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Contacting Nero Customer Service Center

At first, Nero looks like an online software company that sells third-party computer software, but Nero is the brand. The brand appears to be focused on burning multimedia, particularly Blu-ray DVDs. The main software suite offered by Nero, as of December 2012, is Nero 12.

Contact Info:

Nero customer service offers three departments for customer support – general, ordering and technical. Choose the contact information for the department designed to handle your support issue.

Phone Contact Numbers

You can call Nero customer service between 9 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday (ET). The phone number is not toll free, so long distance charges do apply outside of the Los Angeles area.

  • General Customer Service: 1-818-956-7551

Order customer support is provided by Asknet AG, according to the Nero contact page, but no phone number is listed. There is a contact form, but you must log in to access the form.

Technical support lines are open from 7 AM to 1 AM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 8 PM Saturday and Sunday, EST.

  • Technical Customer Service: 1-888-309-4212

Mailing Address

Letters to the customer service department can be addressed to:

Nero Inc330 N Brand BlvdSte 800Glendale, CA 91203

Official Website

Nero software is available online at Contact information is available in two locations on the site – Support and Contact. Support is the best choice for customers who want to get in contact with Nero customer service.

The software company is also active on sites like:

Customer Service Email

We found three links to customer support pages/forms, but none are direct email addresses and one (orders) requires the visitor to log in before reaching the form. Order customer support is not provided by Nero customer service.

Our Experience

The Nero technical support line is a pay-per-use system. Customers are expected to pay $1.29 per minute and there is no guarantee a resolution will be found. The message states the agents will attempt to find a resolution. We disconnected the call after being told there was a charge involved. Customers who need technical support should visit the Support Knowledgebase to search for an answer to the problem before contacting Nero technical support. One support call to Nero customer service could cost hundreds of dollars.

As an alternative to calling Nero customer support or searching the knowledgebase, online chat is free during normal business hours. Email support is also available.

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21 Comments on “Contact Nero Customer Service
  1. Nero has sunk low now. I bought Nero 10 and wanted to add it to my second machine (laptop) and Im told I would have to buy another version and pay again No thanks!!

  2. I tried to run Nero 12 just to play a video and kept coming back to a screen saying I need to buy Nero 12. When I tried to call technical support, they want to charge over a dollar a minute with no guarantee they can fix the problem.

    Are they crooks or crazy?

  3. Hello Nero Tech Support…

    I have a copy of Nero 9 which was working properly three days ago and now all of a sudden it will not open any pictures.

    I did an install and reinstall but still not working…

    Also I am unable to burn any files to a disk.

    Please help and advise as to a solution to rectify these problems.

    I have made numerous attempts to contact Nero customer service but the line is always busy…

    What is the Nero tech support email address ?

    I am very disappointed with Nero’s piss poor post sales support and the greedy nerve to charge $1.29 per minute for help !!!

    Just say NO to Nero !!!

    Thank you,



  5. My lapy is loaded with windows 7 ultimate. I wanted to install nero 7 essentials which is very old version (software is genuine one with proper key no). But failed to install the software fully and installation process got crashed. But in the installed programs in is machine is showing, Now I wanted to uninstall the nero7 essentiala software. My number of trails went vain. Can anyone suggest me how to uninstall this software plz.

  6. Can’t get pre sales or customer support and they don’t answer email questions. I don’t get it, I have a simple compatibility question before purchasing Nero 2014 and it seems impossible to get an answer. Too bad it use to be a good company, not so these days!

  7. I bought platinum 15.0 .06800.exe yesterday at the end of the download my pc went off and I lost. the end of the program.I have the serial number of my purchase but no password.I try in man ways to get the password no results to complicated.
    Julien Hamel

  8. All I want is the key for my product because I have had trouble with my computer and have lost everything. You were able to log onto your account but I have not been able to find this anywhere as of now. What has happened to Nero as they were so good but now are treating you lie a Government and you are not able to get what you want.

  9. I bought a Nero 10 Multimedia Suite Platinum HD a few years ago. I have the box and everything but the cd. The program files on my computer have all of a sudden become empty and I need to reload it. I have been trying to contact someone at Nero to see if something can be done and have been unable to reach anyone. I sent an email and have not received any response. Can somebody please respond with regards to this. I see that there are a lot of negetive comments about your company and that is not good. Thank You

  10. I have just learned that my Nero 10 has expired. I bought it in a store and paid $130.00. Why would it expire? How many times do you people expect someone to buy your products. This is now beyond the point of ridiculous. How often does one need to pay for the use of Nero? They are wanting to charge me another $75.00 and I haven’t even got the full use out of the original $130.00 that I spent when I bought the Nero 10 Platinum.

  11. i bought Nero 15 which misregisters file size on the creat your own DVD video…..for example 295 mb file registers 0.4GB ….which normally would fill a DVD….what the heck…i tried it anyway and the outcome was a disaster….pixellation was so bad the video was unviewable….who wants to pay 1.29 per min and listen to music for ??? how long to speak to a live tech….

  12. i regret paying the 59.99 for the product and would recommend it to no one….so now I download ?? on the newer laptop with useless Nero 15 and fry on my older laptop with Nero 7….which still works like a charm….except much slower on my 2007 acer…

  13. I bought Nero 2014 with an upgrade package in January 2014. It worked well for a few months and now I can’t even get any video options. The screen pops up and is blank.

    Their technical support is ridiculous. Their site says they provide technical support through email for 24 months after purchase and for only a few products. How can they sell a product and not support it?

    At this point I might cut my losses, but I need to find another video editing software. Does anyone know of a good one?

  14. One day my Nero 7-ultra edition is working perfectly. The next day for unknown reasons, the program will not allow me to burn a disc. In checking around I see that possibly Nero is not as good as I once thought they were. I am looking around for a better product on the market. Anybody have any ideas?


  15. Like somebody else says, Nero use to be a goo company, not anymore. I can’t get anybody in costumer service , never will buy this procuct again,,,,

  16. I just bout Nero 2015 Classic and spent the last few days trying to find instructions and tutorials on how to find and use the CD ripper advertised in the cover of the box. Maybe you can help me.

  17. All the Nero programs I have insist on connecting to the Mother Ship. HiJack is often initiated. Can any one tell me for what reason? As far as I’m concerned, if you buy a program, it should work and there should be no traffic between your computer and an external IP address for any purpose! This is an invasion of privacy!!!

  18. I made the biggest mistake ever today by calling Nero Phone Support. Needed some information fast about a project I was working on in Nero Video. It cost me $71.00 to speak to someone who gave me know information, could not tell what the message on the computer screen meant. Put me on hold twice only to come back with zero information. I am appalled that a person would be treated as such for a $1.29 per minute. I am writing to there corporatee office and filling a dispute with my credit card company.

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