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Contacting Nissan Customer Service Center

The Nissan automobile company offers consumer affairs, customer service and financial services to purchase a new or used vehicle. Just like most major companies, Nissan has expanded customer service to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus – so there are a myriad of options for contacting customer service.

Contact Info

If you have a problem, concern or praise for the Nissan company, you can contact the customer service team by phone, email and mail. If the communication is in regards to your financial services account, you should NEVER reveal account numbers or personal information in the communication unless you KNOW the communication is secure.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Nissan Consumer Affairs: 1-800-647-7261
  • Nissan Retail Loans: 1-800-456-6622
  • Nissan Lease Department: 1-800-777-7018
  • EV Customer Support: 1-877-664-2738
  • Nissan Commercial Services: 1-877-647-6281
  • End of Lease Department: 1-800-778-4211

Mailing Address

Nissan Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 685003
Franklin, TN 37068-5003

Nissan General Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 660360
Dallas, TX 75266

Nissan Package Delivery:
8900 Freeport Parkway
Irving, TX 75063

Official Website

Nissan’s official website is located at Details on new models, community service models and the new electric vehicles from Nissan are all available on the site. Information on financial incentives, clearance deals and more are also easy to find. Customer service contact information is listed on the far bottom of the site in the left hand corner. You’ll notice a small link that reads Contact Nissan.

Customer Service Email

While no customer service email is listed, you can contact Nissan customer service via the Contact Us page. This contact form is interesting because it asks for your Twitter handle. We assume Nissan aims to use that handle for communication purposes, which is quite a forward-thinking option. However, not all customers will want to share that information so Nissan does not make it mandatory. We contacted Nissan customer service through the page and included our Twitter handle to see how the information is used. After sending our communication, we were given the option to print off the communication details.

Our Experience

Nissan North America is at the other end of the customer service phone number. Nissan is an international company, so there are divisions in multiple countries. We pressed 0 to move through the options, but we were just returned to the first option. We pressed 0 again and we were moved to the waiting queue for the next representative. After about 10 seconds the call was answered by Paula who quickly located the nearest Nissan dealer to our physical address.

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  1. on sept. 27, at don marshall nassin replaced 14935-00b valve assy.$14054 and a 14953-zn50c evapfilterservi.$48.74 labor $300.83. my wife was only there 58 min. what is the labor rate?

  2. I contacted NCS on October 9, 2012 regarding a locked antitheft system on my ’09 Altima. I spoke with “Princess” who tried to be helpful at first, but became frustrated, told me to tow the car to the dealer (50 miles) and hung up.

  3. My 2007 xterra has a faulty fuel sending unit plug that has started to melt, which can cause a fire to start in my gas tank or cause my car to break down. This is not a wear and tear item, it is a manufacturer’s defect. Because it was not a recalled part, nissan says I’m fully responsible. Makes me sick to my stomach that they will not take responsibility for this. I can’t afford to repair it, so hopefully my car won’t catch fire while I’m driving it. Nissan corporate office employees…you are heartless and only care about the bottom line…not the safety and well being of your customers. I will never buy nissan again just for the terrible customer service and the wretched disregard for their customer’s safety. Shame on you!

  4. I bye a Nissan March for my wife she loves the car but it is now 3 years ol d I have had new wheel bearings fitted by Nissan about a year ago as they were whining now Ithey are doing it again is this problem with this car as now it is getting on my nerves

  5. I have a 5 yr old Murano where the paint started to peel all over. First the hood…I repainted it at my expense. Then the roof….same there. Now the sides of the doors. A friend of mine runs a paint company and he said there is probably something wrong with the paint that was used by Nissan. I went to 3 local dealerships and asked if Nissan would do something for me – they just laught. However – they did tell me something I didn’t know: If you are a good boy and do EVERY inspection AND EVERY repair at the SAME dealership, the dealership has a vested interest in keeping you, because you’ve already dumped a shitload of money….and they might do something for you…like, contacting Nissan and speaking on your behalf…maybe even get Nissan to fork out 50% of a 5K paint job. Then they would offer you a discounted paint job for the other half…meaning THAT dealership doesn’t contribute a darn thing. Bottom line? You bet…they are all the same…no help…Nissan Customer Service was as helpful as my Bank Rep in Sri-Lanka or Madagascar during the housing crisis….absolutely NADA! It is a shame how we get sucked into 30 thousand Dollar cars, faithfully make payments and get the shaft in the end. Car dealers are still in the same line up as doctors and attorneys…all crooks!

  6. My family has owned several Nissan cars in the past and currently my husband drive a 2000 Maxima with 200,000 miles on it and it is doing GREAT ! But I recently purchased a 2013 Nissan Ultima because I fell in love with it. I even got everything I always wanted in a car. Sunroof, leather, navigation,xm radio ect…I love it but am having a MAJOR problem with the vehicle and need your help. From the moment I drove it off the lot, there has been a problem with the steering and alignment. The car pulls to the left but also the right. It has been back to the dealership 2 times. 1st time to check the tires and the 2nd time to perform an alignement because it was out of tow. I have no idea how a brand new car off the trailer can get out of alignment. Well the problem continues and it is currently in the service department. At this point, THE CAR IS DANGEROUS TO DRIVE and I am afraid of having an accident. It is extremely uncomfortable to drive as I am constantly fighting the steering wheel to keep the car on the road. If I dear take my hands of the wheel for a split second, the car is off the road !!!! I can no longer drive this vehicle and need to speak to someone at NISSAN about replacing it with the exact same car that drives and operates properly. I am so concerned about having an accident as the power steering is not functioning appropriately. My husband drives it and experiences the same issue. The dealership has been helpful to this point but I feel like I am stuck with the dysfunctional car and need some help…

    • I have a brand new Nissan car, I have had it for five months, that too has developed and electrical fault. The car just stopped completely at some traffic lights..everything went off, the steering wheel would not turn either, I had my mother-in-law in the back, she was terrified. I turned the key and the car started again. I got on to the dealership, they told me to ring the RAC, I did and they checked the car, they said it was a loose earth wire. I drove the car again and the radio and the blower went off the ignition was making a strange noise when I turned the key. I rang the dealership again, I was told to ring the RAC to bring the car in…the car was taken in for a day then brought back to me, I had no car all day because a courtesy car wasn’t available. I got the car back, took it to our village, the radio was on when I got in. I went to the shop, got in the car, turned the key, the radio and the blower were off, I knew the fault hadn’t been sorted. I drove home, stopped the car, turned the key and everything came back on. I was livid, this time I rang Nissan UK, I made a complaint, I could have been killed in the car if I had been on a motorway, I couldn’t even have steered it to the hard shoulder. Nissan UK contacted me the next day to say they were sorry, the car is in the dealership, and has been for four days, they can’t find the fault to date. I do not ever want to drive that car again, I have told them, but I don’t know what will happen. I either want a replacement car, or a refund, but I don’t know what will happen. This is my third Nissan car, driven from new, I have never had a problem before, the way I feel at the moment, I will definitely never buy another Nissan car. I hope my problem can be resolved, and hope that the lady with similar problem gets her problem resolved we don’t seem to have any rights in situations like this, once they have your money they lose interest. I hope both cases have a happy ending, although I doubt it. In my case it will not be for the want of trying, I will leave no stone unturned to get what I rightly deserve.

  7. 2006 350z conv……door handle inserts both sides peel,middle frt console latch chips…..what to do……your car is a jewel,but this issue is nonsense,what is your recommendation ?

  8. I sent an email to the official Nissan representative in Romania on 9th december at customer voice and asked them the tehnical specs (offset,PCD,ET,ML) for my Qashqai wheels’s rims that i intend to change for this winter.I attached a copy of the car’s papers and after 3 days on 12th december the only answer they gave to me by phone and email was that they asked for the details forword to the producer and sent me a list of local Nissan partners which only intension is to sell me their stock products,that’s all.I hope someone from the official Nissan will do his job and send me those details till spring.Anyway my car’s chassis number is SJNJDNJ10U7031229 and the wheels are 215/60/17 92T specified on vehicle registration document.What is your recommendation ?

  9. I am a long time nissan owner and am having trouble with my 2005 nissan maxima When the car accelerates or slows down the transmission jerks real bad . I spent 200 to have it flushed did not help . Just passed 81000 miles are their any reported problems with this model years transmission ? My wife feels unsafe and will not drive the car . Please help

  10. A clattering noise began in the engine. I called my personal mechanic and he said that it might be a spark knock and suggested that I take it to the dealer to have it diagnosed. I took my vehicle to Baker Nissan South, Friday, January 4, 2013. It was running and running well except for the clattering noise. The car had been tuned up with a throttle body cleaning two weeks before I took it to Baker Nissan. David Navarro told me he would call me, Saturday, January 5 with the evaluation of my car by 10 am. I called David Navarro at 10:04 am to ask him, “what’s wrong with my car?” He replied they had just finished looking at it and he was doing a price work up on it. David called me back and told me that a combination of a bad coil and a bad passenger and rear motor mount was causing the car to “clatter” and I told him I would come and pick the car up. He said, “OK”. He called me back in about 15 minutes and told me, “In putting the engine back together, the car would not start.” I said, ” when I brought it to you it was running and running well.” I told him I will come pick the car up. I went to Baker Nissan South Service area. I asked to speak to David Navarro’s supervisor, he escorted me to speak with Johnny Garcia. I told Mr. Garcia what happened and initially he told me, yes I understand what’s going on; what I can offer you is a free tow for your car. I looked at him and replied, “I brought the car in running well and now it doesn’t run. If this is the option you choose then I will take it and write, email and telephone whoever I can find to complain about this incident. I will contact your manager, his manager, the regional manager, the store owner, Nissan USA and if need Nissan International.” I told him, I am not expecting anything but my car running the same way it was when I brought it in. He decided to ask me if he could keep the car until Monday, January 7, 2013. He told me he would look at the vehicle again. I bought and brought four coils and he volunteered to install them. David Navarro called me and asked if he could place me on speaker phone so that Johnny Garcia (his supervisor) and Luis Castillo (the service director) could listen. Johnny Garcia began telling me that now my vehicle had a problem with the ECM connecting with the third coil and the vehicle was running bad. I asked him when you say running bad, do you mean, like it was running when I brought it in (he did not reply). David Navarro interjected, It was running bad when you (me) brought it in. I told all of them I would pick the vehicle up by 11:00 and 11:30 am. I picked the vehicle up and on the evaluation of the car, there was no mention of problematic passenger and rear motor mounts on the vehicle evaluation. As I was driving out the dealership, I noticed the car didn’t have the same acceleration as when I brought it. As I drove the car and approached a signal and had to stop, the car fell dead and it fell dead at all stops. Before I took it to the dealership, it ran well. When I arrived at my home which is 5 miles away, the car died again. I called the Baker Nissan South Service center and asked for David Navarro at 11:35 am, January 7, 2013 and he did not answer; after waiting on hold for 5 minutes, I called back and asked for Johnny Garcia. After waiting 3 minutes, Johnny Garcia answered. I told him how the car was running poorly and he said, he couldn’t do anything about my car. I asked Johnny Garcia if I could speak with Luis Castillo and now he told me Mr. Castillo was in Las Vegas and would not be back until Thursday, January 10, 2013. I told him that I was disappointed that he was choosing that option. I told him, “Thank You and have a good day.” I called the national line and spoke to Lester and told him my story, he gave me the reference number.

  11. I took my car in to Miller Nissan because the heated sit switch did not light up on low heat on the passenger side. They said it the switch was bad and had to order one. The service writer said it would be about five days for the part to come in and I had to schedule a date to have it repaired within 30 days. I talked to the Director Mr. Johnson about this and told him I have an appointment on April 8 to have the oil changed. He said he would make sure that they would hold the switch and I can have it repaired the same time as the oil change.
    This saved me an extra trip to Miller Nissan. Mr Johnson is my kind of guy that thinks about the customer’s time also. I am wrting this e-mail to let Nissan that they should hire more people like Mr. Johnson. I am a happy customer. Tell him Thanks because when I see him on April 8 I will thank him again.

    Yoshimo Shiraki

    I picked up my new 2013 Altima SL 24 days ago. This car is awesome

    the it done on april 8. I have to thank a

  12. Tess Bramble
    415 Gramatan Ave Apt 5D
    Mount Vernon, NY 10552
    January 21, 2013

    To Whom Ever it may concern:

    On January 20, 2013, I walked in alone at 11:30 am in the morning to Teedy Nissan on 3660 Boston Road. Bronx, NY 10701 and inquired about possibly leasing a pre-owned vehicle. I was serviced by salesperson Jeritza Mejia and she then allowed me to test drive the newer make of the same car. After she convinced me it would be cheaper, I then decided to try to get a quote to see how everything would go. I felt forced and intimidated so I allowed for things to go too far and I did end up signing papers in order to get the vehicle which was a 2013 Nissan Altima VIN 1N4AL3AP7DC167197. During the whole process, everything was a struggle to where it shouldn’t have been possible for me to even get the car. They based my income on a position knowing that I’d never started and never was officially hired for. I also never provided any pay-stubs stating my income or any evidence that I was employed to them. They also got me a “discount” for graduating with my associates degree in which they knew I didnt fully obtain because I owed 2 classes. I, now in hindsight, should have seen that as signs of shady business practice but didnt unfortunately. Immediately after, I regretted this and the next morning on January 21st at approximately 9 o’clock am, Idrove the car back to the dealership with all paperwork to speak to someone about my situation. I realized I made a bad decision and wanted to return the car and end the deal. I know that I have that right to do so, but unfortunately no one helped me. I intially spoke to a salesperson who I didn’t get the chance to get his name and he told me there was nothing I could do and for me to wait for a manager. I waited patiently for almost an hour when I was then approached by the sales manager Alex Martinez. After I told him that I wanted to return the car, he began lying to me telling me that there was nothing he could do. When I asked him to explain the return policy, he couldn’t tell me about one. He then told me that he was going to find out and get back to me and he’d been employed with the company for 12 years. After, he told me to wait and speak to the financial manager so I waited for him again. After now almost 4 hours of waiting, I was able to speak to the financial manager who I didn’t get the chance to get his name and he told me that they could buy the car from me when i received the registration in 30 days, knowing that I would be outside the range of my grace period. I wrote a letter which i made a copy of stating that I couldn’t afford the car and I left the letter and the keys with the manager and left. Upon getting home, I realized that i left my license plates on the car. I immediately went back to the dealership to retrieve them and when I got there I inquired about their whereabouts. The sales manager Alex Martinez. told me to give him 10 mins and he would let me know. Since I knew he wasn’t being forthcoming to me, I asked someone else. I approached Mr. Martinez again and he then told me the dealer, Jeritza Mejia had the plates. After a few moments, when I asked him where my plates were he then told me they drove the car that I left on the lot off into the street, parked it in front of a fire hydrant and the car was towed. I immediately called 911 and had to call 4 more times over the span of almost 2 hours. While I was waiting in front of the dealership, Mr. Martinez and some of his other co-workers came around asking me to come and speak to the financial advisor and they would be able to make the car “appear” which let me know that they still had it in their posession and they were trying to make me take it back. Eventually two officers showed up and as i tried to explain what was going on, I was immediately given acknowledment of my story with digust and brushed off. Police Officers Loia-Espinal #27485 and Muniz 26914 of the 47th precient then came with me inside the dealership and proceeeded to ask me who I spoke to. When I tried to show them who it was, they brought the store manager. When I indicated that he was not who I spoke to, they and he (I didn’t get his name) told me that that who they were going to speak to and we proceeded to go to an empty room to discuss what had transpired. The store manager yet again did not try to take back the car or give me any reassurance that he would try to help me. He told me that there was nothing was he could do and that was that. The police agreed with him and the end result to me was now that I needed to find the car. Since I felt the police were not interested in my case, I then left and tried to go home to find the car on my own to get the plates. I recieved a call not too long later and police officer Loia-Espinal asked me why I had left the premises then said he had found the car. I immediately turned the cab around and went back. As I got out the car, both officers were standing out front. When I approached them, I asked for their badge numbers and names. They then showed me where the car was and handed me the keys to the car advising me that I need to contact the Better Business Bureau and others to rectify this situation. When I looked, the car that I left parked on the dealer lot was parked at a bus stop just 1 block from the dealership. I took a picture of this and as i entered the vehicle, I received a call from Nissan’s Corporate office from a representative. He told me that he was informed that there was an issue and was calling in order to find out what had happened. I explained the situation to him, telling him everything that had transpired and he assured me that that was not good business and he was in the process of sending an email to whomever he would need to in order to help me rectify the situation. I then moved the car, parked it and and am now not only reporting this to everyone I can in order to receive the help that I need, Im also planning on pursuing this further by contacting a lawyer and bringing this to court. All I want is to return the car and get what I deserved which is to return the car and rectify this matter as soon as possible as I am aware that the three day limit is almost up. I feel like I’ve been treated sub-human because the events that have happened are deplorable. I’ve tried with all earnesty and civility to fix this and I feel taken advantage of and demeaned and in writing this, I hope that you can help me. Thank You for your time in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Tess Bramble

    • Tess, thanks for the details. What we need to know is what exactly is the law regarding return of cars in NY? In my state of CA, there is NO right to return a new car.. was this a new or used car. Was it a lease or purchase? The car sounds nice, a 2013 Altima, great car! Is it really too expensive or can you find a way to make the payments? If not, I would speak to Nissan USA and the BBB of that area to attempt a resolution. I leased an Altima 2013 for 2 years and it was a great car, no problems, ran well, good gas mileage, sporty car, good trunk space, and keyless ignition. In the future, do not let them pressure you, leave the dealership for an errand or something and call them back with your decision. This technique worked real well for me at the local Nissan dealership. They called me in about an hour to make the deal. It is always OK to walk out, call a friend or family member, or figure out your financial status. They were trying to make the deal work for you by accepting your projected income. Perhaps they can work out a better deal that you can afford!

  13. Kopel Nissan service center in 74-15 northern blvd. new York .they scamers I try to get my Nissan murano fix over 2 years they stay we the car 1 week and always they try to sell me somting like flush the system o new brakes ext last week I took it again for.oil service and check the front suspencion and again they say was the heat shield lose the mechanic put in the recors the was nothing rong we the car but the water hose was old .I say ok np replace the hose ..they charge me 120.00 to replace the stupet hose the only cost $8.00 any one can replace that in 2min or lest I am goin again because my motor is knoking. I still got waranty on my car if this time they gunna tell me the same thing just gunna take this to court I am tired of Nissan service is just bunches scamers

  14. last two months. i purchased a nissan sentra automatic transmission. But it does not have the Bluetooth there,the most important is the car always shock.And about the infinitely variable speeds,I fell so angry about the service and disappoint about the nissan .All i got is cheat.

  15. Had trouble with my throttle in my 2004 Nissan Sentra. Took it to my shop and they called Woodbury, NJ Nissan and they told the mechanic they have to put a code in it and the cost would be $119.95. My husband called and made the appt. going over exactly what the mechanic said. Woodbury Nissan in returned kept the car for the day then called at 5 pm when they close on Satuday at 6 and said we cant put the code in because you didn’t get the throttle from us. Um no kidding the mechanic and my husband told you this and you said you can put the code in. They charged us the $119.95 plus tax for NOTHING. I called corporate headquarters and they said nothing they can do because they are individually owned and operated. I now have a car that I can’t use because it doesnt have the NISSAN THROTTLE code in it. I will NEVER buy another NiSSAN and will prevent my family and friends from having to go thru this ordeal. I was SCAMMED because on the paperwork the “smart” guy from NISSAN put on their that they were aware that the throttle was NOT bought from Nissan. They decided money must be really tight so lets start ripping people off since their work qualities suck so bad! Looking into contacting the Consumer program and have them blasted on TV to show NIsSAN HEADQUARTERS that they need to make sure of the people that are represently them aren’t scammers….

  16. Outside of Vietnam, this has been the worst experience of my life. 7 months of lies, both from the dealership and the financing company. They screw up, repo my car, damage it, promised to make it right—– 7 months later still not taken care of. I encourage you Don’t buy Nissan, lousy service, is a understatement. We bought 2 cars, CApitol is a armpit of financing, and St. Augustine, Nissan doesn’t care. Me and my new wife are about to get a divorce ! Who can I get, to help us. I put down $5,000 !

  17. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Why all these complications! I have lostmy ignition key and only have a copy key. Apparently it will cost over € 600 in order to reprogram all the necessary ignition features. Sure the car is 7 years old and I have it for 6 years. I never had a problem with the car except this over complications with the ignition system. Is my service man telling me the right information. He also stated that if I loses this key the car will stopped and useless

  18. I have a 2004 Armada with 81000 miles. While driving the ABS is applied when the ground is dry and the wheel is not slipping. I noted the the brake light comes on when this happens. I have seen a number of TBS on this but every time I bring my truck to the dealer they tell me its not for my truck, but the discription in the tsb is the problem I’m having. I like my truck, but will not buy a new Nissan if they are unwilling to help me fix my current truck.

    Ivan Overton

  19. Dear sir,

    I am having a nissan caravan dx highroof new model van.So,i’am having a problem with it’s dvd player.It means when I am switch on the player its screen or display shows each an every words in JAPAN language.So,please I cannot understand japan.Because of that I need the steps to change the language in to english.

    Best regards

  20. I just received my second notice that my Navi system needs to be updated for $179.00 on my. 2012 Murano. It also received the same notice on my 2009 Altima. I want these notices stopped as all it really does is make me angry enough to sell both of these vehicles and purchase another brand.The Murano only has 6,200 miles and is approximately 14 months old.

  21. I am a longtime Nissan buyer and owner. Back in the early 70’s I bought my first Nissan, which was called a Datsun back then. That car was a B210 and I drove it 200,000 miles and then sold it to a co-worker. It was a reliable car. It was fun to drive, with lots of acceleration for a small car.
    I enjoyed the car and after a bad experience with a brief stint in a Ford Mustang, I moved up by trading it in on a Nissan 300ZX. The Z was a great car. I loved the experience in owning it. It was the best handling and most powerful car I had owned. Although it seemed to be prone to intermittent minor service issues, it was also reliable and durable. There were never any serious maintenance issues. I ran that car to 202,000 miles and traded it in on a Nissan Pathfinder.
    The Pathfinder was a pleasure to have in Buffalo New York, with 4 wheel Drive and it too, was reliable and road worthy carrying me safely through blizzard conditions and never breaking down. I ran the Pathfinder for 212,000 miles and sold it to a friend. Two years he sold it to someone else. Last time I saw it, it was still running fine.
    From there I bought two 2004 Nissan Maximas. I bought the first one at Sheehy Nissan in Manassas, VA and later the second one was a trade in at an Audi dealer that I bought used. The Maxima was the first full size car I had purchased. I really liked the visual appeal of the car and I enjoyed the acceleration and easy handling of the car. However the maintenance on the Maximas has been a nightmare.
    Soon after purchasing the second maxima (the one I picked up used) we began to see the clear signs of a failing transmission. We took it in for an evaluation and it was determined that the Transmission had to be replaced. That was a $4,400 shock to be happening at only 102,000 miles but that was nothing compared to what happen next. The maxima we bought at the Nissan Dealer started showing the same signs of transmission failure at only 68,000 miles. I consider 68,000 miles to be adolescence for a car (still 32,000 miles away from middle aged). At 88,000 miles it is now permanently stuck in third gear. I called Nissan of North America, was assigned a case number and filed a complaint with Nissan of North America. I can only assure that there is an engineering problem with this version of the Maxima that puts too much stress on the transmission causing premature failure .
    Here’s my point. I have been a loyal Nissan buyer since 1983. However, my recent experiences have brought into question the reliability and durability of your product. It all comes down to you standing behind your product.
    I’m asking you to repair the transmission in my Maxima that is stuck in third gear. I believe I did my part by replacing the transmission on the older Maxima. But to remain a loyal Nissan buyer you need to show me your good faith by replacing my faulty (and fault prone) transmission. I await your reply with a two teenage children and a new car purchase looming in the near future.
    I would also like to add that I believe in the power of the pen. I have been in similar situations before and I have always prevailed by persistently pursuing the “decision maker” that has the power to order that action to take place. I will be persistent in this request with as many different people (Nissan VPs, Directors, Customer Service, Board of Directors) that I have to in order to reach the person who can order this . I will also pursue other consumer affairs resources (Dept of Transportation, ICC, Auto Makers of America, Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, Angie’s List). In every case I will be factual and accurate. However I will be relentlessly persistent.

  22. The Nissan Finance Department lacks customer service and is high inefficient. I have had several issues with their online service. In addition, they are waiting 15 days before verifying my payoff. When I expressed my displeasure, the customer service supervisor hung up on me. They said it will take 45 days to receive my pink slip.Thus, I will have to wait before selling my car.

  23. Recently my girlfriend and I were in a front end collision in our 2009 Nissan sentra. The car did everything it was designed to do. The airbags deployed and saved our lives, as we hit another car doing about 50mph. I will forever stand by a Nissan product. Where can I upload some pictures of the car?

  24. I’m in the middle of a buyout of a 2000 Nissan pathfinder, which was recalled in 2011 for strut tower corrosion. Didn’t receive a recall notice in the mail and have been driving a unsafe car for 2 years. It could of been fixed before the corrosion got worse and not repairable. Don’t know if I would buy another Nissan after the customer service rep had not even listened to what I had to say about the recall notice I never received or hear what I had to say except send me to Morley and let them handle it. Morley is a joke. All they want to give me is zilch (Kelly Blue Book)compared to repairing, or replacing. They figure giving me nothing is cheaper for them. Anything is fixable. If I had received a notice I would of had a car now. Now I have no car, and not enough money from Morley to replace a car that could of been saved. After reading complaints I don’t think I will buy a Nissan.

  25. Hi I brought my 2005 Nissan Pathdinder in December 2012 from kings auto Porsche and the car fax was clear on it. I brought it with 63k miles on it and I now have 90k on it. I never received and paperwork such as any recalls campaigns. About the end of May or frist week of June of 2013 my car strted to do a vibration and then acted like it wanted to stall and hit real hard into gear. It wasnt till June 14, 2013 that it put me on the side of the road runing hot to where I pulled over in 80+ degree weather with my 2 year old son and my 3 month old daughter in the car. I started to search the internet to find a few recalls and many unhappy Nissan customers and find that Nissan has many complaints on the radiator fluif leaking into the transmission causing a milky substances. I knew nothing about any recall and find out that MANY are very upset with Nissan who isnt fixing this issue after their vehicles hit 80k. I am very unhappy with this issues and feel that Nissan should be responsible for this. Please contact me on my issues. As I will be going higher up and to the media like the rest of your unhapphy customers! Thank you for your time and looking at my letter, Lori

  26. I have been trying to get the outside molding of my car fixed for 4 months. This is a 2012 Nissan Altima that should not need any repairs since I bought it brand new. The first excuse i received from modern Nissan of lake Norman is they ordered the wrong part. The second was they ordered the right part but they would need to get it painted to match the color of the car. 4 months later and I’m still waiting for these people to get it right. How can anyone trust the maintenance of their car to someone who can’t do something as simple as order a part and paint. I have spoken to Mike Guerriero on numerous occasions and the man should not work in a capacity that is customer oriented. He is clueless. I would not recommend service at modern Nissan of lake Norman to anyone. I paid for a service package when I bought my car……big mistake.

  27. I have a nissan Pathfinder that i have just attended my 6th tribunal hearing with Nissan today, over my lemon, as of the 15th July my warranty and roadside have now expired, i have contacted customer service many times and noone can tell me what is to happen now when my car wont start again, cause i can have anything up to 4 call outs in a week. your legal team at tribunal said i have to contact customer service, but i have had no reply at all. i am disgusted my Nissan and what they have put me though over my car.

  28. In June my partner and I were considering the Nissan Leaf as our 2nd vehicle for our family in Australia. We test drove the car and we were happy with its performance.
    we were looking for a 5 year warranty on the EV batteries however Nissan Australia did not offer 5 year warranties.

    We decided to hold off at that stage until Tesla started selling their EV’s in Australia from February as they offer 5 years warranties.

  29. Contacted You a week ago, still no response ref complaint at Gastonia Nissan in Gastonia, NC. Have bought 3 cars from them in the last 4 years, 2 in the last year. I purchased a 2012 Rogue last Sept. The drivers seat started to wear and fray badly after only 6000 miles. The service manager says they only have one rep who is responsible for 16 dealerships in the area. Not my problem! They should hire more people to handle vehicle issues. Its been a month and Nissan has yet to approve my seat repair which is under warranty. I was told it has to go through umpteen different people to get approval. What a joke. It shouldn’t even be of question since its under warranty. I assure you I will never purchase another Nissan or recommend this dealership to anyone. I’ve purchased cars for 40 years and have never experienced such horrible customer service and delays on a new car which is still under warranty.

  30. On August 24, 2013 my check engine light came on in my 2005 nissan Armada 130k miles on it, the truck would not accelerate or shift out of first gear I drop my truck off on Sunday night to have looked at the following Monday at Promoco Nissan In Hampton VA, Well no one contacted me until
    for two day so finally called them the advisor said my transmission brain was bad, I called Nissan consumer affairs to see if these was anything they could do to assist me in this repair, I explained to them that I take my vehicle to the dealership regularly and follow all of there recommendations when it comes to repairs and up keep of the vehicle, however I was completely blown off by the dealership and Nissan so I paid for the repair 1764.00 for a valve body that Nissan recommend to the dealership that should fix my problem, well once I paid in full and picked the truck up I drove approximately 8 miles and the same problem reoccured, I was left stranded on the side of the highway I called the dealership and told them what happen a tow truck was dispatched to pick up my truck, I asked the Service Manager of Promoco Nissan if he could provide me with a loaner he said yes for $30.00 dollars a day I couldn’t believe that he was going to charge me at keeping my truck for a week and giving it back after i paid for repairs that did not fix my truck, i told him no thanks and I will call Nissan of North America, Well that was a waste of time it seemed like the Nissan rep was more concern for the dealership than me the CUSTOMER and just completely blew me off my truck is 30 miles out side of power tran warranty and they would even meet me half way in assisting me with the repair! Now sense my truck has returned to the shop for the same problem and of course I had to call them to find out what was going on, Now they said Nissan said my Transmission is bad! I can’t believe what I was hearing on top of that they said it’s going to cost $5,000 dollars to fix and all the money that I paid for a miss diagnose valve body will not be applied to the transmission repair! I was told by the service Manager that the labor $517.00 dollars is adsorb in the valve body repair he could only apply the portion of the valve body cost to transmission replacement $1216.99 I am completely being ripped off and my truck is still in the shop and has been there for THREE WEEKS!! according to the advisor the transmission is on back order and they can’t fine one no where Hello get it from Nissan!! no one from the dealership calls me to explain anything to me, I use to be a service Manager for a Nissan dealership and I was trained that customer always came FIRST right or wrong tack care of you customer, this is defiantly not the case I am so disgusted with Nissan North American and Promoco Nissan Hampton Va for their lack of compassion and concern for the customer I never asked any one of them to pay for it all I just wanted some assistance at this point such as pay at least half of the repairs Nissan diagnosed wrong and I don’t know for sure the transmission is bad because no one is telling me anything other than they can’t fine the part, I went on line and found three with minutes. this the worst experience I have ever had from any dealership, Nissan Promoco is a Joke. Never again will I buy a Nissan!

  31. We got our car at the Downtown Nashville Nissan showroom!! We got our car April 20,2013 after about a month we was having a problem with it when you started it, it would sound like the lifters were knocking in it!! It is a 2013 Rouge.. Finally just a few weeks back the service manager at that location said he heard it too.. Well the great Nissan Corp. told them to replace the timing sensor and then that did not fix it so they then changed the timing chain well guess what it still is not fixed!!! When we picked up the car after being in the shop there for almost 3 weeks it still was not fixed even though they said it was.. We drove the car 15 minutes down the road it was doing the same thing it was doing when we left it there and then it also staled on us going down the enter state at 65 and 70.. Do you really think that is really safe?? Well the lady that works at the consumers affairs for Nissan (Melissa) said that they could not give us another rental car because the car we was driving was safe to be driving which was our car that was still having the same problems!!! I know she would not put her family our even herself in that car!! We bought a new car just to have a dependable car and this NEW CAR is not very dependable.. So whoever is reading this would you please help us be treated fair that is all we want!!! If the car is so safe and in their eyes has nothing wrong with it PLEASE buy it back!! I just hate that it has come to this because I really loved my NEW CAR!!! Now I hate what is going on!!! Darlene Swaw..

  32. I have a 2005 Nissan maxima that I purchased new off the showroom floor. Also purchased a Nissan gold plan. My car has developed a transmission problem slipping and jerking. The dealer ship told me I will have to purchase a remanufactured transmission. Nissan has been aware of this problem for many years. This is my first Nissan auto to own. This will be my last one if they will not help me with these repairs. The dealer even recommends replacement instead of replacing parts because they will not hold up. I have read numerous reviews about this transmission failure . Is the CVT transmission any better from old style to current. Will Nissan be willing to help me on on my repair. Estimated cost for these needed repairs at 3,800.00 plus. This car would last many more years if this was fix, otherwise I would say Nissan maxima car costing over 35000.00 is a expensive car not to last any longer than a Chevy cobalt for less than 20,000 dollars. Wow. Don’t let this be a bad expectancy for both of us.

  33. on Oct ls 2013 I had to have my sentra (2002) in for a recall on passanger air bag – I also noticed that the “donut”(original) was rotted – I tried to get a replacement but couldn’t locate any.
    I called your repair dept. and spoke with a “great concerned” employee named Joel- he did some investigating and found me a brand new donut ,rim and all for $40.00.
    since one could not be located for 2002 I got a 15″ which will work just as well.Thanks to Joel for going the extra mile and helping me out. Good help is hard to find you hava a “gem” there.

  34. I just had to write to tell you about the great customer service I received at my local Nissan dealership in Wexford PA. I was having a very frustrating problem with the Blue Tooth application on my new phone. Verizon told me I should go to my Nissan dealership to see if they could help me. I dropped in today and was greeted by friendly faces willing to help. Kevin (I call him Magic Kevin), Theresa and Joe went out of their way to help with my problem. I know they all were busy with many other things but they didn’t hesitate to take the time to help me. Problem was resolved by Magic Kevin and I wanted to let Nissan know what a great team they have in Wexford PA. Thanks to all!

  35. My 2013 Altima,once again needed repair,So far since April 2013.New trans at 6000mi,back brakes at 6000mi,new alt at 10,500mi,now today had to take car back for back brakes squealing again !!!!work had to be done,anti freeze or some kind of coolant smell can’t get to bottom of it.I bet We’ve put 200mi on this brand new car & can’t count the time we’ve taking out of our busy schedule to take this so call brand new car back & forth to nissan of Orland Park IL.But we were refused after requesting a replacement.

  36. Really frustrated and loss of confidence on nissan glenmarie..i have sent 2 times for disc skimming..1st time i was sent during servicing 60000km..during pick up my car.the agent said.they cant carry out the skimming due to.the outside vendor not availble…today.i sent purposely for skimming at 1000h.before i sent i was call for confirmation.they said can send for 1500h i got a call from agent said they cant carry out due to the skimming machine need to be calibrated…what the fucking system nissan glenmarie shah alam got?when to use.then just check?only 1 set they got?how about outside vendor?

  37. Inappropriate marketing strategy for extended warranty. I find this offensive and it can be perceived in a threatening manner or intimidating to others. Shame on you Nissan! Couldn’t get pic to copy to this message, but the mail contained a warning about imprisonment and immediate response required!

  38. I have altima 2012 with 12000 miles only i baught brand new lately noticed some noise from transmission i took my car to dealer ship they told me i need new transmission nissan have real bad quality product so stay away from nissan i am mad at my self why i got this car

  39. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with! I ve been trying for 6 months to get a copy of excise tax bill.
    Finally got copy from town and the bill from Nissan is 400.00 dollars MORE. No wonder they didn’t want to send me the original bill. I will be in touch with the AG in Texas. MULTIPLE class placed to Nissan and on hold for literally hours, don’t buy a Nissan

  40. I just purchased a new rogue at team north nissan in lebanon NH . I live in VT. They said free insp every year now they won’t pay for it!!! I think that’s not right!!! That’s my thought on the matter what’s yours???

  41. Good morning,

    I’m writing this letter completely frustrated and disappointed. I have being the worst experience in all my life with the Dealer Nissan- West Hills Located in MoonTownshop. Pennsilvanya.
    I have an accident back in January 10th I went to the dealer to repair my car, because I really believed in the good service of Nissan and although My company Insurance tried to persuade me to use another taller to repair my car. I did not accept that, because I believed in Nissan.
    I’ve been waiting for more than 8 weeks to get my car repaired. The service that I have being received is the worst in all my life.
    Nissan sent my car to their body shop. And my car has being there for weeks. Every time that I call the dealer to check what is the status of my car. The answer is unprofessional and unacceptable, they just said that they have more customer, and they have more cars waiting to be repaired So according to the I just need to wait another year!!!

    When I was calling the insurance company they told me that this dealer was choose by me. and because of that I have to wait. And they can’t do anything to expedite the process. And they also mentioned that if I would choose another Workshop, the situation would be completely different.

    I hope somebody contact me to give more details

    Zulma Elizabeth Cubillos

  42. Purchased a 2013 nissan Pathfinder had it for 7 month’s and it needs a new transmission!!! Really than find out there are a lot of people dealing with the same thing nissan has really let their customers down I’m done with nissan after this vehicle

  43. main aapke nissan car ki deelar ship satna madhya pradesh main lena chahata hoo. maine aapke off line main apply kiya hai. connect me and give the mo. no. and the repply the

  44. 2010 Altima Coupe. Had to have the headliner replaced due to it coming apart near the sun roof. Now 2 years later, it needs replacing again! Anyone else experience this design flaw?

  45. I bought a Cube and I love it. An ad featuring senior citizens using the Cube for all the right reasons. Seniors don’t go as far in their travels like they did when they were younger. This car is perfect. Great gas mileage and very easy for us older people getting into. You could have an ad showing college age next door to an elderly couple enjoying their purchase. This car is perfect even more for the older crowd.

  46. I m very upset about today incident, I have a express maintenance plan and I got slow leak on front tire again so I went near Nissan dealership and I tell them need service, they only Change tire fix when I tell the why not ,,oh ur tire r minimum depth so we can’t cha the tire but u can buy from us

  47. Nissan does not care about longevity. They only want the car to last 100,000 miles. That way they make more money.

    Design appearance wise is excellent. Mechanically poor. Air and cabin filters require twice as much labor as a Honda. Yet have to be replaced frequently.

    My air duct hose failed at 150,000. A $20 rubber part cost $200 because Infiniti will only sell the part as part of a larger part.

    At 170,000 the odometer light failed. Odometer and trip minder worked fine. It was not a light bulb rather a dash board circuit costing $900 to replace on a car worth $8,000. I now drive a car with an odometer that works, just can’t see it.

  48. Very unhappy with. NISSAN ! My car broke down without any warning and left me stranded in a rain storm, I called the dealership and they told me the car had to be towed . The problem was the steering column had locked and it was under a extended warranty recall. This means they don’t fix the car until you break down and are stranded! Nice customer service!!!!! So here I am day three days without a car and possibly won’t have a car for three more days! I need to work so I can make my car payment. I asked customer care to allow the dealership to loan me a car but they said sorry! Again, remarkable customer service .

  49. my lease on my Altima is over next month. I have been informed by a local dealership that I can extend the lease; can someone get back to me? Thanks

  50. I want to let you know how very disgusted I am with Reed Nissan in Orlando, Florida. I specifically asked the manager Marvin to not give me BS prior to my arrival to the dealership. I told him my time was valuable and did NOT want to waste it if the numbers were not were I needed them to be. Well guess what happened I was given nothing but the opposite. Not only was the price I was given not honored but my time was wasted. I will NEVER buy nor recommend anyone to REED Nissan. They are unprofessional. My worst experience by far with any buying choice.

  51. I am still paying for a used 1996 Nissan 300ZX that I purchased about 3 years ago. I really thought it was a cool car, but since I bought it I have had nothing but problems with it. It is one thing after another that breaks down. It is certainly a lemon and I am stuck with it. It is like paying for something that you really can’t use. By the way, the car dealer I purchased it from went out of business right after I got the car. So I really could not take it back. I am not very happy with Nissan.

  52. The biggest joke is East Tennessee Nissan. Here me and my wife Georgia goes to East Tennessee Nissan to purchase a vehicle after
    David in financed called us to congratulate us on getting qualified for a loan. So we go down to East Tennessee Nissan and only had a selection on a Nissan Versa. It had no power windows, power door locks, did not have cruise control it had nothing and beat it all it was a five speed. Need less to say I traded my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 truck. After everything was said and done It cost us $18,000 once the loan is paid off. Here is the good part of it after a week after we got the Versa Ray Brewster calls my wife up to say that they was going to have to take me off the loan or they was going to have to pay 22% interest instead of 12.9%. So now I traded my truck in and now I am no where on the loan on this vehicle. What is wrong with this picture! Something legally needs to be done so that no one else will not have to go through the agony and bullshit that East Tennessee Nissan put us through. I personally hold Ray Brewster, Colen Fitzerald and David Responsible.

  53. I want to program my Nissan primeria 2005 I have the bcm number but I don’t know how to get pin number please help me

  54. Monday, April 28, 2014
    My name is Shannolynn Jordan; I am a proud owner of a Nissan Xterra 2007 model. I’m a medical retired veteran out of the Army working for the department of DOD in support of our military efforts in Grafenwoehr Germany. I I was stationed here by the Army three years ago, when I came here I brought my Nissan Xterra with me. I’ve been a proud owner of my Xterra it’s been one of the best vehicles I’ve ever owned. About the only major problem I ever had with it was happened had the radiator replaced two years ago. My truck has approximate about 100,000 miles on it now. Last October 2013 I went out to my truck to go home from work, as I started my truck with then a two-minute timeframe the RPMs on the truck roared out twice without me even touching the gas pedal in any way. After that occurred I turn the truck off. Well needless to say I’ve never driven my truck since. I’ve had my truck to two different auto mechanics here in Vilseck Germany. Each auto mechanic formed me that the engine on my truck is in good shape and can’t find any problem with the engine in any way. I was informed that the problem was electrical and that they could not access the computer programming part of the truck, which the truck had to be taken to a Nissan dealership. Within that week and a half of my truck breaking down in October 2013 my truck was moved to the Nissan dealership in Amberg Germany. I was told excuses after excuses by the dealership that they were still working on my truck; after three months had gone body in December 2013 I put them in contact with a Nissan dealership in Florida. At that time I was told that it was my PCM and ECM that need to be replaced. I purchased the parts and had my mother mail them to me and I took them to the Nissan dealership in Amberg on January 7, 2014. I’m now sitting here and it is April 28, 2014 and I’m being told that my truck cannot be repaired or fixed and that they don’t know what is wrong with my truck. I’m having a hard time dealing with the fact that a Nissan dealership auto shop cant repair or fix a Nissan vehicle. I have kept in contact and have had friends drive me by this dealership this whole time there is numerous of times that my truck was never taken in to the shop that it is always sat in the same spot over and over again. When my truck was delivered to them my trucks body was in good shape. I have now noticed that my front bumper has been popped off for what reasons I don’t know. I’m just not getting it that this Nissan dealership who represents Nissan cannot fix a Nissan vehicle, there telling me it has to be sold for parts are put into a junkyard. For these past seven months I have made my payments on my truck paid my insurance and have paid out numerous amount of dollars and also have to pay the conversion rate from dollars to euros to pay for taxis and everything else just to get back and forth to work. There’s just something not right here, can’t tell me that my truck that I originally paid $28,000 for when I got it never had a problem with it ever, same with my sister who owns a 2008 Nissan Xterra been the best trucks that we’ve ever owned. But now I’m being told by a Nissan dealership that Nissan is not a good vehicle and that I needed to sell my truck for parts or put it in a junkyard just because it has an electrical problem that apparently can’t be fixed. This is just not right for Nissan not to stand behind their product, I don’t think this dealership has taken time to actually look and find out what’s wrong with my truck or bring somebody in to find out what is wrong with this Nissan Xterra. I am turning to Nissan Corporation to explain why a Nissan dealership who represents them is doing this to me. I used to have high respect for Nissan but now I’m starting to doubt. I will be sending this out all over the Internet until I find a reason why Nissan cannot fix or back up their own product. I need a resolution to why Nissan will not stand behind their product, and apparently make vehicles out there that cannot always be fixed.

  55. There are many post online about the Nissan Versa SES light coming on when the car is filled up. Most (like me) thought that it was for the fuel tank not being tighten, however that’s not the case. Nissan should look into recalling and fixing this problem. I have purchases many Nissans and just got this car two weeks ago and it’s been in the shop twice already. It’s very disappointing and I will not purchase another Nissan ever again.

  56. I am hoping that someone from Corporate reads this and will take some form of action. I have a 2005 Nissan Murano that I purchased from a highly rated and award winning Nissan dealership in Feasterville Pa.This was the 2nd car I purchased from them. I was always treated well, and my Murano was well maintained. They did the 10 point inspection each time I went and I could always head off any serious problems.Then I moved to New Jersey and starting using a dealership in Hamilton NJ.They did the 10 point inspection also and always marked everything in the GREEN passing. The problem was in some cases it was no more than 2 weeks later that I would be taking it back in for something that was wrong.The last straw was when I went in just after having it there for some work and they told me I had no struts left on the car. I think it is pretty impossible to wear struts down to nothing and a skilled mechanic not catch it before it got that far. With all the work, they wanted to charge me $3000.00. The happy ending was I took it right back to PA. and had the work done by the original dealership for $1200.00. They took the time to talk to me and even offered to put me in a rental free of charge. I think it is a shame that some of the Dealers don’t represent Nissan the way it should be.Take a good look at Nissan in Feasterville, Pa. They should be an example of the way you want all of your dealerships to run.

  57. I bought a piece of junk (RIPPED OFF) by buying a 2012 Nissan versa
    I have taken it back 2 times since I bought it in august 2013 and still having problems with it and it is to new to have the parts in so it is taking at least 3 weeks to get the part in in mean time I having more problems with it so I don’t want the car because in the future it will give me more problems and it is a shame that they would make such a piece of junk like I have wasted my money on.

  58. I been servicing my nissans at the dealership for ten years and have always been satisfied until my last visit. It was like the customer service button had been turned off. Everything was fine if I was spending money but afterwards when I had a problem with the service the people were rude and uncaring. I was actually told by the service tech “I wouldn’t throw money at it at this time” The tech doesn’t have to drive around with a squealing power steering pump that wasn’t making the noise until after the power steering hose was replaced by them. The survey Nissan sends you after a service is pointless because they don’t respond to any problems either.

  59. Booked an appt with Nissan south in Edmonton to purchase a new key and have it programmed for my 360z. Brought the vehicle in and was treated with such distaste. Michael Khan acted like I was a inconvenience because they were SO busy! I was originally told it would take an hour, his comment to me was, “who told you that!” After about 10 min I was told the machine that programmed the keys was broken and to call back next week. How convenient! I went home called Nissan west and the customer service was amazing! They double checked they had the key in stock and immediately booked a appt for me and once again said it would only take an hour. I will never again return to Nissan south. My family of four currently own 12 vehicles as my husband is a collector, we will never buy a car from Nissan south! Michael Khan should not be the service advisor. I even suggested if it would take more than an hour I had no problem taking the shuttle home and returning later. He completely ignored me.

  60. I have a 2012 Nissan Pathfinder and since March of 2013 I have been having electrical issues with it. When I first took my car to the dealership the door would look and unlock while I’m driving, the horn would blow and the emergency lights would blink. I went straight the dealer and when I made it there it had stopped. They told me they couldn’t check it out unless it was doing this when I brought it in cause they wouldn’t know what to check. So I just did routine service. The next time I took it up there was in July still having problem and they wouldn’t check it out saying it was the battery in the remote. They gave me a new battery it worked for maybe 2 days and I had to take it out cause all night car would beep, the horn would blow and the lights would flash. I went back up there and they told me the cost was going to be high cause to check it was going to be high cause it was out of warranty. One of the Salesman checked and he said it was covered. I was then told to bring it back when one of these things occur. Since I never to get anything done I just unlock my car with the key and it no longer beeps or lock by itself. Now it changes the station (radio) on it own, turns the volume up and down by itself and back up camera has gone black (this happen only once). I took it back in today cause I’m tired of having to unlock my car with the key. They tried to tell me again it was the remote. I told them everything can’t be about the remote. Then I was told that I never paid to have the issues checked. Then they had the nerves to say you got 53,000 miles on your vehicle it’s not covered under warranty and I have never paid to have this checked out. I told them it didn’t have 53 when I first brought it to them. I have been up there 5 times about my problems and this is the first time it has been documented. What do they do wait for your warranty to run out and give you a large bill. I talked to the same person 3 times and 2 others twice. I only take my vehicle to them to have service done. One time they left caps off my battery and I didn’t know till my car wouldn’t start and I had no solution in my battery. Then they want to say we don’t check batteries when you get your car serviced and I politely told them they are the only ones that opens my hood. I know this is a short novel but I need help. Kim Johnson

  61. Dear Nissan and Dave Cannon Crossroad Nissan of Wake Forest,
    I have been a loyal new car and service customer since 1988. In 26 years I have purchased 4 brand new vehicles from Datsun/Nissan, 1988 200sx, 1998 Pathfinder SE,
    2002 Altima 3.5se, & 2011 Quest (fully loaded with all options). This year I was going to purchase a 2014 or 2015 Titan truck, but I was stopped in my tracks
    when a “Service Related” event made me think twice about it. I called the service help desk to check for recalls on the 2002 Altima and they provided me with 2, 1

    for the crankshaft/camshaft sensor in which my service engine soon light was indicating this code, and 2 a fuel screen replacement for vehicles in the cold weather


    My car currently stalls with that sensor code and still no repair has been completed on it.

    When I proceeded to the Dave Cannon Crossroad Nissan in Wake Forest North Carolina for this recall provided by the Nissan Service helpdesk.
    I told the Service Manager that my story of the long period of the stalling event, the service light on, and the code. He instructed me that he would take care of


    When I came back to pick the car up, NO WORK was completed on my car because the service technician instructed me that since I no longer live in a cold state that my

    car did not rate for the recall replacements to be REPLACED.

    A couple years before this, I had a major part that was on the recall list and they replaced without a problem and anyone saying that I didn’t live in a cold state?

    To me, this is worst way to cut back and attempt to save money. I know it will cost Dave Cannon Crossroad Nissan of Wake Forest more money to replace these recall

    parts but is it worth taking the chance of a safety incident?

    With all the recalls going with most of the large auto companies, Nissan doesn’t need the news to pick up they refuse to replace recall parts because someone moved
    to a just as cold state than the one they lived in.

    I bought the 2002 Altima in Virginia “a cold state” it is no colder there than it is here, I just don’t get it.

    Both of these recalls could cause a failure in acceleration and could stall the vehicle, then possibly causing a fatal accident.

    Now I am having second thoughts of not taking my cars in for service (where you make your money on parts & labor) at Nissan and using other places for maintenance.
    I am also having doubts about purchasing my next vehicle the Titan Truck from Nissan. Ford sells a F150 or F250 that provides “unquestioned great service” to
    thier loyal customers.

    The way I see it I have 5 kids and all of them will need vehicles and Dad has a say in what they will drive. Nissan will probably not be in that choice just because of 2 small 30.00 dollar parts and labor and the oversight of a service engine soon light.

    If customer service says that I need a recall part replaced, it should happen no matter where I am living.

    Very disappointed and once loyal customer,
    Carl Hughes

  62. My wife bought a 2013 Altima . We have owned several Nissans this will be the last Grenada Ms Nissan has replaced the ecr valves 3 times The ipod charger and the A/c compressor within the first year and half of ownership and noe the a/c is not working again. If we can find a good deal for another vehicle this one is gone The dealership has done everything they can to help but the car itself is poor quality .I have heard of other 2013 Altima owners who have had problems too.

  63. I called the 800 number, promptly answered by Vanessa. This rep quickly took down the details of my case, which involved an unauthorized change to the agreed upon trade-in. Vanessa was quite polite and appeared experienced and knowledgeable about this type of issue. To my surprise a few days later the sales manager at the dealership called me and arranged a meeting. The issue was quickly resolved for exactly the price I was originally offered. The sales manager, Richie, was totally understanding of the error and adjusted the contract. Can you believe it? Issue resolved. A great experience. Thanks to everyone!

  64. I have a 2010 Nissian Altima I have spent 410 dollars in a year for repairs on the rear brakes the car only has 38,000 miles on it. The front brakes are fine.There is a problem with this. Were there any recalls for this? I do not take it to the dealer because they are rip offs with the repair prices.

  65. It was nice to receive a coupon to get a free oil change but everyone got one also. The dealership where I get my oil changed was booked for a couple of weeks. Next time maybe they should be sent out sporadically.

  66. To whom it may concern,
    On February 19th 2014, I took my 2011 Nissan Maxima S in for service at Western Avenue Nissan (7410 S. Western Ave.). My concern was that my brakes needed servicing. After some time had passed in the waiting area I was approached by what I thought was the technician who was working on my vehicle. He went over the 27 point inspection and he focused in on the fact that the present tread on my tires was low and indicated the cost for two new tires. I declined replacing the tires and asked him to skip the “tire talk” and let’s get to the brakes. He told me that the brakes were good. I authorized the tire rotation with my initials and approved the $21.95 fee for doing so. I paid a total of $44.83, my car was returned to me, I left the garage.
    A few days later I received a call asking about the quality of service. I spoke with Laura and I expressed that although the inspection says that all is well with my car “I still feel like something is off”. She assured me that if something was wrong with the brakes then they would have definitely sold me brakes. She then told me ways to test the brakes by (turning down the radio, roll down the window, apply brakes, and listen for squeaking). I told her that I’ve done all of that, but “something still seems off”.
    I was on my way to work and as I was driving down South Shore to Lake Shore Dr. I started feeling a strange vibration. I thought that it was the pavement or something. As I progressed the vibration turned into a shake. I called the Nissan on Western immediately from my car while shaking and explained the situation to Laura and she started talking about the tires again. We set an appointment for 8am the next morning. I struggled to get to the parking garage…I thought that maybe a tire was low…etc. When I was in a safe place I got out too inspect the tire…the pressure looked fine, no visible damage. Something told me to twist the lug nuts. I twisted lug nuts on the front right…loose. Twisted multiple lug nuts on the left …LOOSE. I was OUTRAGED!!
    I left from the parking garage so that I could get a signal on my cell phone. As I was calling Laura back, she was calling me. I answered and began to tell her what I discovered and she refuted, stating that “those lug nuts are put on by a drill sir, there’s no way”. I rebutted, stating that “I can twist them with my freakin’ fingers!” She could tell that I was absolutely FURIOUS and offered a solution. She told me where to locate the lug nut wrench in my trunk and told me to tighten them and not to tighten them “too” tight. She then told me to call her in the office at 10am the following day. On my lunch break I went back to the parking garage and tightened all of the loose lugs (front right and left/ rear left). I drove my car around inside the parking garage to test it…it wasn’t shaking anymore.
    The next day Laura contacted me a little after 10am and apologized for the mistake. She also informed me that the individual who was at fault was TERMINATED and offered me a free oil change, fifty dollars on a card for my next service. I presume that she thought this would resolve the situation; not hardly.
    The danger that my life and others lives were placed in is UNCONSCIONABLE!
    I then contacted the Operations Manager (Rich). He was also very apologetic and willing to resolve the situation. He also assured me that the person at fault was TERMINATED and that all of the technicians in the shop are licensed.
    I expressed to Rich the discomfort I would feel returning to the service department. I said that I didn’t want to be “that guy” due to circumstances that were out of my control. He told me that there would be to discomfort because I’m a part of the Nissan family. I also conveyed concern in regard to my lug nuts no being fastened properly as a purposeful malicious act or simply spite. He said that he thinks it was an isolated incident. I asked Rich for the name of the person who was terminate and even more specifically if the individual was licensed or certified. He never revealed the name or license number, nor did he produce verification of certification.
    I was later informed that the oil technician may have serviced my vehicle that day and one of his duties is to rotate tires. That then begs the questions…1) Was the oil tech working alone? 2) Who was the licensed tech or Senior that approved the oil techs work? 3) Was this a disgruntled employee?
    To sum all of this up; due to the professional neglect that has been demonstrated I DON’T FEEL SAFE IN MY CAR. I feel that my vehicle has been sabotaged. My piece of mind has been shattered; a sense of paranoia has been instilled as a result of this incompetence. This whole ordeal has diminished my confidence in professionalism at this repair shop. I feel that the integrity to this 27 point inspection that I received is severely lacking. I DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH FURTHER NISSAN SERVICE…I DON’T FEEL SAFE IN THE NISSAN FAMILY…NISSAN HAS FAILED ME AS A CONSUMER.

    This is still unresolved and now I’m being told that the lug nuts were loose because someone tried to steal my rims…bull crap.

  67. IHave a complain about the service of CHARLY CLARK NISSAN on Harlingen
    they suppose to sell me a new truck and it was all scrash and painted over smash mosquitos and the front grill was over spray they take 2 days and they didn’t fixed I still have my truck unfixed

  68. In 2006, I purchased a brand new 2006 Nissan Maxima. I have take very good care of my care, and I love my car. I keep it in my garage and I have a second car that i use to go to work and use during the week. I only drove it on special occasion. I took every opportunity to get maintain done regularly on my car. i have not had any major problems with my car. I always use my Nissan dealer to maintain my car care. I have many people to admire my car. I had Some maxima owners to ask me if I experienced any problems with my car. Recently I experienced a problem with my car. I took it to the dealer and they informed me that it was my transmission. I only have 93,000 miles on my car. The customer service attendant informs me that Nissan had problems with the transmission in the 2006 maxima. She said Nissan was aware of the problem. I am deeply upset that the Nissan corporation ignored this problem and left the consumer to this problem in the long run. I think the should be a reason for a class action sue. I surely hope and pray that Nissan will take full responsibility .

  69. I purchased a used Ford F150 from Browns Dulles Nissan in Sterling Virginia. We paid cash. We weretold thatthey did an inspection and the tires may need to be replaced soon but the couldnt replace thembecause thetrick gaffafter market rims. The dealer promised that the windshield would be fixed and the truck would be detailed and ready for pickup the next day. We showed up and the trucked hadn’t been touched. The windshield was not replaced and the trick was still dirty. The manager gave us a rental and promised to deliver the trick to our home fixed. The truck was delivered dirty. This was the worst carry buying experience. To top it off the truck failed the state inspection. We had to buy a new tire and replace the rear rotors.

  70. I spent half of the day being transferred from one wrong department to another… NOT USER (CUSTOMER) FRIENDLY!!! I finally got a hold of a supervisor Presley ext: 4756 (What a joke!!!) How this women got this position is beyond me, no customer service skills what so ever!!! I have been a loyal customer of Nissan and Nissan Finance for many years and I’m really un-happy with your customer service at the corporate level!!! I will re-think recommending you or your vehicles to anyone in the future! I will be posting this on social networks!!! Feel free to have someone call me that can speak intelligently and offer solutions rather than jabber… Thank you

  71. Over all its seems that Nissan lacks in customer service and i will never buy from them again and i will make it loud Nissan Paarl for saying i am a lair your days will come please appoint staff with customer skills

  72. I will never buy a car from them again never bad service selling you a vehicle thats incomplete just to tell me i am a liar a bunch off idiots working at the Paarl Nissan branch South africa they need more training

  73. RE: THE NISSAN PORTAL After 3 years, I finally logged into my account to see what was up there. The **default** setting is to explicitly allow robocall telemarketing. REALLY??? Not only does this make me trust Nissan a whole lot less, but now I wonder if you folks are the source for all those robocalls we’ve suddenly been getting. Did you finally monetize CarWings by selling customer home numbers to 3rd party robocallers???

    I looked for an e-mail address for Nissan USA Customer Service (not the impersonal contact form) to deal with this discreetly, but there is none. So here it is for all to see.

  74. Im writng about my 2006 altma ser my tranmission is bad &
    I take VERY good care of my car. & I saw nissan had a recall on 2006 transmission in 2007 which i didnt get notification abouts this issue. this is my second transmission I will b putting in this car.I paid $ 1200 for a rebuilt transmission. I would like to know what nissan can do for me being that Nissan is aware of this problem n has been less then five years before I repaired the last transmission & I need my car n I cant aford every 2000 miles my transmission goes out, the car is great the very good n i have very little complaints about this car only the transmission keep need to be replaced, please can u either recall the transmission or give me afordable places that i can get the transmission repaired.

    car I was looking on the site n I notices that Nissan had a recall I paid $1200 for a rebuilt transmission
    now I have to have another one bult my car has on 79000 miles on it n it was at 7600
    Miles when I had to replace the transmission. The reason why I writing because this
    doesnt make any since if niss

  75. After bringing home a new Nissan Versa Note basic model, my husband and I discussed taking it back and get the upgrade model instead. I called the dealership Gray-Daniels and spoke with the sales manager Jill, she told me to bring it back and the trade could be made. When I got there it was said they would pay the car off and I could get the upgrade model. After 5 hours I went in to sign the papers and happened to notice that and amount of $2000 had been added on to the price of the upgraded model, I actually stopped thank God and questioned this. The manager came in and said that I was trading in a used vehicle, how wrong is this!!!!!! I work hard for my money and this is no way to be treated, the car had not even been in my possession a little over 12 hours!!!!!!!!! This manager border-line lied to get me back up there so she could get all she could!!!!! How sad she could have had a lifetime customer, but this customer will never be back!!!!!!!!

  76. Dear Madam and Sir,
    I have recently moved to Pretoria from Germany and still settling in with everything. Of course I also need a car here and after talking to a few people I have heard that Nissan is a reliable brand. I decided to go for a Nissan Xtrail, not too old, lower mileage and to buy it from a dealership. I have been recommended to so. You must understand that I moved here by myself and as a woman driving around on my own, I really need a car to rely on to have a good feeling about it, that it will last even when I am on the road by myself.
    I looked around and found an apparently good deal at the Nissan Imperial Menlyn Center on Lois Avenue in Pretoria. It was a little bit more than I wanted to spend but after my mechanic also agreed, that the car seems to be in good condition, I went back to the dealership to seal the deal. The manager of used cars at Nissan Imperial Menlyn then told me that he, by tomorrow, might be able to find me another one, that is exactly in my price range also with similar details. That was tempting for me as I only have a certain amount to spend. Then I asked him if the other one, I actually wanted, was still available (I was wondering why he offered me another one) and his exact words were “as we speak it is still available”. The branch wanted to close also for the day (it was 5:30pm) and I asked the manager if he then would keep the car for me until tomorrow. He agreed. I also asked him to not sell it to another person as I really like it and need a car, or, I pleased him to call me before another person wants to buy it. He agreed again. He promised to call me first thing in the morning to see if he gets the other car, if not, I told him, I would buy the one he has. I waited for his call the next day, he did not call. I called him several times, send messages, he did not reply. At lunch time I drove to the dealership and wanted to seal the deal. When I arrived they told me, he could not get the other car and the one he had has been sold. I could not believe it and reminded him, that he gave me his word. Also, the day before he was talking to me about ethics and moral in selling cars “people need to have a good feeling when buying a car, trust the dealership” and so on. His only answer was “I had to”. In the end I found out, that the car wasn´t available the day before. It already has been sold and the finance waited to go through. But he did not tell me that. He actually lied me in the face, after talking about ethics and stuff. I was really upset! For me it is a lot of work to come to another country, work, and settle and do everything by myself. So, I had big hopes, that at least the car issue has been solved.
    The manager promised to find me another car just as good. He called me the next day and said he had a similar car for me, even in better condition. He offered it for the same price, which was again a slap in the face as the car had 22.000 km more on the clock than the other one. After all, I need a car so I went there to testdrive it. I thought the condition of the car did not look like the other one and, in the end, the promised replacement car, broke down in the middle of the testdrive! So, of course I did not buy that one either and, I will never go to that dealership again.
    I am writing to you because I thought you should know about how the treat customers at that dealership and I still believe in honesty and trust. And, after all, this branch is using your name and giving you a bad reputation. Of course I told my colleagues about it and would never recommend this dealership. I still would like to buy a Nissan Xtrail, but struggle to find one that is affordable for me and in good condition. And, I guess you can imagine how hard it is without car in Pretoria and South Africa. I lost my trust in buying from a dealership and at the moment feel – to be honest – a bit helpless how and where to find a trustworthy car. Anyhow, I thought you should know this.
    Best regards,

  77. My complaint is about your phone payment service, it is the #1 worse automated services including bill matrix payment services that I have used. I’m sure bill matrix charges your company a fee for their services and than also charges your customers a $5.00 fee for each payment by phone to use them. In my opinion you very much NEED to review this problem and NOT continue to have your customers not only buy vehicles and make payments but have bill matrix charge Nissans customers for such bad automated service..

  78. I have noticed Bret Michaels in your commercials. Why would anyone put any validity in anything this guy says?, what makes an ex-rock star dope head an expert in automobiles? and why would Nissan align themselves with such a loser? Your marketing department must be smoking the hippy lettuce. I won’t be buying you auto’s anytime soon based on his opinion.

  79. To whom it may concern:

    I was a highly probable Sentra purchaser. My family has been using Nissan for almost 17 years.
    Since I am about to buy a new car, my first choice was definitely Nissan.

    I am going to express the awful and distastable experience that me and my friends have gone through at Chevy Chase Nissan.

    The sellers name is Richard Marseille.
    He is active enough such that after we expressed our difficulty to test driving due to lack of vehicle,
    he promised us to give us a drive from College Park, MD to Chevy Chase, and drive us back.

    In our SMS message, here I quote:
    Me: Also, will you drive us back? Or we have to catch a bus or metro?
    Richard: I’ll be able to drive you back. The only thing that would prevent me from driving you back is if another one of my clients walk into the showroom when you are a
    Richard: bout to leave
    Me: Cool, thank you very much.
    Richard: No problem

    Richard drive us to Chevy Chase at about 1pm, Aug. 28, 2014.
    During the negotiation process, although Richard made a mistake to email me a very low 2014 Sentra quote to lure us in, then saying it is actually 2013 Sentra without any sincere apology, I do not really mind. I understand it is a process that we have to go through. They have their strategies and we have ours.

    Then after a 6-hour prolonged negotiation, a friend of mine gave Richard a tight budget.
    I do not know if it was the moment or not that Richard decided not to treat us as customers.

    He left us in the waiting room for nearly 30 minutes, until I called him to ask whether it is time to drive us back, then he finally said he is right now very busy and unable to leave (or we can wait him for several hours.)

    This simply pissed me off. Not until then that I realized that we were being considered as customers at the beginning to dogs eventually. This is a vicious betrayal to my trust towards Nissan. We all feel very disrespected, angry and disappointed. To me it simply shows that Nissan is not a honorable and sincere company to have these sellers to cheat the customers. We all have decided to prevent anyone who we will potentially know in the future to buy any vehicle from Chevy Chase Nissan or even Nissan.

    Kang-Hao (Howard) Peng

  80. september 3,2014 9:45am went in to nissan on 103rd stateline to have my nissan checked out,have an extended warranty, was treated so rudely,badly, by service advisor rick laffoon, started speaking loudly and in a tone very unappropriately, saying i don’t recognize this warranty company who are they im not accepting any check from them and we will hold your car until we receive payment from them. the guy never gave me a chance to tell him why i was there, he started going off as soon as i said i had an extended warranty, i’ve never been treated so badly by customer service, i tried to explain to him all he had to do was call the warranty company and talk with them he told me i don’t know what i’m talking about he would not listen not for one moment, so i took my car and i left, im telling all my family,friends etc.. not to do business with the nissan dealer on stateline in kansas city,mo, you should replace that rick laffoon for someone who has more empathy for people because he don’t, i will never do business there ever!!!!!!

  81. I bought my 07 versa for economy and ease of care and cost. i CAN NOT Believe that the incabin filter now costs me 36.00 plus tax not including installation which I hav e begun to do myself because I cant afford to hav machancik do it for 70.00 Not including all the other costs of maintaining this ECONOMICAL CAR. I would like to know why this filter cost so much. There is nothing to them. Monte Rasmussen

  82. To Whom It May Concern;

    My grandmother leased her car from the Stuart Nissan in March of 2012. She received her first oil change notice in the mail and I brought it in to get changed. Then she noticed the light on the dash saying low tire pressure so I brought it by and had it checked in Fort Pierce because it is closer to my job. They said it was only a little low and not to worry but to make sure I get it serviced when needed. On Friday, 9/5, I was going to bring the car in to get serviced because the light was still on and it was handling wrong. I left school at 5:00 and was preparing to get on the Turnpike when I heard a strange noise so I pulled into a gas station near the air pump. It was raining and I was soaked trying to fill air in the tire when I realized there was a big hole in the tire. Not only that but I checked both front tires and they were BALD!! I called Ft Pierce Nissan to see about getting it towed in and a ride home. They were closing so they could not offer me a ride but said the 1800Nissan1 could get a company out to change the tire and I could bring the car in for service the next day. The 800 number representative said that I would have someone out within the hour. Forty minutes later I received an automated recording stating they would arrive in 20 minutes. Twenty-five minutes later I received an automated recording asking if service had arrived and if all was completed. When I said no, I was sent to a live representative who apologized and sent me directly to the tow company that should have arrived. I spoke with the company representative and she said they did not receive any information regarding the service. She apologized and said she would put it in as urgent and someone would be out in 20 minutes. Eighteen minutes later I received a call from the guy who was in route to change my tire and he said he would arrive in 20-30 minutes. I told him that according to his representative he should be arriving in two minutes. He said, “I don’t have blue and red flashing lights on my car. I will get there when I can.” So I called back the tow company to complain about his unprofessionalism and was told that he would be spoken to by their manager. He did arrive thirty minutes later. However, it was still pouring rain and getting dark when I saw a man come toward my vehicle and begin to remove my tire. I got out of the vehicle; I was soaked to the bone anyway, and made sure he was from the correct towing company. A few minutes later he knocked on my window and I got out of the car to see what he needed. He asked for a key bolt lock remover. I searched the glove box but could not find what he needed. He said without it he could not remove the tire. I asked him to please wait while I called Nissan 800. While I was on the phone he drove off leaving me alone, wet, and in an unsafe neighborhood in Fort Pierce. I asked the 800 representative why I was not told that I would need the tool so that I could make sure in was in my 85 year old grandmother’s car. Had I known that it was not there I would have asked for a tow and figured out a way home from the dealership. (Not sure how given the hour and the weather). I told 800 Nissan that the guy just left me there and now I would need someone to come out and tow my vehicle but would also need a ride home. He told me that they charge a flat fee for the drive home and would get me an amount and another tow company would be out within 90 minutes. That is when I finally broke down crying, much to my embarrassment. I asked to speak with a supervisor because this had gone way past acceptable. The supervisor said there was nothing they could do about the wait time but they would cover the charge for the drive home. I was very thankful for the small mercy. The tow truck driver came 1 hour and 10 minutes later. He dropped the car off at the closest Nissan and took me home. He was a very nice and professional young man. I arrived home after nine that night. I woke up very sick the next morning to a missed message from the dealership. I called at ten thirty and they said DJ would call me back in a half an hour. I fell back to sleep. I woke up and called back at one thirty (3hours later) and Ashley said they were very busy and he would call me as soon as he could. DJ called me back an hour later and told me I needed two new front tires and an alignment but he would suggest four new tires. The car has just less than 16,000 miles after two and a half years. I asked him how the tires could be completely bald after such a short time. Inferior quality of the tire I asked. He said that there should have been two tire rotations and one alignment since the car was purchased and none had been done. I told him that my grandmother received an oil change reminder in the mail and I took care of it immediately. We never heard anything again after that by mail nor on the dash. I asked why the dash did not display an oil change reminder and he said it was not programmed like it should have been. So of course my next question was how an 85 year old woman was supposed to know when service was needed when they dropped the ball on programming the car. He agreed and apologized but said there was a sticker on the windshield with the date for the next service. My reply was 85 years old!?! So I told him the lease was up in 6 months and we would just get a new car, definitely not a Nissan, so could he please just put on the spare. I went in on Sunday and spoke with the manager and told him the whole story. He said he would replace the tires and do the alignment for free. I was very thankful. Unfortunately when he looked up the records the car was not purchased at that dealership so there was nothing he could do. He did however offer to get a new lease vehicle at the same price being paid now and a voucher for tires if needed in the future. Now that is how you get new customers. I will not allow my grandmother behind the wheel of this vehicle until this matter is corrected. I can only hope that Stuart Nissan is as honorable as Fort Pierce Nissan. Now it is Monday and I did not go into work because I have bronchitis. I suppose four hours in wet clothes and stuck in the car during a rain storm can do that to a person. I was planning on calling Stuart Nissan and tell them the nightmare I experienced but am feeling very poorly so I am sending this email instead. I can only imagine if I was already on the Turnpike, which was less than a quarter mile from where I pulled over, how much worse this experience could have been. I hope to hear from someone soon.

    Jodi Kolb

  83. My husband and I purchased a 2009 Nissan from Country Nissan know located in Hadley MA. We have always had a Nissan and no problems. This vehicle has had nothing but problems, especially the steering. Every time you turn all it does is click. It’s been like this for a long time and seen by there mechanics 3 times if not more. All I want is to have the vehicle swapped out for a new one. We put our family in this car and heaven forbid they just do it already. Everything is always about money and getting there commission. We went to look at another vehicle and was told we have hail damage on the top of the car. Funny, never heard that when we purchased the vehicle. Kind of interesting that they offered to show the car fax but walked off with it…Well, very disturbing that Nissan can’t back there vehicles. Time to make formal complaints to the BBB and Attorney Generals Office.

  84. Well, once again i’m having a terrible experience with my new 2015 Altima. I can’t see clearly out of the windshield; it’s been back two times and will go again tomorrow in the rain at the dealerships request to see what they can do about the problem? They refuse to just replace the damn windshield…the car is only one month old! And, today the headlights stopped working…I have to manually turn them on and off. Called corporate and they said nothing they can do for me. It’s a leased car so I’m feeling like I need an attorney. Any advice?

  85. I 2007 Nissan pathfinder and had issue with trans common problem with pathfinder.I want to no if any recalls where made for that year still having problems

  86. We own a 2004 Nissan Altima. Having the recurring PO340 code telling us of a faulty cam position sensor. You must experience the thrill of having your car shut down at 75 mph!I’ve replaced it several times to no avail. Now I discover that the crank shaft sensor may also be faulty in design. Nissan has issued newly engineered parts to correct the original faulty design, but no recall. How typical! They offer an ECM re-program to let the system ignore the sensor failure. Let’s go the cheap way. I’d like to kick these guys in the pants.

  87. We own a 2004 Nissan Altima. Having the recurring PO340 code telling us of a faulty cam position sensor. You must experience the thrill of having your car shut down at 75 mph!I’ve replaced it several times to no avail. Now I discover that the crank shaft sensor may also be faulty in design. Nissan has issued newly engineered parts to correct the original faulty design, but no recall. How typical! They offer an ECM re-program to let the system ignore the sensor failure. Let’s go the cheap way. I’d like to kick these guys in the pants.

  88. In 2006, I purchased a 2006 Nissan Armada. A beautiful car. However, I have had brake problems since. I have had the car checked. I have had brake work performed on this car twice. After doing some research, this is a problem with the 2006 braking system according to many other 2006 Armada owners per the internet. There has not been a recall on this brake problem. It is at this time I am asking for answers as to why this dangerous, life threatening problem has not been addressed. Please respond asap with your solution. I am sending a formal complaint to the corporate office for resolution. If I do not hear back from someone in the next 15 days as my life and the lives of many others to include our families is at risk, I will assume you plan to do nothing, and you will force my hand to contact every form of media and celebrity possible to get the message that Nissan is knowingly endangering the lives of their consumers, their families, passengers, and non-consumers everytime we step behind the wheel of our 2006 Nissan Armadas.

    I will send this letter to every lawyer’s office in the city of Los Angeles.

    Someone is going to take notice.
    Valerie Atkins

  89. Does anybody got an answer from Nissan? I can see all the complains but I do not see any answer from them. I have a problem my the dealership I bought my Murano but if this page is a waste of time I will have to do something else.

  90. hello me and my partner went too buy a car at cowles Nissan when my partner told them about his credit score was low so the credit department his name is nate yohannes its been weeks he told me that you are approve for 10 thousand dollars so he is still looking for a car I call several time know response leaving message know call back its a place where they only deal with people that has good credit my partner both a car their and the experience was bad their I spoke too the director on Thursday know response at all its crazy for a Nissan place have bad customer service

  91. Just a quick note to express to you how wonderful our experience was with Serafini Nissan Volvo. Besides purchasing a gorgeous 2015 Altima, your staff went above and beyond selling a car.
    Your staff’s personalities, honesty and professionalism are exceptional to say the least.! Not only are they characters, but they have character and that is a rare find these days.
    Great people, plain and simple. Valerie and Jerry surpassed our expectations by truly caring about us and wanting the best for us, they are true gems. You run a great show there and have made us big fans! Again, thank you for your personal help in selecting our new Nissan Altima, your friendship has been especially welcome to us. We will certainly recommend you to our friends and family for a buying exoerience second to none.
    Your good deeds have not gone unnoticed!

    Thanks Again
    Gary & Bev Allen

  92. I have already completed your survey and obviously my concerns fell on deaf ears. My wife went into the local Nissan dealer for an oil change…with an appointment, and had to wait almost an hour to get in. She also had the tires rotated – in my mind this should be a free service for new vehicles purchased at the dealer. She ended up paying over $70 – this will be our final trip to Nissan for service. Fortunately there are several reliable service shops in our area who will do as good a job for half the price. We like your product but very dissappointed with your service.

  93. I Waited way a long for customer service. As I sat waiting for help, I read some of the reviews of others. I wondered why the accounting department was only able to tell you your balance without showing payments or the finance charges you have made on this account for several years. I was given the balance of loan on robo call. I also received a letter about the Gramm Leach Biley Act. T need accounting to send me a copy of payments since this loan was started. Is that to much to ask?

  94. the bose woffer was placed in the trunk under a cover.i can not here it ,if I raise the bass un on the radio all speakers bass go up an u still can not here it.i know there was no space Nissan would be better off if they gave better bose speakers in the car ,then you can here the base u don’t need a speaker in the trunk in a closet that you can not here.whant is you response.

  95. I am very disappointed by the deceiving nature of the ad that Nissan placed in the mail. The ad states that the individual receiving the flyer has the chance to win a choice of four different prizes. Now I am not naive enough to think that the salesperson is not going to try to sell you a vehicle while you are there. I understand that. I am very disturbed by the false advertisement. There are not four options and there is no bar code scanner to see which prize you won. Everyone receives that same bogus $300 gift card that is not worth anything. I took time out of my day to explore the possibility of a real prize that is not even available. I don’t appreciate being misled and Bates Nissan wasting my valuable time. I believe it is wrong and unfair to present the event as if there is a possibility of winning a real prize and that not be the case.

  96. Horrible, just plain horrible! I would not drive another Nissan if they paid me to. I get better responses from my 12 month old then I do from Nissan Customer Service.

  97. I sorry that I ever purchased a 2011 leaf, I have lost 75% of its
    original value and can not turn it in for trade,
    My Leaf looks like new but the dealer wants offer me $ 8,000 in trade, but the original loan balance is $ 11,600 out of $34,000
    I love my Leaf but this will be the last Nissan will ever purchase,

  98. Because I’m from the ghetto doesn’t
    Mean they have to treat me like it the rockaway ave nissan store after pushing a 2015 Altima on us the salesman couldn’t even look us in the face when we asked questions he sent a thank you note to my husband Edwin my husband is Eugene w. Not even a hand shake but our money is ok I will never deal with that store again .. Eugene Whitaker, Aline Rodriguez
    Thanks for nothing

  99. I have recently seen on local news a story about a Nissan owner having steering column lock up problems that renders the vehicle un-drivable!
    In the news story Nissan claimed no responsibility and that the vehicle was out of warranty ! I understand normal wear and tear, however, this problem should not occur during the normal life expectancy (300,000+miles / 15 years), and if this is your approach in building in obselesence into a vehicle, not to mention the life or death safety issues resulting, then Rest Assured that you will never see my presence in your showrooms or me as a Nissan owner ! You Are Dangerous !!!

  100. I am so upset for the way DraCars Nissan in College Park, MD. has treated my daughter. My daughter purchased a 2014 Nissan. Which has had problems with the tires off and on to the point, that one of the service person informed my daughter not to worry about it just ride-it.

    Last night my daughter was driving home and had a major blow – out on a major highway and when I contacted the dealership/service manager, he said called it a flat tire and made mention there is nothing he could do. After my daughter has informed this dealership and another dealership about this problem. I would NOT recommend Nissan for the poor service and unprofessionalism from the service manager and the dealership general manager.

  101. Hello,

    I leased a Nissan from you about three years ago. I turned in the car on time, roughly 15k miles below my limit. Yesterday, as I went through a mortgage broker for my first house with my wife and 9 month old son, it came to light I have a credit violation from Nissan in the amount of $7,300. When I called Nissan, they stated “We have no idea why it says that, you owe $90 from a short paid cancellation fee, which even that is confusing.” Do you people realized this mistake could cost me the chance to buy my home? They are withholding the loan until my credit is fixed (which it wasn’t broken in the first place). I am in Sales, and it is embarrassing this type of mistake happens and how it is handled. Now I am waiting for a piece of mail to come that never came in the first place? Give me a break. Do you know when I call and get someone on the phone, they just say, “I’ll send you to credit.” There is no please hold, no explanation, I am just treated like a criminal. Are you serious?
    To sum this up, your company may prevent me from buying a home and all you gave me was an automated machine asking me my problem. I am not some degenerate who skips out on bills, but an honest worker, and a hard worker with a growing family. I highly recommend an actual person call me on the phone to discuss next steps in the next 24 hours, or else I will be contacting a lawyer. If you decide not to reach out to me (because I will be surprised if you actually do, in which case my lawyer will call your credit department) here is some advice: pay attention to what you are doing and actually pretend to care when a customer calls you with a problem.

  102. The extended warranty company that my dealership is using is the worst I could even imagine……been having problems since early last yr and still waiting on them to find yet another refurbished unit….I think we are on #4 now! I have talked to everyone I know to talk to and even 40min to a man in corporate this past yr without any resolution. I have NEVER had an issue like this in all the yrs of car ownership. This is my 1st and last Nissan. It is horrible to have to borrow GPS for trips when you have one in your vehicle that I paid a lot of $$ for. We can’t even get it to upgrade much less fix the radio, which btw has had issues in every unit installed. Not to mention the many many hours I have spent in the waiting area and still almost a yr has passed without satisfaction…..I guess there is not a human being associated with Nissan that cares about this situation but do know that this is not good for future car sales. SO disappointed as I did love my Murano and so did a lot of my friends/coworkers.

  103. Jan. 10, 2015 we drove our 2012 Nissan Rogue to the grocery store. When we were ready to leave the car would not go. It would start, but when accelerating the brake would come on and it would stop. We could not get it to go. We had got cross ways in the street when it stopped completely. My husband finally got it to go into reverse back into the parking lot and when we accelerated again, it brought us home. I am now scared to drive my car. It only has 19,280 miles on it. We bought it in Raleigh, NC at Southern States and the dealer has gone out of business. We do not know what to do. Please respond as I see others have had this probem.

  104. Jan. 10, 2015 we drove our 2012 Nissan Rogue to the grocery store. When we were ready to leave the car would not go. It would start, but when accelerating the brake would come on and it would stop. We could not get it to go. We had got cross ways in the street when it stopped completely. My husband finally got it to go into reverse back into the parking lot and when we accelerated again, it brought us home. I am now scared to drive my car. It only has 19,280 miles on it. We bought it in Raleigh, NC at Southern States and the dealer has gone out of business. We do not know what to do. Please respond as I see others have had this problem.

  105. I am disappointed. I have a 2015 Rogue. The driver seat spring cam loose and is poking up thru the seat. The dealer ordered parts that took long. When brought in for repair they said they had to order more parts. Im without our Rogue for days. They provided a loaner but not like our Rogue.They then said a factory rep is coming to see the defect as well. This Rogue is only 90days old. Dissapointed in Nissan quality in this case. I have been a loyal Nissan owner for over 20 years. I want Nissan to take care of the customer. I was inconvienced for days and had to leave work to handle this as well. Please contact me
    Tom B

  106. Another Rip-off

    You have won a gold coin. How exciting! Of course the coin turned out to be a $1.00 gold colored coin.
    Will this “Do anything and say anything to get a potential customer in” never end. What false advertising.

  107. Several years ago, my daughter told me to NOT buy a car from Trophy Nissan in Mesquite, TX. She said they took the keys to her current car and would not return them until she threatened to call the Mesquite police dept. because they could not reach a deal on a new car. In 2006, I purchased a car from Trophy and our sales person, James Brown, Jr., could not have been more pleasant. So, this year when I decided to purchase a new car, I went back to Trophy. Well, things were REALLY different. the same thing that happened to her in 2004 happened to me in 2014! The salesman took my keys to appraise my car and when we could not reach a deal, he said, let me try one more thing. Well, 15 minutes later I went to the front desk and told the receptionist that I wanted to see the store manager. About 5 minutes later my salesman came out and tried to convince me to give him a little more time. I said no and then the manager came out and told me the dealer I talked about having such a good deal in another nearby town had only 2 cars at the advertised price, I think it was Grubbs Nissan. I told him I didn’t care and he said let give you this price, and handed me a business card that was about $500 less than the original price we had discussed. I told him no at least 3 times and still no keys. I then lost my temper and told him to get my car keys RICHT NOW! He yelled at the salesman to get her ‘damn’ keys.

    I can only say that the next week I received 2 phone calls from the sales person who was very nice and he asked me if I had purchased a car. I told him, yes, I purchased a Toyota Camry. I also advised him to find a job with a reputable dealer as I would never set foot in that place again.

    Trophy Nissan advertises locally about being your #1 dealer in the nation. Sad news, but you should be ashamed to be associated with these people. I’ll never buy your product again.
    I’m sure that doesn’t concern you in the least, but how many other people have been treated in this manner?

  108. my wife bought 2011 rogue and loves it gas only 17.9 mpg im totally disabled and never had a new car in my life I always had the junker. in sept sold our house because to hurt to keep it up so I bought brand new 2014 rogue s awd from clay Nissan car is great but gas milage is poor I have 2000 miles on it and get 14.9 mpg this is 4cyl I drove 8 cyl van that got 10mpg I feel taken advantage of and need an answer. im about to trade in and let people know about gas mpg strange its not in any ads ive seen wonder why??????waiting to hear before mass consumer board is notified help

  109. I recently purchased 2006 nissan maxima and transmission I’d already less than one year. I eas almost hit from behind because the car shifts with the bad transmission.The car only has 120, 000 MILES. Now I’m stuck paying for a car with a bad transmission. This is bad bussiness.

  110. I think your ad showing a family jumping into a Nissan and speeding away is obnoxious and in very bad taste. Why can’t you just tell the people watching what the good things about the car are instead of running a terrible ad like this?

  111. Back in November 2014 ,I purchased a Nissan
    NV200 the van was parked for about one month after purchase , when I decide to use the van I found too many problems with this vehicle:
    1) hubs on wheels come loose
    2) back bumper has no protection on it
    3)normally due to wether condition I warm up the vehicle 10-15 minutes, when I driving I noticed that the RPM were to hight (3000-3500) in speed of 15 MPH, I called the dealer (Alpiemonte Nissan) and asked to speak to customer service, explain to the technician and he told me that I need to warm up the motor for about 50 minutes, I can’t be leave him. Since I use the vehicle por service every time that I make a stop for a repair that normally take one hour to hour and a half, every stop that I made the motor cools down.
    I have spent more money in gas in couple of month then what I spent in four month in my Toyota highlander.
    I will like Nissan to tell me ,what can be done to fix the transmission problem , designers should know were designed vehicle will be use if this transmission can’t be use in cold wether ,why it is sell in the United State? Please I need an answer, I can’t continue filing the gas tank 3-4 times a week to only drive a 100 miles.

  112. I have had nothing but Top notch service and a completely pleasant experience dealing with my Nissan dealer.(Fred Beans Nissan of Doylestown)I bought my 2nd vehicle From this dealer. A Brand new 2008 Nissan Titan and have had all of the recommended services performed there. There have been some issues but between the Service manager Stephen Spry and the Nissan consumer affairs Dept they have gone far and beyond my expectations to please me and keep me as a forever Nissan customer. I would like to Personally thank Nissan and Every employee that I have dealt with there over the past 10 years at Fred Beans Nissan of Doylestown. You have a customer for life as far as I am concerned. Please forward this comment to Phil Calvert in consumer affairs dept. Thank you again from a Proud and completely satisfied Nissan customer. Joe

  113. I have leased a Nissan Rogue for 9 years. My current Rogue is nearing the 39000 miles but I have 1 year left on the lease. I have spoke to various dealers who told me they can’t help me. Either I pay off the lease or get charged 15 cents a mile. I was very upset and explained I will be commuting 60 miles a day round trip and nobody explained this to me when I leased my 3rd NISSAN. (The dealer had changed hands on my 3rd(current) Nissan.

    If I can not get any help from you or leasing department my next automobile will NOT BE A NISSAN. I paid every month on time and have been a loyal customer. But I will look elsewhere. I NEED
    SOME HELP MAKING A DECISION. If nobody can help me, I am also thinking about emailing this to your corporate office. Thank you in advance.

  114. I was given a fax number to fax documents, yet the number is constantly “busy”. After calling customer service to confirm number I asked for a differnt fax line. I was told “there’s only one fax. You need to keep trying”. SERIOUSLY??? Nissan only has ONE fax???? I feel like they’re scamming customers so that the required paperwork cannot get in by deadlines!!!!! Bad!!!! Bad. Bad business!!!!!!! I’ll never buy Nissan again! Plus my Rouge is awful!!!!!!!!

  115. I purchased a bran new 2013 Sentra not even 3 months when it started giving me problems in less than 2 years I had my transmission changed and in between the date of my purchase all it has given me are problems. Can any body tell me what I can do? I just got something else replaced to fix the problem and it didn’t fix anything now they tell me that it’s something else and it’s no longer cover by my warranty. It’s a shame how you purchase a bran new car and in less than 2 years it starts to give you so many problems.

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