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Contacting Merrick Bank Customer Service Center

Merrick Bank is not a traditional bank. The company specializes in Visa and Mastercard credit card offers. Since 1997 when the company first opened, Merrick Bank has opened and serviced hundreds of thousands of accounts. According to the company, as of 2013, there are more than 900,000 accounts currently handled by Merrick Bank customer service.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Need to contact Merrick Bank customer service by phone? You can call the customer service center for answers to account questions, loan questions and financial questions of all kinds pertaining to your Merrick Bank account or loan.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-253-2322

Mailing Address

There are several mailing addresses for Merrick Bank customer service. Choose the address that best describes the department you need to contact.

Merrick Bank Attn: Customer Service P.O. Box 9201 Old Bethpage, NY 11804


Merrick Bank Attn: Payment Processing P.O. Box 30537 Tampa, FL 33630


Merrick Bank Attn: Credit Application Department P.O. Box 1442 Draper, UT 84020


Merrick Bank Attn: Loan Department P.O. Box 27076 Salt Lake City, UT 84127


Merrick Bank Attn: Corporate Office P.O. Box 5000 Draper, UT 84020

Official Website

Customers can find the official website for Merrick Bank customer service online at If you want to log in to your online banking account, click the Log In link at the top of the page. We had no luck finding a log in page as the link took us to an advertisement for the bank.

Social Media

We found no social media pages currently actively updated by Merrick Bank customer service. There is one page on Twitter, but there are no followers or updates. The single Facebook page we found was for a person not the company Merrick Bank.

Customer Service Email

We did not find a customer service email form or address for Merrick Bank customer service.

Our Experience

When we gave Merrick Bank customer service a call we reached the card services department. We were asked to enter our account number or press 0 to connect with a customer service representative. We pressed 0 and the call was transferred to an agent. The call was placed on hold after the transfer where we stayed for 1:17 before an agent picked up the line. The agent immediately asked for our account number, which was interesting because the recording told us to press 0 if we did not know our account number. When we told the agent we did not have an account and that we wanted information on Merrick Bank cards, she suggested we visit the website.

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40 Comments on “Contact Merrick Bank Customer Service
  1. I have my account with ya online but chose not to go paperless because I only have email when I am at work but now I try to log-in to my account and a pop up saying to go paperless keeps me from ever logging into my account. Ya are ruining a good thing that was once great to use and now is fustrating to say the least and also cannot get anyone on the customer service line that says it is a 3 minute wait. Not…..please remove that paperless stuff and do not ask me again and fix where I can log in.

  2. I have a an experience over the weekend that has very much upset me. I have have my card for over 2 yrs. and I have never missed a payment, never been late and always have paid way over the minimum each month. I had an account set up directly to you a long time ago but rarely used it. i always pay on line through my own bank. Because of the Thanksgiving Day holiday and the way my SS check comes on the 4th Wed. of the month I decided to pay directly to you to avoid being late. In Sept our bank that we used for 38 yrs. left our area so we were forced to change banks. I totally forgot that my account was linked to the old bank and made my payment on Nov. 26th. I checked the next day to make sure all was well and it was. On Dec. 5th I received an email with an alert. I called right away and we realized the payment had gone through my closed bank and I immediately made the payment. They promised me they would not change the 15.00 fee and all would be fine in 24 hrs. This is Christmas and when I phoned yesterday they had a hold on my account until Dec.20th. They would not work with me and because of my good ratings and intentions I am very upset. My husband also has Merrick Bank and we have always been very good about our payments. If I had been told there would be a hold on my account I would have paid the minimum payment. Instead I paid $150.00 and now they have put a hold on my account. I have other have never heard of such a thing. We are depleting our cards and we loved our Merrick cards but under the circumstances we will be reconsidering this bank and for all the people we know that have it. This is very poor customer service. I am also very upset that we have no corporate offices to call. This is not in very good taste. I had no idea. I would like a response to this. A very upset customer.

  3. i got a invation the mail to apply for your card. i applied on the phone but never go the card in the mail. after about two weeks of waiting i get a phone call about charges on my card.. i never got the card so how can there be charges on it. when i did not even get card .how can you activate a card you never got. i am very up set over this and i am disputing all charges on the card

  4. everytime I make a payment thinking I am caught up? well then theres another 18.00 amount on my bill
    I had a advance fee which I paid already for getting cash and switched banks so had to make a payment again but not until I saw merrick bank charged me a return check fee of 38.00 plus their 30 per cent interest and even though I am always on time and have switched banks? they showed me yesterday I was at one amount and now theres another 18.00 on my bill making me over my limit again when I never went over any limit because of their fees which keep adding up it keeps placing me over the limit.. so heres a card I am sorry I ever applied for
    when I tried to reason with them there.. they tell me well its because of the advance fee.. for taking out such ans such amount.. which I thought was already paid I have paid them close to 200.00 already since august and still I am 18.00 over my limit? true customer service there man.. willing to work with you.. sure right right into more debt than you can afford, or believe.. heaven? this card is not from heaven my friends

  5. customer service for credit cards need to listen I have been called on my EMERGENCY Trac phone 15 times in 8 day I’ve called back 3 x to inform I do not have a merrick card or know they person they call has account. if calls continue, I will seek legal action to recover my lost phone and other. I will be filing complaint with AG also. 3 times been told now been removed.. any more calls I will seek legal action
    perry thomas

  6. To Whom This May Concern; I have recently been approved for a credit card with Merrick Bank. I have not received my card. Although I have received emails regarding to download the App for my card. I am unable to do so since I have no account number. Please respond to me at your earliest convenience regarding my approved credit line. ……..Thank you…Carol Burkhart

  7. Dear Sir/Madam:

    Please accept my apology. Last month’s payment was overlooked by me. I will make sure it never happens again.

    Thank you,

  8. I am trying to cut my bills down and your interest rate on my card is far too high. I was wondering if there is a way to lower it.

    Thank You

    Dale P..

  9. Called to report stolen credit card. Was told I have to pay $15.00 replacement fee, I think that is absurd, that you charge someone that fee when a card was stolen. I could understand that, if I lost my card. I have enough stress having my car ransacked. I said, if I have to pay $15,00, then close my account. without even trying to convince me to keep my account open, he just said okay. I guess you prefer to make $15.00 instead of the interest you would be paid through the years.

  10. family member passed away in dec. asked them to wait a payment until march
    since I am always on time and actually early.. not waiving a late fee, in fact now there are 2 late fees and this placed me over their credit limit, plus additional fees… love new credit.. sorry I did not read about this card first.. and when it was needed for family? glad it was there.. wished they would let a person make payments they can afford until they are caught up.. trying to get ahead..



  12. I won’t have any comment until I hear back from you. And, if i do not hear back quickly I will have a sad comment to make.

  13. I sent in my payment on the 3rd of the month from the post office just as I always do .it has never posted so I call it’s due today now I see they have ran me over my I’m sure will charge late charge.but I have news for them.if my payment is not posted today then good bye to Merrimack I will never pay another dime on this big loss I have 5 other cards that I can use all with limits over 2600

  14. I am unable to use the Merrick Bank website. The links don’t work and data fields won’t accept data. I am using a Mac Mini running ac OS 11. Do you support my configuration?

  15. I wish I had found these reviews before I opened my account with this ?bank? The website does not function at all. I suspect the bank hasn’t bothered to support my configuration.

  16. Customer rep could hardly speak or understand English…..very frustrating.
    Doubt the problem will be solved. Would never bank with this bank.

  17. i tried to retrieve my password and user id by putting in my information exactly how it reads on my credit card but i kept getting a message saying info does not match whats in the system. i am currently deployed and need online access to pay my credit card bill. please help.

  18. I was a victim of identity fraud and someone called and reported my card lost/stolen when it was never stolen. The person was trying to get a new card sent to their address. This happen to 3 of my cards , my other two accounts has been re-opened after i answered all background security questions and sent in my identification. its has been 3 months i have sent them my credentials 3 separate times and answered all security questions regarding background and my account has not been re-opened yet. This is highly frustrating to know that JUST ANYONE CAN CALL AND REPORT YOUR CARD STOLEN if they know some of your basic information. And i have a password on my account that not all agents ask for when i call. I will pursue legal action if this is not settle soon.

  19. HI there.

    Plz forgive me for my delay in payment for my acct. I’ve been in the hospital in the ICU and just recently got out. I know I’m behind on my payments, plz forgive me for that but I didn’t foresee me being in the hospital with health issues. I will differently do my best to get all current on my acct.

    Also, once I got out my wife was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, so we are spending a lot more time in & out of the hospital. The doctors informed us that she has @ 2 yrs left. My life has been a living hell (forgive me for the language), but that’s how i feel at this moment.

    Again, Im so sorry about the delay of payment on my acct. I will do my best to make my acct current ASAP…


    Roger D Smith

    • I called today due to each time I try to make a payment on your Web site I can not type numbers into the boxes. The customer service rep could not tell me why nor offer any help in resolving this issue. I asked to speak to a website tech and that could not be offered either.
      I have no problem on any other sites when trying to type in amounts to pay my bills.

  20. I made a payment for the month of February early, as I always do. It was applied to my January payment as a second payment. Instead of fixing it customer service told me as well as a manager that if it showed up on my credit report that I could write a letter and dispute it but that they would not apply it to February because I “missed” that payment. No I didn’t miss it. Wow! What terrible customer service to a person that always makes her payment on time. I will continue to write bad reviews and tell everyone how horrible your customer service is.

  21. I made a payment over a month ago and it has yet to post to my account. These people are terrible with their service. They should give it up for good.

  22. Am showing on my credit report acct#0658 an outstanding balance of $648 Need paperwork or make payment arrangements to paid

  23. Do you respond to inquiries written online? I rec’d an invitation to apply for credit card. When I tried to apply online you did not accept my last name as it was printed on the invitation. What is the problem? Please respond to my inquiry. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

  24. I need a fax number for Merrick Bank. Anyone have it? Its not listed anywhere & don’t want to call again as it takes forever to get through..

  25. I called in June for Merrick to make my payment due date for the 1st of every month.I called in July because it was not changed and received late charge.I called again to make sure the date was set for the 1st of every month again August 1st.Again I have received a late charge.I just checked online and again I have been charged a late fee for the third time.I do not appreciate the charges since I have been responsible and have made my payments on time for the day I requested and Merrick said it was set to.Nothing was changed.Yet Im being penalized for it.Which is supposed to be on the 1st monthly.I checked and it keeps saying the 28th.I constantly keep getting charged and I am tired of it.I regret the day I ever accepted the Merrick credit offer.I will pay it off and cut ties with Merrick Bank.I wouldnt recommended Merrick to anybody.Customer service is hard to get ahold of and when you do get in contact with an actual person they say they will change things for you so it coincides with a day that a payment can be made.

  26. I honestly believe all of us should get together and strat a class action lawsuit for bad business practices from Merrick bank.They are swidlers and never help anyone when it comes to disputes about charges and fees with their credit accounts.

  27. I am requesting for the late fees on my account to be removed. My account is past due as on 6/5/2017 I had 2 heart attacks and a compound fracture in my leg. I was hospitalized and in rehab until 7/23/17. I am trying to take care of my financial ends. I did make a payment on my account today of $50.00 which is due on the 18th of September. I have never been late on this account if you check my past history.

  28. I sent in a payment on SEPT.22.2017 over 900. and they at MERRICK BANK says they never received the payment. do they have an email address?

  29. Hello !! Im Joy Bryant And I Have A Merrick Bank Credit Card An Have Made Payments On Time !! Now An Exstream Emergecy Has Come Up ? Very Much So THat We Need Help With Paying Our Min Payment . It Is $59.00 . Just Went To That ? Im Disabled Also ? Can You Help Me With Us ? I Need A $25.00 Payment Or Im Not Going To Be Able To Make My Payments ? Please Help Us Please ? Its 11/14/17 Tuesday . Please Email Me Back ASAP Please ? Thank You !! Waiting On A Reply ? And Yall Need To Update Yalls Site So We Can Email Yall From There Please . Let Me Know About This Please !!

  30. This company has really bad customer service. My husband was the cardholder on this account and he recently passed away and I notified Merrick to which they wanted a copy of the death certificate which I sent. The customer service people say the account was closed which I knew was happening but than I receive an e-mail stating they sent a new card. I called again and was told again the account was closed and they don’t show a new card sent. But after a few times being put on hold I was told someone had reported the card stolen and new one was sent. I told them nobody reported it stolen because my husband had passed. Anyway I keep getting e-mails telling me a new card was sent and when I go into the account the account number last four is completely different. I CAN NOT get a explanation at all from these people. I guess I will need to let my attorney handle this from here on.

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