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Contacting MTV Customer Service Center

MTV is the cable television station that started a music revolution. When the station first started broadcasting musicians were just getting into the whole music video scene. As MTV became more and more popular, artists started spending more and more on videos and soon the world of music changed forever. Today, creating music videos is an art that requires huge amounts of money, directors, producers and hours spent on set, but MTV has expanded to more than music videos. The channel also funds original movies, television shows and reality TV. MTV is a Viacom company.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You will have quite a bit of trouble finding an MTV phone number, which we found interesting because some shows encourage fans to call in. You will have to call Viacom, the company that owns MTV.

  • Customer Service: 1-212-258-6000

There is a long list of press contacts available for directors and assistants associated with various shows on MTV. That list is available on the Press Contacts.

Mailing Address

MTV does not offer a mailing address, but there is an address for the Viacom company that owns MTV.

Viacom Inc. 1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036

Official Website

The official website for MTV is located at The site is laden with forum-style customer service and communication. You can sort through all MTV has to offer in terms of feedback, help and support via the links found at the bottom of the page.

You can also peruse what MTV has to offer on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Viacom by email using the contact form at, but that won’t put you in direct contact with MTV.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service team at MTV, we wanted to know the best way top contact the customer support division in a mobile based world. The agent explained the customer service team is available during normal business hours by phone, but a customer service agent provides assistance through social media 24/7.

So, to answer our question, customers have a better chance to connect with the customer service department on the Facebook page or the Twitter page. Overall great experience. Was your experience similar? Share your thoughts with us.

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49 Comments on “Contact MTV Customer Service
  1. Hello my name is tyeisha an I’m from south Carolina an I live with my mother n law , I’m writing you to help me find my mother n law a husband cause she pick the wrong guys, she is a preacher an she is a grandmother of 12 . She really deserve a great guy cause her boy friend now is not the rite one for her ..can you guys help…. thanks

  2. Hi, I have an interesting pitch for a TV series for MTV. Only one problem—I don’t know where to send it! Would MTV even except my pitch? If anyone have any answers PLEASE let me know ASAP. Thanks.

  3. How in the hell can you do a disaster date episode, “to catch a disaster date”? that is a serious issue, and you make a joke about it, wth is the world coming to?, this is an outrage, that bitch on there pretending to be 21 and then the cops come out,,,For a goddamn way to get back at a friend, that shit should be taken off the air, what is wrong with you people?

  4. Hi My names is James, and I will love to be a star. I want to be on one of your shows. How do I get in touch with a Agent. Teen wolf is one of my first choices. I am 25 years old, but I look like I am 18. I am 135 ponds,510 height,W/M brown hair, hazel eyes.

  5. I’m not sure who to contact, but you can forward this along to the appropriate person. Anytime I try to watch an episode online it says its “not currently available”. The site is consistently reliable to NOT have the episode I am trying to watch, and it’s the only network I have this problem. I would also think MTV has enough money and employees to fix this extremely nagging problem it’s had for years.

  6. I think that teen show teen mom is a freaking joke most of them can’t even take care of their the show buckwild now that is a real real show I understand why you guys put that Teen Mom show on so young girls can take care of their child.II honestly feel like y’all did buckwild wrong y’all should really consider it oh yeah and then farah that bitch turned out to be a fucking porn hoe

  7. I fell the only thing y’all care about is money.. not that it’s any different from before, but just letting y’all know that you just lost a viewer. The amount of commercials and the buffering, which is not on my part, it’s just not worth it. Catfish and Rivals are the shows that I like to follow but I’m finished

    sincerely disappointed…

  8. Hello!
    My friend and I are huge 16 and pregnant/teen mom fans. How can we attend a reunion show? if there is going to be a reunion with the Macy, Amber, Farrah, Caitlynn, season, or the second season, how do we find out when or how to get tickets?
    Thank you,

  9. I think it’s stupid how if you have the MTV app It won’t allow you to watch shows unless you log in with your provider for the internet but they don’t provide for all so now I can’t watch on my iPad and I can’t watch on my lap top because the have all the newer episodes locked. I think MTV is a joke

  10. i think teen wolf is a amusing show but i don’t like that Allison died and the time it stats and a author thing is aaden should stay in the show he should come back

  11. Question about Allie and her muscular dystrophy. I don’t know why her mom is worried about medical bills. You don’t pay if your child has the disease. I know a couple personally that had a child with MD. MD paid for a ramp into the house, wheelchairs, all checkups. Please enlighten me on this issue.

  12. Hey some friends and I wanted to start a bad teens club where we all stay in a house together for 4 months and try to get over our negative ways with boys and girls and we wanted to know if it could be on mtv it contains gayness and inappropriate ness …

  13. I think the new announcement for ‘Batgirl’ is going to be the biggest downgrade for MTV yet. Considering the fact that it shouldn’t even be on MTV if it were actually going to be a show.
    My suggestion,.. don’t.

  14. I am very upset on how long the commercials are and not enough time on my favorite show! It is irritating! Please fix this


  16. I cannot believe that MTV stoops so low for ratings to film teen mom drama involving children in situations where the entire household is cussing and the children standing by crying…. those children should be removed from those abusive environments. It’s child abuse! They are becoming at risk children right in front of the camera. Child protective services should remove them immediately. Janelle and her mother have no business raising children in that environment. It is absolutely disgusting MTV that you not only condone that behavior but promote it!

  17. So, I make a comment about Teen mom and bring to light the fact that it’s a form of child abuse for some of the children involved….and you remove my comment because of the truth that it represents??? I will take the next step in order to get this recognized.

  18. Hello, I have a show suggestion. My good friend Molli like to mess around with a lot of men. So she likes to talk to the whole football team for fleetwood. I think it would be a good idea if you followed her around and made a reality tv show about her dating the whole football team Thank you ;*

  19. I have a great idea for MTV SINCE IT APPEARS to be dying out. I love MTV AND GREW UP WITH IT. You started with PIMP MY RIDE and it was a great success but everyone else jumped on the band wagon and now everyone is doing it. I am a genius so here is my proposal for you guys. Try PIMP MY BOAT and make kick ass boats with incredible sound systems to go out to peoples local lakes and party like there is no tomorrow. Where there is sweet boats we all tie up together and party all day and night and compare boats and sound systems with hot babes everywhere. I am working on my boat and it is all customized by me and it is looking so sweet. I painted it and redid everything on it and am putting a killer Kicker sound system in it with killer colored LED lights for night time partying. You cannot go wrong with bad ass boats and music and hot woman. From Mr Big-CC

  20. mtv i like mtv i want be a singer like snoop dogg and desire communicate witch ted chung manager to snoop dogg because beside my talent singing and i have style snoop dogg i am very fans of snoop dogg and im also learning the english to go to usa and then i want you to help me in this please i can look at youtube the bam phase video oficcial y john lions in facebook

  21. mtv i like mtv i want be a singer like snoop dogg and desire communicate witch ted chung manager to snoop dogg because beside my talent singing and i have style snoop dogg i am very fans of snoop dogg and im also learning the english to go to usa and then i want you to help me in this please i can look at youtube the bam phase video oficcial y john lions in facebook

  22. Hey MTV, I am a big fan of all the Teen Moms but I am so incredibly proud of Jenelle Evens for turning her life around the way she did… Let’s face it, the soon to be Mrs. Griffith is one hell of a mom. I think America should show her how happy we are for her by tuning into a MTV TEEN MOM 2 SPECIAL EDITION: JENELL’S WEDDING!

  23. could you stop making fun of justin bieber in your cormercialls because it’s not funny that’s bullying and if you don’t stop making fun of him I’m gonna stop watching mtv bc it’s so improfessional

  24. please do a second season of SLEDNECKS,everyone I know loves that show and if you keep going with is it will be the next jersey shore. Thank You.

  25. I think MTVs Friday the 13th promotion is disgusting. I love rediculousness and wild n out but thanks to their “I heart Satan” stunt, I will never watch either of them again. Isn’t there enough evil in this world without broadcasting it on tv?

  26. Disgusting!! Shame on you MTV. i VOMITED watching this abusive pig Bruno on Real World Skeletons being so disrespectful to a woman. Remove this from TV. Unacceptable . MTV you will do anything for ratings even keeping an out of control person around women.

  27. Not have you only ruined the original purpose of MTV you have vh1 to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M stands for music not movies or crappy reality shows! there is enough movie channels that mtv and vh1 should go back to being the youtube of reguler tv!!!!!! As long as you play movies I will continue to refuse to watch either channel if I had a choice i’d drop both off my channel selection untill you start realizing and redefining tv again will I and many of my friends start watching either channel. Many of people I talk to want the original programing back and really could care less if mtv folded. I actually wish you would I can watch movies without interuption on many channels.I like as many others do random videos… signed a by and entire family and close group of friends that hopefully sum college idiots will realize what the people want, Take a survey I guarentee I’m not the only one who feels this way. Good bye to All your channels until you finally realize what people want and become uniaque again,

  28. Yell have a pic of me n to white girls my friend tht was talking at a club n Milwauk my guy paid for the pic but at the same time the I didn’t no the picture dud was going to put the sht on fb im talking people to court about tht bs tht bs fucks up people lifes n yell talking about to air the bs we going to court thts all I got to say mt

  29. I thank that you should start asking fans for advice on new hit shows it wold probly make your ratings go through the roof.

  30. Hello my name is Bill

    I listen to rap all of the time, and I rember a song called up town on the ground. It’s a old school rap song back in the 90’s Could you please email the name of the artis on who sings it thank you.

  31. Hello! Look, I love rob dyrdek & his show “ridiculousness” as much as the next guy, but here in Ohio (yep, same state rob himself is from) it seems like that’s all that is ever on. Hour after hour, day after day, night after night, its always ridiculousness! Man, you guys seriously need to put something else on besides that. Honestly, turn on the TV at lunchtime=ridiculousness. Hours later, dinnertime=still showing ridiculousness! Its kind of, well, ridiculous (no pun intended). Like I said, Rob’s the man but air something different already!

  32. Hi there.

    I’ve followed teen mom for a while now. I’m extremely disappointed in MTV by the choice they made to bring Farrah back to the show. It’s my personal opinion that you guys got it right the first time. This show was created to bring awareness to teen pregnancy and hopefully drop those alarming high numbers- which studies over the years have concluded they have. I’d also like to believe that the teenagers watching can somewhat relate to some of these girls and learn from their mistakes.
    I’m appalled and completely disgusted by the lack of respect, gratitude and kindness Farrah has towards those around her. She treats her family(the only family she has) like they’re garbage. She’s been involved in porn and will never be considered a role model. I will no longer be watching this show and I hope you reflect on the reason she is being brought back.

  33. I am appalled at what MTV did by bringing Farrah back on Teen Mom OG.
    I understand that Amber is a convicted felon, but she was a troubled young lady who needed help. She turned her life around and deserves a 2nd chance. Farrah purposely did a porno tape for financial gain. She has no morals and values. She is also direspectful to her parents your staff and anyone she comes in contact with. I understand why Macie refused to do the show. I will no longer watch Teen Mom OG until Farrah is gone. There has to be consequences for doing porn. MTV is sending out a message that it is okay. Get Macie back and throw Farrah out.

  34. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that it is nearly impossible to see episodes that I have missed, reruns are almost never aired for any show OTHER than ridiculousness, and you can’t watch them online…


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