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Contacting Neiman Marcus Customer Service Center

Neiman Marcus is a group of fine retailers that operate stores and websites. The Neiman Marcus Group is responsible for Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Horchow, Cusp and Last Call. This upscale department store is in the business of earning new customers and keeping those new customers for life, so customer service is huge. Here is some important customer service contact information you may find helpful.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Nordstrom customer care department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions about online orders. If you have questions about credit services you need to contact a credit specialist not customer service.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-888-4757
  • Credit Specialist: 1-800-685-6695
  • Designers or Designer Reps: 1-800-937-9146

Mailing Address

You can feel free to contact the customer service department by mail at:

NM Customer Care
P.O. Box 650589
Dallas, TX 75265-0589

The mailing address should not be used for credit issues or for problems that require immediate assistance. When you send a letter to the customer service department you are saying time is not an issue. Many customer letters are never answered at all – so email and phone are typically the best choice if you need assistance.

Official Website

Visit to order clothing and accessories, contact customer service, track an order or return an item from a previous order. Like all retail websites, the customer service page is openly listed, but not the main priority – which is selling more products.

Social media has become a huge part of retail and customer service. Contact Neiman Marcus on Facebook or Twitter to ask the same question you would ask a customer service agent by phone. Remember, do not share your credit card or bank account information on either social website.

Customer Service Email

You have to visit the contact us page to find the email form for customer service. Look on the right side of the page for the word Email. You need to choose a topic and then click Email Us. We clicked Other and then asked for customer service to send a print catalog. We left out the address on purpose to see how fast customer service contacted us for the additional information.

When we sent the email communication, we were given an email address:

Our Experience

The customer care line for Neiman Marcus is amazing. As soon as the call is answered press 0. You will be placed on hold if there are no agents available –otherwise the call will be answered immediately. We waited on hold longer than we expected for such a high end business. When we called other high-end retailers our call was answered immediately, but after four minutes on hold we finally gave up and attempted the call again. We waited on hold another four minutes without reaching a customer service agent.

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23 Comments on “Contact Neiman Marcus Customer Service
  1. I placed an order the evening before and the item went on sale the next morning. I received the invoice but no notification that the item had shipped so I contacted them and requested a refund of $14.25 based on the price change. The refused to accomodate my request saying that is not their policy. They offered the option of trying to cancel my order but said they could not guaranty that they would be able to do so. I have now placed an additional order for the lower amount and am waiting for the purchase to post on my credit card account so I can have them hold the charge. I am astonished that such a high end company can have such poor customer service. I will just continue shopping at Nordstrom from now on.

  2. I would like to bring to your attention a very fine shopping experience that I had at your store located in the Domain in Austin, Texas on Sunday, July 6th, 2014. I was with my twelve-year old grand-daughter who wanted some cosmetic make-up. We went to the Laura Mercier counter and the sales assistant (pin 231369) was extremely helpful in counseling my grand-daughter on what she should and should not be wearing at this time. The sales-person’s knowledge and expertise and manner of presentation made it easy for my grand-daughter to understand and accept the wise counsel that was given. We were very happy with the purchase.

    Best regards,
    Maureen Mason

  3. I will NEVER shop at NM, or any NM affiliated store again. I am sick to death of dealing with you incompetent belling department. Your business practices are deceitful and your customer service is despicable.

  4. I am a long time customer of Neiman Marcus and I am very disappointed in the service I have received for a return of an item that I purchased on line. I got an e-mail stating they would not be refunding my money, as the item was more than 30 days out from the purchase date. Maybe, since it took over two weeks for me to receive. I am all for returning an item in a reasonable amount of time, but a few days over for an on-line purchase is not reasonable. I have not received the item back, so I assume they do not plan on keeping my $120 sneakers and my money, too. I just sent an e-mail regarding status and got a rude reply saying that they will send my item back to me. What have they been doing in the two weeks since they e-mailed me to report they would not be refunding my money? This is ridiculous, and definitely makes me think twice about shopping on-line with NM. THe quality is usually lacking and now the service is below acceptable. Actually, it makes me think twice about shopping NM at all.

  5. I had marvelous alterations made and received a postcard to take the survey. I could not get in through either the .com nor the website wherever I tried. So I am using this route to say that the NM at Mazza Gallerie is a great place for customers.

    • So upset I do not even have the words. I placed an order on the 5/12/15 for a formal dinner party on 5/16/15..paid for next day delivery I was told the dress would arrive on the 5/14/15. During this time I had purchased my husbands tuxedo to match my dress and handbag, shoes, and etc. I decided to call on the 5/14/15 two days later to be told the delivery date will be 5/18/15. I was never updated by email…and I just opened a credit card account. I guess I will not be shopping online or in the store anytime soon my day is ruined.

  6. I ordered and paid for a water fountain,from Horchow. I did not have information on size and how they handle delivery.I called and within 2 hours I received a call from Ryan Bosher who was so professional and helpful with all my needs, He e-mailed all the information I requested.It was a pleasure speaking with him,

  7. So upset I do not even have the words. I placed an order on the 5/12/15 for a formal dinner party on 5/16/15..paid for next day delivery I was told the dress would arrive on the 5/14/15. During this time I had purchased my husbands tuxedo to match my dress and handbag, shoes, and etc. I decided to call on the 5/14/15 two days later to be told the delivery date will be 5/18/15. I was never updated by email…and I just opened a credit card account. I guess I will not be shopping online or in the store anytime soon my day is ruined.

  8. Just received a snail mail letter and a thick pamphlet from NM saying they are changing the terms of my credit card with them.

    The letter has no NM address, nor does it have an email contact. I am profoundly deaf and don’t even have a phone so seems to me I have no way other than right here to tell them one way or another I will never use that zero balance card again.

    What kind of company runs this way?

  9. Your customer service address states “Nordstrom is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week….” and gives three contact phone numbers. I’m trying to contact Neiman Marcus Customer Service, not Nordstrom. Your website is confused.

  10. I bought some items last Dec. with the assumption that I wou;d receive a gift card for 250.00. I thought I would receive a card in the mail. I happened to remember it and called to check on it. I was told it had been sent by email and it expired after 2 months. I am very unhappy about this. I would like to get the amt. I’m owed. I normally shop with cash at Neimans . I feel this is very deceiving and will certainly think twice before shopping at your store if I am not compensated for the money I’ve lost.I really feel you should send a gift card by mail instead of email.

  11. I was in your SF location found sunglasses if anybody comes looking for them and can describe the type I am happy to get them too them.

  12. I recently made my first purchase from this company, and it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a company in my life. I originally purchased a belt online on September 16. I chose two day shipping because it was a gift to be received on September 18. I ordered before noon as the website stated, to receive it on the date of the recipients birthday. I called on September 17 because I hadn’t received a tracking number and was curious as to the status of the belt. The woman informed me that the belt was still in process and would not arrive until the 21st. I was very upset when she told me this because now I had to figure out how to tell them they would not have their present on their birthday. On the 21st the belt had still not arrived. It finally arrived on the 22. I opened the package to inspect the belt and to my surprise, the belt appeared to have been used. There was no protective plastic over the buckle and the buckle had pits and scratches all in the metal. I called the company again to tell them they had sent me a used belt and I could send it back for a full refund. Informed the rep. that I wanted the same belt in return. The rep then told me that belt was no longer available in the size I had originally received. I was heartbroken to hear this. I find another belt on the website that was comparable to the one I purchased. Again the rep let me down by telling me that belt was sold out and discontinued. I finally call back to place an order again for the belt I first purchased, in the next available size on sept 28. The woman upgraded my shipping to overnight and told me the belt would be here today, sept 29 and it STILL hasn’t arrived. The online rep I contacted today told me it would not be here until October 2 but then apologized and said it would be here on the 30th. I am so disappointed in the customer service and lack of care and compassion in this company. The present is now two weeks late.

  13. I am concerned that I no longer receive NM catelogs. Since NM abandoned the Twin Cities area, the nearest store is in Chicago, so I am totally dependent on mailers. My account number is 1747 7308 5. I have had my signature on an NM account since I was 12 years old! That’s a sixty-three year loyalty. Please restore my name and address to your catelog mail list. SO’RD


  15. Order#WN5322876378

    I am contacting you to tell you that I bought this order on the price of 258 us doller. There is now sale on it and now 180 doller.
    I kindly ask to get the difference on this article. Color viridian

  16. Hello:
    I have had two long conversations with two different representatives of Neiman-Marcus, in the last 2-3 days. Also, I sent an e-mail. No one has helped. The two reps kept trying to send return labels to my e-mail address, but I told them I didn’t receive them. The last person set up an appointment for a pick up at my address this Wednesday, January 20. If I don’t receive the labels, I won’t be able to return the items. I have four heavy boxes, three have not been opened. The one I opened did not have any invoices or any paperwork. Please help me.

  17. Had a lovely birthday lunch today at the Fashion Island Neiman’s. Great staff, our waitress, Carrie was exceptional. My only suggestion – please bring back the leopard wall paper in the ladies rest room!
    Thank you,
    Candace Pocino

  18. I just returned a Christmas gift, and will cancel my NM credit card which I obtained and used since 1974. I would have done this earlier had I known how petty this company is. Releasing the Ivanka Trump brand is an example of the pettiness of the the leadership. I have read the books written by Stanley Marcus and Roger Horchow. No where would they have expounded such shallow thinking as editing brands that have a connection with the recent winning politician. This is not the American way.

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