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Contacting Meijer Customer Service Center

In the late 1960’s, the birth of the modern day supercenter occurred with the founding of Meijer. The company, based in Michigan, has location spread across the Mid West, including Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. The focus of the company is to provide a one-stop shopping experience, while saving the customer money. Although the company strives to improve the overall customer experience, Meijer relies on the feedback from the customer. When the customer service tem receives questions and concerns, they attempt to reply in the fastest amount of time imaginable.

Contact Info:

The company provides several ways to connect with the customer support team. Customers can call the customer care line or the corporate office, customers can email the customer support team using the contact forms on the website; Customers can also writer letters to the corporate offices or keep the conversation going through social media on the Facebook page of the Twitter page.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Support department: 1-877-363-4537
  • Credit Card services (MasterCard): 1-866-789-6041
  • Credit Card services (Private label): 1-866-763-4537
  • Meijer Perks program: 1-800-962-7011

Mailing Address

Meijer2929 Walker Ave. NWGrand Rapids, MI 49544-9424

Official Website

Customers looking to save money and have an exceptional shopping experience can visit the official Meijer website|Meijer_exact. The company provides details of the weekly promotions and special events. Customers can plan meals and special events from the advice on the corporate communications. The company provides links to ways customers can save even more money through the M Perks program, the 1 day deals and online specials.

In the event customers have questions or concerns, prior to contacting the customer support team, the company recommends visit the Meijer FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Go to in order to fill out the customer contact form. The company does not have a dedicated email address, but this form of correspondence is directed to the appropriate party. We sent an email relating the hours of operation of the customer service department. When we received the automated response, the email stated a customer service representative would contact us with 24 hours.

Our Experience

After contact the customer service department, we feel better about this company. We expected to be placed on hold, but in fact, our call was expedited directly to customer service agent. The total wait time was less than 30 seconds. We asked the representative for information regarding online returns, considering the information was not available in the FAQs or on the website. The representative explained returns are accepted at the store level and we should not have a problem returning. The agent offered the customer service number if we experienced any problems.

We like how this customer service team operates. How do you feel about the Meijer customer support team? Let us know below.

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12 Comments on “Contact Meijer Customer Service
  1. I made a charge last nite 11-16-13 an the charge was suppose to
    27.96 but was charge 75.00 or 76.00 dollarsi want to cancel that order or make the charge 27.96 name of the place was like new
    thank you in advance.

  2. I read where you fired an employee for assisting a customer when they had a car fire,as I see it is your job is to assist your customers regardless of your archaic old store policy. Just bought a $100 gift card before I knew the whole story. I shop at meijer regularly but no more.

  3. I would like to request that you start carrying new England style hot dog rolls. the are far superior to the style you now carry

  4. Several weeks ago, I went to shop at the Pine Road Meijer’s in Essexville. I walked to the doors nearest to the groceries, thru the snow, ice, and snow, only to find a large notice on the doors, redirecting me to the other entrance. Upon completing my shopping, I ask to speak to the manager. I said that it would be nice if there was a sign outside the doors to redirect customers, before they made the treck to the wrong door. The manager was rude and patronizing. He somehow thought that I should have been aware in advance of the store’s floor waxing schedule. It definitely will influence my choice of store in the future.

  5. I love shopping at meijers & have for years.
    I shop at the one in Indianapolis on east Washington street.
    Only problem I have is they are constantly out of
    Ocean Spray Blueberry Juice- either regular or diet.
    As well as dog goodies like chicken wrapped rawhide
    (Small) for $7.99. I hate to go anywhere else as this store is
    friendly & helpful (I am a manager in retail so very aware of
    great customer service!). So I love your store and prices- just
    wondering why I have to go somewhere else who always have
    These items on hand. Thank you for your time.

  6. Problems with the Meijer Brand windshield washer solvent ( orange type ) Has discolored the plastic trim around the wipers ( looks like rusty film ) Have residue on the windshield that the car wash cannot remove . the paint around the sprayers on the hood of the car is discolored as well . Have you had any other complaints about this ? This is a new car and NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS ! You may want to take this product off your shelves !! Also what can be done about the damage to my car or what can be done to remove this residue as well?

  7. I just enjoyed looking at things in the store not just the ads and I did get instructions for their perks program but sometimes I just want to browse and now they ruined that cause you have to join the perks program–too bad their are other stores–thanks but no thanks

  8. Tom W. Who works in the deli at your Avon Indiana store is a real asset to your company. Always good service from him. Thanks

  9. We often find your Mt Pleasant Mi store out of Archway ginger snaps. Then we go to Kroger store or Rics market. Bill Swart

  10. I would like to address 2 issues that I have with you Oswego, Illinois store 1. Why dose Meijer as a company say that they have both manual and mortised wheel chairs for there handy cap customers (but yet your Oswego store says they don’t have a manual wheel chair because it was stolen)management commit is to use the electric chairs or the kids cart were not replacing it.
    Great CUSTOMER SERVICE. 2. I was in the store Sunday 08/24/14 @ 2:30 pm to pick up 5 items 3 was on your buy 10 for $10 and the 11th free. All three items were out of stock arridxx, wolf chile and cherry coke (rain checks are a joke they will let you have a limit of 10 but can’t give you the free one) but there is no sign that say’s there’s no limit in the ad or in the store.
    Then to top day off when I checked out my bill came to $10.77 I gave the cashier $21.02. She gave me .25 in change. I told her I had give her $21.02 and she told me no I didn’t it was a ten and single with .02 cents The cashier wanted me to give her my name and phone number and when she checked out if she was over she would call me ( I don’t give out my phone number) So went to the service desk . The cashier ran to the front end supervisor and she counted down the register. While I was waiting the cashier was talking to a customer about it. If she had a problem with me she need to talk to me about it not another customer. Guess what she was $10 over Cashier came over to tell me she was sorry then told me her daughter had just died. I am sorry for her loss but if she wasn’t able to do her job then she should of been allowed to take off extra time. Ask to talk to a level 1 or 2 member of management ended up with a level 4.
    What I don’t understand is why is this Director or store manager not held accountable for making sure they have product in stock for ads
    Maybe the management in your Oswego, Illinois store should spend more time on the floor to see what’s going on or be sent to the Aurora or Plainfield store to learn how to order for a ad.
    AURORA AND PLAINFIELD STORES are normally in stock

  11. 9-24-14 bought 2 cans coffee overcharged $4.00 youralso can of pumpkin overcharged $1.09 south bend on portage. on 9-30-14 went tostore on grape Mishawaka.bought ladies nite wear overcharged $2.00. all overcharges in favor of Meijer.when I spend $100-$150. at a time I can’t load and watch her scan items.Why can’t you do a better job putting prices into the scanner properly and stop bilking the customers your prices are high enough already. please contact me.your getting worse

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