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Contacting NASCAR Customer Service Center

NASCAR, National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, began in the late 1940’s and has subsequently grown into one of the largest family-owned businesses in the United States. The company does more than just sanction racing in the United States, NASCAR sanctions more than 1500 races in the U.S and Canada. In recent years NASCAR showcased races in Japan.

When customers want to reach out the customer service team, it is generally relating to ticking information. You should realize there are several ways to keep in constant contact with the support team or the corporate office. Customers can connect with NASCAR traditional mail, email, phone or through social media.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are multiple NASCAR subsidiaries operating under the parent company. We’ve listed contact information for each of these companies with hours of operation when available.

  • TrackPass: 1-866-722-5299 – 10 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday ET.

In the event you are seeking immediate answers to your questions or concerns, you can connect with the customer service department by way of the Live Chat.

Live Chat:

Mailing Address

NASCAR CorporateOne Daytona BlvdDaytona Beach, FL 32114

Official Website

Customers visiting the official NASCAR website have the ability to read past and present news features, locate information relating to their favorite drivers, locate the schedule of events and order tickets. You also have the ability to shop for branded merchandise.

Social Media

NASCAR is a popular sporting attraction, garnishing millions of fans across the globe. As a company reaching millions, the customer service department could potentially become overwhelmed with call. This is where the social side of the company steps in. You have the ability to connect with the customer service department on Facebook as well as Twitter.

Customer Service Email

There were several customer support email addresses we found on the NASCAR. In order to send a message to the appropriate department, we utilized the Fan Feedback form. We sent a message asking how customers return purchased tickets in the event they were unable to attend an event. The automated response we received did not provide a time as to when we could expect a response.

Our Experience

Expect a lengthy, confusing call when you contact the NASCAR. We called several times an encountered the same results. There were no options for the customer support team. We attempted to bypass the automated system by pressing 0 to no avail. The call lasted approximately 10 minutes before speaking with a live agent. After the third attempt and the wait, we connected with the customer service agent. We asked several questions similar to our email questions. The agent could not answer the questions and in turn transferred our question to another agent. Frustrated, we decided to end the call. When you contacted NASCAR, were your questions resolved? Share your experiences with us below.

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47 Comments on “Contact NASCAR Customer Service
  1. I have watched NASCAR races for many years with one major complaint. Your TV announcers who do this every day have no problem identifying drivers by their numbers.
    I (and I suppose many other casual fans) have a hard time coordinating names of drivers and their numbers. (It is much better than it used to be!) When an announcer identifies a driver by name and you see 6 or 8 cars on the TV screen, how do we know who he is talking about if he does not also identify the driver by number? It would be nice if they could say something like, “John Jones in car 00″ or “car 00 driven by John Jones”, etc. I have left the TV many times in mid-race because I could not identify who they are talking about. Please make it easier for those of us who are not into racing every day, enjoy your TV coverage. Thank you.

  2. Message for Daryl Waltrip
    My wife came up with a great comment, when we were watching the race at Richmond and a crash happened. SHE SAID, CLEAN UP ON ILSE THREE. IT SOUNDED SOOOOO FUNNY and thought it sounds like what D.W. would say, as he comments on what happened in the the race.


  3. I enjoy your site expect one thing………on facebook you guys have a app for a free water bottle with my favorite racer on it I have filled the app out several times and it keepskicking my phone number out!!!! so this true or gimmick!! would love to have one of these waterbottles!

  4. I find it very difficult to get to some area to get the answers I am looking for. Would love to have a reasonable amount of time to wait on the phone for a Customer Service person who was knowledgable! Also, maybe it is just me, but I can’t even find my own account with all this “new” web pages we have this season. I actually preferred what we had!!!

  5. To whom it may concern,
    There is a really big issue with cup drivers driving in the Nationwide circuit. There was one only one cup driver driving in iowa today and he wins. Is there a chance for a rookie to win a race or two? Whats the deal? Not fair nascar. Hey guess what Brad Keslowski, Kyle Busch, Matt Kennseth, Jimmy Johnson were rookies already. Don’t they make enough money in Sprint cup? This is getting ridiculous. Do these Sprint cup drivers really feel proud to win a race in a rookie class? We might as well put our high school football team against the niners or radiers. Nascar needs to figure this issue out. O.k. they are not racing for points but Rookies need to win for there sponsors and give them a little insentive. Myself and my family will countiue to watch Nascar but this is an issue we have trouble understanding. Even Kevin Harvick says in a interview last year when asked the queistion “what happen out there” After being in a tangle up during a nationwide race with a rookie. “He just needs to learn how to drive,learn when to give and take”. Well isnt this the level to learn that? Kevin shouldnt be there to complain about it maybe another rookie should of been there the comment would of made more sense. Our family feels that once your in the highest class you should stay there and leave the lower class to themselves. O.K. no problem being an owner in nationwide as a sprint cup driver cause your giving a rookie a chance but no need to drive it. Be proud your out of the rookie class and stay with the upper class and give rookies a chance.

    Concerned Fans in northern Nevada,
    Thanks nascar for listening,


  6. NASCAR better get their act cleaned up. If fans discover these races are fixed or if there are agreements between teams determining wins, then NASCAR is dead.

  7. As we all watch the races checking the banner running across the tv screen, I wonder why they never show team or car owner ?? It gives you running order, car number, drivers name, car color, seconds apart, laps down, chase, wild card, make of car….ect.
    But never what team owns that car. Now with drivers changing teams adding cars it would be nice and helpful along with easy to follow. Would like to see car number and team owner run across that banner…..thanks Gary

  8. I have followed NASCAR since I was a small boy listening on the radio. I am now 62 years old. I am an avid NASCAR fan, and I have purchased and shopped the items that I see on these cars to help support NASCAR and the Drivers. Now, to try and follow NASCAR is impossible. You have switched everything to FOX SPORTS 1 and the coverage is not good at all. If I wanted to watch football and the other sports it would be great, but I don’t. Now you have cancelled the speed channel and you can’t find out anything. I am so discussed I am ready to quit following it all together. You have not made it FAN Friendly at all. So I older and maybe you are trying to get a new market, but I have help support you and now I feel abandon. Just had to let you know. It has been great watching you through the years, but I am done. I even went to Dale Earnhardt GMC in Tallahassee, FL and purchased a new GMC Pickup. Well, this probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but I had to get it off my chest. It has been great, I will miss NASCAR, I just done with it. Thank You good luck

  9. I would like to know why you stopped the ARCA race after halfway? The storm wasn’t even close and it wasn’t raining!
    Was it because you wanted Toyota to win? All the fans should get half their money back or stopping the race like that! You are already losing your core fan base just keep it up and nobody will be there!

  10. You have way to meant commercials during your race to the point a person lose interest in them. We use to have a group of 45 people that would get together and watch the race today its down to 5 people. The rest have all gone over to foot ball. I am also going to watch foot ball over NASCAR because of all the commercials. Your side by side is not worth the time you people put into it way to small to see any think, and I am watching it on a projector that’s putting out a picture that 7 foot wide picture. We are also asking are congers man to pull the on the gov money your getting.

  11. I want To know why you need so many announcers . Please get rid of the Pit Studio. They add nothing to the race, Rusty Wallace is most annoying as are the others. PLEASE go back to the old way. No wonder the ticket prices cost so much having to pay all those idiots. When the Pit Studio comes on I turn off the sound.
    I also agree with the fellow who commented on the change of channels. There are some of us who can’t have all the channels.
    I thank you for your time.

  12. this is not a personal thing what i am posting is the honest truth,,,what in the world has happen to the sport of nascar…i am a teacher at a high school and none of the boys or girls in school like nascar they really think is a joke thats just the way it is……sorry nascar….really…you are in doubt and trouble with the public and that is the truth,,,

  13. Concerns re:raceview.I did not knowingly order or authorize you to deduct$79.95(usd) for this product after trying for ten races last year and never getting the animation why would I let u reup me for another dismal year.CANCELL this subscription, REFUND my money.PLEASE send this to the right department as ur website like raceview does not work as advertised andis impossible to navigate.Thank-you R.Fraser

  14. i just want to say that the people doing the national anytham at the opening nationwide a week ago saturday/ I think that you could have picked a better band if that is what you call it. It was a discrase to our vets and military someone sing it the was they did rolling on the stage and could nte understand a word that the lead singer???????? if thats what you think of our vets then i will never watch nascar again thank you

  15. The nascar game that u race on r charging me for something I’ve never used I knew I should not have tried it please cancel me I don’t play games there is no phone number that I can call please cancel me

  16. Nascar being a sport with, in my opinion a bigger fan base than any other, is slighting fans that cant afford premium package channels and some cant even afford cable/satellite tv at all. The NFL seems to do well with over the air network tv. Whats up Nascar? Why discriminate the less fortunate????

  17. I have questions and complaints about RaceView TrackPass and I’m unable to get anything but a busy signal on the Customer Service telephone number. I have tried over and over at different times and days. Very frustrating!!!!

  18. I want to thank you for a job well done on the entertainment at the all-star-event.I truly enjoyed every minute of it.

  19. Once again Kyle Busch wins at Dover 2014…..YEA….
    Why dont’t you make things intersting. If Kyle Busch or any other Sprint Cup driver wants to compete…alow them only to get the Trophy and then spread the winnings among the rest of the drivers in Truck or Nationwide. Then perhaps the Sprint Cup drivers would stop running and dominating the Truck or Nationwide races……Then it would make those perspective races more interesting.


  21. have no cable tv, and won’t ever again. Why can’t I live stream NASCAR on my computer? I will be looking at the same ads as if I were watching on cable?

  22. To whom it may concern,
    As a fan of NASCAR for many years I have to say I am completely and utterly disgusted with the direction the sport has taken. I have defended the sport and your organization on many occasions because I didn’t want to believe what others were seeing. However after the Coke Zero 400 experience (at the track then at home on Sunday watching the race) has pretty much made things very clear. NASCAR cares about one thing…NASCAR!!! How many races are you guys going to rig so the right person wins??? I’m sorry but NASCAR has made it to where the driver with the “emotional story” for that race or that year wins…Oh it’s the 10th anniversary of Dale Sr death so lets have Jr win….It’s some anniversary for Richard Petty so lets have his organization win…This has become more obvious in the recent years…Whether you are a fan or an organization (I.E Hendricks motor sports) NASCAR prefers deep pockets. You are only as important as your pockets are deep. There has been obvious cheating by organizations with little to no consequences. You design your point system so that the fans are so confused with how it works we just assume it’s legit. I love(d) the sport and hate to leave it but I can’t condone nor justify the actions of your sport any longer. I don’t expect to receive a response because my pockets aren’t deep enough to get your attention. Hopefully the President and Chairmen of NASCAR will get their head out of their ass and come off their pedestal long enough to see what is going on…oh no wait that might impede the millions they make a year but I can assure you that not another dime of that millions will come out of my pocket!! Thanks for the many years we did have of legitimate racing..Too bad the legitimacy of the organization and the sport itself died with Dale Sr….I wish your organization much luck in the future, with the way it’s being ran, you’re going to need it!!!

  23. SHAME ON TONY STEWART how many times does his temper win? now someone has died and he should be in jail, he does not present a positive position for Nascar. It was not an accident when you deliberately run a car at someone, yet you let him race today what a black spot on the reputation of Nascar. He should be kicked out of sprint, and the law should prosecute, accidents are not intentional, his aimed his car at that young man who no longer has his life, accidents are something that are just that accidents not planned, and calculated. Glad I never followed that driver, what an embarrassment to Nascar, to the racing world RIP to Mr. Ward sorry Nascar did nothing to tame the temper of Tony Stewart before he was allowed to run you over SHAME ON YOU TONY STEWART your a disgrace to humanity.

  24. We need to hear news of Tony Stewart if he is going to race again. I know what happened was a tradegy, but so was what happened to him last year. Mike Helton hasn’t said a word and I’m sure his fans would like to know something, anything. Nascar Fan

  25. Would love to be watching Raceday and the Bank of America 500 RIGHT now, but there is NO race coverage on my cable network!You all need to bring back the speed channel and have your own coverage and station! My sport is Nascar, Fox never sports never has it on ,espn??? 123 what about abc affiliates, this is The Chase and it is just as important as football!

  26. Would love to be watching Raceday and the Bank of America 500 RIGHT now, but there is NO race coverage on my cable network!You all need to bring back the speed channel and have your own coverage and station! My sport is Nascar, Fox never sports never has it on ,espn??? 123 what about abc affiliates, this is The Chase and it is just as important as football!

  27. It makes me sick when I see these redneck Nascar babies fighting on the news. Such un professionalism maybe they should take some pointers on how to behave from real race car drivers, say formula 1. yeee haaw keep makin left hand turns retards

  28. I have a pattent that will prevent a car from flipping end over end its better than that flap design it does not effect the overall design I would like to present it to who ever it may concern. I look forward to talking to you

  29. My comment is why the difference in punishment from one year to another. Last year there was fines and points taken away when it showed some drivers blocking other drivers so that their team mate could get into the chase. But yet this year on the next to last restart at Talledaga when Joey Logano was behind Brad Keslowski you could see that he was clearly blocking other drivers so that Kaslowski to win and to advance into the next round. I don’t see the difference from one year to the nest when the crime is the same. Something should be done by NASCAR to correct this problem for sure.

  30. The race in Charlotte with Brad was running into cars after the race was wrong. He should have been kicked out of the chase. He didn’t get any punishment $50,000.00 to hims like pocket change. Now you give him a cance to win the chase is a bunch of bullcrap he should have been kicked out of it. This sounds like the chase is rigged and he wins it I and a lot of my friends will quit spdnding our money on NASCAR.

  31. Have the rules changed? Now that Jeff Gordon has said the S word
    (s—) I think he is the second driver to say it since Dale JR.
    on TV. How come none of these drivers are fined drivers points like Dale JR. I think he was fined 25 points.

  32. The standard used to be in this country that a person was innocent until proven guilty. Mr. France seems to think that an accusation is proof. The restraining order did not result from a trial in which Kurt Bush had a chance to defend himself. Shame on NASCAR!

  33. I will not support nasc car by attendance or TV watching or future clothing purchases until you have accepted Kurt bush back. In America a person has to be proven guilty before sentence is carried out, so why do you suspend him before a trial. Your actions have dissapointed me as a fan and an American. Every body has an opinion and right now you are suspending him with just that your opinion or the judges opinion. I mean really let him go to trial first before you exucute him. The ex girl friends side of the store sounds a little thin and vindictive to me and I am a woman. Exes are notorious for getting dirty and going after revenge . I could be wrong in my optinion just like you are, but I reserve the right to judge a man guilty until after the trial. Your dissapointed fan , Linda west of Glen rose, tx.

  34. I’ve been a nascar fan for close to 50 years. I’m sick of how controlling nascar is with all the media.. All the Bush bashing. Here we have kurt busch being supended for he said / she said. Innocent until proven guilty. Only 3 people know what happened in Kurt’s motor coach. You guys are not judges. Fox couldn’t air enough about kurt. But I didn’t hear Fox report anything about Brian Franch crashing his car, intoxicated, and the cocaine. Oh yeah, how about his domestic assault case. You guys make me sick. No wonder nascar race track declining attendance. Fox bashed kurt then show all the fighting going on with Matt and brad, Jeff and dead and thinking how great this is for nascar. I will not watch another race until kurt is back raceing

  35. The amount of commercials are out of hand I think fans should turn NASCAR off FOR A FEW RACES AND SEE IF THEY GET THE POINT!

  36. the last two of three races were blocked by Comcast cable in the 33073 viewing area, when i called Comcast i could not get an answer as to why i could not get the race. can anyone help me get some answers from comcast. I NEED MY NASCAR

  37. Sorry nascar the product you are trying to sell sucks. It is ROLLER DERBY at high speed. I am sure JR. will win the cup because the sport needs it.I still see the stars and bars flag which is not a welcome to me. Thanks

  38. My birthday wish is to have danica Patrick come to my birthday party on Saturday October 17th i will be 48years old and bring lots of big gifts and lots of merchandise including racing gear thank you maniac Patrick

  39. My name is scott Campbell i am a true nascar fan of one driver danica Patrick is my biggest fan for a long time i hope danica wins all races this year and have a new team and new sponsor with a brand new car much faster i would like to be a true nascar member and win big money thank you danica Patrick for believing in me i not let you down i be watching you in the winner circle in the races

  40. Me and my friends and family are big NASCAR fans. This year we havent been able to watch many of the races on tv because they are on tv stations that we dont have. We hope NASCAR changes this because it is very dissapointing when we cant watch the races.

  41. I live in Livonia Michigan and follow NASCAR until FOX SPORTS started charging AT&T U verse extra fees for certain races. Yes. Extortion AT&T Has a agreement to broadcast FOX events but in checking
    Today’s race and the next two weeks races will not be broadcast because of this fight going on
    Between FOX and AT&T. I pay for these channels and am extremely upset over these races not being broadcast. I want to be clear this is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    Take NASCAR off FOX and find another broadcast company. Including today’s race and the next week race makes 3 non broadcasted races on a cable channel I’m paying for. How can we support NASCAR
    when we are not even able to watch the race. I called NASCAR last week and nothing has changed.

    Does FOX own NASCAR ? Fix this issue.

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