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Contacting NAPA Auto Parts Customer Service Center

For close to 90 years, NAPA Auto Parts has been the premier distributor of automotive parts for millions of customers across the United States. The company began in the mid 1920’s and has grown into a cooperative, working with independently owned automotive stores as well as corporate locations. Aside from selling automotive parts, the company is also one of the official sponsors of NASCAR. Whether the questions relates to parts o service, the customer service team is ready to lend a helping hand.

Contact Info:

Customers can contact the customer service team by traditional means, including, mail and phone. You also have the ability to connect with the customer service department by email and through social media. Aside from phone communication, you should receive a response within two business days.

Phone Contact Numbers

Between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday to Friday ET, customers can contact NAPA Auto Parts customer service.

  • NAPA Auto Parts Phone Number: 1-800-538-6272
  • Corporate: 1-770-956-2200

Live Chat:

Mailing Address

NAPA Auto Parts Attn: Customer Service2999 Circle 75 Pkwy SEAtlanta, GA 30339

Official Website

When visiting the official NAPA Auto Parts website, customers can locate equipment and tools, paints, chemicals and specialty items. Do you have a project and need online assistance? NAPA has you covered. The Know Howsection focuses on step-by-step instructions for simple car repairs.

NAPA also has the following website which focuses on preventative maintenance.

Social Media

At times you could face a brick wall when attempting to reach a customer service. You call could potentially be directed to the wrong department or a message unreturned. One way to receive a quick response is to connect with NAPA on the company’s social media pages.

Customer Service Email

There are several ways to connect with the customer service department by way of email. The customer service form only requires your name and email address and you then can voice your concerns relating to products or services. We sent a message asking about returning products and the warranty associated with the products. We will update you when we receive a message from NAPA Auto Parts.

Place the words Obtain a Return Goods Authorization Number in the subject line.

Our Experience

The customer service department at NAPA Auto Parts was easy to reach. Yes we encountered the typical automated system, but instead of waiting for any length of time, we were speaking with an agent in less than 2 minutes. The agent was thorough with their answers and provided additional information with each question we presented. The overall feeling of the experience was great. We want to know if you felt the same way when you contacted the customer support team. Let us know in the comment section below.

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6 Comments on “Contact NAPA Auto Parts Customer Service
  1. Napa auto parts has really gone to crap in the past 20 years but lately they have really failed me to all new heights. It is hard to believe that an American employer could let their business go down so far. I noticed that they now have an online parts reservation service for this location. I thought this was great since online parts companies like rock are killing them. I signed up to reserve a part with very few issues. I called the store the following day and was told “we don’t have that part here, it has to be shipped from Salt Lake City, they should have sent you an email. No email existed except the one that told me the part was waiting for me to pick up. I found the part at Auto Zone without any problems. When I tried to call their customer service using the number supplied to me in the email I was put on perpetual hold. I called the corporate headquarters and was given the name of the customer service director, Debbie Bowman, left her a message an I am still waiting for her to call me back, and I am sure I will never hear from her. I rebuild a 1923 Model T roadster using these guys in 1991 and could not have done it without them but these days with this type of service and parts availability I probably could not rebuild even the most simple of systems of the same car. These guys just don’t care about customers and their needs anymore.I am sure they are losing market share each and every day

  2. i brought some front shock for my 1964 chevy impalam conv. in 1986 and the reason i brought at napa i should that napa stores would steel be around but most of the stores are indepent store i brought my front shocks is a indepent store now,i live in rock hill, s.c. the closes corp. stores are in north carolina they said the numbers match but they dont honor the warrant idont have a receit but thought that napa would be around with name in the computer shock #9400 podo4cb2a gas pressurized made in usa life time warrant i would appreciate all the help to replace these front shock my 1964 chey implama conv. thank you

  3. Those who put out effort deserve not only respect but equality, this past February I took a job at napa auto parts in order to make a honest living and I worked several hours for this store and because my family issues, I had to quit this job the second day. The day I quit I wrote down my information for this company to pay me respectfully my first days pay. Regardless of quitting i contacted the Texas work force Commision here in Texas. I asked them about the situation of not bieng paid even after quitting and they informed me that due to the labor law the company is required to pay the hours of that employees time card.
    This napa auto store is neglecting to pay me for my hours, the dissapointing aspect is that the owner simply refuses to pay me and there 1st excuse was that I never filled out a tax from my first day which was never shown to me. The owner now weeks later says, he will not pay me. i am having financial issues, so regardless on how much is owed, it is gutt-wrenching that they are holding pay from me that I worked hard for.
    please be aware of this shop that management is not only false but true work equality is lacking here.

  4. I have been trying to apply for part time employment as a delivery
    Driver for some time now. I follow the prompts and it sends me to
    Offers to go to School ? I am a retired Navy Viet Nam VET. And have
    A better than average knowledge of car parts. If you want Me I’m
    Ready to go. have a great day.

    Gary Hanlon, Whitehall Pa.

  5. I purchased a power steering pump for my Chevy Impala.I took it to a repair shop to have it installed. The pump turned out to be defective. The repair shop ordered a new one and it was fine. The problem is I wound up paying twice for the labor. Napa does not have any policy in place to compensate you for this. They did refund me for the pump but that was it. I’m out $130.00 thanks to their part which was defective. You would think they would stand behind their parts at any cost. I’m not sure I understand this type of customer service. I always thought Napa sold quality parts as opposed to some of the other parts stores. I’m not sure any more. They’ve lost me as a customer which is unfortunate.

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