurant it is the one in Horseheads, NY

  162. Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant. Friday (7/10) my sister took me for my birthday. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. Our waitress was extremely rude, thats when we could get her to the table. We ordered a dipping sauce and when it came she didnt bring breadsticks. When we finally got her to the table to ask for some she guffed about it and brought them out on a napkin no basket. By this time the sauce was cold. I had a coupon for a free dessert by signing up for the eclub and she knew this at the beginning of the meal and then was rude because we didnt order it on the ziosk. Then she stated it wasnt a real coupon because it had no barcode to scan into the ziosk. We wanted to complain and of course this is the one and only time no manager came around to see how everything was. We just paid and left. I am very dissapointed as I said this is my favorite restaurant and we go all the time. Might be awhile before you see me again

  163. I am just here to let you know that I was very very upset and disappointed last week when I was at your restaurant. The only reason my family went to Olive Garden that night was because I was craving your Chicken Abruzzi, but to my surprise it was removed from the menu. When our waitress had told me that it was in fact removed, it ruined my appetite because I wasn’t able to fulfill my craving! It would be GREATLY appreciated if you would bring back Chicken Abruzzi, because that is the only dish I look forward to ordering from Olive Garden.

  164. of July 1, 2015 at 8:40pm I arrived to this Olive garden location with a friend and from the moment we entered we dealt with a lack of respect and customer service skills from management. Which to be quite frank was a complete rude awakening on how discriminatory and disgusting the management and hostess of this restaurant are. We enter and got on line as we should and waited our turned since there was a family that was being helped when we arrived. As we stood there waiting for the family to be done, this other gentleman, comes in and and stands to our left, as if there was a double line; when there obviously wasn’t. This gentleman stood staring into thin air on our left side just waiting. Once the family finished being seated the manager who had seen us arriving and then further yet standing on line completely disregarded us, and called the man who was on our left over and made us wait.

    Even after he finished with the gentleman he made me wait several minutes as if we weren’t equals or if we didn’t deserve to be served at the restaurant. When I approached the manager about this (who’s name is; Corey Nelson ) he just he openly said “well sir that gentlemen has a party of 7 people I don’t think that it would effect the two of you!! I mean to not only perform a rude act towards your customers but to openly state it and to be so nonchalant is the part that has me completely flabbergasted! Even towards the end after Myra and I spent $120 I thank him for ignoring us and treating us as if we were invisible human beings. Mr. Corey Nelson looked up from playing a game on his cell phone and stared at Myra and I and says ” Alright anytime ” and smiles! To be honest at this point we weren’t expecting an apology since we hadn’t gotten one in the first place and in all honesty after being treated like inferior scum Myra and I didn’t want an apology… Overall we are writing this letter so that you could be aware of what is occurring in your location . How your hostesses and management are treating your customers, and allowing you to learn that their behavior and treatment towards us may be affecting your financial source if customers start leaving to other restaurants due to the negative treatment that they are giving your customers with the welcoming,seating process and at some point even mockingly acknowledging the fact that they indeed did put out a negative behavior. I hope that you could resolve this issue and correct the situation that is taking place especially with the hostesses that worked on Wednesday July 1st, 2015 along with the management.

    Larry Ploeung

    Myra Cruz

  165. We visited the Olive Garden tonight and my husband asked for their Parmesan Steak of which they informed us that Corporate took it off the menu. This was the only reason my husband would go as he loved that steak. He said why would they remove a steak like that when most men aren’t crazy about pasta. That steak was the best steak he has ever eaten anywhere. The waiter Luke B checked to see if we could have the Parmesan added to the strip steak of which we were pleased to have done. Please consider adding it back on. Thank You!

  166. I was doing a survey to win a gift card to olive garden.
    It was suppose to be a simple survey.Instead my phone doesnt
    Dtop ringing and my emails are ridiculous.But the best part
    Is all this crap im going through and no gift card just a big
    Pain for trying to get the free gift card.It has and is a nightmare.
    Thanks for nothing.


  168. Your TV advertisement is pronouncing Cucina wrong. They are saying cocina like co-shee-na,,, which mean dirty in Spanish/Italian.

  169. We haven’t been to Olive Garden in a looooong time…We went with a friend tonight & was so surprised! The Vallejo one. Everything was GREAT! But our waitress Ebonye was wonderful…..She deserves huge Kudos Great service

  170. Why can Olive Garden charge $3.50 for approximately 1/3 cup of dipping sauce? When I complained by email, I was basically told, too bad, it’s on the menu. Who thinks to look for that? I assumed it came with the “endless salad and breadsticks”. Guess when your waitress asks if you want something, you have to ask, “Does it cost anything?” Just another way of stealing people’s money. I got 2 jars of Prego in the store for $3.00.

  171. I went to the Wilkes Barre, PA Olive Garden on 8/19 at 3:55pm. I asked for a table for five, and we were left waiting. People came in after my group, such as a party of four, and were seated before us. No one came to tell us if a table was ready, or if it was even being prepared. So, after twelve minutes of waiting and no one talking to us, we left and went to Outback. We were seated immediately.

  172. It was my mothers birthday, got placed in a booth but wasn’t comfortable. Too small especially for bigger people… We asked for a different location, perhaps outside or a table not a booth to have more space, the host said to wait 10 mins at least due to the lateness of the waiter… First off it’s beyond unprofessional for the workers to be late, second, why do we have to wait for that ONE person? There was plenty of staff, I understand there are those days but never should a guest feel like they get pushed aside.

  173. Went to eat around 1:15. Told the waitress we have a coupon for unlimited soup and salad for 5.99
    Brought the meals and no utensils she didn’t come to ask if everything was fine. We had to stop her and ask for utensils. Brought us the checks no discount applied. Told her again about the discounts she asked to see the email stating this. Two separate checks two credit cards attached. It took about 5 minutes for her to return to us. She came back starting she didn’t see the other credit card attached to the bill yet she had to remove the first bill and card to pay. She stated she gave a copy of the refund to the other card but didn’t know how long it would take to get credited and seemed quick to have us leave

  174. I was at Olive garden with a friend,first we had to wait a while for the order then there gave me the wrong order ,I told the manager and she went back to see what I had ordered and she was checking on that,by the time my order got to me we where ready to go.

  175. Location: Albany, Ga.
    On 9/7/15 at 1430hrs my son and I went to Olive Garden. Not many people there and many of the staff were standing around. Was seated and ordered our meal. The waitress name was Francine. After the meal was delivered, we never saw our waitress again. I found her socializing with a black family. I asked another waitress about our waitresses and she said she will check. Francine, walked right pass us and waited on a black family sitting behind us. It was clear to me she did not want to deal with a white family. Walked to the front and asked for our bill and left.

  176. I am writing this to let olive garden know that they have lost a 30+ year patron. I have gone to two olive garden locations in Arizona in the past 3 weeks and both experiences were horrible! What has happened to Olive Garden? They are serving inedible food and you do not get what you ordered. They do not even get the pasta dishes correct. shrimp scampi does not use Alfredo dish pasta. Shrimp scampi does not have red onion rings or green pepper rings in the dish! what is wrong with Olive Garden????? Stuffed chicken Marsala was horrible my date thought he was eating tens shoes he wanted to ask the waitress if it was nike or adidas! Tough and dry!

  177. I would like to say what wonderful service we received from our waiter Brad, he knowledge of the menu and his great conversation really made our special day a very delightful evening, he truly was the best waiting I’ve seen in many years. Also, we would like to extend that same appreciation for the host who greets you as you come in, Mr. D’ Anthony, who was just so inviting and cheerful making you want to come again. Finally, the manager, Ms. Kristi, whom we thought was an exceptional manager with such wonderful attitude, great joy, and great encouragement for us to come again and the pleasure for Columbus, Ga store.

  178. Midland Texas Olive Garden –

    Food was not warm enough.

    Major complaint was the attitude of host and waitress. They acted like they were doing me a favor to just be there. I had to wait for everything – 5 minutes to be acknowledged sitting 5 minutes to get drink 5 minutes to have order taken. No refill of tea. When finished I had to ask for ticket, then 5 minutes to get it. 5 more minutes to pick up ticket with money. Then waited for change. Had to stand up and request hostess to help me. I was told the waitress was busy multitasking and I waited some more. The staff were not understaffed just very slow and not motivated, I saw NO hustle or caring. First time ever I did not leave a tip. Need better management at this place.

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