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Contacting MTV Customer Service Center

MTV is the cable television station that started a music revolution. When the station first started broadcasting musicians were just getting into the whole music video scene. As MTV became more and more popular, artists started spending more and more on videos and soon the world of music changed forever. Today, creating music videos is an art that requires huge amounts of money, directors, producers and hours spent on set, but MTV has expanded to more than music videos. The channel also funds original movies, television shows and reality TV. MTV is a Viacom company.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You will have quite a bit of trouble finding an MTV phone number, which we found interesting because some shows encourage fans to call in. You will have to call Viacom, the company that owns MTV.

  • Customer Service: 1-212-258-6000

There is a long list of press contacts available for directors and assistants associated with various shows on MTV. That list is available on the Press Contacts.

Mailing Address

MTV does not offer a mailing address, but there is an address for the Viacom company that owns MTV.

Viacom Inc. 1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036

Official Website

The official website for MTV is located at The site is laden with forum-style customer service and communication. You can sort through all MTV has to offer in terms of feedback, help and support via the links found at the bottom of the page.

You can also peruse what MTV has to offer on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Viacom by email using the contact form at, but that won’t put you in direct contact with MTV.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service team at MTV, we wanted to know the best way top contact the customer support division in a mobile based world. The agent explained the customer service team is available during normal business hours by phone, but a customer service agent provides assistance through social media 24/7.

So, to answer our question, customers have a better chance to connect with the customer service department on the Facebook page or the Twitter page. Overall great experience. Was your experience similar? Share your thoughts with us.

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221 Comments on “Contact MTV Customer Service
  1. Hello my name is tyeisha an I’m from south Carolina an I live with my mother n law , I’m writing you to help me find my mother n law a husband cause she pick the wrong guys, she is a preacher an she is a grandmother of 12 . She really deserve a great guy cause her boy friend now is not the rite one for her ..can you guys help…. thanks

    • There is a reason people put those commercials. It obviously is working for them so why would they take it down?? Ummmm No

  2. Hi, I have an interesting pitch for a TV series for MTV. Only one problem—I don’t know where to send it! Would MTV even except my pitch? If anyone have any answers PLEASE let me know ASAP. Thanks.

  3. How in the hell can you do a disaster date episode, “to catch a disaster date”? that is a serious issue, and you make a joke about it, wth is the world coming to?, this is an outrage, that bitch on there pretending to be 21 and then the cops come out,,,For a goddamn way to get back at a friend, that shit should be taken off the air, what is wrong with you people?

  4. Hi My names is James, and I will love to be a star. I want to be on one of your shows. How do I get in touch with a Agent. Teen wolf is one of my first choices. I am 25 years old, but I look like I am 18. I am 135 ponds,510 height,W/M brown hair, hazel eyes.

  5. I’m not sure who to contact, but you can forward this along to the appropriate person. Anytime I try to watch an episode online it says its “not currently available”. The site is consistently reliable to NOT have the episode I am trying to watch, and it’s the only network I have this problem. I would also think MTV has enough money and employees to fix this extremely nagging problem it’s had for years.

  6. I fell the only thing y’all care about is money.. not that it’s any different from before, but just letting y’all know that you just lost a viewer. The amount of commercials and the buffering, which is not on my part, it’s just not worth it. Catfish and Rivals are the shows that I like to follow but I’m finished

    sincerely disappointed…

  7. Hello!
    My friend and I are huge 16 and pregnant/teen mom fans. How can we attend a reunion show? if there is going to be a reunion with the Macy, Amber, Farrah, Caitlynn, season, or the second season, how do we find out when or how to get tickets?
    Thank you,

  8. I think it’s stupid how if you have the MTV app It won’t allow you to watch shows unless you log in with your provider for the internet but they don’t provide for all so now I can’t watch on my iPad and I can’t watch on my lap top because the have all the newer episodes locked. I think MTV is a joke

  9. i think teen wolf is a amusing show but i don’t like that Allison died and the time it stats and a author thing is aaden should stay in the show he should come back

  10. Question about Allie and her muscular dystrophy. I don’t know why her mom is worried about medical bills. You don’t pay if your child has the disease. I know a couple personally that had a child with MD. MD paid for a ramp into the house, wheelchairs, all checkups. Please enlighten me on this issue.

  11. Hey some friends and I wanted to start a bad teens club where we all stay in a house together for 4 months and try to get over our negative ways with boys and girls and we wanted to know if it could be on mtv it contains gayness and inappropriate ness …

  12. I think the new announcement for ‘Batgirl’ is going to be the biggest downgrade for MTV yet. Considering the fact that it shouldn’t even be on MTV if it were actually going to be a show.
    My suggestion,.. don’t.

  13. I am very upset on how long the commercials are and not enough time on my favorite show! It is irritating! Please fix this


  15. I cannot believe that MTV stoops so low for ratings to film teen mom drama involving children in situations where the entire household is cussing and the children standing by crying…. those children should be removed from those abusive environments. It’s child abuse! They are becoming at risk children right in front of the camera. Child protective services should remove them immediately. Janelle and her mother have no business raising children in that environment. It is absolutely disgusting MTV that you not only condone that behavior but promote it!

  16. So, I make a comment about Teen mom and bring to light the fact that it’s a form of child abuse for some of the children involved….and you remove my comment because of the truth that it represents??? I will take the next step in order to get this recognized.

  17. Hello, I have a show suggestion. My good friend Molli like to mess around with a lot of men. So she likes to talk to the whole football team for fleetwood. I think it would be a good idea if you followed her around and made a reality tv show about her dating the whole football team Thank you ;*

  18. I have a great idea for MTV SINCE IT APPEARS to be dying out. I love MTV AND GREW UP WITH IT. You started with PIMP MY RIDE and it was a great success but everyone else jumped on the band wagon and now everyone is doing it. I am a genius so here is my proposal for you guys. Try PIMP MY BOAT and make kick ass boats with incredible sound systems to go out to peoples local lakes and party like there is no tomorrow. Where there is sweet boats we all tie up together and party all day and night and compare boats and sound systems with hot babes everywhere. I am working on my boat and it is all customized by me and it is looking so sweet. I painted it and redid everything on it and am putting a killer Kicker sound system in it with killer colored LED lights for night time partying. You cannot go wrong with bad ass boats and music and hot woman. From Mr Big-CC

  19. mtv i like mtv i want be a singer like snoop dogg and desire communicate witch ted chung manager to snoop dogg because beside my talent singing and i have style snoop dogg i am very fans of snoop dogg and im also learning the english to go to usa and then i want you to help me in this please i can look at youtube the bam phase video oficcial y john lions in facebook

  20. mtv i like mtv i want be a singer like snoop dogg and desire communicate witch ted chung manager to snoop dogg because beside my talent singing and i have style snoop dogg i am very fans of snoop dogg and im also learning the english to go to usa and then i want you to help me in this please i can look at youtube the bam phase video oficcial y john lions in facebook

  21. Hey MTV, I am a big fan of all the Teen Moms but I am so incredibly proud of Jenelle Evens for turning her life around the way she did… Let’s face it, the soon to be Mrs. Griffith is one hell of a mom. I think America should show her how happy we are for her by tuning into a MTV TEEN MOM 2 SPECIAL EDITION: JENELL’S WEDDING!

  22. could you stop making fun of justin bieber in your cormercialls because it’s not funny that’s bullying and if you don’t stop making fun of him I’m gonna stop watching mtv bc it’s so improfessional

  23. please do a second season of SLEDNECKS,everyone I know loves that show and if you keep going with is it will be the next jersey shore. Thank You.

  24. I think MTVs Friday the 13th promotion is disgusting. I love rediculousness and wild n out but thanks to their “I heart Satan” stunt, I will never watch either of them again. Isn’t there enough evil in this world without broadcasting it on tv?

  25. Disgusting!! Shame on you MTV. i VOMITED watching this abusive pig Bruno on Real World Skeletons being so disrespectful to a woman. Remove this from TV. Unacceptable . MTV you will do anything for ratings even keeping an out of control person around women.

  26. Not have you only ruined the original purpose of MTV you have vh1 to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M stands for music not movies or crappy reality shows! there is enough movie channels that mtv and vh1 should go back to being the youtube of reguler tv!!!!!! As long as you play movies I will continue to refuse to watch either channel if I had a choice i’d drop both off my channel selection untill you start realizing and redefining tv again will I and many of my friends start watching either channel. Many of people I talk to want the original programing back and really could care less if mtv folded. I actually wish you would I can watch movies without interuption on many channels.I like as many others do random videos… signed a by and entire family and close group of friends that hopefully sum college idiots will realize what the people want, Take a survey I guarentee I’m not the only one who feels this way. Good bye to All your channels until you finally realize what people want and become uniaque again,

  27. I thank that you should start asking fans for advice on new hit shows it wold probly make your ratings go through the roof.

  28. Hello my name is Bill

    I listen to rap all of the time, and I rember a song called up town on the ground. It’s a old school rap song back in the 90’s Could you please email the name of the artis on who sings it thank you.

  29. Hello! Look, I love rob dyrdek & his show “ridiculousness” as much as the next guy, but here in Ohio (yep, same state rob himself is from) it seems like that’s all that is ever on. Hour after hour, day after day, night after night, its always ridiculousness! Man, you guys seriously need to put something else on besides that. Honestly, turn on the TV at lunchtime=ridiculousness. Hours later, dinnertime=still showing ridiculousness! Its kind of, well, ridiculous (no pun intended). Like I said, Rob’s the man but air something different already!

  30. Hi there.

    I’ve followed teen mom for a while now. I’m extremely disappointed in MTV by the choice they made to bring Farrah back to the show. It’s my personal opinion that you guys got it right the first time. This show was created to bring awareness to teen pregnancy and hopefully drop those alarming high numbers- which studies over the years have concluded they have. I’d also like to believe that the teenagers watching can somewhat relate to some of these girls and learn from their mistakes.
    I’m appalled and completely disgusted by the lack of respect, gratitude and kindness Farrah has towards those around her. She treats her family(the only family she has) like they’re garbage. She’s been involved in porn and will never be considered a role model. I will no longer be watching this show and I hope you reflect on the reason she is being brought back.

  31. I am appalled at what MTV did by bringing Farrah back on Teen Mom OG.
    I understand that Amber is a convicted felon, but she was a troubled young lady who needed help. She turned her life around and deserves a 2nd chance. Farrah purposely did a porno tape for financial gain. She has no morals and values. She is also direspectful to her parents your staff and anyone she comes in contact with. I understand why Macie refused to do the show. I will no longer watch Teen Mom OG until Farrah is gone. There has to be consequences for doing porn. MTV is sending out a message that it is okay. Get Macie back and throw Farrah out.

  32. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that it is nearly impossible to see episodes that I have missed, reruns are almost never aired for any show OTHER than ridiculousness, and you can’t watch them online…

  33. i am so disgusted im watching parent trap and and can’t beleave im watching 30 commercials are you kidding me a old movie 30 commercials thats unheard of i will dalete that channel 30 that really sucks

  34. Hi,I am a big fan of teen mum I am absolutely disgusted that you would allow Farrah Abraham back onto the show you are showing to young girls that it’s ok and how glamorizing it is especially the scenes when she is flown to Las Vegas this girl should not be on this show I am so dissaponted with MTV this show should be following around a porn actress you can see her movie for free o the Internet it is absolutely discusting you are just showing young girls it is ok and I have seen her interviews and she has bad mouthed MTV and said you didn’t pay a lot she is fame hungry you should let her do it some where else I really hope you can really take this letter seriously it bothers me that my young niece watches this show she is well aware Farrah is a stripper as she has asked questions we didn’t tell her about the porn because all we need is for he to think its ok to have sex for money and to be famous we had to tell her something when she was dressed slutty in Las Vegas so we told her she dances naked at a gentlemens club my niece is 12 and looks up to these girls who show a message that it is a struggle to be a teen mom but Farrah has a wardrobe full of clothes all this plastic surgery you compare it to what Amber did and it is completely different Amber had a drug problem which she showed that you go to jail it was not glamori


  36. I just have an idea for a true life show … I think there should be a true life I was a teen mom now I’m raising a teenager. I had my son at 16 I I managed to finish school go to college and did a brief stint in the air force as well. I have Been through many ups and downs but my husband ( my sons father) has always been by my side we are kind of like Caitlyn and Tyler only 17 yrs later and still going strong. Being a teen mom I had to grow up quick but without any help I had to be on food stamps love on section 8 go to food pantrys the whole none I just don’t feel that the teen moms on the show are showing the real life struggles like that no offense mtv but you have greatly helped their financial situation so they never went through that it has been a long hard road and the teen yrs aren’t no picnic either so far my boy is 16 now and this past year has been nothing but trouble. The teen years are the hardest I think now that would be a show thanks for listening

    • So we seriously can’t use our mtv app if we don’t have an Internet provider or cable provider? I live in the road so I do everything g on my phone and I just want to keep up with teen mom while I’m traveling and I can’t because I only have a cell phone and tablet through Verizon so that means I can’t watch teen mom in my phone?! Please help guys I think this is completely ridiculous!

  37. Hello.
    I am Iranian filmmaker.I am a university graduate music.I do research in the field of underground music in Iran.Underground music is forbidden in Iran.And severely repressive government.
    Underground music composers imprisoned in Iran.Rock musicians imprisoned and prosecuted.I’ve made a film about this unfortunate situation.Full HD format.The film includes interviews with the best composers and musicians of underground music in Iran.The film includes performances and the daily lives of composers and musicians of underground music in Iran.
    The documentary, produced and directed by me, and it took just two years to build.The film with the 5D Mark 3 and black magic 4K cameras have been filming.The film documenting the plight of underground music in Iran portrays uncensored.I was imprisoned for making the film ,
    And again my life was in danger.
    If you wish to receive this documentary I’m happy to send it.
    With respect to you

  38. Commercials should be age appropriate to your target audience for the program currently airing. Knives and axes sticking out of people with lots of blood during the parent trap. Really?! Watching with my children I can only turn the channel so fast. Learned my lesson though. Irresponsible programming… I guess I should be used to it, but just disappointed…. again.

  39. i have an idea for a show. The idea is people in jail with mental illness. I am living this nightmare with my son that is in jail and he has a mental illness. This puts a lot of stress on the family. There are many people suffering from mental illness and the mental health systems suck. Jail is for bad people not not bent ally I’ll people. Just an idea.

  40. Please remove the scream commercial!!! That show should be aired on showtime with dexter not on regular cable where chidren can see…

  41. Personally I would like to comment about the Teen Mom Farrah issue. I don’t know how to bring her back is a positive thing she is a lier first of all she clearly knew she was making a porn movie. Then her nasty attitude towards her parents and people in general is horrible she clearly feels she is above God even. I do respect all the other Teen Moms and show but for real get rid of her I will not let my Daughter watch her.

  42. Hi Im ally im trying to get a hold of someone bc I was a teen mom and now I have 2 kids so I wanted to no maybe to start a show like then and now kinda thing raising kids as a single mom please contact me back through my email thanks!

  43. you guys really need to update the work on your website.its extremely hard to steam a video because of all the ads on the site. This is the only way I catch up on my shows and if this doesn’t get fixed I will just refuse to continue to watch MTV because of their lack of acknowledgement to fix such issues

  44. Can you please do something about posting spoilers from popular TV shows? Or at least include some indication that there’s a spoiler within the article or post… It’s very inconvienent and rude to everyone that hasn’t seen the latest episode.

  45. I was on a show on MTV in 2003 . I had it taped but recently it got ruined . Can someone please tell me how to find old spring break shows ? I tried google etc . Any info would be appreciated

  46. In response to your stupid show about kids crying over white Privilege. Racial equality started in the 1960 with integration, and all my working years Blacks had the Privilege by Affirmative Action. I work with Blacks who would do almost nothing and because of Affirmative action nothing was done to them. So MTV, I am white and I have busted my ass working for the little I have today. And other than the Black Privilege of Affirmative Action , the only other privilege belongs to the government, the filthy rich, and the evil Black activities like Sharpton and Jackson. All White People should boycott MTV for their Racist White Bashing.


  48. Are you trying to destroy teens? Why would you put on a show to make kids think they are racists? How many kids are you going to completely destroy and push to suicide before taking this lower than evil off the air? Why would you want to make one race seem bad? All races can accomplish great things. All races can provide for their families, create their own businesses, work for what ever company they want, go up the corporate ladder, earn a college degree. So why would you make one race feel bad because of the color of their skin. This makes me think you are more racists, more divisive and more destructive than anyone could ever imagine. This is Brain washing of its worse kind. Did you take lessons from Al Qaeda or ISIL? Only a person that purposely goes to offend others would do a show so evil as this. Really people. Think of the REAL HARM this will do. Who ever thought this type of show would be good should be fired permanently from the air. If this show is not taken off of the air soon, I hope every American parent sues you.

  49. Last night in Syracuse New York we watched “One Bad Choice” and have to admit that this was so true and loved- I am so proud and glad to see that MTV is exposing truth to your young viewers and by the detailed story expressing the ultimate hurt and consequences that lie in wait and may end up “having to be walked out”. Heartbreaking; but reality truly represented and that is what MTV has stood for! Thank you thank you thank you! Keep this show on loud blast- I know this is Making a Difference-because it is here- Loved it! Sincerely- Priscilla Allen

  50. White people put your company where it is today and you have the stupidity to promote a show about the shame of white people. I am not ashamed of my race. Other races get first choice at the best colleges and careers due to afffirmative action and yet, they would rather get on the welfare train, roam the streets, riot, join gangs, sell drugs, and shoot each other. MTV will be blocked in my household. I will boycott any company that advertises on your network.

  51. Mtv is running a show that is blatantly racist. Its called white people and attempts to shame caucasians because if skin color. Im calling for a boycott. Racism is alive and well at mtv.

  52. I think the mtv show the real world needs new casting team if they would pick better cast members they show would be more interesting for people to watch.bring better ratings I know someone who was perfect for the show but didn’t make it

  53. MTV… I have enjoyed your programming for a rather long time and i currently viewed your promotion for the scream tv show… Please dont air that show. I feel that scream is a movie that deserves to be left alone. You have many good tv shows, and im sure you guys have better ideas than to recreate a classic movie into a tv show.

    Brannon Clark

  54. There have been many different commercials between MTV series, but one stands out shamefully – the one with Miley Cyrus in a half leotard and nipple patches. This commercial isn’t artful, it is actually disgusting and degrading like she’s a big joke. I hope one day she learns the path she should be on is one with dignity and decorum, as currently she’s just trashy and MTV should be holding their artists to a higher standard.

  55. I love MTV and always have ever since it has been on. Saying this I watch a lot of shows and almost every commercial is that nasty human Miley Cyrus I hope I’m spelling that right. Please stop throwing her disgusting behavior in my face or I’m not going to be able watch anymore. She makes me that sick. I know I’m one person, please don’t make me stop watching, yuck

  56. Please stop showing the Miley Cyrus commercials for the Video Music Awards — she’s disgusting and I can’t stand looking at her!

  57. I really just wanna watch awkward and teen wolf from the begging so bad can you please tell me how I can watch it. It’s not even on Netflix or your website!! Please!!!

  58. I think yall need to take Miley Cyrus off all the commercials being half naked it is nasty nobody wants to see that! I have heard alottt of people saying they want that off. It makes me not even want to watch mtv anymore because I don’t want to see someone half naked and being stupid on there “riding a cat”

  59. okay first off I cannot understand why in the hell you guys would put Miley Cyrus on here with barely any clothes on to begin with knowing that kids watch this. it is sick and it is disgusting Miley Cyrus I don’t mind being on TV but her half naked with titty tassles is absurd.

  60. Dear MTV my name is Brian Chenault I have autism I want to say y’all are great music company and you’ll do wonderful job with all music artist I need a favor I wanted to say Schoolboy Q is a very very great rapper and his music is very well also Schoolboy Q is a very great dad to her daughter he’s a very nice man and very polite and I love him a lot never I have a chance to write his letter y’all one mind making sure you get it would you if you can I appreciate it have a great day

  61. Hi, I am wondering why it is that my family, that includs a young child, is watching a sensored movie on your station and a commercial comes on with Miley Cyrus saying “mother f$&cker?” I left this comment on your fb page, but actually spelled it out, and it was deleted. So another question is why is it ok to broadcast this on regular television and not have on your page for reviewers to read?

  62. What happened to mtv ? When I was growing up I could watch it. These VMA shows now are so nasty and full of nudity (every woman looks like their dress is on backwards ). This has become pure trash including the filth Miley Cyrus brings before our youth. I can’t watch this anymore. I am embarrassed for what our youth is looking at. This entertainment is leading everyone right into the very pit of hell !!

  63. I could not find another way to email you. I am DISGUSTED by your commercial White Squad. You are disgusting for putting down white people to promote African american “injustices”! You are make me sick. Why bring color into something that has nothing to do with color? Why because it benefits YOU to act anti white when most of what is seen on your channel in the form of music is by African Americans. I am not racist…you made yourself seem racist and you should be ashamed. Would you ever put that commercial on the other way around..? Never…its more “PC” to blame white people for the racism in this world today..NEWSFLASH…African american, oriental, Indian…they all have people in their culture who are racist. Stop blaming white people in a whole for black issues. I have been a victim of racism by an African american. Stop causing problems. You sicken me and you are sell outs for the mighty dollar…Pigs!

  64. About last nights VMAs, you should be ashamed at what you allowed to be aired to the world. Your target audience is TEENS! Have you forgotten that? I think you should be using your network to encourage kids not to do drugs. Miley was way over the top, I cant even count how many times she talked about drug use like its this glamorous thing. And you guys promoted it. Please, teens are our future and they look up to these stars. Please be just a little more censored in the future. It was just complete filth the whole show. I watched it as a teen, and if it was this bad back then my mom probably would have had a heart attack. Have atleast some morals.

  65. Kanya speech last night was not something for TV viewers . That he admits smoking weed before the event to take the edge off ! This is not a message for kids or anyone to hear . What kind of Dad is he to use drugs. Please get him to take responsibility for his actions. I will not watch your show again unless the messages change !!! I hope he’s not serious about running for President. This is degrading !!

  66. The show had a host and award winner that exhibited ” NO CLASS”. MTV you could do better. I would not let my teenage girls watch this.

  67. I watched your VMAS 2015 show. I just want to know what was up with that anti-white racist skit about finding an apartment about? It came out of nowhere and had no place in the show. It was like Mtv just HAD to make some kind of anti-white racist comment! I would also like to know who made that skit and put it out there? They need to come forward, so they can be looked at for exactly what they are! RACIST PIGS! Mtv has been putting out a lot of anti-white racist garbage and lies lately. Like your White People show. Mtv better check itself before it wrecks itself!!

  68. Sunday at 11am Watching the dark knight on Mtv what a joke you people are you had 24 commercials in a row for a total 10 min! A 2 1/2 movie dragged out to 4 hours and 1 1/2 of commercials mtv kiss my ass

  69. Hello MTV!! I`ve been watching you guys for ever!! Sincen 1986..Lol.. I was wondering if you guys had any MTV STICKERS you can send me?? That would be AWESOME!! Thank You…

  70. Hell MTV!! I`ve been watching you guys for days!! Since 1986..Lol.. I was wondering if you guys had any MTV STICKERS you can send me?? That would be AWESOME!! Thank You…

  71. Why isn’t Charter Spectrum a Tv Provider listed so I can watch teen mom 2 ?? I called Customer service they didn’t help me what’s so Ever !! The Rep” was Very impolite.

  72. Killuminati

    stop brain washing our generation. Showing your butt and boobs is not right. Im also disgusted as to how far “twerking” has gone. This must STOP.

  73. Please stop showing inappropriate videos on the show ridiculousness. I really dislike when videos about people throwing up or people acting sexually wierd with objects….

  74. I tried to watch 5 different shows on MTV today. The CC did not work on any of them. You have a problem with hard of hearing people? or you just don’t give a crap?

  75. Has anyone figured out how to get the Mtv xbox 360 app to activate? The computer shows success but the mtv app never activates

  76. I have a comment about why you people play these television series in full and mix them up so radically. Many TV series have a story plot from episode to episode such as Everybody Loves Raymond, etc. This is in regards to The Bernie Mac Show you have been airing. You will play a few in a day. You will start off with season 1 and play episodes such as ep1, ep5, ep14, ep4. Then a couple days later you jump to like season 4 and play ep12, ep6, ep1, ep14. Then a couple days later you will jump back to season 1 and play ep4, ep2, ep13, ep11 and then sometimes you will then jump to a 3rd season. Since you people are eventually airing the whole series, then why not play them in order of their original air dates so people can actually enjoy it and follow the story line of the series, especially when 1/3 of the air time is commercials that you people get paid for because of the people like us who watch your network. And then like in a week or so, it shows you are airing the last episode of the day at part 1 of a 2 part episode such as, season 5 episode 14 Exercise in Fertility part 1, and then I bet before you air the 2nd part which is episode 15, you will probably play episodes of a different season days later and it will be a week before you go back to playing this part 2 episode. Does that really make sense. You people are professionals at this. So why would you operate in this manner. Is it all about just money or the viewers and people who support your network by watching it. It is absolutely bizarre and a turn off to even want to watch them in the fashion. Thank You!

  77. Bring back buckwild Shane would want it we all want to know how the cast is or just do a check in episode and see how many viewers there are

  78. Verizon log in to your site doesn’t appear to work. Verizon claims it is on your end not theirs after running tests. They suggested I call you,but that seems impossible.

  79. Love the shows but hate so many commercials on your channel. We are paying for television on dish and direct tv..why so much advertising? Would love to watch with at least half the commercials. Otherwise, watching other channels.

  80. love the marketing trash !! watch the next episodes of shannara buy simply going to MTV apps! that is what you said on the PREMIER !! of the show however when a person goes to your site its a lie! like im going to call my tv provider to get the next shows rofl draft kings are more legit then you jews

  81. David Bowie just died and you’re playing a teen mom marathon. Why don’t you pay tribute to him because he made MTV what it was.

    Don’t Forget your roots

  82. I wish you guys would bring all the good shows back they were so awesome TRL The Box Yo MTV Raps Music Video Countdown…… all these tv shows are getting old….. this isnt what MTV is about it sucks I want to see music. Ridiculousness is the only interesting thing to watch everything else is drama drama drama or super boring.. pleaseee bring music back. I absolutely hate watching MTV now that everything has changed…..

  83. What the hell, You had Bernie Mac Show listed to start airing season 4 and season 1 for 3 weeks and now you are airing 4 episodes of season 4 on 1/22/2016 and have now replaced all the others with some stupid animated show called the PJ’s. Really? We have been looking forward to watching these seasons 1 & 4 since we seen the others but in a mixed up fashion since you can not seem to even air the ones you have in ORDER. Unbelievable. What the hell did you list these episodes for last 3 weeks if you were replacing them with another stupid ass show. You people probably do not even read these comments or care anyways.

  84. I think it is a real shame that mtv allows farrah and her mother act out in front of the sophia. That little girl is being abused and traumatized in front of the viewers watching. Whomever reads this should take responsibility and pass the message on…

  85. Farrah is a bitch and she keep acting like that towards her mother her daughter is going to do her the same way, her daughter was licking her tongue out at her grandma and farrah did not correct her daughter that’s who she should be correcting with her ungrateful ass. Her and her daughter need their a## bet, she will never take loke that or lick her tongue out at another human being. It’s a shame how she talk to her mother and mtv need to do something about that, Farrah need to go see a physiologist and take her lil bad a## child with her disrespectful self

  86. I have been watching TeenMom for years. I will no longer watch the show or allow my daughter to watch it. The girl
    Farrah talks to her parents and others like they are all trash. The show started out with the right intentions; however, now they are showing Farrah give her daughter $600 for a lost tooth. This is not giving the right message. Today on the subway, I over heard teenage girls talking about getting pregnant, so they can be on the show TeenMom and get rich like the girls on the show. I started fast forwarding threw all the parts Farrah was in, but now I just don’t watch it at all. I realized the producers should have edited out the part with the $600 tooth. I love watching the other cast though. I think Farrah needs to stop thinking everyone is wrong for what they say about her and watch herself and how she talks to everyone. This has nothing to do with the tape and everything to do with being a role model for youths. I recently lost my mother and it is sad to see her mother being so nice to her and her talking to her mother that way. The worst part is she allows her daughter to be mean to her mother when she is made at her. Children should be taught to treat adults with respect especially his/her elders. I think Farrah is a beautiful and intelligent girl, but the way she talks to others is a disgrace. I think this shows is starting to go off course to what it was created for. Thank you for your time.

  87. When I see how far into the Dirt MTV has sunk since 81 when it was the coolest Chanel (InThe World) it makes me sick. Instead of great music I can watch the half assed monkeys on Love and Hip Hop! WTF? Is there no good new music to play anymore ? Is there no market for good videos on tv anymore? Or is this what the kids like now ? If anyone really cares about Mariah and Cardi, we are in a twisted place. It sucks it has to be this way! No wonder half the kids are like they are now. They can watch 24 hours a day of dumbass do nothing air wasters getting famous on your Chanel and dream about being just like them. Put the music back on !, Stop Creating more idiots ! We have plenty.

  88. Taking over the palladia channel is a bunch of bull. Now there will be no music on tv except kayne rapping to some annoying kardashian

  89. Please dont cancel finding Carter! Put it back on, im one of their biggest fans, i bet you that if you make a season 3, more viewers will watch, please, im begging!

  90. Can you play some music in the morning for focks sake it’s 730 and you’re playing nothing but commercials and howling monkeys.
    This Ain’t bet

  91. My question really isn’t that important, but I am wondering why the tv show “Finding Carter” is no longer on MTV.

  92. Hello MTV,
    I am trying to watch the full episodes for teen mom and nothing is working. It is just showing as a picture. I’ve tried clicking on many things and the only things that work are the short clips. I don’t know what the problem is. I also have tried it on every device I own and every internet browser. I am very sad because I wanted to watch the finale but can’t now because customer service is closed. It won’t even let me log in to watch the show. I am very disappointed with this new service.

  93. I’m a 35 year old male from mo I was the shit back in the day when I had cable and MTV everyone on the block was jealous that I had music television. I want it back MTV I can watch TV program on a hundred other channels I want music television back.

  94. I have the tv subscription and I actually watch it every morning and when I try to sign it doesn’t let us use it when I used it like all the time it says its wrong but it’s right because I calles them not to long ago!

  95. i’m trying to watch the shannara chronicles on your website and every episode gets to the first commercial break says it will resume shortly and never comes back on. i’ve waited as long as 5 or 6 minutes. when will this be fixed?

  96. It is halfway through teen mom and the channel is completely scrambled – no sound, no picture ! How can you people not have noticed this by half way through the show ? It’s the final show this season JERKS

  97. Im not sure who to contact on my idea but I would like mtv thoughts on a tv show.
    Now days everyone likes weird an different, the show that I thought of is having a fake reality family show an for it to be on mtv.
    Please email me back on your thoughts.
    Thank you,
    Sincerely, Adam Isaacs

  98. I don’t have cable tv at home so I cant watch mtv shows there. CBS and NBC allow there shows to b streamed by them for a paid subscription . Why dosnt mtv offer the same thing . I would rather pay 99 dollars to mtv directly to stream your shows than to give the 99 dollars to amazon or to pay 2 dollars per episode of an mtv series to iTunes or xbox I even cancelled my subscription to hulu plus cause hulu dosnt want to carry much of mtv shows.

  99. So we seriously can’t use our mtv app if we don’t have an Internet provider or cable provider? I live in the road so I do everything g on my phone and I just want to keep up with teen mom while I’m traveling and I can’t because I only have a cell phone and tablet through Verizon so that means I can’t watch teen mom in my phone?! Please help guys I think this is completely ridiculous!

  100. STOP making a fool of anyone! MTV’s hidden camera joke @ Cafe Bene @ Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan spoiled my day. And, the staff’s reaction of “It’s just joke” and the attitude of “It’s okay since we will not use yours” was rude. Could you imagine the feelings of the people under the stressful conditions you made for fun? If you want to know people’s reactions to a certain situation, you should provide various devices to make the target people feel okay at least. Please respect others’ privacy and feelings when you make a hidden camera show.

  101. I have a great idea for a movie or tv show. It’s about psycho kids, they curse, they flip you off and they are just plain bad. I already have a ton of footage of them being totally insane but funny at the same time so contact me back for this great movie. Thank you

  102. I am seriously disturbed by the conditions of the children in the show Teen Mom 2. Chelsea is an awesome mom. Jenelle, and Leah, their children are not looked after? I just watched jenelle driving a car with Kaiser in the back seat on her cell phone not even looking at the road and I see so many horrible things these poor children is anyone else bothered by this??? I can’t believe it’s on tv who steps in to save these poor helpless kids? Leah’s kids go to school hungry and cold I mean no jackets? It’s disturbing 🙁

  103. The kids on teen mom 2 are in danger. It’s disgusting jenelle has anger issues she should not have her kids she drives on the phone with poor baby Kaiser in the back. Leah doesn’t know what her kids are doing she looks stoned all the time good Corey needs to get the girls. Does anyone get scared about the care these kids are getting? All except Chelsea and kailyn who are awesome awesome moms take wonderful care of their children. Leah and jenelle shouldn’t have kids is anyone going to do something about this I mean poor Kaiser he is around fights all the time his parents are hot heads who get arrested for violence

    • If child services ever sees teen mom 2 it will be trouble. Stars Leah and jenelle seem out of control and I am extremely bothered by how I see their children it’s very sad. Very very sad.

  104. Sup MTV its ya boy Rolley and I heard you y’all was looking for a couple people from philly to cast a show or something like that well if so my IG is @rolley_sp_py you could also check me out in the August-september 2014 edition of XXL for hottest rappers n Tha city….. If you are looking for new talent or anything to know about my city philly then you need to look know further.,…….

  105. I missed real world because mtv ram prince videos. That sucks why did you guys do that. I don’t have home Internet I want to watch real world that aired Thursday what are yall going to do about that

  106. First you rewards take music out of MTV put stupid shit like 16 and pregnant and teen mom. Which in my opinion tells young girls (go ahead and get pregnant MTV will put you on tv) mow I just saw a add for a MTV show and it’s all it wet back talk. Get your heads out of your asses you fucktards

  107. I think mtv should bring back old cast members from the real world and road rules to compete on the challenge or bloodlines. Or even mix it up very old to newer cast.

  108. Recently you guys decided to cancel the tv show Faking It and I’m really upset at this! This is one show I actually enjoy watching because it deals with today’s issues as far a the lgbtq community is concerned! You guys cancel it because of the ratings!? Which I find to be absolute bs! You guys are taking away a good show that a lot of people watch! You won’t sell the rights to the writer of this show Carter Covington! He is the one that wrote the show granted you guys put the show on your network! Why not sell the rights to him or too Netflix? You guys are stopping the show after three seasons which is crap you’re leaving us with a cliff hanger which is not right! You don’t care about this show or the fans that watch it! You have cancelled so many shows probably because of ratings! Give up the rights to another network so we can continue to watch faking it!

  109. I ws wondering how come there isnt a series on childsupport and how it affects peoples life when a judge makes the wrong choice for the best interest of the child

  110. What would we have to do in order to keep Faking it running?
    Please consider giving it one more season at least, its such an original show. The beginning of the first seasons did so well, it was the super long hiatus and minimal advertising support that killed the ratings. Please look into it furthermore!

  111. I’m very upset with u guys I’m a huge fan of all the teen moms I own every dvd u put out even teen mom 3 that is no longer why haven’t u released teen mom 2 season 5 part 2 I already have part 1 or teen mom of what’s up u guys ain’t so good with people’s fans are u..I’ve been waiting forever. Melissa

  112. I been watching real world since the start to allow that girl to keep taking raist stuff mtv was wrong

  113. Dear MTV,

    As a Black recent law school graduate I am appalled at the treatment that Ceejai has been forced to take this season of real world. The misogynoir that producers have allowed for other roommates to inflict on her has been literally sickening. This misogynoir ended in Ceejai literally being attacked, but her Black womanhood apparently made it impossible for you to see her as a victim. Was it her size, her beautiful athletic build, or just her race and gender? Black girls and women have long been seen as non-victims whether it be sexual assault, or physical violence like what Jenna inflicted on Ceejai in “The Hits Keep Coming”.

    I have been an avid watcher of the Real World and I cannot recall any other instance where one roommate was clearly attacked and there were absolutely no repercussions for the aggressor. Jenna, a young, short, ignorant white woman, was not treated like she had just attacked her roommate. She was treated like the victim, yet again. Does the contract no longer include a clause about physically attacking a fellow roommate? Are there no repercussions for this behavior? Or are there only repercussions for girls like Ceejai who was promptly sent home on the finale, despite the fact that Jenna had already attacked her prior to that incident. I’m guessing that the producers have “discretion” and that they most likely do not know the lived reality of Black girls and women who have continuously been victimized by those who hate us. But, it is impossible to distance yourself from beliefs like those held by Jenna when you coddle her instead of punishing her for attacking Ceejai.

    Further, allowing Ceejai to be put into a position where she is called ratchet, colored, a nappy headed hoe, and then directed to pick cotton is unthinkable. Not only is your two persons of color quota per season disgusting, but you all also knowingly put Jenna on this season to terrorize her roommates of color is shameful. (Her racism is quite clear from the confederate flags in her audition tape, and Kailah self identified as a white Puerto Rican, so I’m not including her in the roommates of color).

    I am disgusted, but most of all hurt. The pain of Blackwomen is not here for your entertainment and profit MTV. You should all be disgusted with yourselves and issue Ceejai an apology publicly for placing her in the position to have to physically fight for her dignity, but most of all her humanity. A humanity that you and your producers failed to recognize all season by allowing her to be in the position to face the racist (verbal and physical) abuse from Jenna.

    Shame on you MTV.


    Shyrissa Dobbins-Harris JD
    UCLA Law Class of 2016

  114. When you showed the video of Ashley talking about Jamie on the challenge rivals 3 after show was not okay. You could have ruined a strong relationship and just hurt someone and made them feel bad about themselves by basically body shaming them on national television. I just can’t believe I even saw that

  115. Hello, I go to the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) in Aurora, IL. It’s in the Chicagoland area. I loved Laguna Beach and I think IMSA can have a similar reality show. There’s so much drama and so much intensity that goes on, I think many people would enjoy watching it. Please give this a chance.

  116. My name is Amanda Ross Gibson i married Daniel Hiram Gibson S we have a son together Daniel hiram gibson. Jr. Im the actual song artist keyshia cole and i cant find my son are husband

  117. I had my first son when I was fifteen years old I had my second one when I was 17 years old but enough about that this show 16 and Pregnant why don’t you tell these people about child support child support child support child support it works I want to hear about this on the show talk about child support

  118. And one more thing it was not that hard for me to raise my children when I was going to school and working I did with ease it was easy to me I don’t understand what’s so hard about taking care of a child I have grandchildren I’m 50 years old and I can still get up at night with my daughter’s child with her and it’s nothing hard about that and still go to work

  119. The mtv app has not been working properly for weeks. I am no longer able to cast to my tv because when I do, it stops to buffer every 5 seconds and sometimes it will buffer for 30 minutes at a time. Now I can’t even watch a show without casting it. It always says “technical difficulties.”

  120. The Mekanix group in in Oakland California best producers out there they need to be in rotation, one of there songs was featured on National Geo, They have produce all of Oakland but they need to be heard. Look then up and please give them a chance on you channel

  121. estimated mtv, wanted to know if the series will Awkward fifth season on DVD ?, because I collect the series, and I love the physical fifth season. I hope your answer. and the eye candy that I would love series on dvd sucrase. a great admirer of your channel.

  122. I just want to know if and when MTV will release the 1980s/1990s Headbangers Ball on dvd. I miss MTV when it was actually music and not reality shows. Old school Headbangers Ball was my favorite. Can we please get that series on dvd?

  123. MTV has been a joke for a while now, but I was disappointed to see them broadcasting anti-police rhetoric and statistics during their commercials. The shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota were unfortunate, but we don’t know all of the facts regarding what actually happened in either situation. Wonder if they sent any condolences during their commercials for the 5 Dallas police officers that were assassinated. I’m guessing they don’t have the courage for that.

    In addition, bring back the music television instead of these horrible reality shows.

  124. I’ve been watching the challenge for about 8 years, I love the new season , but the competitors for the are you the one show are boring I think my and it’s producers should come up with a purse so large nobody can say no and it should be all vets from seasons before the are you the one kids started playing just saying. Thank you

  125. Hello I need help looking for tickets for MTV music awards at Madison Square Garden August 28 I was told it was a private event? Please contact me back as soon as possible thank you

  126. Dear MTV,
    As a fellow and consistent follower of mtv television, the app, and the snap chat story I have come across very offensive material I haven’t seen in the past until recently about the Republican Party and The GOP nominee. As a young republican I feel attacked and perceived as a terrible person for my support of Trump and the Trump party or “Trump Train”. Just because social media tells millennial’s the Republican Party and Trump and Trump supporters are awful people which we as a party and as individuals are not. And neither is he. Please stop your attacks on the Republican Party. And giving false information to the users of social media about the Party as a whole and Trump himself. In all respect to our nation.

    – a fellow mtv subscriber

  127. Hey MTV,

    The last month or so I have noticed someone (an individual or multiple parties) from MTV has been hacking my email and cellphone. Cease this criminal activity immediately. Why can’t I just watch a show without being stalked and ridiculed?????

  128. You see that? You took down my calling you out post, huh. Damn, my power is undeniable… I saw what you did with your “updated terms” for your websites. But that isn’t what I was referring to. I’m talking about people from somewhere in your network hacking my email and my cellphone. Eavesdropping through my cell. And then getting creatively mused by ME and integrating it into scripts. Stop that shizer, american scum You have no way to defend that. Try putting an update up to try and excuse that. You are cyber criminals. You owe me creative muse money. $$$$$$.

  129. Power you give me, useless as that power is… chuckling. Why do you take them down, yet don’t reply to defend yourselves? Didn’t like being called out, huh? What are you afraid of? Corporate scum cyber criminals.

  130. That’s interesting. Comment 149 wasn’t there whilst I typed 150. It stopped at 148. Were you real time tracking my typing of 150 and put 149 back up to try and make 150 look like it’s untrue? Caught you. Corporate scum.

  131. They need to get MTV Hits onto DirecTV & Dish Network. Not to mention the launch of an HD version of that sub channel. Furthermore, they need to get The Famous S.D. Chicken to appear in Selena Gomez’s next video in which she performing for him.

    • How do I contact Teen Mom OG?? Farrahs mother is evidently mentally ill, possibly alcoholic….
      How can they just continue to video her without confronting the issue!!

  132. Hello,
    how come there are no reality shows consisting of single Afro American Moms and keeping kids in school & drug free. I would like to see something like this someday.

  133. Just want to say that your new MTV Classic channel is pure $hit. You should rename your network PSTV, which stands for “pure $hit television.” I’m sorry, playing TLC on your shitty classic channel is not classic. Go eat a box of penises, shitty MTV. Viceland is where it’s at. Keep exploiting teens who can’t keep their legs shut and can’t keep their tiny penises in their pants. Keep exploiting the kids of kids. Good job. You’ll do anything for a dollar. Your execs should go whore themselves out on filthy Skid Row. Now THAT would be one hell of a show.

  134. Yeah I’m not going away. Awww, you have to moderate comments? What’s the matter? You can’t handle free speech and the truth? Aww, MTV, you better run to your safe space because my comment might trigger you. Bwahahaha!!!! What, do you now have millennials running your channels? MTV used to be awesome back in the day. It was MUSIC TELEVISION. Now it just shows kids having kids, trash, etc. It’s just another waste of a channel. I could flush your channel down the toilet like I do with a bloody tampon. Eat that, MTV.

    • I would I know if some one from the industry has prompted a brand For more excited or is trying to get my attention… May sound crazy but I think the TOPICS ON THE VMA 2016


  135. MTV every election year tries to get every viewer to go out and vote. Explain to me why you’re a one party swaying company? I’m a veteran. I’m affiliated with neither party. But I find it ludicrous that you post things trying to sway opinion. So explain to me so I can post in the Fort Bragg paper why that you do so? Many of soldiers would like to know.

  136. I would just like to know why is Ferrah still on TeenMomOG? She is such an “ugly” person. Not meaning looks. Why would you want someone on your show who is SO DISRESPECTFUL to her mom and others? Especially her mom!!! Myom.passed away 14 years ago and I would do anything to have her back in my life. Maybe you need it for your ratings. Shame on you for that. People wonder what is wrong with this world today and why kids act the way they do. Here is a prime example. She is no longer 16 and pregnant. For the sake of the teens watching the show get her off. They need to know it’s NOT OK to treat your parents like that. I feel so sorry her daughter. What comes around goes around. Farrah is in for a rude awakening. I would rather not see it but read it in the tabloids. She is disgusting!!!

  137. To whom it may concern in charge of Teen Mom OG,
    I’ve always loved the show but I think it was a bad decision bringing Farrah back because it rarely talks/shows anything about her and her daughter, it’s all about Farrah and her mother and the bickering is intolerable and makes me not want to watch it. I think Maci was right about the decision of not wanting Farrah on the show. Just watching Farrah and her mother fight is exhausting.

  138. Ah?, a little truth being injected by the unbiased MTV team? White people elected the Demonazi Obamessiah. White people pay the way of many blacks. White people work. White people are victims against Black crime. Black people are victims of Black crime. Everything is racist to Black people. If Black is so awesome, spend some time in Philly, Baltimore, West Palm Beach, Compton, or Chicago. White people didn’t makes these places unlivable. Black people did. What did your Obamessiah say? “Eat your beets”, you fucking lost. Obongo fundamentally fucked up America. Hitllery was not going to change anything. Come on in the big tent and help make America Great Again!

    If Blacks hate America so bad, find another country that will pay your fucking way!

  139. Here are a few New Years resolutions for black guys 2017. Get a job. And give back your welfare checks. Our backs are tired from carrying you guys. Try sticking around when you get a girl pregnant. We are tired of all those little black bastards running around. If you commit a crime and don’t follow an officers orders. YOU WILL GET SHOT!!! Deservedly so. Pull your pants up. Nobody want to see your stinky ass! We are white! So of course we believe in Judeo Christian values. I’m talking to you mtv. Stop smoking crack. You have a hard enough time keeping up as is. And enough with the ebonics. Nobody understands a f ing thing you are saying.

  140. The video, ‘Resolutions for White Guys’, is racist for focusing entirely on skin color and for personally attacking white viewers, law enforcement and others. I have requested that DirecTV pull your channel(s) from my viewing package or I will cancel my subscription with them. You should be ashamed of yourselves! You used to be the premier music channel…now you program crap!

  141. MTV has become racist and intolerant. I’m telling everyone I know to stop watching and ask their cable provider to remove MTV. Advertisers should be made aware of MTV’s blatant racism and sexism.

  142. I have spent 90 minutes watching a 40 minute episode due to the lack of quality of the online episodes on MTV’s website. The show freezes every 10 minutes and lags then suddenly catches up. It is absolutely awful and I’m an extremely pissed off and unhappy customer. I can’t watch the episode online on on demand either because it’s “in home only” as I’m using my moms account at college, away from home. So I’m very restricted to watching my favorite TV show because you restrict me from watching it out of home through Comcast and have the absolute worst online episodes I have ever experienced. I expected better. I’m not sure I’ll even be watching MTV anymore.

  143. Hi there,

    I thought that I’d take a quick moment to reach you: I’m on and have some specific strategies in mind where I think we can help drive more traffic to the site, as well as convert a lot more of those visits into customers.

    Would you be open to having some consultants I work with briefly get in touch to explain what we can do? When they’re done, we’ll furnish a detailed Web Needs Analysis — completely on me.

    At the very least, you might gain some insights you hadn’t considered.

    All I would need to know is the best time/contact number to briefly connect to get this started.

    Colette D.

  144. Hello sir I’m Ashish from himachal of kullu manali.I creat in malana language gangsta rap with Hindi gangsta.thise is very great song and who listen this song they very attraction to this song and this is a history of malana so plz lonch those RAP song

  145. I am a 63 year old male. I really use to enjoy watching mtv classics. Now, the majority of the music is either crap rap or something along those lines. It seems as though you rarely play anything but black music. That would be o.k. if that were your only audience. In the near future cable is ghoing to a la carte. As you have3 catered to 12% of the population, as if the rest of us don’t exist, your future is looking pale. You only have one station that actually plays music, the rest dedicated to crap programs that most of us wish weren’t on. I’m sure my desire to hear my music, along with most of the bill payers will be dismissed as racist. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

  146. Hi, I’ve heard about your show but had not really watched it all the way through until today. The hosts are definitely excellent at the digging that hey do and they are good and getting the narcissist, low self-esteem manipulators to spill the beans. Then it ends. It seems the next step should be to have them stop this behavior or even have a psychiatrist explain this behavior and how victims can prevent things from escalating. I’m sure many keep doing this after the camera’s leave and I understand you can’t make someone see a psychiatrist or get mental health. It would be great to see a show that makes an impact both to the victim and the hunter. That’s what they are doing preying on on people they know are not as strong. Their behavior is not normal

  147. Why does it take so long for MTV to update the programs that are On Demand. I wait almost 2 weeks somtimes!

  148. I am upset that Farrah on Mtv’s Teen Mom OG has not gotten into trouble for her treatment of the Shetland pony, Starburst. It is cruel and unusual for a pony to be kept in a caged portion of the backyard of a suburbanite neighborhood. And then for her to abuse the animal by painting it? No wonder her neighbors are upset and she is receiving negative comments about it. Why would Mtv promote this by airing such abuse? I truly hope that PETA or someone else gets involved and has the animal returned to the farm that sold her for a better life.

  149. Hello theres something id.likr to comment showing farrah on this the worst thing you can have the way she is with her parents does not.set.a good.example.for anyone i hate how ger.parents try helping her out and shes just such a.nitch and thinks shes always right and she isnt she suvh a piecr of shit person

  150. I would love if mtv and vh1 played Music Videos in the morning from 5am to 8am. I workout at the gym and the 1 thing that kept me motivated and inspired was the current music videos it was awesome!!!! But now they play catfished and wife and kids why cant they play that in the daytime it sucks now!!! Trying to workout to these shows!!! Please play videos again i know many people workout in the morning too please please

  151. CHARTER spectrum was not on the list of networks to be able to watch episodes online, so I can’t activate it. When will provider this be added? I see no other way to contact anybody to ask this question.

    • I am also having this same issue. I am not sure who to contact also. When will Charter customers be able to activate devices on the MTV app?

  152. Ok so this may be strange but I am trying to find a wild n out hoodie I know they make them big enough to fit me by watching the show and seeing some of the guys on there I am not asking for it for free just info on where I can order one

  153. I have recently been watching Teen Mom 2 and have been over jealous at the fact that these people are even on television. Obviously, drama is the main key to keeping people to watch your show. If you would like drama, try having 3 kids by the time you are 17 and trying to be able to live a stable life. I have more than enough qualifications to be added as a cast to the show and I’m sure it wouldn’t be much of a hassle for you to send someone to at least see that I am more than just a candidate for the show, but also someone very valuable to the profit of MTV. I know you probably get tons of emails from so many people out there claiming to be a “hit” to your show. I would be more than glad to sit down and have a conversation with one of your producers.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Taylor Kinzer-Reine

  154. Alex from Siesta Key may have released A statement about the shirt is dragging incident, but we are not buying it. I understand he may not of been on that boat at that time but he has multiple videos up of him abusing animals. I will not tolerate a company that supports someone who condones that type of violence. I will do all I can to make sure that his show is taking off the air and everyone understands that MTV does not condone this behavior.

  155. Hi the computer I have been on was experiencing technical problems… was wondering if my request to M.T.V. had gotten through avbout remastered,surround sound, comentary, history of cast, behind scenes, and bonis features to all seasons of Celebrity DeathMatch on bluerays. I love and miss it so much. want to thank every team member for making it such a success and Julie whereever you are now. may your career continue along with others I enjoy the animation works forever always. Miles Lane a wonderful person I am sorry I never got to meet him. and every Death Match episode is my favorite so thank you M.T.V. again for the animation toon show. good fight good night.

  156. Hi my name is John and I grew up watching the real world paris season and was wondering if there is any chance I can watch it again? I have Comcast and watch the MTV classics on demand and see that you are showing the first season New York, any chance you can put the paris season on next or release it on dvd? It would be nice to relive those days and I’m sure there are more ppl like me who feel the same way! Please please listen to your ppl and put it on there? Thanks again, also I like the San Diego season

  157. yes…I would like to know what happened to all your Concerts on MTV-LIVE? All I see on the TV GRID is Video’s…Award Shows…and a Beyonce’ Concert on the Weekend….ALL….VERY BORING STUFF. When is…LIVE AT DARYL’S HOUSE…and other Concerts like THE WHO….WOODSTOCK…TOTO-LIVE…etc. coming back on your channel? Right NOW it’s a waste of Time….Garbage. What’s wrong with your Programming Department….LAZY PROGRAMMING….C’MON….Wake-Up…YOU RUINED MTV!!!!

  158. I have an idea for a show I would like to speak to someone about it I already did asked a bunch of people if the will watch it on line and in person they said yes it would be awesome show it is Reality show I asked teens and adults they said they will watch it to see where they go and what is going to happen next but I want to be in the show if I give it to you

  159. My family has a really good TV show that we were wondering if you would look into. We want to name it meet the whites. Please contact me back so I can let them know. You don’t know how much this means to my family if you guys can start it for us.

  160. My number o e question is…is there anyone… And I mean anyone…that was on or have anything to do with MTV….including their viewer’s… Is there anyone that can read or actuality know their ABC….what’s hard n long on most rappers….answer…second grade

  161. My number o e question is…is there anyone… And I mean anyone…that was on or have anything to do with MTV….including their viewer’s… Is there anyone that can read or actuality know their ABC….what’s hard n long on most rappers….answer…second grade

  162. Absolutely the worst I have ever had to use. I will be delaying all MTV apps and things that go with it and won’t be watching there shows anymore.

  163. Im in the San Francisco bayarea, with Comcast. Every Sunday nite at 10pm I watched the Odd Couple and Jackie Gleason, lots of laughter before bed time. Several months ago you moved these showss to 11pm and 11:30pm, and replaced them with some murder show, I won’t watch. Please bring back the Odd Couple and Gleason shows to the 10pm hour Thank You.

  164. I hate this website now because I used to be able to watch all the shows I wanted on MTV and now I can’t because some are locked. Now I have cable service with MTV, but when I logged in with my Spectrum account, it said I didn’t have MTV and I do have it because it is channel 33 on my Spectrum cable. Then I got this 24-hour viewing for The Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty and now the videos aren’t loading properly and they were working perfectly fine this morning so now I am super pissed off.

  165. So far I have had a horrible user experience with your streaming services! I have tried multiple times and even reset passwords in order to link my directTV account with your streaming services and it does no good! What’s the point of having a streaming service that doesn’t work!? Shameful.

  166. Hello MTV,
    I know you get thousands of messages everyday, but I’m super grateful that you’re reading my email right now. Thank you so much for noticing me. I have been a fan of Teen Wolf since the very beginning, I have never missed a single episode and I regularly kept up with contests and tried my hardest to win. I always openly show my support for this show, I love it more than anything. I am forever a die-hard Teen Wolf fan. When I found out that my favorite show was coming to an end I was devastated. I can honestly say I cried my eyes out. Today I’m looking forward to seeing the end of a beautiful era but still I’m really sad to see all of my favorite characters go. I was really hoping that I could please get some sort of momento from the show. Any little thing would mean the world to me. I’ve been obsessed with this show and fell in love with these characters. I know there is a lot of demand for things from Teen Wolf but I would really really appreciate it. I always tried to win in contests but I never ever had the chance. I would just appreciate anything from the show.

    Thank You So Much,
    Lupita Garcia

  167. My daughter is a huge fan of Ed Sheeran and I would love to get 2 tickets to the TRL opening concert with Ed. She is a straight A student and very hard worker and being her father I would love to give her a day off to see her favorite musician!! This is something she would never forget and I would be forever grateful!! Is there anything you can do to make her dream come true, Tha is for your help!!

  168. On the challenge dirty 30 episode that aired tonight how was Nelson sent home after his behavior but Camila is still on the show after almost 30 blowups and after her violent behavior and racist remarks to Leroy why wasnt she sent home.

  169. Hello my name is Taja Hartley and I really think y’all should pick up Keke Palmer show the gag is that on YouTube right now. check it out so many people are watching and are loving it and wish that it was longer! I watch it all the time on my big screen out please pick Kiki up and give her a spot on MTV!

  170. I noticed on your Challenge Dirty 30 show, contestants are kicked off for physical assault, but not for verbal assault and racial remarks. Why is that? This is a policy that should and need to be changed immediately.

  171. I really love your show Siesta Key it’s like a Florida version of the Hills. I really hope you guys have multiple seasons in stored for us. Thank you very much for the great entertainment.

  172. I am using Tata sky network and subscribed the MTV hd channel but I am facing some echo problems on this channel.
    Like the echo while songs are playing and it is very annoying . If you could help it then please rectify this problem .

  173. Hi! I have been watching teen mom og and teen mom 2 since the beginning. I was praying that another baby besides Carly would get the home they deserve. Brianna should have forced Luis to sign adoption papers for baby Stella. She is insane to keep that little girl. Adoption is the best option for most of these out of wedlock babies, MTV should be more encouraging toward adoption! These girls live in a dream world to think babies will keep irresponsible, immature boys in their lives. These babies deserve a chance for a real home with two responsible parents, instead MTV is showing the horrible lives that all but one of three of these babies have had. Carly, Nova, and Aubree are the only three who really seem to have a chance.

  174. I just got done watching teen mom 2 I can’t believe that they have David on the show threatening the producers, the way he got enraged with janelles son Kiser . I see why jace is scared of him . They should report this to cps and the authorities he is controlling and there is something really wrong with him

  175. Hi my name is Renee Daniels. I’ve been watching MTV since it started, the early 80’s was a crazy time and opened minded for me especially since at the age of 6 my amazing green Mohawked haired babysitter introduced me to MTV. I am now 41 and have found serenity in some of your shows. When I was younger my father went anarchy. Some I think he’s crazy but there is some I do believe. What I do believe is that when watching day to day shows, no matter if it’s MTV, CBS, FOX, etc I think politics should be left out of entertainment! I can’t stand any of it but I love my shows but then I love my sanity much more. Is there anyway that the I hate Trump or I hate America can stop and just play the shows. I just love peace and obviously airing negative vibes continually isn’t helping. Thanks ME

  176. I am a huge fan of the Challenge, and have been since the very first one. (I should also say that I am a 59 yr old woman!) I so enjoyed seeing some of the veterans return, such as Darrell and Derrick, and I hope they are back for more seasons. Also, how about getting some more veterans on board, such as Kenny, Evan, Mark? I believe Mark commented on an aftershow that he would come back if Darrell came back. Well, Darrell was back and hopefully for more seasons. I’m excited to see Emily on the latest Champs vs Champions, hope she’s back for further challenges. Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion on a show I really like watching!

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