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Contacting Norwegian Cruise Line Customer Service Center

Norwegian Cruise line is a cruise company that sells cruise packages on the Caribbean. Cruises can be booked online or through a travel agent. You must have a US passport to travel on Norwegian cruises outside the US.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are lots of phone numbers for Norwegian Cruise Lines customer service lines. Customer service agents are available to answer calls from 8 AM to 12 AM Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 9 PM Saturday and Sunday.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-234-0292
  • Gifts – Bon Voyage: 1-800-327-7030
  • Marketing – Casino: 1-877-752-9625
  • Corporate Office: 1-305-436-4000
  • Rewards Program: 1-866-234-7352
  • Documentation: 1-866-625-1166
  • Assistance with Flights: 1-800-456-7179
  • Lost and Found: 1-866-625-1164
  • Loyalty Program: 1-866-234-0292
  • Custom Flight Arrangements: 1-866-625-1163
  • Shore Trips: 1-866-625-1167
  • Travel Protection: 1-800-722-5672
  • Weddings: 1-800-392-3472

Mailing Address

Address your letters to the Norwegian Cruise Lines customer service department to:

Norwegian Cruise LinesAttn: Customer Services7665 Corporate Center DrMiami, FL 33126

Official Website

You can book cruises, read about upcoming trips and arrange for special needs situations all from the comfort of your home using the official website at The site also offers quite the complex list of contact numbers, but cruises are a luxury and luxury means transparent customer service.

If you are adept with social media, contact Norwegian Cruise Lines on one of these popular sites.

Customer Service Email

With so much contact information floating around the Norwegian Cruise Lines customer service page we expected to find a bunch of email addresses or forms, but we found none. There were no email addresses or forms, so we skipped over to Facebook to connect with the customer service team. We’re asking them about room cleaning and how often carpets are steam cleaned and walls are scrubbed down. When we hear back from the Norwegian Cruise Lines customer service agent we’ll not only tell you how long it took to receive a response, we’ll show you exactly what they said.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer service department presented a challenge. The automated system was confusing, considering there are several departments with customer service agents. When we finally connected with the customer service department after approximately 5 minutes, we wanted to know how to reserve a room if we are traveling with a guest with special needs.

The agent didn’t provide much information, but gave us the following number, 1-866-584-9756 for booking reservations for customers with special needs. We feel as if the agent didn’t want to assist us in the best way possible. Did your call feel as if the customer service department was giving you the cold shoulder? Let us know in the comment section.

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12 Comments on “Contact Norwegian Cruise Lines Customer Service
  1. My wife and I booked a cruise on the Norwegian Sun with one of your vendors, “Best Price Cruises” under confirmation # 22491665. We are set to sail on May 6, 2013. They first indicated that there was a $150 dollar credit, but then said since we booked on line, it does not apply. They also said that we would get a cabin upgrade, but then indicated that the upgrade is on deck 8, GTY AFT BX. We are not happy at all.

    We are very disappointed with this location of the ship (the credit is yet another issue). We thought we would take a chance with Norwegian Cruise Lines, and spend our money with your business. Before you refer me back to your vendor, please understand this. My wife and I are “World Club Members with Cunard” and have traveled to Europe and other locations with Cunard (Gold Card Member Numbers #702223181A & 70223181B respectively). They treated us fabulously in every way.

    You got us this time, but keep in mind, that this will be our last and only cruise with Norwegian. Next time we will stay with Cunard, we thought we would take a chance on your cruise line, but it did not work out well for us.


    Roy S. Bettencourt, Sr.

    • we, a group of 17 people, cruised on the Norwegian
      Breakaway, the entertainment on the ship was a disaster,
      the show ‘Burn the Floor’ was repeated twice on 2 different
      night on stage, then the same show was performed again
      on the Manhattan restaurant dance floor, overall, we watched the same performance 7 times !
      The ship has no shows to entertainment its guests at all.
      From NY to Bermuda, there are no activities in those 2 days at sea.
      In the elevator on the ship, we overheard a lot of unpleasant comments about the lack of entertainment, and people are not coming back to this ship !

  2. I was looking around in website trying to find a way to fill out an application for work on any of your ships. If you cab send me the link to the website where i can fill out an application then please send it to my email at
    or just simply call me at 9176131309..

    Thanks john M

  3. We just booked a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas on your boat and it was to say the least a unpleasant experience. We talked to 3 different people and the price seem to go up every time we called all the same day in a matter of a 30 min timespan. One agent said that they would email us the quoted price that we discussed and 20 min later we called back and another agent said she cannot sent a email out with the price. So which is it? Can you send a email with the price or not? We were just ready to book this trip and the agent did not even ask us if we wanted to to purchase insurance she just added it in the price anyway without our consent when we questioned the price then she mentioned it. How many people do you do this to is the question? We also found out that they charge a fee if you request your rooms closer together which was a shock as well. I wish I would of known how you treat your customers before we booked and we have a good size group going I think we have at least 7 rooms booked in our group and might be a few more before all is said and done. We just sailed Royal Carribean 2 months before on the same type of cruise and did not have these problems maybe we should of went with them again but we wanted to try your company and it was a let down for us. Hope many of the passengers that book this cruise caught all the extras charges they add in that they dont seem to tell you unless you ask or catch it. Not a good way to do business if you want loyal customers…..

  4. We took the cruse to Hawaii at the end of June of this year. It was probably the worst cruise we have ever been on. Everytime we needed any kind of customer service we were basically shot down. We asked for direction for the spa and were told to look on the map. We asked for the handrail to be cleaned (it was so bad our arms stuck to it) and we were told we are too busy. I guess the food is not the same as old time, but why isn’t the hot dog stand open at noon instead of 2? The pool was full and there was nothing to eat. One day I wanted the special message for that day and I made an appointment. I even asked if the special in the newsletter was correct (an outstanding deal), but when I got there they couldn’t give me the same price. We went to dinner one night the the upstairs restarant and were almost seated before they decided we weren’t dressed correctly which was very embarrassing. The list goes on and on. I have gone on many ships and this truly has to be the worst. Is it just the sign of the times or what?

  5. It would be nice to hear a HUMAN VOICE when one calls; instead, we get “Push 1″, etc. This went on for 5 min. until I hung up in frustration! My comment was going to be if we are going on a cruise, we will call you. Please STOP sending brochures

  6. I have been on hold for 10 minutes trying to get an email for NCL customer service. We just returned from a cruise on the Getaway and were extremely disappointed. I am a travel agent and will not recommend this ship to my clients. I was told onboard the ship that we would receive a survey via internet—still waiting.

  7. I have cruised on NCL bout would never consider doing it again after the huge flap concerning the kid with cancer getting fined 100% of his trip because of his disease during the last 2 weeks before the cruise.

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