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Contacting Napster Customer Service Center

Napster is a streaming music company with quite the tattered history. At first, the company offered music on a P2P basis. One member would upload music or make music available to others through a shared connection on Napster and everyone could download the music. This is considered piracy and the website was sued and forced to stop music sharing practices. Today, Napster is a pay to play site that charges customers for access to music. The Rhapsody music company bought out Napster, but the website still shows the Napster name.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Finding a contact phone number for Napster customer service is not listed anywhere on the Napster website. There are thousands of customer complaints against Napster, so we understand why the company would hide the number, but we were able to find a few that claimed to connect the caller with Napster customer service.

  • Customer Service 1: 1-800-839-4210 (This is a number for Kaiser Permanente – not Napster)

This customer service number is listed on multiple websites. We tried 800, 866. 877 and 888 and none of those numbers connected us with customer service for Napster.

  • Corporate Office Napster LLC: 1-212-445-3550 (No longer a working number.)

This number is listed for Napster, LLC corporate office is no longer a working number, so that is the second strike against the company.

  • Corporate Office Napster Inc: 1-310-281-5000 (No longer a working number.)

The corporate office number for Napster Inc. has also been disconnected.

FINALLY, I found a customer service number that WILL work to connect you with the company responsible for Napster.

  • Rhapsody Customer Service: 1-866-597-5505

Mailing Address

Napster455 El Camino Real Santa Clara, California 95050

Official Website

The official Napster website allows customers to sign up for one of the largest digital music services for a free trial. After the free trial, customers must sign up for a year subscription. Customers can personalize their selections and create custom playlist. The company also features applications so customers can take their music on the go. The Napster app is available on Android devices and Apple devices.

Customer Service Email

The old email address for customer support was Now that Rhapsody took over Napster, there could be a little shuffle in the email support. Rhapsody offers a contact form for customer service. None of the options from the drop-down menu show Napster, so choose another option (maybe MP3 Store) and send your email that way. We used the form to request a contact phone number for Napster.

Our Experience

When we called Rhapsody customer support we asked the customer service representative if Rhapsody was responsible for Napster customer service and he said YES. The agent asked for our email address to pull up the Napster account and start the cancellation process. You can also cancel a Rhapsody account online, but we’re not sure if Rhapsody has integrated all Napster accounts just yet, so the call center is the best option.

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  1. I just finished the 60th question on a 75 queastion survey when one of you total assholes came on my site & caused me to lose the page. You stupid bastards piss me off so much that if you were standing in front of me I’b beat the living shit out of you. I will never use your f**king product or your websit in the future. You stupid f ing people just keep imposing yourselve more & more. If I ever find a way I will prosecute you freaking son of a bitches into the ground. Stay off of my computer assholes. Find another way to piss people off. Can you understandc that!

  2. I just called my bank and told them that I didn’t authorize the charge that I’m getting every month. That stopped NAPSTER dead in thier tracks. EASIEST WAY TO CANCEL UR CHARGE!!!!!

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