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Contacting Motel 6 Customer Service Center

Motel 6 is a motel chain with locations in 20 states as of December 2012. The motel is known for low rates and pet-friendly accommodations. David Fowler, a marketing advertiser, is the one responsible for Tom Bodett meeting Motel 6. Tom Bodett has been the voice behind Motel 6 for as long as anyone can remember. Bodett is a published author and regular contributor to websites like CarTalk and National Public Radio.

Contact Info:

Website visitors will notice a phone number and some other small bits of contact information on all of the website pages, but this information is for reserving a room, not general customer service. The contact page is listed as a link at the very bottom of the page.

Phone Contact Number

The Motel 6 customer service department, also known as the guest relations department, is open from 9 AM to 10 PM daily. Guest relation agents are available to talk with clients about issues with recent stays or questions about upcoming stays.

  • Motel 6 Phone Number: 1-800-557-3435

Internet customer service is open from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday and 12 PM to 6 PM Saturday.

  • Internet Help: 1-888-203-9954

Mailing Address

We found the mailing address for Motel 6 customer service listed on the reservations page, which was a little confusing as we thought it should be on the guest relations or other customer service page.

G6 Hospitality LLCGuest Relations PO Box 326Worthington, OH 43085

Official Website

Located at is the website for Motel 6. You’ll notice right away that you can start the reservation process on the front page by searching for a room at your destination.

Social Media

You can find Motel 6 on social media site like Facebook and Twitter. Connect for updates and news or just to have an alternative means of contacting the Motel 6 customer service department.

Customer Service Email

There are a couple customer service pages on the Motel 6 website – each with a different email form. We’ve listed the consumer email forms so you can choose the best department to contact.

Our Experience

We were pleased with the customer support team at Motel 6. We called and encountered the automated system. The good part was when we connected with a live agent in less than 2 minutes. When the customer service agent answered the call, we asked for information relating to canceling reservations and making reservations for large groups. The agent took the time to answer each question in a professional manner. We like the way the agent treated us as if we were the only customer. Did you have a similar experience? Comment below.

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23 Comments on “Contact Motel 6 Customer Service
  1. Stayed at your property 2281 Camp Jordan Pkwy East Ridge TN. Denny Siagl was most helpful during our stay. We were
    there for the GWRRA rally this past weekend and lent us a hose so that we could wash our bikes and gave us helpful info about places to eat.


  2. I love motel 6 but the location in Irving, Tx off of 114 & heathrow make customers feel uncomfortable.I understand they deal with a variety of customers due to the location(dfw airport) but its still about customer service. There is still a way to talk to a guest. I did speak with customer service and Kathy was helpful with dealing with Ericka. Ericka is rude and does not know how to communicate properly.

  3. We had a most unpleasant experience at the motel 6 in Kansas City. The first room we were offered was not ready to be occupied, then they offered a room that had low water pressure which we turned down. It was quite cold outside-about 20 degrees and the room we were given had no head on so we were forced to sleep in our sweatshirts and sweats. It took about 4 or 5 hours for the room to warm up. I would never stay there again!

  4. do not stay at the motel 6 in Richmond hill ga the manager there is obnoxious the shower head there is broken I had to tie and duct tape it to use it I have stay a motel 6 over 1000 times not exaggerating she is the worst I always travel with my dog for 20 years I tell them at the desk no cleaning needed no other motel 6 told me I had to crate my dog she threw me out because I didn’t have a crate

  5. do not stay at the motel 6 in Richmond hill ga the manager there is obnoxious the shower head there is broken I had to tie and duct tape it to use it I have stay a motel 6 over 1000 times not exaggerating she is the worst I always travel with my dog for 20 years I tell them at the desk no cleaning needed no other motel 6 told me I had to crate my dog she threw me out because I didn’t have a crate

  6. We recently stayed in Motel 6 in Findley Ohio. I would be ashamed to put my sign out in front of this motel. It had clean sheets but that is all I can say for it. It was filthy from the front door all the way through. It was late and we needed to stop or we would never have been in there. We had to ask for towels and when they brought them, one had a huge stain and a hole it the middle. Had to ask for the remote and a sweaty guy came in the room with it and set it up. When we left the next morning very early, there was a stone stuck in the door to keep it open. So much for security. You won’t have to “Leave the light on” for us any more. We will not be doing Motel 6 again.

  7. Motel 6 on Pawleys Island, SC #4653 needs to be inspected by the public health department, especially the rooms at the back of the motel not facing the pool area. It is not only dirty it is unsecured and unsafe for guests and staff.

  8. Hello,
    I would like to express my appreciation to Motel 6 and their employees. I believe it was Thursday 06/05/14 I had talked to a person on the telephone and I thought I had maDE reservations at a Motel 6 in East Peoria,IL. for 06/06/14, but when I arrived at the East Peoria Motel 6, the receptionist had infromed me that my reservations was made for the correct night only at Troy,IL.
    I do not even know where Troy,IL. is but the Very Nice lady had me me a reservation at a Motel 6. And the reception I had recieved was amazing. Everybody at Motel 6 were Very Polite and Helpful. I will certainly plan on visiting this chain of Motel,s again in the future.
    Once again Thank You.

  9. Very poor customer service, my room had no remote for TV, the show curtain rod was broken,hanging upside down, there was a 4″ X 4″ hole in the wall in the tub. The a/c kept me awake all night because it sounded like a train going down the tracks. When I talked to the office, they were unwilling to help remedy any of the problems. I will never stay at a Motel 6 again and I will insure everyone I know about my miserable stay at Motel6.

  10. Do not stay at motel 6lake havasu. Ants everything where. They stole my new swim suit. They room was $80.00 a might for that price I could have stayed somewhere descent. I will never stay in another motel 6 thanks to this horrible experience. I do hope corporate does something about this motel

  11. I called Guest Relations to ask why I was charged twice for a stay in Wells, NV. I dialed the number and listened to the automatic greeting then proceeded to wait for half an hour time with nothing but silence on the other end. Am I on hold?

    Still waiting…

  12. We went on vacation to Fla from Ogden Utah last spring we also went to Indiana and Minnesota before returning home we had booked all our stops through your web site stayed two nights and canceled the rest it was really bad a fight which ended up in the parking lot with police out side our room. also a shooting at a restaurant next door at the next stop the police were looking for the person in the room next to ours. We had enough went in and canceled the rest of the reservations in the morning. your motels are terrible bath room products had non thank goodness the still serve toilet paper. we had plans to use you for at least 2 weeks of nights. Sorry we wont be stopping just because you have your light on.very disappointed.

  13. sad to have to give you such a bad report due to being senior’s and living on social security and having used motel 6 in the past we felt this would be a good way for us to be able to go see family and loved ones back east. we will not be able to travel to see them as often due what other motels are charging. We did not feel safe and our sleep was interrupted. Thank you for reading what I felt was a disaster experience. Sue

  14. i am a employee at motel 6 pittsburgh property #4806, almost a month ago i stayed in camp springs md property #4723 ,it was the worst experience they were rude, room was a mess, asked for toilet paper they refused to give me some, i called guest relations, i was supposed to get a gift certificate but i never recieved it, i never felt so uncomfortable in my life, customer service sucks, and as a employee , i can only imagine how other guest feels

  15. Hello I’m staying at motel 6 many Annapolis airport mall of America #1106
    I’ve been severely beaten by big books I woke up this morning and it was blood on my sheets I went to the restroom and I have bite marks on my back in between my legs and my arms and on my neck. I spoke with the general manager Donald Eilts he was extremely insensitive about my issue I would appreciate it if someone would give me a call or contact me as soon as possible

  16. I loved my stay at Motel 6 , everyone is so helpful and they will go the extra mile to help in any way .
    I would like to recommend and thank , Jannet, Falicia & Stanley they will give you the customer service you need !!! Thank Guys :)

  17. I and many family and friends have stayed in multiple motel 6 located in many locations and had great service and rooms. However this is never the case in Branson Mo. The complete opposite. The service is rude and unaccommodating. The rooms are dirty and the hotel refuses to do anything accept empty the trash and make the bed and give clean towels no matter how long the stay. They will not provide shampoo packs, Kleenex, iron, ironing board, nothing. You get beds and a tv and a bathroom.
    I will be using your motel but never again in Branson and I will recommend others stay elsewhere while staying in Branson.

  18. On each visit to Motel 6, I have run into the same situation with the internet. Why is it that everyone else, even McDonald’s has free WIFI except the Motel 6 at 5704 Williamsburg Rd in Sandston,VA. This is such a disappointment. Why have the Motel 6 facilities degenerated so badly.There was a time when these rooms were always clean and the staff was professional. This motel should be closed. The clientele there are less than desirable and we did not feel safe. And then you want us to pay for WIFI!!!???

  19. And the clerk who was on duty on Thursday, Mar. 26th when we checked in that evening was the biggest jerk. When we asked if we could have rooms on the first floor he was most unpleasant to us and even said that he didn’t have any. I said if I walk around the first floor, I won’t find any empty rooms? He then said, some of them don’t have beds in them. I then asked him if he was planning to rent us one of those???

  20. March 31 2015 in Beaumont texas we stayed at tudio 6. Thrre were bgs squished on the walls and the room wasn’t clean. Bugs were so bad that we culdnt leave our dogs fod out. And it was $80 for the privilege

  21. a misconduct was put in my backeground for a mounth to hat I did not stay at the motel 6 in Arlington hts Illinois from feb 28 – march 1st and I jamesetta was unable to stay in enemy hotel6 every hotel 6 yet I could not pay for a room in that hotel because of a lie told in my name … I can and will fax over bank statements to show I was not in motel in march 2014 copies of my motel6 payment please check my notes with your system a letter say that motel 6 was wrong in the disorderly conduct would help me with clearing my name for a job this lie came right along with a search for a job I do need so the clearing of my name is needed thank you.

  22. LOVE…”Motel 6″. Each one is unique. My brother in-laws and myself took a road trip, we drove around this great country….from New York to Los Angles and back… America is beautiful…and we did it, staying ONlY at Motel 6.
    Thank to gps, google etc. we could find any motel 6 and check on reviews…. some good some bad, All we needed was a place to sleep and a hot shower. But we got more..the free coffee…friendly staff. The person working the front desk in one of the motels out west, Rigo was extremely helpful. In Denver, Eric found us a room…In Las Vegas we had a poolside room, with an outside table and chairs…and it was on the Strip….it had excellent security and staff…need I say more..YES..and by the way these are not complaints, just statements.. we had some problems, ie. we had to fiddle with the shower valve to find the right spot and old tv’s but we had clean towels, besides it is a great value, especially for the retired and a 10 per cent discount helps the budget and at $50 -$65…it is the best deal in town. Love Motel 6.
    And thanks for leaving the light on..

  23. I was very disappointed to hear about your new policy of giving your guest list to the police Department. I don’t plan to ever stay at any of your facilities in the future, and plan inform members of my church congregation of what you are doing.

    Simon Kearney

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