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Contacting Mountain Dew Customer Service Center

Mountain Dew is a beverage from Pepsico, but the soda is much more than your average combination of sugar, water and flavoring. Mountain Dew is an icon in the world of skate and video games. There is always a celebrity at the front of the newest marketing campaign and as of December 2012 that celebrity is rapper Lil’ Wayne, aka Weezy. Other promotions have included partnerships with Halo and Call of Duty video games.

Contact Info:

You may find it difficult to find any contact information at all on the Mountain Dew website, but that’s just because you’re not scrolling down far enough. At the very bottom of the site is a link to Contact Mountain Dew that leads to the available contact information. The only contact you’re going to find, however, is several email forms.

Phone Contact Number

We did not find a contact number for Mountain Dew customer service, but we were able to locate the corporate number for PepsiCo.

  • Corporate: 1-914-253-2000

Mailing Address

Your letter to Mountain Dew customer service will be routed through the PepsiCo corporate office. Within the office are members of the Mountain Dew team. Adding the attention line tells the mail room to sort the letter to that team.

PepsiCo IncAttn: Mountain Dew Customer Service700 Anderson Hill RdPurchase, NY 10577

Official Website

The official Mountain Dew website is located at The site is packed with pictures and you have to scroll down to see those pictures. Each picture represents a Mountain Dew project and event.

Social Media

Mountain Dew, though consumed by people of all ages, tends to be a male-dominated product; particularly, young and middle-aged adults. These same adults frequent social media pages like:

Customer Service Email

Mountain Dew customer service is sketchy, at best, when it comes to phone and mail contact, but there are plenty of email forms to send out. You should choose the form that appears to address your issue. If you don’t know the right department, use the Other Contact form.

Our Experience

Reaching out to the customer service team at Mountain Dew was a pleasure. Aside from the automated system, the call went just as we expected. We called and reached the customer service department in less than 60 seconds. We wanted information about promotions and how to redeem special codes listed in packages. The customer service agent explained the entire process, but didn’t treat us as if we were not knowledgeable. The overall experience was one of the best. Do you have a great story relating to Mountain Dew? We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences below.

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8 Comments on “Contact Mountain Dew Customer Service
  1. I have a friend who has written a Great Song to Save Wrestling in the Olympics. His name is Michael Torsiello his Group is One Mic. This song was just released however it is getting a lot of attention already. I thought it would be great if Mountain Dew or Pepsi-co could create a commercial with his song and have Jordan Burroughs Olympic Gold winner for the USA last year and Ellis Coleman who created the move the “Flying Squirrel” this move is on you tube and was on the Today show. Please let me know if you are interested and I will hook you up with these individuals.

  2. I’m sitting here in Afghanistan, thirsting for a throwback, wondering how much would it cost for you guys to send me a box of like 3-6 12 packs of mountain dew throwback? I say in a box so its discrete and the postal guys won’t try and steal any. Can you help?

  3. Hi, there other day I got off work and was really thirsty. So, I decided to stop at the CVS right by my work and get a drink. I grabbed a voltage Mountain Dew. Only to find out it was flat as it can be. I was very unsatisfied with it. I did not want to stop to get another drink because I already just paid 1.79 for a flat voltage dew.

  4. I am curious, when will Mountian Dew come out with funky bottles again? I would like to start my collection going again… WHAT’S THE WAIT?? :)

  5. Traveling from Georgia to Pennsylvania, we stopped to refuel and I purchased a bottle of Mountain Dew with an expiration date of September 30, 2013. This bottle of soda is totally undrinkable – extremely flat!! The purchase price of $1.49 is not the issue, but the refreshment value is not replaceable!!

  6. Hi, my name is Richard. Most people call me Rick.
    I play a guitar,and I have wrote a song called, ……
    Little Green Train (on the railroad track) .It was inspired by drinking Mountain due. I always wanted to play it on a mountain due commercial.
    Lots of people who hear it say it would make a hit.

  7. I was refilling the Pepsi machines at work when I found a Mtn Dew that was in a clear bottle. It was so strange that the Pepsi delivery guys took pictures of it and then wanted to take it. I will never drink it however when people get things like this is there anyway to have it authenticated? It would make it such a better collectable if it was. Could you please contact me and let me know? Thank You

  8. Here we go again … WHY are the caps so hard to open on the 12 oz. bottles again . I have to use a pair of pliers / vice-grips to get the cap opened .This is really getting on my nerves , and if I was a pure blue MT.DEW drinker ,( for over 25 years plus )and I am just about ready to switch to something else if I have to go through all the trouble of opening the bottle of Mt.Dew . I buy Mt. Dew by the 8 packs and for the last 4 times I have bought some at Wal_Mart in Vinita , Ok . I have had nothing but problems getting them open . PLEASE ! PLEASE !PLEASE ! Make the bottle caps easier to open not just for me but for everyone who drinks Mt.Dew …Thank -you Sue Copeland …

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