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Contacting Nabisco Customer Service Center

Nabisco is a food company operating under the umbrella of the Mondelez International corporation. There’s not a lot of information about Nabisco on the website. It appears the site is aimed at entertaining the visitor rather than providing detailed information about the company. The name Nabisco is derived from the company’s original name – the National Biscuit Company. Nabisco was formed after a total of 114 individual bakeries consolidated into one company in the late 1880s.

Contact Info:

When looking for contact information for Nabisco customer service, you will find a bit of information for Nabisco, but most of the consumer contact information is for the Mondelez International corporation.

Phone Contact Numbers

You can call the Mondelez International customer service line for questions pertaining to Nabisco customer service.

  • Nabisco Phone Number: 1-855-535-5648

Mailing Address

There are still customers who prefer to write letters instead of calling or emailing customer service. You can write a letter to the Mondelez corporate office, but make sure to include the address line routing the letter to Nabisco customer service.

Mondelez International IncConsumer RelationsAttn: Nabisco Customer Service100 Deforest AveEast Hanover, NJ 07936

Official Website

Hop on over to to play games, read about products and connect specific brands with the Nabisco name. Nabisco is not called Nabisco in all countries. In some locations products are referred to as Kraft. Other product names associated with Nabisco include Ritz, Oreo, Triscuit and Honey Maid.

Social Media

Nabisco customer service is not exactly the most social-friendly bunch. We found a Nabisco page on Facebook, but nothing on Twitter or YouTube listed on the official website or found in search results. We even looked for Mondelez International pages to no avail.

Customer Service Email

We searched the Mondelez International FAQs section to find a Nabisco customer service form. The form is for general questions, product problems and the like. If you have issues with a specific Nabsico product include the lot number, expiration date and other relevant information in the body of your email.

Our Experience

The Nabisco customer service line is automated, but it is not only for Nabisco. You’re actually calling the Mondelez International Consumer Relations line. Your call will be transferred to a customer service agent within a few seconds of the call being answered by the automated system. You do not have to wait through a list of options to reach an agent.

We asked the Nabisco customer service agent about product coupons we were told no coupons could be sent to the consumer from Mondelez. Coupons are available in newspapers and online through coupon companies.

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105 Comments on “Contact Nabisco Customer Service
  1. Thank you so much for making the lil squares grahams!!!! We love those! They are perfect size for youngsters and for bagging up into 100 calorie baggies!! I was wondering though if the chocolate ones will be an item for sale shortly? Keep up the good work my making great tasting snacks!!!

  2. What in the world have you done to your premium crackers? We have bought them for approximately 50 yrs but will soon switch to another if something don’t change. When we spread them with peanut butter & try to eat they break in several pieces. We say a few bad words each time we eat them.

    Have you changed the recipe to save money?

  3. Ok so first off, let me start out with- cheese nips are soooooooo delicious & I have maybe the cutest pictures ever of my daughter at age one and a half goin in on this box of cheese nips in the sun by the pool with the cutest bathing suit on I posted it to Facebook a long time ago and EVERYBODY says it should be in an advertisement or billboard or on the box even that they would buy them just because of the picture.. I know everyone probobally says their kids are the cutest- I’m not even saying that though i think so, but these pictures are hilarious and so adorable I think you should atleast take a look at them. My Email address is I’ve been trying to contact someone at nabisco about this for awhile now but I have no clue who to contact. Please send me an email for these pictures cause you won’t regret it!

  4. I am trying to find Oreo Cakesters and cannot locate them any where. Can you tell me where I can buy them. I heard rumor that they have been discontinued (I hope not), but if so can you please tell me why. I will buy as many as I can if they are available. Thank you so much

  5. please bring back the royal milk lunch crackers.i have t
    alked to a lot of people and they would love it also.what harm could it do but make a lot of people happy.give it some careful thought.PLEASE!
    doris reichert

  6. Please bring back the chocolate snap they are well missed I no if u bring them back u would make some killer sales do it even if you have to change the name of them please reconsider I no u can do it please please please I can taste them now.

    • Please bring back the chocolate snaps they were so good. I saw somewhere online that they are included in the carnival classics bag but I haven’t been able to find them in my area. Please please please bring them back in their own box just like you had them before.

  7. Not to pleased tonight to open up a box of wheat thins & find you’ve changed the cracker. Not the packaging. They are thicker and bland. I will be returning them! Please change them back!!!

  8. I was attracted to and bought a box of your “Wheat Thins FlatBread.” I should have read your product ingredients prior to purchase. It’s my opinion that your company along with many others, seem to think putting sugar/sweetners in everything they sell will make them more popular. Nothing could be further than the truth for my family and many of the people I know. I believe your effort to bump sales with sugar is part of the reason many Americans have become addicted to sugar, and are overweight. If you cared more for the health and well being of your clients you would cut the unnecessary additives out of your products. You call them Wheat Thins??????? What a farce to disguise the truth. They should be called fat and sickness wafers!!!!! Leave the sugar for the cookies where one expects to find sugar and makes that choice.

  9. Your new brown rice triskets are great! Taste is fabulous – texture is fabulous – however- your packaging sucks.
    Only about 1/3 of the box was found whole; the others in bits and pieces.
    Please use the stack wrap for the product [ like Ritz crackers] and I will buy them again and again. Not until you fix the problem.

  10. Your new product-Nabisco Fruit Thins-lemon flavor are delicious. They taste like a shortbread cookie with fruit added. Finally a “lemon” flavored cookie among all the ones offered. Good job and thanks.

  11. I cannot print your coupons, can you please send me the 1.00 off coupons for Nabisco products.

    thank you

  12. I would like to make a comment about Ritz Crackers. I love the taste and use them all the time, however, what on earth have you done to the crackers. They have a very good taste but if you want to use them for anything other than crumbs you will be out of luck. If you try to spread them with anything, they will turn to crumbs in your hand. I have tried to be very careful with peanut butter, hazelnut spread, pimento cheese and even trying to pick one up to put a piece of cheese on they crumble. I thought maybe I got a bad lot, so I tried more, I have tried 5 or 6 boxes and they are all the same. Sometimes the whole sleeve is nothing but crumbs. What is going on? I know other people have had to have this problem.

  13. Why or why am I not able to get the Multi=grain crackers with sea salt in San Marcos Texas anymore? I will not buy the regular crackers anymore and absolutely love these multigrain crackers – by far the best I have ever eaten!! I shop at the Wal Mart here in San Marcos Texas and instead of these crackers, they are now putting the “rounds” in their place – these do not compare!!! So, went to HEB here in San Marcos and they do not have them either. . Please, oh please can we have the crackers we want? Why change something that is good?

  14. I have always liked Ritz crackers but of late I have noticed a huge inconsistency in their color and crispiness, from a darker brown (well done) to a light flaky consistency (barely cooked). My preference is the well done and I would encourage you to mark the boxes or to have 2 distinct boxes indicating the degree of brownness. I don’t like playing Russian Roulette when I get a box not knowing how well the crackers have been baked. Help

  15. I recently bought a small box of Barnum’s Animal Crackers. I used to love these thin crispy crunchy cookies. I was very surprised though, when I tasted the first one, nothing at all like the original recipe. These weren’t crunchy or thin, more the the cheapo imitations you get in bulk. Why did Nabisco change the recipe??

    Very disappointed.

  16. My family just love Better Cheddar crackers, but I only find them in the 6oz. package and they don’t last to long. Can you tell me if they come in larger packages?

  17. For a long time Ritz has been my favorite snack cracker wit other NABISCO varieties enjoyed as well. I had double coupons the other day so I tried CRACKERFULS for the first time. Though I’ve watched everyone charge more for less and less in the box, I have never felt more “stiffed” than with these snacks. Nothing is special about these and the could be packaged in less that 1/2 the size. I won’t buy them again! Keith L.

  18. Your Ritz Toasted Sour Cram and Onion Chips are the best on the market. Thanks for providing us with such a pleasurable snack!

    Love them!!!!

    • Hello, I purchased Nabisco Nutter Butter Cream Patties at Walmart in Simi Valley, California.When I opend the package there was something black in the corner of the cookie I broke off.I was disappointed.

  19. I recently bought a box of “family size” wheat thins. I was very disappointed. For whatever reason these crackers are nothing like the ones tha come in the regular size box (or you’ve changed the recipe completely). Either way, I’m not a happy customer and will not be purchasing the cheap paper-thin crackers again (mind you, I’ve eaten wheat thins for years and loved them until this point). I’d love to actually be able to tell someone at your company, however you have no e-mail address for customer service (what year are we living in?), only a phone number that is totally automated. This had all been very irritating so I suggest someone fix it. Let me know when it’s been corrected and MAYBE I’ll consider buying your product in the future.

  20. Hello,
    I was very disappointed to find that your products contain GMO’s. I have been a long time Nabisco customer and enjoy many of your products. I have been learning more about GMO’s, their effect on the environment, bees, their overuse of pesticides, chemicals, and devastation they cause in farming communities. I am 100% against GMO’s and I wanted to express my interest in your comapny looking into making your products Non-GMO or at least labeling your products. I will be telling my friends, family, and co-workers not to purchase your products until you decide to make a better decision for the earth and your customers. Again, I am very sorry to hear that you support GMO’s and the companies that supply such an reprehensible technology.

  21. Very disappointed. Bought the Family Size Double Stuf Oreos only to open them and find that the package was not completely full. It seems that there were about 9 cookies missing from the package. The cookies at the end of each row were laying flat so may have been a problem with the packaging.


  22. I have been buying wheat thins for thwo years now. I buy a box per week. I bout my usual, tomato and basil, and to my surprise they were the plain kind. The box said tomato and basil, but there was no tomato and basil flavoring on them!

  23. There is a new rap type television commercial for Oreo cookies that is very offensive. I’m pretty sure what demographic it will appeal to, but it’s certainly not mine!!!

  24. Please bring back Nabisco Premium Saltines with multigrain and sea salt. They are the best crackers my husband and I have found, but we can’t find them anymore.

  25. I love love love triscuits im addicted although I bought a box (I go thru 5 boxes a week)the thins by box tasted stale

  26. What happened to the Coffee Oreo’s? Is there some place I can buy these. They are no longer available in Utah. Is this a coincident or are they no longer available anywhere. BEST COOKIE ever!

  27. Please bring back the Ideal Cookie Bars, they were the best cookies ever. I think they would be a very popular cookie, especially with the dry, dull cookies that are out there. Peanut butter and chocolate, always a favorite, it’s a no brainier!!!

    Thank you!

  28. I love your Oreos (double stuff). I thought it was great to see lemon & banana split flavors. when I found out these flavors were only limited editions I was dissapointed. I would also like to see more flavors in double stuff (mint and chocolate filling). Oreos are great, please consider this.

  29. Can you please bring back the little boxes of chocolate snaps, vanilla snaps, chocolate chips, and ginger snaps! They were the best little snacks! Please?

  30. I live in the South Bend, IN area and I have not been able to find Fat Free Fig Newtons in the snack packs or regular packaging. I prefer the Snack Packs. I am very frustrated.

  31. I recently bought a 12-pack of Fig Newtons for my kids to use in school lunches …. opened the package and there were only 11 packs in the box ….

  32. Oreo cookie commercial:
    why would you advertise a great cookie with a style of music 80% of the population hates?

    Change that commercial or pull it, oreo cookie associated with Rap, no way. I hate rap therefore no oreos

  33. I bought a Double Stuff Oreo Cookie box today and I am so disappointed. The box was not full which I noticed immediately at the store and made sure it was not opened. All of them were like that. Next I got home and opened them and you have skimped on the stuffing. This was not the way to cut costs. How disappointing. My last box of double stuff cookies and I loved them so much!

  34. Hi, I live in upstate NY. I just wanted to say I love the Chocolate Chip teddy Grahams and I was thinking that you should add marshmallows to those and make them s’mores teddy grahams if you don’t already have that kind. I’m pretty sure that those would be AMAZING! thanks for taking the time to read this.

  35. I have had a problem with my last few boxes of TRISCUIT REDUCED FAT CRACKERS/FAMILY SIZE,
    there have been so many crackers broken up it is difficult to use them for entertaining.

  36. Why does the Nabisco Original Premium Saltines have Nutrition Facts written in Spanish on the top flap where the box opens and in English on the bottom flap. I thought this was an ENGLISH speaking country, therefore am thinking that would be the priority. I will for sure be looking for a brand that conforms to ENGLISH next time I buy. REALLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

  37. My husband and I just tried your NEW SHAPE PREMIUM ROUND SALTINE CRACKERS. On a scale of 1 to 10 we would give them a 3. They were not as crispy and were on the bland side compared to original Premium crackers. Were not a good value either.
    Diane M. Smith
    New Prague, MN

  38. I just bought some chips ahoy cookies with the resealable package. I love the package and it sure gives these 72 year old hands a break!

  39. Bought a box of Nabisco Belvita cookies after a taste sample. A most excellent product. All who I have shared with liked them.

  40. I like your products. Especially the wheat multi grain crackers. But what I don’t care for is the fact that you have put Spanish on your product. I think we still are in America, but it is getting to where I go in a store everything is in Spanish. I don’t know if anyone thought of this or not BUT you are playing the discrimination card. In America there are not only more than Spanish living here. But many others that have become citizens. So if you are going to put something other than English on your products I suggest that you put every language that can be read or spoken by all Americans. Like Polish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and The first spoken that was here. Language of all Tribes of Indians. And I’m sure you know if they are American citizens they can read and write “our” language. If they are not then someone will help them. Just saying something to think about. How are you making the others Americans citizens who were born somewhere else feel?

  41. This is a request/sugestion more than a comment. I absolutely enjoy the “Vanilla Oreo Cookies” and also the Breyers new ice cream flavor “Golden Oreo Vanilla Cookies & Cream”. I was wondering if Nabisco would be coming out with a “Vanilla Ice Cream” sandwich for all the people in the world that perfer Vanilla over Chocolate.


  42. Hello,
    I am aware of palm oil and what is happening to the animals who live in the palm oil forests caused by the production of palm oil. My family, friends and local school have stopped buying Oreo cookies because they contain palm oil. Please find an alternative oil to use in your products that is healthier and doesn’t cause destruction of the animals’ habitat.
    Please reply.

  43. It is very disappointing to see your products being reduced in size and the price is going up. I use to buy Triscuit and related crackers many times and now it may be once a year. Many other companies are reducing their product size and charging more. All the profits are geared toward CEOs. The world we live in is all about how they can profit from people. I remember years ago, the product was always the same size and if it went on sale, then it was purchased more frequently. Shame on Nabisco.

  44. Red Oval Farms Stoned Ground Crackers used to be the only crackers we ate. You recently changed the recipe or ingredients and they are tasteless. Was it cost savings? Trying to be more healthy? Lost my family as a customer – searching for a replacement cracker that has taste.

  45. Lost my family as a customer – we found a replacement for your product when we go shoping. Here is the reason:
    In any rational world, Sharpton would certainly not have a primetime slot on MSNBC. From his Tawana Brawley hoax to his defense of Duke lacrosse accuser Crystal Mangum, from his fanning of racial flames during the Trayvon Martin incident to his involvement in the Crown Heights riots and the Freddie’s Fashion Mart murders, Sharpton has a long history of inciting racial unrest and division. He’s done it for both the fame and the cash; he has a net worth in the millions. Meanwhile, his followers are still told that racist America wants to keep blacks from success.

  46. Would you please bring back the chocolate snaps,chocolate chipsand the lemon snap cookies. Those were the best cookies ever. I am from the old school. Thank you in Advance.

  47. Back in the 70s and 80s there was a cookie made by nabisco called ideal it was the best ever cookie I have ever eaten. Please bring it back :)

  48. Just heard after searching for last few months that you no longer are producing low fat saltines. Very disappointed. Many friends are saying same. Great marketing.

  49. We love your premium saltine crackers(Nabisco), but the packaging stinks! Not only are the individual packs not resealable, they are hard to open! Please do something to remedy this.

  50. We love your new packaging for Oreo cookies. It’s great to be able to reclose them and keep them fresh. However, I have been purchasing your Graham Crackers for years and continually become
    frustrated with the packaging of this product. The latest Honey Maid low fat Cinnamon was impossible to open without tearing the
    wrap completely. Can you possibly improve on this packaging. I
    love the product but don’t think I’ll buy it again.

  51. I was wondering if you had a glitch in your production line. Went to open my favorite “Hint of Salt” Ritz Crackers, only to find a missing sleeve of crackers. Love these crackers, but someone should have known the box was not full. box top shows 13FEB14AZ302 01:50.
    please respond
    Thanks Carole

  52. I love your products but since we have a nut allergies we have many snacks in the 30 box variety that we simply has to give away;(
    Any suggestions ? As this product is not cheap at all

  53. My wife and I both have noticed a difference in Ritz crackers. It’s one thing to change to a healthy product recipe, but you need to keep the “ORIGINAL” and it’s box. Put warnings on it if you like, but don’t lose your customers over it. Eating Ritz crackers for over 50 years. Just ate my last box of Ritz. Don’t like the new taste.

  54. What is goin on with the chewy chips ahoy salted caramel cookies….i bought a bag about a month ago, they were great at first but then halfway through the bag I noticed white stuff on the chocolate chips that looked like fuzzy mold or maggots…I thought maybe it was becausevof where I had them stored it was too hot. I bought another bag a week later, same thing…I bought 2 more bags, the latest bag was two days ago. The day I opened brand new sealed package, the chocolate chips were covered with the white mold lookin stuff again!!! What the hell is that? I’m grossed out, disappointed and upset I keep spending money on cookies I can’t eat because they don’t look safe to eat…I have pictures as well, PLEASE HELP!!!

  55. I love fig newtons. They are so delicious and really good for you. Figs have a lot of food value. I haven’t bought a box for close to 6 years, because you put High Fructose Corn Syrup in every variety of fig newtons. HFCS builds plaque in arteries and is not good for any heart or brain. A lot of major companies remove HFCS from their ingredients. Any chance you can do away with this ingredient. I am sure you’ll increase your bottom line if you make healthier cookies. More people will buy them.

  56. I am a ritz fan and I,m so disappointed at how small the box has gotten,and the crackers are thinner!and the price isn’t any less.

  57. I have been a premium cracker customer for a long time and now I feel the need to voice my concerns. The crackers are not nearly as good as they have been in the past. They are thinner and not near as crisp as they used to be. If you have changed your recipe for my health or to save your company money, then please change it back. They are no longer very good. I have always been a total cracker snob…..they had to be Premium! Please rethink any changes you have made and know that I can’t be the only unsatisfied customer. Please bring the old crackers back!

  58. When I purchased the small bag of Ritz Toasted Chips from our
    work vending machine, When I ripped the bag open, I found only seven small crackers in the bag. The crackers barely covered the bottom of this small bag. A big Rip-Off…no pun intended.

  59. Saddened to see that the recipe for Stoned Wheat Thins has changed. This product is now tasteless, Unfortunately, I just purchased a large box from Costco. What a waste of money. I won’t be finishing them. How do you recycle tasteless crackers? The company has lost me as a customer, at least, for this product.

  60. Just want to join the chorus of your disastrous recipe change to your Stoned Wheat Thins. What was once my “go to” cracker is now a poor version of a once excellent product. I bought two more boxes after the change, not believing you could make such a huge mistake. I will be waiting for the day the packages say “original recipe”. Until then, they can sit on the shelves.

  61. Bought a box of good ‘ol original saltines at a local safeway and looking forward to the product we are use to. Every package had crackers that were so over-cooked they looked more like wheat thins than saltines. They are so hard and unflavored that we had to throw them all out. Really disappointed with the crackers. Hope this trend doesn’t continue.

  62. Hello, I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed HoneyMaid graham crackers for years. However, the last few times I purchased the crackers, they were stale. I shop at BJ’s wholesalers Club & the crackers are packaged 3 boxes to a carton. The waxpaper wrappers are not sealed properly & the crackers are soft and stale. Very disappointing. I will no longer take a chance on the product.

  63. The new Chewy Chips-a-hoy Chocolate Chip w/ Brownie fill as well as the Chocolate w/ Reeses are wonderful creations! Thank you!

  64. I just wanted to let you know that I will no longer be buying Ritz crackers, they are useless, if you touch them they crumble. So I will be buying other brands from now on!!!!!

  65. I have been buying Nabisco triscuts Rosemary and Olive Oil for a long time. The last two boxes that I purchased almost all the crackers were broken. You could not put cheese or anything else on them. I had company and it was embarrassing.

  66. I do not like your easy open pull tab on the OREO cookies. I did buy a family size Double stuf package at Wal Mart here in Ludington Michigan. When My wife opened the package it was missing 5 cookies. Either they were never put in the package or someone opened them in the store and took them out. You can reseal the package and make it look like it was never tampered with, Someone could make the package dangerous to any one who ever may buy a package.

  67. Hello Nabisco, I just have to send a HUGE RAVE about the newest original thin rice crackers— These are the most AWESOME gluten free snack that I have ever eaten and I share them with everyone. Great Job indeed! I was just wondering if they ever go on sale or have coupon offers? Thanks and keep up the great job! Patsy Casteen

  68. I wish you would bring back the sunshine raisin biscuit cookies, I would pay anything to have those cookies(don’t want those little packs that they are selling on other sites)I’m not the only one in the world who likes them. I’m going to try and make my own.

  69. Unable to locate Nabisco Flatbread Tuscan Herb crackers in Dallas TX. Has Nabisco discontinued production of these crackers ?

  70. Just opened a new bag of the oyster crackers. Thinking quality control was asleep. All the little irregular flat cut outs were in the bag, some several inches long. Glad I wasn’t serving to guests. But really waste of half the bag, not salted, taste and look like cardboard. Yuck.

  71. Just wondering. Could you tell me why Mallomars don’t tast the way they used to taste. They have a sort of aftertaste, now. Why is that. I used purchase 3 or 4 boxes at a time. Not any more. Can you please bring back the originals. Thanks, so much.

  72. I used to buy 2 packs of the sugar free Oreos at Walmart every week. They do not have them any more and can’t find them at Walgreens either. Have you quit making them? They are the best sugar free cookies out there!!

  73. Just wondering if there is any thought of bringing back tid-bit crackers the best snack u ever made when I was a kid my Dad would buy them & I could sit & eat a whole box please bring them back.

  74. I just found the Lemon Oreos and they are wonderful!! Didn’t know there WAS such a product. I love everything lemon, so these were a fabulous find. Bought 2 pkgs. and will get more during my next stop at the grocery store. I’ve been buying the vanilla Oreos for quite some time as I prefer the vanilla over chocolate. But to find them in Lemon was truly a bonus indeed!!

  75. Thought new box design was to save money in production.Discovered net weight difference and cost more,suprise surprise.After opening three Kraft Singles of AMERICAN(No artificial preservatives or flavors)Cheese I put them on the Nabisco Original Premium saltine Crackers.Crackers are bland and tasteless.Just lost a lifetime customer.After talking to friends discovered other products changed.Very bland.

  76. So I have been a regular purchaser of Nabisco Premium Saltine crackers for 40 years. Lately, I have noticed the amount of crackers in each of the four packages in the box are short by two entire inches! The cracker sleeves filled with the actual crackers are two inches shorter than the box they come in. Is this how you are going to save money? By putting far fewer crackers in the box, but thinking no one will notice? Well I may not have before, but I did now and it is not a one time issue.

    I guess I will have to see who else makes crackers next time. So sneaky to do something like this Nabisco.

  77. I just purchased the Ritz Bacon flavor crackers. I just want to say by no means do they taste like bacon. It does have a different taste more less like pepper and too much salt than bacon. A waste of my $2.50 I would have rather had the original flavor.

  78. bought the last box of chips ahoy cookies generic cookies are now larger and just abetter buy should be very concerned about what comes out of your wrappers shows how low your company has gone hello keebler or store brands tell this to your bean counters tired of being ripped off!!!!!!!!

  79. PLEASE would you reconsider bringing back the “Twigs” crackers. I have looked for MANY years for some thing close to it. Never have. But I think Cheez-it’s brand should make a cracker with the toasted sesame seeds. Alot of people I have discussed these topics with also has brought up that the “Swiss” crackers and ” Bacon” crackers are also one’s they cannot find???? This, for us consumers is kinda compared to when Hostess went out of business and no more Twinkie’s! Except it’s are favorite crackers we miss and grew up with! Also.. stay with original recipes!!! Don’t mess with originals. Your dedicated consumers can tell/taste changes. Don’t make the same mistakes Coca-Cola did back in the day. PLEASE bring the FAVORITES BACK!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  80. While shopping at Target in Rosemont Illinois, I passed a display of Caramel Apple Oreos. My favorite cookie is Golden Oreos. I must tell you I was very disappointed with these cookies. The center was not distributed evenly, so which ever side you bit into, you either ate caramel more or apple. Also, the flavor was not great. I understand the concept, but the customer has to enjoy the cookie also. Why can’t you make a spice or almond flavor for the fall. Still love the Golden Oreos.

  81. First of all, Thank you Nabisco for providing so many of our beloved treats and snacks. Okay, rump smooching done – In this day and age where BACON is king … Why have you not brought back those amazing bacon crackers I remember from being a kid?? Please please please – on behalf of all the Bacon lovers of America – Bring those little morsels of bacony goodness back. Yours Respectfully, Mindy :)

  82. I love your cookies but last night i opened my Oreos and half the pack was missing. I will still buy more but wasent happy about two rows in a family pack

  83. ritz crackers are now the smaller part of the foodstuff, and the SALT layer is the primary food….want some ritz with your salt? you cant even taste the cracker for all the salt they now add. will not purchase again ever.

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